A/N: I'll say this now. This is simply a smex story. NO DEEPER MEANING THAN THAT. But even though it's a smut story...I'm not a smut writer despite the fact I've written M stories Orz. Still trying to get a hang of it....

For people who've read "Hide and Seek" up to chapter 5 on FF, HAS (Hide and Seek) has been cut down to only 5 chapters. The original would've been 8-9 chapters but I decided to combine chapter 3-6 into one whole chapter.

Today was perfect. General Winter at last released his tight grip he had on Russia's house, finally allowing summer breeze and green life to return. Although the warm weather alone usually made Russia an agreeable person, that wasn't what made this day- this very moment-the happiest of his life. He sighed in contentment as he laid on the sofa, his head resting on China's lap, feeling nimble fingers sift through his hair. The double door of the office balcony was open, allowing sunlight to shine on them. Bliss. It was pure, simple bliss.

Russia opened his eyes and smiled up at China, who returned the smile with one of his own. Three weeks. It had been three agonizing weeks since the both of them had last seen each other. It was inevitable; they were both kept busy ever since the recession happened, working hard to keep their economy afloat. Things have started to gradually improve recently but they still had plenty of work to do. Russia lifted China's black tie and rubbed it against his lips lazily. In the last few decades, China had opted to wear suits and collared shirts every time he traveled outside of his house. Russia sighed again happily. He didn't mind. He actually loved it when China wore button up shirts. It was like unwrapping a present very slowly, anticipating anxiously for the moment the last of the wrapping fell to the ground before pouncing on the gift. Russia paused for a moment, imagining the scene when suddenly his eyes widened in surprise and horror. He quickly squeezed his eyes shut in an attempt to banishing the image from his mind. Closing his eyes, however, only accentuated his lustful fantasy of China writhing, crying, panting in pleasure underneath him; of China's ragged voice in his ear begging for harder, faster, more. Russia gulped. No. No pouncing. Gentle. Must be gentle. Must be loving, caring. Can't break him, can't break him. Cherish. Yes, must- no, not must- need to cherish him.

Russia took a shaky breathe to calm himself down, to restrain his desire to possess and conquer his lover so that they could never be separated again. He learned from his past mistakes. He knows better now. Calm. Remain calm. Breathe in, out- slowly now- in…out…. A cool, soft hand brushed across his forehead, causing him to gasp from the unexpected contact. His eyes snapped opened, meeting China's concerned gaze.

China tucked some wayward blond strands aside, effectively chipping away at Russia's restraint, "Ivan, are you okay?"

Involuntarily, his hand reached up to cup a porcelain cheek. China smiled questioningly, yet still tilted his head into Russia's hand, even placing his smaller one atop of the Russian's. Russia stared into golden eyes that stared back at him tenderly.

"I love you!" Russia bursted out, needing to at least voice out his desire even if he couldn't act upon them, "I love you so much."

Russia half-turned his body to face China, wrapping his arms around slim waist. China chuckled silently at the blatant show of affection. He knew Russia loved him. How could he not? The nation called him almost every single day, always ending the phone call with the same endearment. To some it might seem habitual or out of obligation but that didn't apply to them. Even not being able to see one another, China could feel the strength of Russia's feelings for him by the small, little things that became bigger and bigger over time. His room was now filled with gifts and present Russia sent, saying it reminded him of China: incense candles, red yarn, a glass cat, and every random item you could find at a flea market. None of them were expensive, pretty or even useful but China kept every single one, making sure to have at least one memento of Russia by his bedside every night before he slept. He loved Russia just as much…he just wasn't as vocal about it. It was embarrassing, as well as undignified, for a 4000 year old man to declare his undying love daily to a younger person; especially if that person's birthday changed to December 30, 1991, making him only 18 years old- barely above the legal age.

