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I remember the first time I saw Carlisle Cullen. My dad had decided to take me out to dinner before giving me my sweet sixteen present, a brand new Alfa Romeo 8c. Renee had thought it was too extravagant for a sixteen-year-old girl, but I think she was just jealous that dad loved me more. Besides, it's not like he couldn't afford it. Being one of the top music producers in the business had its perks. Everyone wanted to work with him.

Anyways we were out to dinner, just him and I, and he was teasing me about the type of car I wanted when I saw Carlisle walk in. It was like in those movies when everything slows down and they are moving in slow motion and the wind lightly tousles his hair.

It was in that moment that I decided no other boy mattered- I wanted a man, and Carlisle was that man. My dad had to call my name a couple times to get my attention and I eventually snapped to. I made up some lame excuse about dreaming about the car I wanted. He just chuckled at me and shook his head.

It was about a year later that dad divorced Renee, or should I say mom. The day she acted like the woman who gave birth to me would be the day I called her mom. She had decided to leave us for some up and coming new baseball player. I said good riddance but I could tell dad took it hard. So I did my best to be there for him when he needed me. I could tell that it wasn't enough though, which was why I was happy when he had found Esme.

At first she seemed to be everything dad needed. She made him smile, and that was good enough for me.

So dad proposed, a bit too fast if you ask me but he seemed happy.


Then began the comments about me. She always thought she was being sly with her snide little remarks about me being the daughter of a whore and how I was nothing better than a slut with the way I dressed. I really didn't see the problem myself. I dressed like any normal 17-year-old girl.

Exactly one month after dad proposed they said "I do" in some lavish ceremony that was completely over the top. I mean c'mon this was dad's second marriage and like her 10th or something.

I think dad still had the blinders on about her; but boy did those come off fast.

His first clue into how she was treating me was when he came home from the studio early one night to find her standing in the doorway of my bedroom going off about my clothes, yet again. By then I had grown pretty numb but it still kind of hurt. As soon as my dad cleared his throat, she spun around and began to act all innocent saying some shit like she was just trying to warn me about what would happen to me if I continued to dress the way I did. I don't think he believed her but she was dumb enough to think he did.

When I turned 18, dad said whatever I wanted I got, so I decided what better then to celebrate at the country club. I knew for a fact that Carlisle would be there. He had been there every single time I was, but had yet to look at me; and I tried everything I could think of, but nothing worked. So I got together a group of my closest friends and then they invited their friends and so on. When all was said and done, there were probably over 100 people crammed in there. cc

I was out dancing with my girls Rosalie and Alice when I finally caught my first glimpse of Carlisle. I just knew he'd be there. Rose and Al knew of my infatuation and they were both on board to help me get him. So I caught their eyes and we made our way to the edge of the dance floor where I knew he'd be sure to see me. We started dancing with each other grinding against one another when I caught his eye. He smiled at me over the rim of his glass and I couldn't help but stare back. My mouth probably hung open; I was blinded by his smile. I finally regained my composure when he lifted his glass in a silent toast and took a drink. I winked back in acknowledgment of his toast and then turned back to my girls.

I spent the rest of the summer at the club wearing some of the tightest and smallest clothes I owned hoping to gain his attention some more.


The second and last time dad caught Esme, she was yelling and screaming at me. The next thing I knew, she had slapped me across the face. To say I was stunned was an understatement, but to say dad was pissed, was the understatement of the century. He grabbed her hand before she could take another swing and told her in the scariest voice I had ever heard that if she touched me one more time she was going to be out on the street faster then she could blink.

The next day dad died of a stroke. I blamed her. If she wasn't such a gold digging whore and would have just stayed away from him, he'd still be around. I was even too upset to do anything about Carlisle, I mean Dr. Cullen. He was there the night my dad was rushed into the ER. It just wasn't fair that I had to lose my dad.

Five days later we laid him to rest and two days after that, we went to his will reading.

Esme got the shock of her life on that day. Dad had left everything to me. His explicit instructions allowed Esme to remain in the house and to receive a monthly stipend from the estate as long as she remained friendly to me. But, the minute she were to act up it was up to me whether or not she got to stay.

I was ready to get rid of her ass as soon as I heard that; but with getting ready to leave for my freshman year of college, I decided it could wait until I came home for winter break.

Not getting rid of Esme was probably one the best things I had ever done. It was while I was at school that I heard through the grapevine that Carlisle had started to pursue her. What he saw in here was beyond me. She was older than he was, and so fake and desperate. But I wasn't going to think about it too much if it meant he'd be around more.

As soon as I found out, I placed a little call to Esme. I let her know in no uncertain terms that she was to do everything in her power to keep him around if she wanted to continue to live in the lifestyle she was accustomed. Well everything but let him stick his cock in her. I didn't want him tainted by her.


Alice, Rose and I spent the next couple of weeks before winter break coming up with a plan for me to land Carlisle. They were all for me just jumping him the minute I saw him, but I knew in order to get him, I'd have to be a bit less obvious in my interest. I would have to take my time and build up a subtle seduction.

