Little Wizard

by Kiamii

Summary: A five-year-old Harry James Potter is found by a familiar set of Vampires...

Darkness covered the place like a blanket, smothering the light of flames, and hiding from the brightness. The entire distance was pitch black. His footsteps could be heard a mile away from any distance, especially to their ears. He continued to run down the path of nowhere, not knowing where he truly was headed, just that he had to leave. He had to get out. He had to escape from those people. The ones who would hurt him badly if they found him again. Like last time. No... this time, he was gonna be strong and not get caught and taken back to those monsters. The small four-year-old boy kept his hold on the small knapsack on his back and continued padding down the road that could not be seen in the dark.

Harry James Potter closed his eyes, trying to ignore the stinging in his eyes as he ran into the wind. Eyes closed, he did not notice he ran into the path of a very tall person until he found himself laying on the ground, sniffling as he ignored the pain shooting in his body. He felt the presence of someone kneeling down and he stiffened. Harry avoided their eyes, instead focusing on the very pale legs this person had. Did they belong to a woman or male, Harry mused silently to himself.

"Hello there child, are you alright?" A very angelic voice spoke to him that it made Harry look up. It was a teenage girl, possibly no older than 17 or so. She had bronze colored hair that curled around her shoulders, her warm brown eyes piercing his own emerald ones. She was skinny and very beautiful to Harry. She almost looked like an angel.

"I'm fine," Harry sniffled queitly.

"Then may I ask why you are out here, alone?" She asked in small amusement, "Are you lost or are you running away?"

Harry stiffened at her last words. How did she know!? No matter, she would not take him back to that place!

"I'm not going back," Harry whimpered, "I can't! They'll hurt me again!" Harry was going into a panick attack. He was therefore ready to scream when the woman put her hand on his forehead. He froze in shock as images of a family popped into his head, showing him of people he never saw before.

"Would you like to come with me? My name is Nessie Cullen... I promise I won't hurt you or send you back," the woman said to him, holding out her hand. Harry felt his eyes drift as he took her hand, and he blacked out...

At the Cullen home, Alice had suddenly squealed with positive delight and had gone running from the house and came back with several shopping bags and Jasper ended up carrying a lot of furniture in to the guest room. Edward was no frustrated because Alice was singing Barbie Girl in her head to keep him out. Bella decided to simply distract him, as Alice had told her about her vision because she could be thinking about it and Edward wouldn't know because he could only read her mind when she allowed it. She knew where her daughter went and she waited until she heard the footsteps of her child. The entire house froze as they heard another heartbeat besides Nessie's. Then Alice, Jasper, and Bella smiled brightly. The Cullens came into the living room right as Harry sleepily opened his eyes from Nessie's arms.

"Who are you?" Harry whispered, blinking. He felt very safe in Nessie's arms and did not want to move. A rather small but, very pixie like woman stepped into his view.

"Hello Harry, I'm Alice." Alice said in a chipper voice. Harry looked at her, startled.

"How do you know my name?" Harry asked, eyes widening. Edward could read his mind and heard his racing thoughts, making him quick to assure.

"That's because Alice here has a special power that let's her know who you are..." Edward told him gently.

"Special power?" Harry inquired curiously. Edward nodded and Bella walked over to him. Nessie put Harry down on his feet and the little boy leaned against her legs, putting trust into the nice lady. Bella knelt down.

"So as you know, that's Alice, behind you is my daughter Nessie -"

"You're her mummy?" Harry asked, wide-eyed. He had never gotten to see someone else's mummy besides Petunia and she had been scary and mean to him. This mummy seemed much nicer. Bella nodded to him.

"I'm Bella and this is... Nessie's Daddy, Edward." Bella introduced. Edward knelt down next to her and Harry looked at him curiously. Edward almost gasped. The boy in front of him had the same color eyes he had when he was once human. He reached out a hand slowly and placed his cold hand against the warm face. Harry's eyes widened and he looked at Edward, not in fear but in awe.

"You're really cold!" He noted before he looked over at the others. Nessie sat down next to Harry and pointed.

"Okay so... That man right there is my grandfather; Carlisle. Then there's my grandmother; Esme. Followed by Aunt Rosalie, Uncle Emmett, and Uncle Jasper."

"Hello," Harry said shyly. The Cullens shared a smile of their own.

"So Harry... why were you outside by yourself?" Bella asked, neglecting the question on how an obviously British kid ended up in America.

"I..." Harry looked at Nessie and she nodded encouragingly, "I was running `way."

"From who?" Esme questioned.

"My mean Auntie and Uncle," Harry said with a large cute frown on his face.

"Why were they mean?" Bella said softly.

"They dun like me lots and they tell Dudley they love him more. They called me Freak lots and they dun feed me." Harry admitted.

'Freak' Edward mouthed in horror to Bella who looked the same. Jasper could feel the anger from his family like he was feeling and he felt the fear from Harry leaving him slowly.

'Should I tell them that my old room used to be the cupboard?' Harry was musing to himself which unfortunately, could be heard by Edward whose eyes lit up in rage.

"Harry... where did you sleep?" Edward said through gritted teeth, wanting to reveal this to his family but to not let Harry know he could read his mind just yet. Harry hesitated before responding.

"The cupboard." Harry whispered. The room was silent, unable to believe someone had the nerve to hurt such a sweet little boy. Harry looked down at his feet. It was lucky for the Dursleys that they were all the way in Britain now.

"Harry dear, how old are you?" Esme said, trying to get everyone's mind off the terrible thought. Jasper and Edward didn't need any more encouragement.

"I'm four!" Harry said, looking up suddenly with a smile. He held up three fingers and they all laughed. Bella gently fixed his letters to show four and Harry looked at her in confusion before he smiled happily. Edward could hear Harry thinking about them and he smiled at some of the mental comments.

"Harry..." Esme started, "would you like to live here?"

"I wouldn't... have to go back?" Harry asked in wonder. Esme nodded to him and Harry's emerald eyes lit up in delight that it drew a smile from the occupants of the room.

"I would like that very much," Harry said shyly. Esme laughed and knelt down next to him as Alice squealed and dragged Jasper upstairs. The vampires could clearly hear their conversation about Alice's vision, while Harry could not. Bella placed her hands under Harry's arms and lifted him up, to the child's surprise. She rested him upon her hip and Harry couldn't help but place his head on her shoulder. Bella felt the warmth on the boy's skin and smiled. Harry liked the cool feeling and wrapped his small arms around her neck. Bella went over to the couch and slid Harry onto her lap. Nessie sat down next to her mother. Edward, Jasper, and Alice sat on another couch as well as Emmett, Rosalie, Carlisle, and Esme.

'They're all so nice to me... I wonder why Bella and Nessie's skin is really cold though... It's nice...' Harry thought to himself. Edward's lips quirked upward slightly at Harry's thought. Harry relaxed in Bella's arms and Esme and Carlisle were cuddled on a loveseat now. Edward found it amusing how they moved so fast.

"So Harry..." Carlisle began hestitantly, "have you ever heard of vampires?"

Author's Note: Special for 9/9/09! It's a Harry Potter x Twilight Crossover for the fun of it. If you want me to continue, review and tell me what you think. I'll get back to working on my other stories right away! I had this image of a little Harry with Renesmee and all them around him. Then seeing Jacob and well... I'll write the rest if you want to know so badly but you have to tell me you want it!