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The Return of Memories

General Roy Mustang sat at his desk, actually doing his paperwork for once, though that only meant the he was just mindlessly signing the papers. He had no mood to pay attention to what was in front of him, not even with Hawkeye hovering over him, but he didn't think she minded. Today was an emotional day for the both of them. After all, today marked the fifth year that Edward Elric had "died", though they never recovered his body. Instead, they found eleven year old Alphonse Elric in flesh and blood. Unfortunately, he had lost all memories of the four years when his brother and he had traveled around Amestris to search for the Philosopher's Stone, but it didn't matter. Edward had completed his goal, though at a great price.

Roy never had the chance to properly tell Edward his true feelings before he had disappeared entirely. He had just suddenly left, like Maes, leaving a great big gaping hole in not only his heart, but his subordinates as well. To them, their little brother had sacrificed his life to bring them another joy in their lives: Al. Still, no matter how sweet or Ed-like Al was, he just couldn't substitute for his brother. Everyone missed the Fullmetal Alchemist dearly, and even after five years, their feelings stayed the same, especially for Roy.

Even before Ed made his choice to act upon his research and give Al his body back, Mustang had felt that the sixteen year old had grown immensely, not only in the mind, but body as well. He couldn't deny that he had a soft spot for the prodigy, but as he grew older, that soft spot was no longer one formed from a guardian's feelings, but as a man himself. It was wrong, and he knew it. It was against all the rules and regulations, but Mustang couldn't help himself feel more drawn towards the handsome boy. He fought against these emotions, burying them deep into his heart. He had succeeded, until Edward disappeared from his sights. Only then, did Roy realize how much he had grown to love the Fullmetal Alchemist, but it was too late now.

Roy sighed, glancing outside of the window. It was getting dark, and he still had a mountain of paperwork to do. It was going to be a long night.

"Sir, would you like me to open the window?" asked Riza, "It's supposed to be nice and cool later on tonight."

Mustang nodded, "Thanks," he replied and immersed himself into his work again.

Riza glanced at her superior as she passed by to open the window wide. She could see the lines of depression and longing hidden beneath that cold mask of his. Her heart yearned to comfort him, but she knew that there was nothing she could do. Only one person could melt his heart, but he had disappeared. Yes, with her all-seeing eyes, Riza knew of Roy's feelings towards Edward even before he did. Though she was in love with Havoc, she desperately wanted the one man she had decided to follow for the rest of her life to be happy. It hurt her to see him so downcast like this. During the five years that Edward had been gone, that infamous arrogant smirk of his hadn't shown once, nor had he genuinely smiled at all. Instead, Mustang had become withdrawn and even more short-tempered. He was still kind to his subordinates, but something was different. He was no longer as driven or determined to reach the top.

In short, Roy Mustang had finally fulfilled the title that all state alchemists were cursed with: a dog of the military.

Night fell, and Mustang was feeling weary of his work. Riza had just placed a mug of coffee in front of him and he drank it greedily, not even caring if it scalded his tongue.

"What time is it?" he asked.

"It is almost midnight, sir."

"Has everyone gone home?"

"Yes, and Havoc told me to tell you that he will be taking Al to your home."

Mustang nodded in response. Al had come to visit everyone again to hear more stories about his brother's heroics and just to enjoy their company. Pleased that Al didn't decide to just leave behind him and everyone else, Mustang offered him a bed at his place, though he knew that he would be a horrible host. After all, he was constantly swamped with work and every time he saw something in Al that reminded him of Edward, his heart tightened painfully. Still, Al was his last connection to his lost love, and he wasn't about to lose it. He did like Al, that was the honest truth, and he felt as though he had an obligation to look after him like he did before, but it was just so damn painful all the time.

"You can go home, Major," said Roy as he scowled at the papers in front of him.

"Someone needs to make sure you do your work, sir."

"I'll be fine. Go home and rest."

"Sorry, but I refuse."

Confused, Roy looked up at her. It was rare that she ever spoke back to him, let alone refuse him. "I'm sorry, what?"

She hesitated, and stepped forward, speaking softly, "Today is October 3rd, sir. You and I both know what the significance of today's date is. I'd rather not leave you alone, if you don't mind."

"Afraid I'll do something stupid, Major?"

"Not at all, sir. I just feel like we both could do with some company today."

Roy smiled sadly, "Thanks, Riza."

Riza smiled warmly back, "Not at all."

After a moment of silence, honoring their lost comrade, Mustang resumed working, Hawkeye diligently watching him.

They were so absorbed into what they were doing that they didn't even notice the slight movement outside the window.