When I finally got home, Esme was nowhere to be seen; which was fine with me as long as she wasn't holed up somewhere with Carlisle. So I started to direct the household staff as to what to do with my luggage.

I was so immersed in making sure everything went where it was supposed to go that I didn't even see him walk into the foyer until he cleared his throat. I spun around quickly to see who was behind me and just about came in my panties when I saw it was him. For all the preparation made before coming home I still wasn't prepared to see him that up close and personal. He was standing only a couple inches away from me and I could smell his slightly spicy yet sweet scent. It was intoxicating and I had to grip on to the railing next to me to stop my body from moving forward and burying my head in his chest to get closer to that smell.

I couldn't really think that clearly with my own personal wet dream of the past, almost three years, standing in front of me. So instead of opening my mouth and making a fool out of myself I just gave him a little half smirk. Brushed my body against his, because apparently my brain has no control over what I do and I needed to get closer, before making my way slowly up the stairs.

I could feel the heat of his body on mine still and just knew I couldn't leave without saying something to him. So, I stopped about half way up the stairs and made some comment about Esme not wasting any time before moving on from my father. And then, my balls must have dropped because I told him that I hoped I got to see much more of all him very soon, putting a heavy emphasis on the all.

My heart was beating so fast as I continued up the stairs. I almost freaked out, but managed to hold it in until I got to my bedroom- then proceeded to freak out. I couldn't believe that I had finally gotten to talk to him. Well really, I wanted to do more than talk- I wanted to ride him until I couldn't walk.

When I woke up the next morning I could hear Carlisle in the house still, so I quickly went upstairs and changed into some of the smallest shorts I owned. I spent the next couple of mornings parading in front of him giving him every opportunity ogle my ass. When he still hadn't made a move yet I decided to step it up a notch and started to wear some of my smallest bikini's around the house. I made a show of letting pretty much the whole house know I'd be out by the pool with the hopes he'd follow me out there. I knew he was watching me though.

On Monday I wore my white bikini, knowing that when wet, it gets slightly see through, and I decided it'd be a good idea to make sure I got wet. I caught him watching me from the study and I could make out the bulge in his pants so I knew he liked it.

Tuesday was the pink one with ruffles that made my breasts look huge. As I walked through the family room towards the pool I could see his reflection in the glass doors and he was watching my ass the entire way. I spent that day just laying out by the pool.

Wednesday I went with the black one that had a heart cut right of the middle of the bottom. I figured since his eyes seemed to be permanently glued to my ass, I might as well give him something to really look at.

Thursday I went a little over the top. I wore the smallest one yet. This bikini had cherries all over it, and to top it off, I put my hair in braids.

By Friday, I went with the fire engine red thong bikini. I was disappointed when I came down to see he wasn't even here. I was lounging by the pool, about to drift off to sleep when I heard the side door open. I glanced to the side to see who was disturbing my Carlisle fantasies when I saw the man himself walking out towards the pool in a pair of white board shorts that contrasted wonderfully with his tan legs and a t-shirt. I watched him take off his t-shirt and drop it in a chair on his way towards the pool, acting like I wasn't sitting there drooling over him as he sauntered up to the edge of the pool. I watched him stretch and started to squirm in my seat as his muscles rippled across his back.

And then, OH! MY! GOD! He has a tattoo. A fucking tattoo running down the side of his body.

It was spontaneous ovulation. I know I gasped and I know he heard me but I couldn't help it. That was the single hottest thing I'd ever seen.

I watched transfixed as he turned towards me taking off his sunglasses and tossing them onto the table next to me. Then he winked. He fucking winked at me. The bastard knew exactly what he was doing to me but I couldn't find it in myself to be mad at him for it. I wanted him to much.

I watched him do laps for a couple of minutes rubbing my thighs together trying to desperately gain the friction I needed. Gah! The feelings he stirred in me were unlike anything I had ever felt before. When I noticed my hips were visibly moving up and down and back and forth in my seat I knew that I needed to do something. I got up and made my way to the stairs of the pool walking in slowly and coming to a stop near where he was making his laps. He stopped near me throwing his head back as he straightened up in the water. His hands reached up to push his wet hair out of his face and I watched tiny little droplets of water run down his torso. Which, ultimately brought me back to his tattoo. I needed to touch him. I needed to feel his skin beneath my fingertips. I just needed him.

My body moved of its own accord to get closer to him. I watched my fingers trace slowly over the side of his body tracing the letters running up and down. I noticed his body freeze when he felt my touch, but I couldn't find it in myself to care enough to stop touching him. His skin was satin over steel and I needed to feel more. I let my palm flatten against him and ran it slowly down his body. 'So hot,' I thought, or maybe I said it out loud I'm not sure. I let my hand linger briefly at the top of his board shorts trying to stop myself from letting my fingers slip into them to feel more of him.

Before I lost complete control, I turned and made my way out of the pool. It was too soon and I wasn't sure yet if he wanted me like I wanted him.

