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"Just go asleep," he whispered close to my ear and brushed my hair back from my face.

"I can't if you're here," I mumbled, how embarrassing.

"Do you want to stay in this haunted hotel? I doubt it. So we need to hurry up and solve the case."

"Then you must leave the room."

"What if you talk in your sleep? Those precious clues could help us solve this, please Mai."

"I'm telling you for the last time! I can't sleep with you in the room!" My cheeks were rosy pink at that stage.

"Why? Do you have some sort of crush on me, or something?"

I wanted to say yes, I really did. But thankfully, I refrained from it.

"O-Of course not! I just…think the moments when I sleep are…private, that's all!"

"I understand," he replied, getting up an walking towards the door, "But I'll be back to check on your progress."

"Fine!" I stuck my tongue out at him.

The room was dull. Everything looked dusty because of the faint moonlight shining in between the thick curtains. On the walls were old photos, mainly on men in soldier uniforms and children. I glanced over to a bookshelf in the corner of the room; it was too dark to read the covers of the books and I was too tired to strain my eyes that much. My eyelid began to get heavier and heavier and soon I was drowned in the dusty, dull greyness of the tiny box room.

"Wh-where am I?" I stuttered, grasping my arms and rubbing them repeatedly because of the cold.

As I began to look around, I noticed tall, shadowed trees surrounding me. A forest. The ground beneath me was covered in a layer of moss and old, giant tree roots. A considerable amount of fog swirled around my bare legs and my knees, which knocked together when a breeze passed. A shadowy figure startled me and I shivered.

"How scary…" I whispered, when the figure got close enough for me to see that it was that of a woman.

"Yuina…" the woman called, her voice sounded pained and croaky, "My Yuina-chan…Oh, where are you?"

"Emm…excuse me, Miss!" I called back, finally gaining enough courage to do so, "Who are you looking for?"

"You aren't my Yuina! Be gone!"

"I-I know that, Miss. I want to help you look for her."

"What could you possibly do to help me?"

Suddenly, she came running towards me and grabbed be shoulders. I shut my eyes tight and when I opened them, I screamed. The woman's face was right up next to mine, and her bloodshot eyes cried out for help to me as they bulged out of their sockets. Her face was clotted with dirt and her hair was in knots and hanging over her face. When I looked down, she was wearing some sort of ragged dress what was a faded grey colour, stained with grass and earth. Her feet were bare and shaking as much from the cold as mine were. The sides of her feet were scared and bleeding, once again with a layer of dirt on them.

"I-I could help you find her! I promise! That's what I'm here for…"

The woman dropped her arms from my shoulders. They were sore. She clenched her left hand in a fist; her nails were filled with earth and most of them broken. It frightened me. She looked back up at me, and her once strained, bulging eyes were now slightly softer and less intimidating.

"Wh-why don't you start by telling me a bit about what happened?"

"I was in the park with my daughter, Yuina. I loved her so much; she was my first child. Everyday I'd take her for a walk in her pram and point out the different types of trees to her. There's a maple, there's a sakura…" she explained, pointing towards lifeless trees that had lost their leaves and were slowly decaying, "That day was particularly hot. When I was alive, the trees were very small around the pathway and there was little shade, so I pushed Yuina's pram under the shade and sat in the sun myself. That was the mistake I made, I suppose. A man came from behind me and stabbed me with a short knife multiple times. After that, I never seen my little Yuina again…"

"I-I'm so sorry, Miss…"

"That's why I'm here, I guess. I had to watch these trees slowly die and rot, with no sign of human activity in sight. You're the first person I've seen in fifty years."

"Don't worry Miss! We'll find Yuina for you, and you can be happy again!"

"I sure hope so…"

"I know so! We've solved countless numbers of paranormal cases before!"

"It's just, I've looked so hard…" she cried, looking down at her scarred, dirty hands and dishevelled nails.

"What happened to you?"

"I've been so obsessed with finding Yuina, I've been digging up the entire forest!"

Then I remembered something the owner of the hotel had told us; that upon looking out the window at night, the guests saw large holes in the ground that looked like graves. The owner of the hotel would cover them up in the morning in order to calm guests down…

"Mai! Mai! Wake-up!"

"Huh? Wait! I wasn't finished!" I yelled, banging my fists on the bed covers. Naru was sitting on the end of my bed. "Why did you wake me up?!"

"You were shivering and jumping. I thought it was a good idea."

"It wasn't!"

"Did you get enough information for us?"

I looked towards the door to see John, Bou-san and Ayako peering through the ajar door.

"I got a bit."

"Tell me about it," Naru sighed, lowering the book he had between his hand and turning to face me.

"There's a lady…looking for her daughter. She looked terrible; covered in dirt and bleeding. I eventually got out from her that she was looking for a girl named 'Yuina' and that she was stabbed while out with her daughter one day. The holes that appear in the hotel's garden are holes she's been digging; she absolutely mad. She also said that the garden was a park, she said nothing about a hotel."

"Interesting. I'm guessing from what you told me that she's a ubume. Or, for Mai's sake," he exhaled before continuing and the others crept in through the door, "An ubume is a ghost that have died before they could properly look after their children."

"We've come across a case like this before, haven't we?"


"I don't really think so though…this woman seemed really genuine…she didn't want to hurt anyone, just find her child. Her eyes looked so determined, but they were too covered in tears for me to see at first."

"I understand, Mai. But if we don't deal with this ghost soon, she'll begin to get destructive."

"Don't say it like that!" my voice began to slowly raise and I propped myself higher onto the bed, "She's hurt! She may be a ghost, but she's still human!"

"What do you want me to say then?"

I wasn't one of them, but I could feel the others in the room get uncomfortable, even John covered his mouth with his sleeve.

"I…" tears dropped onto my hand, "I want us to help her as much as we can. She's not a bad ghost like a poltergeist; she's just lost."

"Fine," he said, his voice was sharp, "We'll help her. Whatever you want to call it. Bou-san? Please meet me in the main room downstairs to plan where we're going to have the exorcism."

"Bu-" I started.

"Stay in your room," Naru snapped and shut the door behind them, before locking it.

I wonder why he got so cold, so suddenly. I fell back onto the old, feather-filled pillows and wondered what to do. I flipped open my phone to see a new text from a friend from back home, Sakura.

Hi Mai! How's everything going? A haunted hotel is so your scene! P.S. How's Shibuya-san? =^.^=

The phone glowed in my hand, the only source of light in the room. I quickly text back then snuggle under the sheets. I'd be here a while.

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