Author's Notes: Ok Hi. This is my very first fanfic ever and this is just a short prologue to it. Personally, I think this is crap but you never know which is why I'm posting this now for any sort of feedback. I already have the first three chapters of this fic written and I don't plan on posting any more of this until I have the entire fic done, unless I get amazingly good feedback from this. Chances are that I'm going to come back and change this prologue somewhere along the line but I'm posting it anyways. Now read, review, & enjoy please.

The Only Constant


Ranma Saotome, heir to the Saotome School of Anything-Goes Martial Arts, sat on the roof of the Tendo compound reflecting on his existence in this world. This had been his favorite spot to come to as of late just to unwind from the day-to-day craziness that is his life.

It has been a few months since the pathetic excuse for a wedding between him and Akane Tendo and he was still seething over the events that had transpired. One in particular was how a certain shriveled perverted master of the Anything Goes School drank the one and only cure to the pig-tailed martial artists curse. How did the old freak drink the whole flask of the blessed water without noticing that it wasn't celebratory sake until he finished?! Sure the whoop-ass that followed was glorious but it didn't make up for the fact that his and Akane's wedding was ruined.

Since then, life has proceeded as if the wedding never happened. Kuno still wants to save his "pig-tailed goddess" from the "foul sorcerer Saotome." The Hawaiian crazed principle of Furinkan High still wastes the days away brawling away with the students for ridiculous reasons. Ranma's walks home from school still involve an encounter with the Fiancée Brigade which inevitably results in a free trip across town via Air Akane. And most frustrating of all, he is still cursed to turn into a she when splashed with cold water. Actually one thing has changed, Ranma now launches Happousai into the horizon whenever he sees him regardless of what the old lecher is doing since his antics at the wedding.

Sometimes, the cursed martial artist wishes that he could get away from it all, maybe just for a day. But he knows that if the chaos in his life was to suddenly disappear, chances are he would go crazy in a matter of weeks, possibly days.

The sound of Kasumi's voice below snapped Ranma out of his trance. "Ranma-kun, dinner is ready."

"Comin'." Knowing full well that his food won't be left untouched by the residing fat man with glasses for long, Ranma quickly jumped from the roof and rushed to his spot at the table. Just in time to intercept a pair of chopsticks aimed for his rice.


"Shabon Spray Freezing!" The youma that consisted of what appeared to be LEGO blocks looked around frantically as it was quickly enveloped by a thick and heavy mist. As a being with little to no intelligence it decided that its only option was to shoot its detachable arms randomly in all directions hoping for a hit. When this yielded no results two shouts pierced the mist.

"Burning Mandala!"

"Crescent Beam!" The fire and light based attacks cut through the mist and combined in mid-flight towards the youma. The combined attacks slammed into the its back with the force of a freight train, blasting LEGO blocks off in all directions and sending the youma flying into the wall.

As the youma began to recover from the attack, a blond haired girl with her hair done up in two odangos with long pony tails stepped up and leveled a short pink wand at the youma. Sailor Moon made a few elegant and hypnotic moves with the wand and shouted "Moon Gorgeous Meditation!" A beam pure white light was emitted from the wand, piercing straight through the youma, which promptly began to disintegrate into nothing more than a pile of ash.

A tall brunette in a green fuku with her hair tied in a pony-tail stepped up to the pile of ash and crossed her arms. "Awww, c'mon! That wasn't a challenge at all. I didn't even get to attack it!" The Senshi of Jupiter kicked the ash pile and continued to pout, as a cobalt haired girl took out a small palmtop computer and began typing furiously.

"You're right Jupiter. Saying that that youma was even as powerful as some of the very first breeds we encountered would be generous."

"Exactly." chimed in a raven haired girl in a red fuku. "There hasn't been an attack in months and suddenly one wakes me up in the middle of the night and I rush out for this!" She pointed to the pile of ashes. "It could have at least been a little more challenging. Talk about a complete waste of time." She crossed her arms and put on a face of pure annoyance.

"How can you say that Mars?!" Sailor Moon said as she walked up, a look of surprise on her face. "The fewer attacks the lower the chance of people being harmed, and that is our job. To protect everyone we can."

Mars visibly relaxed from her tirade and said, "Yea, I guess you're right Moon. Sorry I said that." She rubbed her hand on the back of her head.

"Good." Moon put a finger to her chin as she stared up at the star filled sky. "I do kind of miss being able to skip school because of the attacks though."

A familiar, thud, rumbled throughout the night as four defenders of love and justice faces suddenly had a strong attraction to the ground.

Sailor Venus was the first to recover, nursing her abused jaw, "Well since it is late let's go home and get some rest. I don't want to be late for school tomorrow."

Sailor Mars glared at her. "You're always late for school, along with meatball head here."


"Yea well that doesn't mean that the Senshi of Love doesn't need her beauty sleep." Venus struck a cute pose with a hand on her hip and her other hand's pointer and middle fingers in a V-shape over eyes.

The five girls giggled then broke off to return to their respective homes.

From a building above Sailor Uranus and Neptune looked down on the scene. "Looks like we weren't needed this time," the Senshi of Neptune said with a look of amusement.

Uranus scowled. "Why do you look so happy? I agree with Mars, if a youma attack is going to wake us up in the middle of the night at least make it worth it." Uranus had a look of pure boredom and annoyance on her face which was never a good thing. "Now that I think about it, that's probably why Pluto didn't come, she most likely knew it wasn't worth it."

"Well why don't we head back to the house, there's obviously nothing left for us to do here. I have a big performance tomorrow so I need my sleep." Neptune stretched her arms into the air as she yawned.

"Yea this was a total waste of time, let's go."

The two Senshi jumped across the roofs of Juuban, heading back to their humble abode.

Once the coast was clear, a small shadowy figure appeared and quickly made its way to the pile of ash that used to be the LEGO youma. It reached in with a small, grimy black hand and removed a CD like object then disappeared into the night just as suddenly it appeared.


Somewhere else, a cloaked figure sat in a chair in a dark room. Nothing showed through the shadows of the hood except his mouth and nose, of which looked like normal human feature.

Another figure entered the room, this one smaller and feminine looking. "M' lord. The data from the scout youma has arrived without any complications." It was a soft, but strong voice, one that could be commanding one moment, but comforting the next. From its robes the woman removed the CD that was in the pile of ashes. "We have analyzed the data and have yielded these results. Average power level of targets was Alpha-Alpha-Gamma-14. Agility level Gamma-Beta-4. Intelligence level Beta-Gamma-Beta-3. Endurance level. . ." it continued listing different statistic that you would expect of a soldier, categorizing them in the same unknown way. The large form on the chair nodding at each statistic.

The feminine figure finished its report and looked at its lord. "Very well." The man spoke. Its voice sounding like it had the authority to command mountains to move. "These figures are lower than we anticipated. We should be able to win the coming battles easily enough. Begin production of the attack youmas. Use the results acquired to modify them in any way necessary. We begin our first assault in T-minus 7 days."

"Yes m' lord." And with that, the women extended an arm in front of itself forming a dark portal. It disappeared into the portal to begin the necessary preparations.