China's left eye twitched. He knows Russia is not really 18. The man was at the most only a few centuries and not four millenniums younger than him. Despite that, when the Soviet dissolved and Russia took its' place, his birthday officially changed as well. It was an endless joke to France, Prussia, and now even Spain joined in on the fun. They called him a cradle robber, a pedophile, the deflowerer of innocents. It didn't help either that Russia naturally acted like a child. China furrowed his brows. Now that he thought about it, Russia acts even more childish if they ran into one of the three idiotic nations. China scowled. He must've heard about the joke and decided it was fun to add oil to the fire. The Chinese nation narrowed his eyes at the head buried against his abdomen before grinning mischievously. This 'little' guy right here, deserves a little punishment. Unable to see China's face, Russia missed the sly look directed his way.

"Do you really love me?" China said teasingly, "In my opinion, we're tiring of each other."

Russia stiffened. China's words ran through him like cold water, freezing his blood. Gradually, he untangled himself from China, lifting himself to a sitting position. He kept his gaze on the carpeted floor, his serene voice belying the emotions raging inside him, "What do you mean?"

Oblivious to the fact that Russia didn't know he was being teased, China continued, "Well, you don't look at me with the intensity like you use to; like you want to devour me. You no longer surprise me with sudden kisses. You always, always hesitate now," Russia's screaming mind missed the blush and stutter, "and when we…we make lo…share the same bed…you always hold back, never losing yourself in heat of the moment. Isn't that a sign of losing interest?"

Knowing Russia hated it when his love was doubted, especially if it meant losing the Chinese nation, China turned his head expectedly towards the larger nation, waiting to see Russia's panicked look but his attention shifted from the stony blond to the door when a servant knocked and stepped in.

"Excuse me, but a Mr. Alfred Jones is on the phone for Mr. Wang. He says it's urgent and that you're needed immediately at home. He also mentioned that if you do not come back in the next 10 minutes, he'll name all the Pandas currently in America after the McDonald's menu."

After thanking the servant for the message and sending him away, China sighed in exasperation. More than likely America needed more money. China honestly didn't want to discuss money matters right now; it would just be another endless headache. Did America know just how hard it was for him to find the time off so he could spend a few, scant hours relaxing with someone he actually cared to see? Apparently the idiot didn't. How China wanted to tell America where he could shove that "I'm a Hero" business where the sun don't shine…but…he had to think about the poor Pandas.

Russia felt China get up, leaving his side. Acting purely on instinct, Russia got up as well, grabbing onto the other's wrist tightly.

"Where are you going?" Russia was so preoccupied with his thoughts, he didn't hear a single word that transpired between China and the servant.

"I'm going to tell America I need more than 10 minutes to get home," China gave Russia an apologetic look, "I'm sorry it's sudden, but I'm leaving now."

Russia's mind reeled at the thought of China leaving. He just got here. He can't just go.

"Why?" Russia whispered.

China blew out frustrated air, "America probably wants to discuss about the deficit and so I have to go…."

Russia stared dumbfounded at the other nation. He was going home just to see America? When did China come at America's every beck and call?

"No," Russia tightened his hold on the wrist, "don't go. Stay. America can just go fuck himself."

China raised his eyebrow at the profanity but did not comment, "I have to go. It's a matter of great… national concern. Let go, Ivan, or I won't come back…."

Russia clenched his jaws, unwilling loosening his fingers on China. Being together for so long definitely had its' drawbacks. China knew exactly what threat worked on the bigger, stronger man. As Russia watched delicate hands reach for the door knob, he smiled. It wasn't just China who knew about using people's weaknesses against them.

He quickly caught up to him, slamming the door shut with one of his hands, "Let's play a game, Yao."

China took a deep breath, trying to keep his patience. He kept his back towards Russia as he replied in a sharp manner, "Ivan, I don't have time for games. Remove your hand, now."

Despite being annoyed, China couldn't help but shiver when he felt a tongue lick his nape lightly, "It's a really easy game…Jao. It won't take a lot of your time."

Tentatively, China turned to face the Russian, already feeling his knees weakening on him. Russia never, ever pronounced China's human name in Russian unless he was angry…or very aroused. Russia leaned in, forcing the smaller nation back until he was pressed against the door, tilting his head up to meet violet eyes.

