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The Autobot Underground Base, Earth


The worry in that tone slowly began to draw said mech from a recharge cycle that seemed to have gone on for longer than he programmed them. Light fingers brushed against the back of his helm softly, before sliding slowly across one shoulder and lifting his helm from the hard concrete just beneath his jaw to be replaced by warm metal.

"Inferno? What happened?"

Blue optics flickered once, reality slowly beginning to pierce the heavy grey cloud of smoke that had seemed to permanently settle itself between his audios. Red Alert. Fear stormed through his spark as he jerked upwards, ending up with both palms resting on slender thighs and staring into a pair of pale azure optics that widened as they gazed back at him.

"Red?" Inferno's spark ceased to beat for one long moment as dark blue optics shuttered tightly for a moment, before flickering open again and staring into the clear azure of his beloved's. "By... Primus..." No sound would come out of his vocals, while he just knelt there, his entire body trembled with the force of his emotions. Relief mixed with shock and a thousand other things tumbled through his processors, a chaos of so many things that it left him reeling.

"You look like you've seen a..." Both optical ridges lifted in question, hands sliding up along the inside of Inferno's and across broad shoulders, before cupping the handsome face in both palms and leaning forwards to kiss him tenderly, their mouths brushing softly.

All the air rushed out of Red Alert's frame, when he was abruptly tugged forwards, his entire frame crushed against Inferno's broad chassis as his mouth was being practically devoured. He melted after a moment, arms wrapping around strong shoulders and holding on for dear life as he was having the spark almost squeezed out of him.

"Inferno!" The mech practically squeaked.

"Ah thought Ah had lost yah." Inferno breathed through the emotions clogging his vocals, his shoulders shaking a little, while he just cradled the mech close to his chassis, lips brushing across every inch of the beautiful features that greeted him with a sweet smile.

"I'm fine." And for the first time in a rather long time that was true. The shadows that had clawed their way deep into Red Alert's spark had finally been driven away. "I... truly am." Though his optical ridges pressed together after a moment, his cheekplate resting lightly against his lover's, rubbing softly in a small gesture of the deep affection he felt for the mech. "Its gone."


"The virus." Pale optics widened, dilating with surprise as he lifted his gaze to his lover's once more. "Its gone." A hand dropped down to rest over his spark casing, brushing his fingertips back and forth against the smooth plating. "I no longer feel it in my systems. What... what happened?"

"There was a battle..." Helm tipping back, he gazed at the cracked ceiling above them, his audios straining to pick up any sounds at all from outside, however, there was nothing but silence. "Come on..." His large frame shifted, one servo reaching down to curl around that of his lover's, squeezing it softly and drawing Red Alert upwards and onto his pedes, tucking him in close against his frame.

They moved through the silent corridors of the base, both wary and on edge as they found not a trace of any of the others, that was until they reached the ground level.

Sprawled in the doorway, propped up against the jam was Jolt, the vivid blue mech's helm hanging awkwardly to one side, optics dark. Inferno dropped down to kneel beside the mech, a hand lightly reaching out to touch the Autobot's shoulder lightly, feeling the soft pulse of life just beneath his fingertips he relaxed a touch. "Jolt?" A light shake to one shoulder had bright cerulean optics flickering slowly online and a soft groan escaping the smaller mech's vocals. His head twisted, taking in the damage done to the buildings surrounding them, heavy weapons fire had carved deep craters into the walls, large cracks spider-webbing through the concrete which creaked and groaned in protest.

"...Timbre...?" The mech groaned softly, clearly just as dazed as Inferno had felt waking up after that golden light had practically blinded him and overloading his processors.

"We'll look for 'im." Inferno promised, before hefting the smaller bot up into his grip, his own gyros spinning slowly for a moment before he was finally moving forwards and towards the blinding light that spilled in through the massive doorway from outside. Jolt's doorwings flickered slightly as the mech was slowly beginning to come out of what felt like the oddest recharge cycle rather than true 'unconsciousness'.

"Red!" Inferno called as he spotted the slender crimson and white Security Chief standing silhouetted against the sunshine, a grey shadow against the brilliance outside.

"You have to come see this."

Stepping out beside his lover, Inferno's head tipped backwards to stare upwards at the beautiful silvery sphere that hovered in the deep azure of the morning sky. Gone was the familiar orb of the moon and instead Earth had gained itself... Cybertron. Gone was the burnt out shell that had once been their homeworld and now their broken home positively shimmered with new life and energy. On the shadowed side, a billion lights spread out like rivers snaking across the surface, speaking of the life that had returned home.

"Cybertron... its healed."

"Understatement of the vorn."

Two pairs of blue optics reluctantly left the sight of their homeworld to regard the source of the comment.

Ultra Magnus stood there, the biggest grin spread across his face as he cradled the recharging frame of Omega Supreme, the mech's helm resting lightly against one shoulder. "They did it." It was barely above a whisper, his blue optisc glowing with emotion, his head twisting slightly to glance back up at their homeworld with wonder etched on every facial plate. "Optimus and the others won." However, a shadow flickered in his optics as he gazed down into Omega's peaceful features, his head dipping down and his lips lightly touched against his beloved's forehead lightly. "But... what was the price for this miracle?"

