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Chapter 12 – Family Together

Harry found himself in a hospital bed, covered in pale blue sheets. He looked over on his left, finding his mom leaning over some paperwork.

Seeing Harry watching her, she grinned, saying "No rest for the wicked, Harry".

Harry smiled back, and made to sit up. His mother propped her arms under his back and pushed him into a seated position, stuffing some feathered pillows behind his back to keep him upright.

"You realize you're grounded till you graduate?" said Lily, her eyebrow raised angrily. Her mouth twitched though, telling Harry she wasn't overly upset. At the moment.

"Yes mom, whatever you say," he replied cheekily, smiling warmly at her.

Lily shuffled her papers, putting them away, then pulled the metal chair up close to Harry's bed.

"I need you to tell me what happened," she said.

Harry knew from previous experience in traumatic events, say the Department of Mysteries fiasco, or the end of the Tri-wizard competition, that he'd end up having to repeat the story a hundred times to dozens of different people. Not wanting to deal with that stress, he thought of a way out of it.

"How about I tell you everything, then you can tell everyone else that needs to know?" said Harry stubbornly.

"Of course. Why would we do anything else?" she said, leaning in worriedly. "No one else has any reason to bother you. If any one does, you tell me or your father immediately, understood?" she said.

Harry swallowed painfully, once again overwhelmed by the love he could feel emanating form his mother.

"Alright then, from the start than," Harry said, his voice taking on a monotone as he explained everything.

After a long while, once his mother was satisfied with his story and that he'd eaten enough, had enough clothes on to stay warm, and didn't have any other injuries that she'd missed, she finally allowed him to leave the room to visit Sirius.

"Is he going to be ok?" asked Harry, keeping his voice down as he entered the low lit room that held Sirius propped up in a bed. Sirius lay unmoving, but his chest continued to raise and lower in a constant rhythm. His eye lashes looked abnormally long against his pale skin.

"He'll be fine" said James, who was sitting in the corner hunched over a desk, going over a huge pile of reports, 'most likely about the battle', thought Harry.

Lily left them to go let Remus, whose wispy wolf Patronus had told her he was waiting in the entrance. No one was allowed in without an escort due to the media publicity of the defeat of Voldemort. Security was extreamly high.

"He woke up a while ago asking about you," said James, looking at Harry tiredly, cracking his fingers out in front of him. "Come here" he said, pulling Harry onto his lap.

"Dad-" said Harry, feeling slightly embarrassed to be sitting on his dad's lap when he was 16. He looked out the door and saw that none of the Healers were even looking in his direction. He relaxed into his father, feeling his strong arms around him.

"I worry that I've given you nothing but grief," said James, looking pained, his arms tightening on Harry. "You're my child, and you end up battling a Dark Lord while I sat at my desk unaware. You don't even remember me from your childhood." James took a deep breath in, his body shuttering lightly.

"You're wrong dad." said Harry. "Even though I can't remember you raising me, my life is a result of you. I am friends with Malfoy, Draco Malfoy! Because of you! He risked his life for a friendship I can't even remember, saving me from his father. Because of you. And you've kept me strong, giving me a happy, safe life, raising me well."

Harry shook his head at his dad. "You've given me everything worth having."

James smiled down at Harry, looking as though a huge weight was lifted from his shoulders.

"I love you dad," said Harry.

"I love you too, son."

Harry left his dad a few minutes later, going to see what was taking his mom so long to get Remus. He wandered the halls trying to find the entrance. He stopped at all the glowing signs glowing the word 'Receptionist' to find out how to get to the entrance, but he still managed to get lost.

He saw movement down the hall, and ran forward when he realized it was Malfoy.

"Draco!" called out Harry. Malfoy just ignored him and continued on his way into a hospital room. "Draco, wait!"

Harry ran through the white halls of St. Mungo's hospital. He slipped, catching his footing right near the doorway, saving himself from falling. He pushed the door open and made his way into the room.

Malfoy sat staring moodily out the window as a Healer scanned him. He looked worse then Harry ever seen him. His clothes were disgusting, covered in grim and blood, and ripped all over. His face had dirt plucked into his skin mixed into his wounds, but the worse was arm, which the Healer was scanning and rubbing a potion paste onto.

"Go away Potter," snarled Malfoy half heartedly. The Healer looked at Harry while still chanting her healing spells and flicked her eyes towards the door, clearly telling Harry to leave.