"The game is very simple, Jao." Russia cupped the back of China's head, kneading it, "it's a 'hide and seek' game. You hide somewhere in this house and I have an hour to find you."

China cleared his throat, "Wh…what do I get out of playing this?"

Russia laughed, wrapping his other hand around China's waist to pull him closer, "I knew you were going to say that. Don't worry, of course I wouldn't ask you to play some game without any rewards…but first, you have to agree to play."

Already China was taking short breathes, his chest heaving. It's been a long, long time since Russia had looked at him like that. A look that said, "I want you anyway I can get you. Even if you beg or cry, I won't let you go until I can slake my lust for your body. Until then, every strand of hair, every smile and look you have, belongs solely to me."

Mesmerized by amethyst eyes that once haunted his dreams and still do, China almost nodded his head in agreement before realizing Russia was manipulating him, "No. I want to hear what I get if I win first."

Without hesitation Russia answered, "Full, unconditioned access to Russian military technology and information."

China's jaw dropped at the way Russia made the outrageous offer with not so much as a blink of an eye. China bit his bottom lip, considering. Was Russia lying? No. He lies, no doubt about that, but not when it comes to something like this. His boss most likely won't approve…but no one can really deny Russia anything if he set his mind to it. Full access to Russian military technology…the Russian knew him so well.

"Al…right," China agreed hesitantly, dragging out the word.

"Then let's seal the deal with a kiss," without warning, Russia slammed their lips together in a bruising manner.

Not waiting to be let in, Russia pushed his way into China's mouth, demanding and taking. He swirled China's tongue with his, silently coaxing it, urging it to intertwine and participate in the dance. China gasped at the sudden invasion. It has been so long since Russia kissed him so possessively, so violently. It wasn't about reciprocating each others' feelings. It was all about Russia. Russia baring his soul, pouring out all of his intense longing and desire, forcing China to acknowledge Russia's own brand of affection whether the other nation wanted it or not. It overwhelmed the senses, stole all logic but it felt so good; so sinfully good. Russia made him want to lose himself in passion, abandon all thoughts for carnal needs.

China's hand slid its' way up Russia's chest, idly playing with the buttons he found there. Russia grabbed the exploring hand, ending their kiss. He smiled at China's confused face, "Later. We'll continue this later. For now, shall we begin our little game?"

China's cheeks became stained with light pink at being caught wanting more. Russia gave a little laugh, nibbling a perfectly arched ear, "To reiterate the rules, if you can hide and avoid me for an hour, you win and get unlimited access to military information."

China clutched the front of the larger nation's shirt, sighing when he felt wet kisses upon his skin. His eyes fluttered close as he felt Russia whispering along his jaw line, "However…if I catch you, I'll fuck you senseless."

Catching the last part of what Russia said, China snapped out of his stupor, "Wh…what did you say?"

"I said I'll screw you until you're bedridden," Russia grinned, "You were the one complaining that I didn't show you how much I loved you."

Russia placed a hand on each side of China's head, "I'm glad you said something. I was tired of holding back as well. Now I don't have to. Now I can show you exactly how much I desire you using my methods. If I find you, I'm going to make sure you won't be able to walk for days. I'm going to make sure you stay here as long as possible, in bed, pleasuring me until I'm satisfied. Okay?"

China licked his dried lips, Russia violet eyes following the pink tongue. If he won, the rewards and benefits were boundless but if he lost…China shivered at the predatory look he saw reflected in Russia's eyes.

"That…wasn't originally part of the game," China said quietly, his body quivering both with excitement and fear. He stopped breathing when Russia ran a finger around his collar.

"It was, you just didn't bother to ask," Russia cocked his head to the side, smiling, enjoying China's flushed face, "While I count to 100, you go hide, yes?"

Using barely any strength at all, Russia tore China's shirt open, scattering buttons about the floor, "Start running."

Not needing to be told twice, China ran. He ran as fast as his legs could take him out the room and down the hallway. He heard Russia's laughing voice chase after him, slowly counting down the time before the Russian will come hunt him down..."100...99...98...."