I had just taken the first step out when I heard him gasp. Then I remembered my bikini. The thong. A huge grin broke out over my lips before I quickly tamed it down so he wouldn't see. I turned to look at him and winked before walking back into the house. My heart was pounding in my chest and my pussy was throbbing deliciously for him. But I was happy knowing had some effect on him.

My Carlisle induced high lasted about as long as it took for me to make it up the stairs before I ran into Esme. She sneered at me and I raise my eyebrow at her in a silent question of her actions.

"Be nice Esme," I said. "I'd hate to see you out on the streets this soon. What would people think when you could no longer afford your botox and lipo?"

She gasped and stomped down the hall away from me. I just laughed at her childish reaction. Really, she should think more about her actions around me.


I returned back to school, but not before letting Carlisle know- in no uncertain terms, that I'd be back for spring break. Al and Rose were both encouraged by his response to me and the steps I took to make sure I kept his interest. While at school, we had heard that Esme was chasing after Rose's dad. Rose immediately called her dad to warn him about her and a couple days later we heard that Carlisle proposed to her. We didn't quite know what to make of that interesting development. So, I decided to wait until I got back home to see if it meant Esme had broken her deal by sleeping with him.

When I got home Carlisle was waiting in the foyer again. I just walked past him saying a quiet hello and going straight to my room. I was digging around in my walk-in closet looking for my new Steve McQueen clutch when I heard a knock at my door. I just assumed it was the butler with my bags, so I was pleasantly surprised when I turned to find Carlisle sitting on my bed. Damn he looked good on my bed too.

I slowly walked towards him watching his eyes roam over my body before stopping right in front of him. Our knees just barely touching, I crossed my arms over my chest fully aware I was pushing my breasts up and out.

"Well Carlisle, what do I owe the distinct pleasure of you in my bedroom to?" I asked.

I watched him smile as his tongue came out and slowly licked his lips; I could feel my panties instantly dampen. He reached out and put his hands on my thighs his fingers just disappearing beneath the hem of my jean mini skirt. He asked me to sit and said something about wanting to talk more to me about his engagement to Esme.

I glanced at the empty space on the bed next to him and made a snap decision to sit on his lap. If he stood up right away to get me off then I'd know he wasn't interested but if he let me stay then I would know he wanted me. So, I sat down and felt his body stiffen and relax slowly. Then, to test him even further I started to wiggle around on his lap letting him know I was just trying to get comfortable. He didn't make one move to make me get off of him so wiggled just a bit more.

He said something about making sure I was ok with it because he knew we weren't close.

"You have no idea," I snorted at the very idea of being close to Esme. Needing to move away from the idea of her, I started run my hand up his chest to wrap it around his shoulders and ran my fingers through his hair scraping my nails against the nape of his neck. I leaned in close to him and let my breath wash over his ear.

"Does this mean I get to call you Daddy now?" I asked, and finished up with licking the outer shell of his ear. I felt a chill run through his entire body and his cock started to harden under my ass. I was just going in for the kill when he pulled his head away from my lips and looked down at me, eyelids drooping heavy with lust.

"Isabella," he said, "you can call me whatever you want to." And with that he stood up and set me down and walked out of my room. I huffed quietly to myself but then smiled when I noticed he was walking a little funny.

He left me wanting more and extremely needy. I spent most of the night lying in bed awake, only able to think about Carlisle and what I felt under his pants when I was sitting on his lap. I couldn't help but pleasure myself to thoughts of him and what was hidden in his pants.

Around one thirty in the morning, I had finally given up on sleep and decided maybe a post midnight snack might help me think. I was just minding my own business and checking out what I could snack on when I heard a throat clear behind me. I swear I almost jumped out of my skin he startled me so much. I turned around quickly to see him getting up from behind the breakfast bar and making his way over to me and the refrigerator.

"Carlisle," I said startled. "What are you doing up?" I clearly didn't expect him or anyone to be up right now; not that I could really blame him for not wanting to spend time in bed with Esme.

He smiled at me and I felt my heart beat stumble at the sight. Stepping closer to me he said, " I could ask you the same thing Isabella." Then he ran the tip of his finger down the length of my arm and it felt like he left a trail of fire in its wake, only to repeat the gesture on his way back up. It was such a simple touch and gesture but it made my body sing. I was yearning for more contact. I needed to feel his body against mine.

And then, as if reading my thoughts, he took a step closer to me and closed the refrigerator door sliding his knee between my legs, parting them just a fraction more. My body was trembling in anticipation of his next move when he leaned down and put his face by my neck. I could feel his nose skim softly over the sensitive skin there and goose bumps broke out all over my body. His nose ran up to just below my ear and I felt him press his lips right below my ear. My knees almost gave out and I was ready to fall to the ground if he hadn't followed up the kiss by pressing his knee even harder against my aching pussy.

Then he whispered in my ear I could feel his hot breath washing over my ear and I couldn't stop my hips from moving back and forth trying to gain more friction. I know I was wantonly grinding myself against him but I couldn't find it in myself to care at this point. I grabbed onto his arms to help hold myself up and to make sure he couldn't get away from me. I then felt him press against me tighter and I almost moaned out loud at the ecstasy that pulsed through my body.