"I'm sorry."

"You're what?" said Draco, blinking at Harry confused.

"I'm sorry. I didn't trust you. I mean, I did, but not completely," said Harry. "But I want to, if you'll let me."

Draco stared out the window, watching some birds in the distance as they landed on a nearby building. He turned towards Harry.


Harry grinned and took a near by seat. He pulled it over towards Draco. He chatted about inconsequential stuff for a while, until the healer left, finished with Draco's arm.

Then Harry told him everything. He watched as Draco's eyes widened at the implications that Harry did Dark Magic.

"You're an idiot, you realize," said Draco, smirking gently in Harry's direction.

"Yes I am. Especially for the trouble I caused you and Nathan" Harry said pointedly. "I'm sorry about that too."

"I suppose it's too much to ask for you to let us go on dating?" said Draco lightly, his fingers pulling at some tread in the sheets beneath him.

"You can do anything Nathan lets you do. Mind, though. If you hurt him-" threatened Harry.

Draco let out a sharp laugh, his eyes twinkling at Harry. "Right right, feed me to the flubberworms, will you?" Harry just rolled his eyes at him, feeling things were setting themselves right.

Later, after Harry was excused from Draco's room rather blatantly by a Healer, Harry was asked by his mom to go outside. His brother was waiting outside.

As he neared the entrance, Harry started noticing the noise level. It was loud, rumbling through the walls of the lower hospital floor. The closer he got to the front doors, the more he realized he hated crowds. Alot.

Steeling himself, he walked past the Aurors at the large metal doors and braced himself to face the crowd.

Immediately, cheering erupted around Harry, and people pushed in even closer, causing Harry a moment of panic. Then he saw his brother and Neville off in the corner, trying to push their way in, but not having any success.

Harry waved that them, and moved towards them but soon realized there was no way he was getting through the crowd. Then pink entered his vision.

"Tonks!" said Harry excitedly, happy to see a familiar face.

"Watcher Harry, what you doing out of the Hospital?" she replied, speaking loudly over the crowd.

Harry only heard half of what she said, so he pointed to Neville and Nathan, hoping she'd get the point. She winked at him, then made some motions with her hands at other Aurors. They soon brought the two flustered boys over, with Ron trailing behind.

"You want him too?" yelled Tonks, motioning towards the redhead in the crowd.

Harry shook his head no, and dragged Neville and Nathan into the hospital.

"But he's my mate!" yelled Ron, trying to push his way past security. The doors closed behind the four of them, cutting the noise in half.

"Alright children, go on back up," said Tonks with a wink before she headed back outside.

"You alright Harry?" asked Nathan, looking at him worriedly, biting his lip between his teeth.

"Yeah, I'm alright." Harry's check twitched, and he looked away from his brother, feeling more guilty than ever.

Neville sensed Harry's discomfort and excused himself into Draco's room.

Nathan looked yearningly towards Draco's room door, but leaned against the wall instead, turning towards Harry questioningly.

"Nat..." Harry paused, not very sure how to continue. He followed his brothers lead and leaned against the cold wall, staring out towards the empty wall in front of them.

"Harry, whatever it is, just come out with it." Nathan said quietly, sensing it was something serious.

"I'm sorry Nathan, for everything, Draco, Christmas..." Harry turned towards Nathan, finding him wide eyed.

"That's what you're worried about? Harry, you almost died!" Nathan rolled his eyes, relaxing his hunched shoulders. "I thought you were going to tell me someone died or something."

"He's ok, but he's healing, Sirius that is," said Harry quietly. Nathan's face whitened for a bit.

"Where is he?" Nathan said, looking down the hall.

"417. But Nat..." said Harry, grabbing his brothers red sleeve before he headed down. "I'm truly sorry."

"Harry, I know." Nathan said, smiling at him. He grabbed Harry into a hug then grinned sheepishly at him. Harry smiled back, and then watched as Nathan made his way down the hall.

As Harry looked around him, standing alone in the hospital, he realized that things were perfect. Things were ok with his parents, his brother, and Sirius. He had friends who truly knew him better then himself. Smiling, Harry pushed forward of the wall, and made his way to join Nathan in Sirius's room. The sounds of Annie's laughter made its way down the hall.

'Yes, things were perfect indeed.' He thought.

The End





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