The next thing both of them knew was that there were two intruders in Mustang's office, and they were quick and strong. Riza couldn't even react to the man who pinned her arms behind her back, almost painfully. She couldn't move to draw her guns. She was helpless, but at least she knew her superior had his gloves with him. There was some hope in the situation.

Mustang was startled to see his subordinate unable to do anything for once, and she had fast reflexes. It slightly unnerved to see her tied up like that, but he had to concentrate on the masked figure in front of him. He didn't know who it was and he couldn't sense any killing aura from him, but he knew that the most trained assassins could control their joy of murdering. This intruder could even be that infamous rogue alchemist that had started wreaking havoc in Central a few days ago. His tendency was to strike high ranked state alchemists, and Roy currently had the most famous reputation now, even more than Fuhrer Hakuro. It didn't surprise him that he had become a target.

"Who are you?" he demanded, but he received no answer. Just a silent dare from the masked man, and with his temper so short nowadays, he attacked without another thought, snapping his fingers in hopes of charring the irritating thing to death, but things didn't go as he wished.

The man easily dodged his attack and disarmed him quickly. The intruder sat on the table in front of him and playfully waving his gloves in front of his face. Without his gloves or guns, Roy Mustang, the Flame Alchemist, was utterly helpless. Now, he could feel fear crawl up his spine, but even with that chilling feeling crippling him, there was a small grain of surprise filling his mind. The man's movements were so similar to a certain chibi that he had the honor of watching fight from the front lines.

"Who are you?" he had demanded again, this time not to buy time or to prove his authority, but to find out who the assailant was. If he was…no…it couldn't happen. Ed was dead and gone.

"Why, I'm hurt, Colonel Bastard. You don't remember me?" the intruder's clear voice bringing back thousands of fond memories, not just for Roy, but for Riza as well. Roy could recognize that voice anywhere. That voice had yelled at him, screamed at him, and talked to him so many times. It was that voice that haunted his dreams and forced his heart to shrivel even more. It was a voice he had longed to hear for five years…

"F-fullmetal?" he choked.

"It's been a long time since I've been called that," came an amused tone, "I'm glad to see that your skills have dulled during that time, Colonel."

Colonel. Only one person would've been stuck in the time when he was called "Colonel Bastard". Roy could feel his hope rise in his chest, and he hoped that he wouldn't be disappointed. He wouldn't be able to take anymore.

The masked man slowly pulled off his expressionless mask to reveal brilliant gold eyes shone that brightly in the light. He still hadn't lost the spark within those golden orbs, but there were differences in his appearance now. His boyish looks from five years ago was gone and replaced with a dashing mischievous face, and Mustang was sure he had grown taller over the years. Much taller than he had ever thought was possible, but right now, Mustang had more things to worry about than Ed's change. He was more worried about stopping himself from launching forward to hug the young man and never let him go.

"Ed? You're back? H-how? You're supposed to be dead!" Mustang managed to get out.

"It's a long story," started Edward, "One that I'm prepared to share with you, but there's someone else you need to meet." He nodded towards his partner who approached Mustang, leaving Riza to stand frozen in her spot with astonishment. Riza couldn't even move with the shock of seeing Edward standing there again, seemingly whole once more. There were tears in her eyes. Finally, God had some mercy on the Flame Alchemist.

Curious, but still unwilling to tear his eyes away from Ed for fear that he would disappear again, he glanced at the taller figure who came closer to the two.

"Yo, Roy!" chuckled the man as he peeled off his disguise.

Roy felt his mouth drop open. There was no mistaking those rugged looks of his best friend, "Maes?"

"Back among the living, yes," laughed Hughes. Roy couldn't believe his eyes. The two people he missed the most had suddenly appeared in front of him. And they were both supposed to be dead! He even buried Maes! Ed's grave was empty, but Maes…he had said goodbye to his friend's corpse!

Hughes laughed harder, seeing something on Roy's face. Immediately, Roy realized that he had let his mask fall and was working on replacing it, but he just too stunned.

"You were dead too!" gasped Roy, falling into his chair, his knees completely giving out under him.

"You'll have to thank Ed for managing to bring me back."

Mustang took a couple more seconds to absorb everything in. It was just too much, but he wanted to know what happened. If he remembered clearly, Ed would never open up unless he was forced to. With some effort, his cool mask fell in place and he turned to Ed, still sitting on his desk as if it belonged to him.

"Report, Fullmetal!" he commanded, trying not to make his voice sound desperate.

Ed grinned, "Thought you'll never ask, Colonel Bastard."

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