Little Wizard

by Kiamii

Chapter Seven "Diagon Alley"

"So if I'm going to Beauxbatons... why do I need to go to Diagon Alley?" the dark-haired child asked.

"We need to speak to the goblins at Gringotts here," Sirius replied to his godson who was beside him, his mother humming merrily behind the both of them. It was just Remus, Sirius and Alice who had chosen to accompany Harry on his trip to Diagon Alley for the day. Alice and Jasper had researched with Remus the three schools and let Harry decide, who had found Beauxbatons the best school of the three. The Academy has existed for over seven hundred years. Students are serenaded while they dine by choirs of wood nymphs. At Christmas time the dining hall is adorned with great, non-melting ice sculptures. Beauxbatons is Unplottable, so no Muggles or even wizards from rival schools can find it on a map, and then it is disguised so that no one can really see it unless they know to look for it (1). Harry was eager to start his schooling in France and had become fluent in the language three years ago after pestering his mother and Uncle Edward to teach him. Especially since they had been living in France and had only come to Britain for this shopping trip.

Sirius left Harry and Alice at the Leaky Cauldron while Remus and he disappeared to talk to the goblins about the Potter Vaults. Harry bounced in a seat in front of his mother, his entire face and looks changed to hide his identity. He had already received his acceptance letter from Madame Maxime and he was eager to go to the school.

"Settle down little love," Alice said absently as she thumbed through a fashion magazine of witches and wizards around the world. Harry pouted but did as he was told, trying to remain still as he watched by passers who didn't even glance at the boy, though most stared at Alice in surprise. Harry had been told that muggle Vampires were not very well known and the beauty was one of their characteristics. Magical ones held a beauty but danger about them that was somewhat easy to tell apart of a wizard and witch with. Harry shook his head of his thoughts and was happy to see his two uncles return to them, talking to Alice about boring things first before the four headed out.

The first few stops had been easy with Remus getting the books and potions while Alice had Harry step on the stool in Madam Malkins to be measured. She conversed with the woman for a few minutes about fashion eagerly before they left, Sirius grumbling about women and their clothes obsession.

The group stopped to get other necessities before finally making a stop at Ollivander's. Harry bounced into the little rickety shop happily and stopped, finding the place oddly organized. His mother was wincing at the mess and gave a hasty beat outside, remaining there. She hadn't used her ability at all today, being beside Remus the whole time besides the beginning.

"Ah Mr. Potter, I was wondering when I'd be seeing you," Ollivander's voice drifted towards the eleven year old. Harry perked up and then frowned lightly.

"My name is Harry Hale," he answered.

"Ah, so it is," Ollivander muttered before he questioned Harry's wand hand and so began the process with his godfather and surrogate uncle watching in curiosity as wand after wand was rejected until...

"Curious," the old man whispered with a gleam though he later told Harry the feather in his wand belong to the man who gave him his scar. The fact that Ollivander had seen through his disguise had concerned Remus and Sirius greatly, but they warned the old man to tell not a soul about Harry appearing hear, or of his wand type. The man vowed to keep quiet with a smirk and bid them off.

After a long constant flooing to get to France, they made it home with no incident thankfully and Harry happily ran upstairs to tell his cousin Nessie all about today. To his delight, Jacob was also there and thankfully the two weren't "playing" as Harry had come to discover what their actual definition of playing was when he was 9 and Sirius found it fitting with Jasper to give him the talk. Let's just say the boy would flee if he found someone even kissing deeply now.

"Nesssie!" whined Harry as he tugged on her hand, "I got to go to Diagon Alley today! Didja know that?"

"'course I did kiddo," Nessie laughed, "You hollered it all around the house that even a human in China could hear." Harry pouted at her words before huffing and pretending to stomp to his room, hearing Jacob's loud laughter following as he went to his room and turned up the radio, remembering the silencing charm on his room so that he could listen as loud as he wanted without killing the vampires' and werewolves' hearing. Jacob and Remus had gotten along fabulously and as Remus transformed during full moons, the two would mess around alongside Padfoot until the sun rose.

Harry looked at the neglected letter in front of him from Hogwarts, having already replied that he would not be attending. He honestly wondered how Dumbledore would respond to the denial, but he couldn't wait until he began Beauxbatons not as the boy-who-lived but as Harry Potter-Hale.

Author's Note: Definitely not a Fleur/Harry fic though they become friends. OH and in my defense to Harry being Harry Hale, it's because I've read SOMEWHERE that Jasper is posed as Rosalie's actual sister to humans and whatnot. I'm not a huge fan of Twilight in all honesty, more Harry Potter. Read Twilight series once and saw the movies. So get over it if you're going to nag about whine about something as common a mistake as that. I could have put Cullen but I didn't. It's short but like I told others in Muddled Tears, I'm regaining my balance and I am trying to get the words started so I can eventually go back and make it nice. Review! Also, thank you guys for your encouragement about my father and I couldn't have started writing again without you all!