Just as fast as I was getting worked up he took his leg out from between mine and I whimpered. "Don't stop."

And then, the bastard laughed at me. If I wasn't so desperate for more contact from him I swear I would have kneed him for his smug little chuckle. Fucker knew exactly what he was doing to me. Oh, and thank God I kept my knee to myself because he expertly ran his hand down my body skimming lightly over the top half of my torso and stopping to cup me through my panties. I gasped quietly when he started to rub me roughly. I could feel the smooth satin and rough lace of my panties and yearned for me.

"My beautiful Isabella," he said, "I'm nowhere near done with you, but I think this is enough for one night."

Then he walked away.

Just like that.

I really wish I had used my knee on him now. I was soaked right through my panties and I'm pretty sure I had left a nice wet spot on his thigh from grinding on him. And oh God! He had me on his hands too.

Fine if he wanted to play that game, I could play with him.

I spent the next couple of days coping a feel when I could. Once I got his routine down, I spent the next couple of mornings making sure I met him in the hallway to wish him a good morning. I started out with just pressing my body to his and wishing him a good morning. The next couple it was "Good morning daddy."

Finally, on the fourth day after speaking with Alice we both decided it was time for me to go in for the kill. That morning I made sure to get up with plenty of time to get ready before 'accidentally' running into him. When I heard his bedroom door open and close, I waited five seconds before opening my door.

I walked up to him making sure to put a little extra sway in my step, leaned up on my tip toes to get close to his ear and softly said in his ear "Good morning Hot Daddy Carlisle."

His whole body froze and for a second I thought maybe I had stepped across some line, but before I could completely freak out over it, his hand reached down and grabbed my ass pulling me closer to him. Our bodies so close together I could feel his hard cock pressing against my stomach. I smiled up at him and then pushed out of his arms softly before heading down stairs.

And now here it was the day before I had to leave to head back to school all I've managed to get from Carlisle is in incredibly hot grope and grind in the kitchen. Oh and a full contact ass grab in the hall. To say I was disappointed by the lack of progress would be an understatement. I wanted more, but clearly, I wasn't going to get it from where I wanted it. So Al and Rose decided the best course of action to get me out of my funk would be to go out.

It was almost ten thirty in the evening and Alice was going to be here in a couple minutes. I decided I needed one last look at him before I left for the night. I could very well be the last time I get to see him until school was done for the semester. I made my way down to the theater room and almost tripped at what I saw. I'm not sure what I expected but this wasn't it. They were both sitting there watching TV and looking all couplish. I almost threw up a little bit in my mouth. I swear if she even so much as touched him she was gone.

Not being able to stomach the sight for much longer, I quickly let them know I was going out and where I'd be and then turned on my heal to leave. I'm not sure I could have seen the non-reaction from Carlisle. And I know I looked especially good tonight. I had on a short black beaded and sequenced dress with my silver Louboutin peep toe pumps. I had even teased my hair into what Rose calls sex hair all because I had hoped he'd notice.

Fine. Obviously I was nothing more than a distraction for him, something to play with when he was bored. Whatever, I was done waiting and I needed to find a dick to play with or I was going to explode from all the built up sexual tension in me.

As soon as Alice showed up, I jumped into her car. "Fuck, let's go. I can't wait get back to school and away from this house," I said.

Al's jaw dropped at my comment and she immediately reached over to give me a hug. "Aww, Bella what happened?" she asked.

"Fucking Carlisle and Esme looking all cozy and shit, watching TV together is what fucking happened. And you know what, fuck him, and fuck her. She's gone as soon as I get back from school for summer break, and she can take his ass with her." I ranted.

Alice just rolled her eyes at me and peeled out of the driveway, very familiar with my moods. She knew it'd pass and so did I but didn't mean that I had to like what I saw. And I didn't want her taking his ass anywhere. I wanted that to be my ass.

In no time, we had pulled up to the club and immediately spotted Rose cozying up to the bouncer. We both broke out laughing. It never failed, she'd go for the biggest meat head she could find, but at least this time it was going to get us into the club without getting carded. As soon as she saw us she ran over to us in her red pumps and red mini dress, what can I say, red was her color and she dominated it. No one could do red like Rose. She grabbed both our hands with her in the middle of us pulling us straight to the front of the line. She leaned in and whispered something in the ear of the bouncer that made him blush clear up to the roots of his hair and he opened the rope for us. If she can make a guy that big blush I'm not even sure I want to know what she said to him.

"So what do you two want to drink?" I asked them as I started to make my way towards the bar. "I need something strong and a lot of it."

"I'll have an appletini," Alice said.

"And I'll have a…" Rose started to say but I cut her off. "Got it, three shots of Patron."

"What is her problem?" I heard Rose ask. I just kept walking leaving it up to Alice to fill her in. I didn't want to relive that moment any time soon.

I came back with six shots, two for each of us. We downed them before making our way towards the dance floor where instantly the vultures descended upon us. I swear just because we are three exceptionally beautiful women doesn't give guys the right to come and rub their denim covered cocks on us. We started to dance with each to cut out the risk of anyone approaching us that we didn't deem worthy.

