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Tony played absentmindedly with the bear in his hands. He sat in a club at the bar, accompanied by Ziva, Abby and McGee. After a while they had decided to go dancing, but he didn't feel like it. He tried to organize his thoughts, but they only wandered back and forward to a conversation he had had with Abby on Tuesday. He was down in her lab when a pretty cute blonde Agent had walked in with some evidence for another case. She had flirted with him, but he hadn't really responded. When the Agent had left the lab, not looking very happy, Abby had grinned.

'She was totally on to you, Tony,'

'I'm not interested, she's not my type,'

That was the moment he should have said something completely different, because of course Abby didn't live that remark down.

'Whoa, what? I thought you liked them blonde and easy? Or do you have that kind of date already for tonight?'

That had been the ultimate opportunity to discard the complete conversation. Why hadn't he said yes? Because he was offended by her comment? Well, he was but with any other subject he could have let it slide without much hassle, that was for sure. Why he couldn't do the same with this one, he didn't understand.

'Hey that ain't nice Abs,'

He had answered. He knew she had a point. Of course she did: he had dated numerous women who easily fitted that description. But he hadn't been on that kind of date for a long time now – or any date for that matter.

'Oh, don't be all offended Tony, your dates were always like that. Maybe a different hair color, or different sizes, but they were always pretty and don't say they weren't rather easy!'

He still could see her standing in front of him: her arms crossed, looking impatient.

'Maybe my type has changed?'

Stupid suggestion! Stupid stupid stupid! Of course that wasn't going to stop her from asking questions, it had just made her more curious!

'In what? Redheads like Gibbs?'

He had laughed out loud when she asked him that. That would be the day! Well they weren't too bad to look at but it just wasn't . . . it.

'No, I'm not following Gibbs' footsteps on that one Abby,'

Well, at least that had been an honest answer.

'Well, what is your type than?'

His mind had wandered away, thinking about his 'preferences'. It hadn't been that hard really. He knew his type pretty good: a girl who was tough, honest, funny and could handle him. Stubborn, able to drive a car and good in whatever she did for a living. That really was about it. He was on the verge to tell that to Abby, but at that point Gibbs had walked in, with his usual brisk manners, and that had ended their conversation – which he should not be so sorry for, for he hadn't had wanted the whole conversation in the first place. Right? It wasn't as if he needed advice on women, right? He had had enough experience to know what he found attractive, even with his dry spell lately. It wasn't like Abby needed to tell him what his type was . . .


Tony was pulled out of his thoughts when Ziva, Abby and McGee left the dance floor and joined him at the bar, but it was Abby who reminded him of the conversation again.

'I wanna play truth or dare!' She grinned, looking around.

'Why do you always want to play truth or dare?' McGee sighed, not looking forward to being probed again about his writing. Or his sex life. Or the girl he was dating at the time being.

'Because it's fun, Tim! So, Tony, truth or dare?' Tony looked up in surprise, not used to being the object of Abby's truth or dare questions.

'Truth or . . .' he started.

'Truth it is than!' Abby smiled.

'Wait . . . what . . . but . . .' he stuttered.

'No no, Tony, you said truth so truth it is,' Abby grinned. McGee leant back, feeling mostly relieved that he wasn't the subject of Abby's inquiring.

'Fine. Go ahead,' Tony grumbled.

'What's your type in women?' Abby asked without missing a beat.

'You really want to go there?' Tony groaned – which got the attention from the others.


'I like them all Abby, you know that, don't you? Blond hair with blue eyes, or red hair and feisty with endlessly long legs or a brunette with beautiful long curly hair and chocolate eyes. So what's to know?' Tony smiled. Abby didn't go for the bait though.

'No, no Tony, that is too easy. What do you like in a woman?' It fell silent after that. Tony stared into nothing while he was contemplating his answer.

'She is a woman that you won't forget easily . . . The one that nestles herself in your heart without you even noticing it. Strong, in every sense of the word, sharp minded, a little bit crazy and she can handle my antics,' a smile formed on his lips while he talked. 'She is funny, and when you gain her trust it will go a long way. But you won't want to mess with her, because she's pretty deadly when she wants to be. Oh and without a doubt: she is beautiful,' Tony ended after a small silence. He looked around the bar when he didn't receive immediate answer from his friends. Finally it was McGee who spoke up.

'Are you sure you haven't find that woman already?' he asked. 'Because that is pretty much a complete picture!'

'Ha, I think I would know it if I had found her, McNagg, I'm not blind you know?'

'If you say so, Tony, if you say so,' McGee answered with a shrug.

Not much later they all went home, having had a long day and the next day would probably be even longer. Abby lingered a bit when she was at the door, waiting for Tony, while Ziva and McGee walked outside.

'What's up Abs? Need a ride? I thought McGee would give you one?'

'Yeah, he's getting the car,' Abby smiled while her pigtails where bouncing up and down. 'It's just . . . About your type . . .'

'Oh come on, do you never stop Abby? I gave an answer right? And please don't tell me you know someone who fits that description, I honestly don't want to try that again if you don't mind,'

'No it's not that,' Abby said. 'But you know what, you're right: enough over that. See you tomorrow?'

'Of course! By Abs, take care,' Tony laughed and he walked outside where he and Ziva were waiting for a cab. Abby watched them talk and laugh, and couldn't help thinking about Tony's description. Tony had found his perfect woman already, she was pretty sure of it. And he was blinder than he said he was, because she was right in front of him . . .

'Abby! What are you waiting for!' McGee waved. Abby finally put on her coat, and ran to his car. Maybe she should ask Ziva about her type tomorrow?