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Fate sits enthroned high above the earth. To describe her would be impossible. She is beautiful beyond words. The throne is clearly not any mortal crafting. Created from pure moonlight and bedecked in glittering stars it truly shines. It is from this lofty perch that she has ordered men's lives since the day the earth was made. She watches the world in the crystal pool at her feet and changes it on her every whim. She brought about the rise and fall of Rome and the destruction of Troy. She made Arthur king and sent Mordred to end his reign. There were many heroes she had favored, only to let them fall. It amuses her to destroy those she makes indestructible. Time is meaningless to her. For the Lady of Destiny, mortals are mere playthings; cherished one day, reviled the next. She is an ancient deity, neither good nor evil. She simply is.

Tonight, with the night sky wrapped around her like a shimmering velvet cloak, she was watching one of the many heroes she had raised above men. She had given him a strong love of justice. She had made him the best archer in England. She had sent him to fight in a distant land and there had taught him compassion. She had brought him home to find that those he loved were being oppressed and forced him to rise up against their oppressor. She had created a loyal band of friends to fight by his side. His name was spoken throughout the land. But, she was getting bored now. It was time to get rid of this toy.

Somewhere, between England and the country known as the Holy land, a storm began to brew. Within three days, a small ship, which was taking men home from the crusades, would sail directly into the gale and be destroyed.

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