About an hour had passed before a very hot blond and his friend caught my eye. Al and Rose quickly caught on and we started grinding against each other with Rose behind me and Alice in front of me. As soon as they stepped away from me Mr. Hot-blond took Rose's spot with his friend stepping in front of me. They were both throwing ridiculous pick up lines back and forth. I kept laughing at the cheesiness of it. Finally had to excuse myself and made my way back towards the bathrooms.

I had barely stepped out of the bathroom when I felt a hand wrap around my wrist and pull me back down the dark deserted hallway. I panicked. I had no idea who had grabbed me but whatever he thought was going to happen, wasn't. I was trying to struggle against him. I was pushing against his arms. His knee was between my legs and the next thing I knew, my arms were pinned against the wall above my head.


"Hello Isabella," I heard him whisper in my ear. "Imagine running into you here."

I knew that voice. It was Carlisle. I was just starting to wonder what he was doing here when I felt his knee press against me harder to create the most delicious friction. I couldn't hold in my moan. It didn't matter why he was here. Just that he was.

"I was watching you out there with those guys rubbing against you, practically using you. You liked that didn't you? Letting them fondle you, acting like a little slut," he said. And hot damn, he bit my neck. Not any innocent little nibble either he actually bit down on me and then licked my neck. I'm almost positive that move alone managed to disintegrate my panties.

Then he started to nibble on my ear lobe and I couldn't control my body anymore I needed to feel him against me, any part of him. I started to move my hips back and forth lifting up from the wall as far as I could in the position I was in, pinned against the wall. And then he stepped back away from me just far enough that I could no longer get what I so desperately needed from him. Slumping back against the wall, I watched as he moved to hold both of my hands to the wall while his other hand started to move up and down my leg, slowly disappearing beneath my dress.

Just as I felt his fingers grazing over my hot, wet, pulsing center of my panties he leaned in close to me resting his forehead against mine. "Let's see just how much you liked what those guys were doing, huh Isabella," he said.

Then his fingers slipped inside my panties and it was nothing like what I expected to feel. I gasped. Feeling his rough fingers against my swollen clit was driving me mad and soaking me straight through.

"My, my Isabella. You're so very wet. It's safe to say those horny little boys rubbing against you turned you on. Didn't it?" He punctuated the statement by quickly thrusting a finger into me. Then he started to pump his finger in and out of me, rubbing my clit.

He let go of my hands and quickly and buried his hand in my hair, pulling it just hard enough to feel that sharp stab of pain mixed in with the pleasure of his fingers on me. He demanded my answer and when I didn't give it fast enough he stopped his movements. His grip tightened in my hair as he gave another sharp tug.

I whimpered and softly whispered, "No."

"I'm sorry Isabella, I couldn't hear you," he said. "Did those guys make you this wet?" Then he softly started sucking on my neck and wiggled his finger inside of me.

I gasped out, "No Carlisle! This is all for you."

That must have been the answer he was looking for as he added another finger. He started moving faster and harder, in and out of me and then he hit that spot that made me see stars. I couldn't hold still I needed more. I felt his hand on my hip holding me still. He got even deeper in me and then asked me to come for him as if my body was his to command. I could feel the tremors of pleasure making their way up my legs spreading through my body and I started to scream as my orgasm over took me. His lips came down on mine and swallowed my sounds of pleasure as he let me ride out the immense ecstasy he had just given me.

When he pulled his hand out from between my legs, I slumped back against the wall without him there to support me. I tried to catch my breath. When I looked up, he was slowly licking one of his fingers that had just been buried in me with his eyes were closed. I asked him how I tasted and pulled his hand to my mouth licking and sucking his finger clean of all my juices.

"Mmm, I taste so good. Makes me wondering how good you taste." I said. I reached down and palmed him through his jeans rubbing against his straining erection. I heard him groan as I leaned into his neck nipping at it.

"Would you like me to tell you how you taste?" I asked. "Huh, Hot Daddy Carlisle?" And I continued to stroke him through his jeans. Just as I was getting ready to find out just what he had hidden, I heard the last thing I ever wanted to hear, especially considering what I was finally about to get to do.

"Bella? Bella are you down here?" Fucking cock-blocking Alice. I instantly imagined about one hundred different ways to kill her.

I yelled back, "Ya Alice, I'm here. I just needed, ahh, a break from all the noise?" Even I could hear how lame of an excuse that was and I'm sure Alice was going to let me know all about it when she got me alone.

She marched up to us looking at Carlisle and then at my disheveled state and finally back at him before grabbing my hand and pulling me away. "Hope you had a great night Dr. Cullen. Sure looks like Bella did." Then she cackled. Fucking cock-blocking bitch.

I wouldn't tell Alice a single thing that had happened between Carlisle and I. So she just huffed and decided if I wasn't going to play nice she was taking me home.

Her car pulled up in front of my house and I looked over at her. She was still pissed. I could tell. And I knew I had to fix this tonight.

"Look Al, I'm sorry. I'm not mad at you I'm just mad at the situation. I promise I'll call you tomorrow morning and tell you everything. I just can't process what's happened tonight. Okay?

