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"It's okay, Mai, we took care of her. She's…wherever she's supposed to be, now," Bou-san explained, considering the different religions of the rest in the room.

"Without her daughter? That's horrible! How could you do such a thing?!"

The conversation at the long, decorated dinner table wasn't very friendly. Of course I was angry at everyone, wouldn't anyone? As an assistant to Naru, I expected to have a say in some things, especially because I had more of a physic ability then he'll ever have. But as usual; I came, I set up things, I dreamt and I was pushed to the side so as the 'professionals' could do their work. At least I got to spend a bit of time with Naru, even if he was extremely ill-tempered.

"Your being ridiculous, Mai. Our job is not to be-friend spirits, is it?" Naru spoke up, not raising his head from his bowls of soup and rice.


"Then leave the decisions to those who understand what they're doing."

I was silenced, as if Naru was my parent. How was I supposed to even learn without putting myself in the action?

"I'm staying here tomorrow night," I declared, scooping rice into my mouth with a pair of fancy, silver chopsticks.

"But Mai, we agreed today that we would leave tomorrow morning," Ayako protested, folding her arms.

"I understand. I want to stay here to continue my own research into the happenings."

"There's nothing left. Bou-san exorcised the ghost."

"I know. But somehow, I feel a connection to this ghost. Call me stupid, but my instinct is telling me that she was special. Although, it could also just be a girl's instinct and I'm just sympathising with her."

"Then I shall stay with you," Naru's voice came from across the table.

When I looked up, he still had his eyes glued to the food in front of him. I sighed. I liked him, but wouldn't it be awkward to have to spend more time with him in a hotel that had no other guests?

"I refuse," I replied, clearing my throat.

"You can't refuse. Do you really expect to stay in this hotel all alone, previously haunted by a ghost? Not to mention that it's in quite an isolated area?"

"What? Are you worried about me? You shouldn't."

He looked up for the first time and frowned. Frowns didn't suit him. Sure, he didn't smile often either, but a neutral face was better then a frown. I sort of pitted him, even though I was not supposed to.

"Fine, fine. You guys can stay."

"Are you kidding? I have work to do in my shrine, I promised to be back tomorrow!" Ayako moaned, flicking back her wine hair.

"I have promises too," Masako whispered from behind her kimono sleeve, "I have an interview for a Paranormal Research magazine."

"I have a concert," Bou-san replied simply, laughed nervously and scratched the back of his head.

"The local parish is having me do some community work for the weekend, I can't let them down," John sighed.

"What about you, Lin-san?" I asked, glancing towards the end of the table where he sat and ate quietly the whole time.

"I have plans with my parents to visit them in Xi'an," he mumbled.

"How will we get home, then?" I complained, waiting for a reply.

"Lin-san, you could collect us on Monday, couldn't you?" Naru begged.

"Sure, Monday. I'll be there."

The next day came quickly. Although I couldn't sleep the night before because I was too stressed. Ayako, Bou-san, John and Masako all rustled into Lin-san's car and Bou-san was the only one to say goodbye to me.

"Take care of yourselves here…"

"Of course! As always."

"Okay, Mai. I'll talk to you when you get back sometime, goodbye!"

His goodbye was short, but at least he cared for me enough to say it. I watched him hop into the car and it drive off. The owner had come out to see his guests off, too.

"Why are you not going off with the others?" Matsuda-san, the owner, asked.

"I want to remain here and study some more, if that's okay with you."

"Of course it is. I just don't like to see such young children here on their own…it's such a big place, you know?"

"That's alright, Matsuda-san! We've survived fine so far!"

He smiled and went inside the giant red door, the entrance. I turned on my heels and headed for the trees.

"H-Hey! Mai! Where are you going?" Naru protested as he chased me.

"To examine the crime scene," I joked, "That's what I stayed here for."

"But we need to tell Lin-san first! We can't just go outside unprotected!"

"Oh really? I thought you said the ghost was gone."

"Well, you know Bou-san and the others, they're a little un-trustworthy at times…"

"Well you can go tell Lin-san. I'm staying here."

He shrugged his shoulders and followed me. I knew that he hesitated before he came running after me. I came across a giant hole and almost fell down it.

"This one mustn't have been covered up," Naru commented as he kicked some soil into it.

"No. There's a few more further down," I replied, folding my arms.

"How do you know?"

"I seen it in my dream…"

"It's strange."


"I mean, a lot of spirits have ways of communicating with the human world; they can speak, they can appear before us and they can even move things, or knock them over. But this is unheard of."

"Digging holes?"

"Yes. I've never seen it before. I've never read of anything like it either."

"She was desperate though…I was with her, maybe even in her little world, the spirit world. There were no people, she was all alone…"

"But why would she dig holes? It's just plain old weird…"

"I suppose…maybe it's a grave…for her daughter."

"…That's clever thinking, Mai!" he exclaimed, I felt a little happy and my cheeks flushed, "Does that not mean that her daughter is dead? How would she know?"

"Like I said yesterday, I may have some sort of physic ability, but so do all women. Mothers have them over their children. Girls have them over bad things. Old women, well they're just geniuses when it comes to guessing things!"

"Really? I never noticed. I suppose it explains why the girls always live longest in horror movies."

"Exactly that. Naru?"


"I want to track down Yuina. I want to find her daughter."

~ Hour time skip : ) ~

"Mai, you should get some sleep," Naru said, peeking into my bedroom. He had obviously seen the glow of my laptop from the hallway.

"I will, I think I'm on to something here, though…"


"Look," I told him, patting the seat beside me on the sofa in my room, "A park once was here about fifty years ago. Trees were torn down and this hotel replaced it."

"But that means you still can't find out who Yuina is…or was."

"Ahh, but I have come up with a notion. The lady told me that she brought her little Yuina to the park everyday, these were important memories to her of her first and only child. She told me that the garden out the back was once a lovely park. And finally, the park was replaced by a hotel-"

"What could all of that possibly mean?"

"It's not a grave for her daughter…it's a grave for her memories that she hadn't finished, for the glorious trees that once stood here and for the life she once had."

"I didn't know you were so poetic Mai-"

Suddenly a loud bang came from the window. It startled me and I dropped the laptop.

"What was that?" I shrieked, picking the laptop up and setting it on my bedside table.

"I don't know…" Naru replied.

"You go check it out…"


"You're the man! Go!"

I nudged him and he reluctantly went over to the window. After taking a deep breath, he pulled back the thick curtains and the moonlight streamed in through the window pane.

"See? Nothings there. It might have been a cat."


He came and sat beside me again while our hearts re-started. A light stronger then the moon flooded the room and I shielded my eyes. When it faded slightly, I looked out; the woman was staring in at us with red eyes. Naru fell too the floor on his knees.

"Th-that's impossible!"


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