A soft groan escaped Jolt as he squirmed in a rather undignified manner as he ended up dropping squarely on his aft when he attempted to slide off Inferno's shoulder. Glancing around, Jolt actually whistled as he took in the hundreds of Cybertronians that were spread out over the field, their bodies untouched by the battle that had been waged on that very same landscape. "I'll be fragged..." He breathed as some of the forms closer to them became clear as the wind gathered away the last of the smoke and ash that lingered in the air. Where there should have been the shattered broken bodies of those who had been completely consumed by the virus, there were only the healed. "They did a good job didn't they?"

And the four stood there gazing over their people as they too slowly began to stir in the soft warm light of their welcoming sun.

Iacon, Cybertron

It was a roar.

The sound cut through the quiet warmth that had cocooned Optimus Prime's mind, stirring him slowly into consciousness. Something squirmed against his side, his arm immediately tightening around the warm frame that was tucked up against his own, his optics slowly beginning to drift open to find himself gaze down into the wide hazel optics and the brightest smile he had ever had the luck to witness.

"Sky." He breathed out, his own lips curling into a smile of his own, and suddenly found him flat on his back with his spirited bondmate sprawled across his chassis kissing the spark right out of him. Large servos lifted to carefully capture his lover's helm, holding it there and delighting in the way the warm mouth moved against his own, almost drawing a groan of pleasure from him at its intensity.

"Well now, Prime." A rumbling voice greeted him from one side. "I would suggest to handle the situation rather than handling your bondmate at present. I'm sure there will be plenty of time for that later." A chuckle escaped the mech, a charming grin spreading across his lips. "I am I must admit looking forwards to that grandchild of yours..."

Optimus immediately jerked upwards at that, his arms still locked around the slender frame of his lover, keeping him in his lap as his head twisted towards the tall blue and white mech who stood off to one side. Green optics sparkled in amusement. "Father." And he swallowed hard as the slender red form of a beautiful mech stepped out from behind the massive form of Commodus Prime. Words wouldn't come as he stared into the face he had only seen in holovids turned towards him, wide blue optics regarded him with astonishment and the overwhelming love of a carrier for their sparkling.

"Auri." Commodus Prime whispered softly, one large servo stroking over the mech's helm lightly, his gaze full of utter wonder and love as he just stared down at his bondmate, feeling his spark expand to know that once more the bright spark of his beloved was in the world. "Love, I would like you to meet our son, Orion Pax, also known as Optimus Prime. Orion, meet your carrier, Auriga Pax."

Cobalt blue optics took in the Prime before him, memorising every line and plate of Optimus's form and offered up a tentative smile. "Hello Orion." A slight flush burned across the scientist's cheekplates as he didn't quite know what to say to his fully grown and well respected sparkling.

His mouth opened and still nothing quite came out, his spark fluttering like a wild thing to be given such a gift by Primus, to have his family returned to him.

"Who does he get his intelligence from?" Skyspike suddenly jumped in, poking Optimus lightly in the tanks, tickling him as they stood together, a strong arm coiled around his waist and holding him close.

"I must admit, it isn't me." Commodus chuckled softly, all of them watching as Auriga's cheekplates seemed to burn as brightly as his crimson plating, the scientist looking everywhere but at any of them. "Auri was always brilliant." A finger lightly tucked beneath his bondmate's chin and lifted those cobalt optics upwards so that he could peer down into them. "You won my spark with that precious mind of yours and your son followed in your footsteps."

"You did?"

Optimus nodded, feeling still bowled over by everything that was happening around him.


The Prime spun to face the tall Cybertronian silhouetted against the silvery morning sky, a smile tugging at the corners of the mech's mouth as he regarded Optimus Prime with a look of quiet affection that last been there so many vorns ago and had finally returned to the familiar visage.

"Forgive me, Brother, for all I have done."

"We all deserve second chances." He responded softly.

"MEGATRON!" A ball of flame-coloured armour suddenly slammed full force into the silver mech's chassis, knocking him to the ground square on his aft much to the amusement of everyone that was slowly gathering around them as they stood on overlooking Iacon, the vision that Skyspike and Optimus Prime had witness coming to fruition.

"My friends." Optimus gazed at the faces of all those who had stood with them against the darkness that had lurked within the virus, the dark energies that had given it more strength than it would have had on its own. "My family." Optics brightened as they fell on Commodus and Auriga. "My Bondmate." A fingertip tenderly stroked along the edge of one wing softly, feeling it twitch and press into his touch lightly.

"We made it." Skyspike whispered, his optics flickering from the faces of Ironhide and Shatterstrike to those who had formerly been Decepticons, like Soundwave who stood just behind where Megatron was still on his aft looking a little uncertain what to do with the rather energetic bundle of Velocity who actually was living up to his name, both berating the former Decepticon Leader and being relieved to find him seemingly in one piece. "We all made it."

"No... we didn't."