She looked up at me from under her lashes and smiled at me. "Of course, Bella. I'm not mad at you and I kind of did cock block you."

I rolled my eyes at her. "You have no idea."

I watched her mouth drop open and she looked like a fish out of water and I could see her brain going a million miles an hour.

I took that as my out, quickly said goodbye, and rushed into the house before she tried to stop me.

I waited by the door to make sure I heard her leave and was just about to go upstairs when I heard another car pull up the driveway. I turned quickly to look out the window and saw Carlisle getting out.

I moved into the dark shadows to wait for him to come in. I could feel my breathing picking up in anticipation of what was going to happen.

The door opened slowly letting in a sliver of moonlight and in walked the star of many of my fantasies. He had barely taken two steps in when I came out from hiding and assaulted him. I barely registered him saying something before I crashed my lips to his. I had my arms locked behind his neck and he was bending down to meet my kisses, our tongues tangling together. He put his arms around my waist and started to move me backwards until I was flush against the wall. Reaching down he wrapped one of my legs around his hip and I quickly followed with the other. His hands grabbed my ass and I started to grind against him as my dress rode up my thighs.

I broke away from the kiss first to catch my breath. Gulping and gasping for breath, I had never been kissed with this much passion before.

My body felt like it was on fire in the most delicious way possible and his lips were all over my neck nipping, licking and sucking at the sensitive flesh there. Pressing myself against his rock hard cock, I couldn't contain my moans at the pleasure he was inflicting upon me.

"Wait…" I moaned. "Oooh God! Carlisle." It came out breathily and he continued to attack my neck.

I needed him to stop. I wanted to finish what we started in the club but I couldn't get on my knees if he wouldn't put me down. Finally, I yelled at him to stop as loud as I could without waking anyone.

I could tell he was confused that I wanted to be put down but did it anyways. He looked like one of those confused puppy dogs who tilt their head to the side when they hear or see something they don't understand.

I started to slowly walk him backwards, my lip caught between my teeth.

"I believe I said something about tasting you." Each word said punctuated by the sound of my heel clad feet on the marble floors.

He gave me a cocky ass little smirk and it did wonderfully naughty things to me. If my panties weren't already thoroughly soaked, they were now. Then he reached out and ran his thumb over my bottom lip and I wanted so badly to open my mouth and lick it but restrained myself when he started to say something.

"Yes, I believe you did. And just how and where did you want to taste me?"

I looked up at him from beneath my lashes. "Well, I thought I could find out by seeing just how much of your thick, hard cock I can wrap my lips around."

I watched his body tremble slightly when I said that and got to work pushing his pants down his legs. When I saw the size of the bulge in his boxers I couldn't stop myself from wrapping my hand around it and stroking. I got down on my knees, hooked my fingers in the top of his boxers, and started slowly pulling them down his legs.

I couldn't contain the gasp that left my lips when I saw what he had been hiding from me. There was no way I could fit it all in my mouth; but damn if I wasn't going to try.

"Fuck Carlisle! Had I known you were this big I never would have waited this long."

His hips jerked forward just as I wrapped my lips around his thick throbbing cock. His hands found purchase on my head, his fingers tangling in my hair as I started to bob my head up and down, back and forth on him. In all my life, I had never tasted anything as good as him in my mouth.

Chancing a look up at him, I saw his eyes closed and his head leaning back against the solid wood door. He looked like absolute perfection. Needing to see his eyes I reached up and cupped his balls and heard him mumble 'oh fuck' before cracking his eyes open to look down at me.

I picked up my pace on him going faster, sucking harder. I felt him pull my hair tighter and he pulled me off his cock. I watched it bob in front of my face and I wanted more.

"Isabella I'm going to come." His breathing was hard and labored as if he had just run a marathon.

I stroked him a few times before telling him that I wanted to taste all of him, and I meant all of him. Then I opened my mouth, pushed him further than he was before, and started using my tongue to work him over.

I felt the muscles in his thighs start to clench when he let out a loud, low moan just as I felt and tasted his salty, yet slightly sweet cum hit my tongue. I started to swallow not wanting to waste a single drop and kept sucking him until I felt his body slump against the door.

I stood up and licked my lips, "You really do taste just wonderful, and you felt great on my tongue, but I can't help but wonder what you'd feel like somewhere else next time."

Then I turned and made my way up the stairs trying to keep my cool until I was safely behind my bedroom door. I fell asleep that night with a very satisfied smile on my face.


I was busy up until the end of the semester with finals. I couldn't wait to get back home to see what else might happen between Carlisle and I.

Esme that sneaky little whore had decided to move up the date of the wedding.

I knew what she was trying to do. She thought if he was married that maybe he would rebuff my advances or I'd leave him alone. If she really believed that, she had another thing coming.

Try as I might, I still couldn't get home until the night before the actual ceremony. Which basically meant by the time I actually got to sleep with Carlisle he'd be my pseudo daddy, but only in that he married my ex-step mom.

