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"No, you've got to get your leg a little bit higher." Pete was walking past the patio and halted suddenly, wondering who Myka was talking to… and what the heck she was on about. He walked backwards a bit before peering out onto the warm patio to she Claudia hopping up and down on one foot, while Myka tried to lift Claudia's leg just a little bit higher.

Just before Claudia fell over, Myka let go so she could get her balance back. "Show me again." Claudia complained, annoyed that she couldn't get the kick-ass move quite right. Myka demonstrated easily, and Pete eyed her appreciatively, especially as she was wearing tight black sweatpants.

"Hey, Pete, want to demonstrate too?" Pete hadn't realized that he'd been compromised, but covered up his surprise with a cheeky grin.

"You going to position my legs too?" Claudia smothered a laugh, and Myka glared at him.

"Dream on, smurf." she teased, and Pete narrowed his eyes.

"I like blue!" He defended himself, and she chuckled.

"Kick butt, partner." She leaned on the table, and Pete felt like a complete moron.

"Come on!" Claudia bounced up and down, and Pete turned to Myka.

"You gave her Coke." He stated, and Myka nodded.

"Sure, she needs energy." Pete raised his eyebrows at the grinning, bouncing Claudia.

"I rather think she has it already." He spoke in a monotone, and Myka suppressed a grin. She looked at Pete expectantly, and he groaned. "You really expect me to do it?"

She nodded her answer, and he rolled his eyes, before getting into a fighting stance and kicking out with his right leg.

Quick as a flash – Pete didn't even realize what was happening – Myka's hand had shot out and grabbed his foot, tipping him onto his back. Unfortunately for Myka, Pete went to reach out to catch his balance and caught hold of Myka's wrist, pulling her down on top of him.

"Pete!" She exclaimed, as she landed heavily on him. She went to get up, but their legs were tangled and she promptly fell back down again, causing Pete to groan as he was winded for the second time in ten seconds.

Claudia swiftly took out her ever-present cell phone from her pocket and took a few pictures, capturing the embarrassing – for Pete and Myka – moment.

"Bribery," She waved one of the shots in front of Pete's face as he managed to stand up, and as he helped Myka to her feet, Claudia teased them with the cell phone before dancing out of the room, out of reach. "Are you sure these aren't X-rated?"

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