And from amongst the crowd of friends and former enemies, Jazz and Prowl stepped through, each carrying a precious burden to lay carefully at Optimus Prime's pedes. The still, lifeless bodies of Bluestreak and Taciturn silenced every single one of those present as they gazed down on the faces of the two mechs that had given everything to free Cybertron and give it a second chance.

Jazz was suddenly right in Megatron's face, green optics blazing through his visor as he stared the mech straight in the optic, the one who had almost ended his own life in Mission city. "I'll fraggin' tear out ya spark, Megatron, if ya so much as inch outta line." The mech's shoulders were shaking so badly as he was being gently lifted upwards by Prowl. "Ya better mean all dat crap ya spouted earlier. I should just..."

"Jazz." Prowl's arm lightly curled around his bondmate's shoulders gently, drawing him away and attempting to prevent a rather nasty scene from happening when Taciturn and Bluestreak lay offline and still in the warm sunshine that spilled down over them all.

"Tacit." Skyspike breathed, gazing down at his long time friend and staunchest ally. "No…"

"My brother and Bluestreak died for dis world." Green optics shimmered behind the visor as his expression pinned each and every one of the mechs surrounding them. "Ya better not screw it up."

"Primus has not forgotten his children, Jad."

And Jazz was struck speechless as everything stared down at the young sparkling who knelt between Taciturn and Bluestreak, her slender hands stroking lovingly over the mechs' helms gently. She was beautiful, with wide green optics that studied the face of her eldest sibling with love and quiet affection. "Media?"

"Primus needed a replacement." A beautiful femme grinned at all the mechs standing around, Syrette pinning Commodus Prime with a rather amused look. "And the sparkling rather enjoyed convincing Bluestreak of what he needed to do."

With a squeal of delight, Media was swept up into Syrette's arms, the small femme burying her face into the warmth of the older femme's neck. "Syri!" Wide green optics studied the features of her companion and glanced back down towards his older brother and his lover. "Boo-boo and Tacit will be okay… right?"

"Of course they will."

"They will?" Prowl questioned softly, cradling Jazz in his arms.

"All they need is time."

Syrette's lips turned upwards as she tucked the sparkling close against her chassis, gazing out from amongst the shoulders to the crowds beginning to form on every one of the uncovered walkways. It warmed her spark to see her homeworld once again flourish and find its second golden age. This was what they had all been looking for. Peace. "I would suggest all you big strong mechs go celebrate."

"Syrette." Commodus started, his green optics filled with gratitude. "Thankyou, my Friend."

She waved a hand at him, only smiling at his words. "It was a pleasure, Prime. Now I've got some meddling to do, actually… we have some meddling to do, don't we, Media?"

With a nod from the sparkling, they vanished as if they had never been.

And then the world lifted its head with a mighty cheer for all those who had fought so hard to bring their world back from the edge and give it a second chance.

Tranquillity, California

The streets of Tranquillity were silent, the barest hint of dawn beginning to brighten one horizon. A million stars burning brightly overhead, clearer to his optics than they had ever been to his human eyes. He loved each of those stars, loved the feeling of their light brushing intimately over his wings, the sense of being a part of something far more than just himself. Though… that light seemed to be stroking a little more intimately than it should…


"Mmh?" A deep masculine rumble escaped the mech who stood just behind him, both of them standing on the street Samuel Witwicky had lived on, the quiet suburb undisturbed by their presence. One large hand hovered over one black and gold wing, inching closer and wanting to continue his slow gentle caress of the warm silky smooth metal.


"What for?" Stepping in closer, his arms wrapped around the slender waist of the seeker, drawing the mech back against him, his mouth touching the back of one quivering wing.

"For everything." Hazel-bronze optics slowly shuttered, leaning back against the powerful Prime who was pressed intimately against his back, their bodies fitting together with the ease of long years together. "Even when you didn't know who I was… when I was merely… Sam…"

"You were never 'merely' anything, Love." The Prime whispered lovingly, his voice a deep vibration tickling his lover's frame tenderly, tickling across sensors and teasing him like that. "You have always been more. You are the spark of our people." A palm rubbed softly over where the Allspark still resided within his chassis, the pulse of that ancient energy having remained with him despite all that it had taken to bring back their world. "You are my spark though, my… heart." Optimus's arms tightened just a little to punctuate his words as his head dropped forwards to lightly rest against his beloved's shoulder, his vivid blue optics shuttered and just enjoying the quiet hum of the world slowly awakening around them. "It has always been that way, since the first time we met. You were my missing half."

"Look." Skyspike whispered.

And blue optics slowly drifted open to gaze at the most beautiful sight he had ever witnessed. Cybertron was slowly beginning to crest the horizon, the shimmering silver of their homeworld a peaceful sphere once more, the dark side of it glimmered like a black jewel veined by golden rivers of light.

"Would you have thought it possible?"


"Its home. Even as much as this place as always been home to me… that there… is where my spark belongs."

"Our home."

"Oh yes… our home." And a hand gently curled around Optimus's to draw it up to his spark casing, spreading his lover's fingers over where the mech could feel not the beat of one spark… but the flutter of a second. "You, me and our child's."


"Family. Home. And Orion, you have given me both."

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