The wedding was predictably over the top. I was bored and spent the entire ceremony wondering what Carlisle looked like under his tux. My mind could conjure nothing but absolute perfection.

Watching as he danced with Esme and her cow like friends, I had to control my gag reflex. When I noticed he was finally free, I made my way over towards him and he asked me for a dance. It was like heaven to be in his arms again when he pulled me close to his body. It took all my self-control not to rip his tux from his body, and I told him so.

When he told me it took all his self-control not to pull me out of the ballroom and have his way with me, I couldn't help the blush that overcame me. I hardly ever blushed anymore.

Winking at him I said, "I'm sure I'll see you later. And I hope you enjoy your honeymoon."

We went separate ways and I instantly missed the feeling of his body close to mine. I talked to all his doctor friends who shamelessly flirted with me, all the while stealing glances at him.

Biting back my jealously, I watched as Esme clung to his arm as they talked to all the guests. The only thing stopping me from throwing a tantrum was the look of boredom permanently plastered on his face.

I was talking to another one if Carlisle's colleagues when I felt his gaze straying to my chest yet again. This was the third time in the last ten minutes; I had to practically wave my hand in front of Dr. Brandon's face to get his attention back to my face. When he propositioned me to meet up at his room later it was all I could take. I'm sure the look of revolution on my face was more than enough of a 'no,' but I couldn't help the hell no that came out of my mouth.

Bored with everything else, I made my way up to my hotel suite to get ready for bed. Well no that's not true. I got ready for Carlisle to come to my bed. Come many times actually.

I was just putting the finishing touches on my make up when I heard Carlisle tell Esme he had forgotten something and he'd be right back. Seeing that as my opening, I ran over, opened the door of my suite, and called out his name. I quickly ran back to the bathroom to slip my heels on and fluff my hair a bit more. Just as I was getting ready to walk out of the bathroom, I heard him call a tentative hello, so I called his name again to get him further into my room.

When I heard the door close, I walked out of the bathroom and watched in satisfaction as his steps stopped and his eyes raked over my scantily clad body in naked desire. I was dressed for maximum impact tonight. I teased my hair until it had that 'I've just been fucked' look, spent an obscene amount of money on my bra and panty set that he obviously enjoyed if the now straining bulge in pants was of any indication. And to complete the look, I had on a garter belt with thigh high stockings, and what both Alice and Rose assured me were 'fuck me' heels.

I walked towards him as he sat down on the edge of the bed and kneeled above him with my knees on either side of his legs. Running my fingers through his hair, I watched him sigh softly before I gave his hair a quick tug and his eyes flew open.

Leaning in close to him, I let my lips graze his ear before whispering, "I really hope you enjoy your honeymoon, because I'm not letting you leave this room for the next day or so."

His hands came up to my hips and gripped me hard as he pulled me down to meet his hips as he thrust up to rub and grind against me. I could barely contain my moan before crashing my lips to his and kissing him with a hunger I had never felt before. Once again, I was the first one to break contact, and yet again, his lips moved to my neck where he sucked and licked the sensitive skin there. Not able to control myself I pushed down harder against him feeling his pulsating erection against my sensitive clit.

Before I could think he was standing and my legs were wrapping tightly around him, I had no clue what he was planning but I couldn't find it in myself to care at this point.

When he laid me down on the bed, I propped myself up on my elbows in order to see him better. I watched as he crawled up between my legs his hands running over my body and avoiding all the places I wanted to feel him the most. I was babbling incoherently for more when he pushed down one of the cups of my bra. His eyes darkened as he watched my nipple pebble, becoming hard under his hungry gaze. I thought I would die of pleasure when I felt his hot wet tongue lick it and cried out for more. He quickly complied, sucking it into his mouth and started to tease my other one through the lacey fabric of my bra.

My hands attached themselves to his hair as I pulled and pushed on his head. I wanted more but wasn't sure if I could handle anymore of this torture.

He released my nipple with a loud wet noise and looked up at me chuckling softly. "Patience Isabella. I've wanted you for years and now that I finally have you where I want you I'm going to take my time with your body. And when I'm done with you, you won't know who you are, just that your body belongs to me."

When I heard those words, I swear I almost came. Instead, I watched as he got off the bed and began casually taking off his clothes. I could barely control my breathing and was sure I sounded like an asthmatic. As he worked the buttons on his shirt, I slipped my hand into my panties. I needed some sort of friction. His body was sublime, and if anything had got better since the last time I had seen it in the pool.

When my back arched off the bed, I heard his clothing hit the floor at a much faster rate. I opened my eyes to see him unbuttoning his pants and decided to help him out. Sitting up I reached back and un-did the clasps of my bra and took it off dropping beside the bed. I watched him watch my breasts bounce slightly with their freedom and my movement.

I was just reaching for my panties when his hand stopped mine. I looked up at him and he shook his head no. "Let me. Please," he implored and I couldn't refuse him.

I leaned back on my elbows and watched him run his hands down my body. He started with my shoulders, going over my breasts, slowly down and over the sensitive skin on my stomach before coming to a stop right at the top of my panties. He hooked his thumbs in the waistband and slowly started to pull them down and over my hips. I felt his finger tips flutter over my legs as he moved further down my legs and finally pulled them up and over my heels.

I was bare before him except for the garter belt, stockings and shoes. He leaned back on his heels and looked over my practically naked body. When his gaze stopped on my glistening sex I saw him get harder, if that was even possible and then he twitched under his boxers. I gasped. I couldn't help it. With that little twitch, I was soaked.

He grabbed one of my legs and ran his thumb up the seam that ran down the back of my stockings and then repeated the same process on the other leg. Only this time, instead of stopping where my bare skin started, he continued up until his palm was pressing flat against my hip. The tip of his fingers pressed right into the juncture of where my leg met my body. He leaned forward and kissed me right in the same spot but on the other side. His lips lingered there softly and it was driving me crazy. He was so close. My hips arched off the bed in a desperate attempt to get him to move where I wanted him the most.

He looked up at me from between my legs and our eyes met briefly before he let his eyes wander over my body before coming to a stop at the feast laid out before him.

"You're so fuckin' wet Isabella. I can't wait to taste you," he said. Then he took one long slow lick up from my inner lips all the way to my clit and pressing his tongue firmly against my clit.

He grabbed my hips fiercely when my body almost shot off the bed with the first contact of his wonderful tongue on my bare pussy. I threw a leg over his shoulder to keep him where I wanted him the most. I was rewarded with the feeling of his tongue moving rapidly against my sensitive clit.

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, he let go of one of my hips and started to slide a finger up and down between my pussy before slowly pushing it deep in me. We both groaned at the sensation. I couldn't control the noises I was making, especially when he started to suck on me harder and then added another finger. He was furiously pumping his fingers in and out of me and I was so close to the edge; my fingers wrapped in his hair again as I screamed my orgasm into the quiet air surrounding us.

When the world stopped exploding around me he started to work his way up my body, placing wet opened mouthed kisses all over. When I opened my eyes he was directly over me and his lips still glistened with my orgasm fresh on his lips. I couldn't control my smile or my hands as they ran down his body. I moved my hands into the back of his boxers and gave his ass a nice little squeeze before pushing them down his hips. He sat back and helped me take them off throwing them behind him.

He looked over my body again and then grabbed my hips pulling me forward until my hips were flush to him. Both of my legs were thrown over one of his shoulders, which brought me into closer contact with him. We both made noises of pleasure as his rock hard cock pressed against my ass.

He was just starting to rub the head of his cock over my wet and swollen lips when he stopped to ask me about protection. I told him I was on the pill, but was positive, even if I wasn't, there was nothing that was going to stop me from finally getting to feel that magnificent dick moving inside of me. Protection or not.

His hips started to rock back and forth and he looked at me to ask permission. Like I'd say no at this point. Can he not see the position he has me in?

I gave a quick nod and he pushed into me. My mouth fell open in a silent scream. This was heaven and this man was never leaving my bed again. When he stopped moving inside of me, it quickly turned into hell. I wanted more, desperately so, and began to move my hips against him needing more.

He pulled out of me so slowly his hands gripping my hips to keep me steady and then suddenly with no warning he buried himself deep in me again. This time I couldn't be silent as I yelled out for more. He quickly picked up his pace, fucking me so hard I could hear his hips slapping against my ass.

I was getting closer I could feel my release approaching when he stopped suddenly. I was about to protest when he quickly flipped me over. Knowing exactly what he wanted I quickly got on my hands and knees and wiggled my ass in front of him as a silent invitation to take more and give me more. He grabbed both of my ass cheeks and gave them a firm squeeze as his thumbs ran up and down over my soaked pussy lips.

Moaning I stuck my ass out further trying to encourage him to give me more when I felt his hand make contact with one side of my ass.

He spanked me and oh God did I like it. I moaned and was rewarded by feeling him spank my other ass cheek.

"You like that Isabella?" He asked. "Do you like having your round little ass spanked like the bad girl you are?"

"Yes." I whimpered and he spanked my ass once more before sliding his throbbing cock back into me.

We both cried aloud as he moved even deeper in me hitting places I never knew existed. Instantly he started a fast and furious pace and reached under me to rub my clit helping to push me over the ledge I was on before he switched positions.

I saw white instantly. I could feel myself wrap around him even tighter as I convulsed in pleasure. I then felt him begin to still as he released spurt after hot spurt of cum into me. We both collapsed to the bed beneath us trying to catch our breath.

I turned to look at him and told him how I've wanted him since I first saw him. He looked shocked; I know he must have been doing the math in head, coming to the conclusion that I was only sizteen at the time.

Then he had to ruin the moment asking, "What about Esme?"

I just smirked at him. "Don't worry about her. I have that situation handled" And if she was smart, I thought to myself, she'd stay away from both of us if she remembered dad's will.

To distract us both I rolled over on top of him and straddled him asking, "Are you ready for more?"

He grinned, rolled me onto my back beneath him, and countered with "I sure am, but the question is, are you?" Then ground his growing erection into me.

I silently rejoiced and knew the night was just getting started for us.


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