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Recovering Hearts

A Ranma½ / Robotech crossover.

By Queberjeque

The ++++++++ denote flashbacks.

Chapter 1

'The Price of Vengeance'

Nabiki was tired. No, actually that was not quite correct, she was utterly exhausted. The past three weeks were a blur in her mind as she struggled to stay awake, she knew that she had to complete this last transaction, and then she could finally rest.

Even the act of selling a collection of gemstones the other day had not brought a smile to her face like it would have a few months ago. The resulting small fortune was now merely a tool for survival, instead of her goal in life.

Shaking the mental cobwebs out of her head, Nabiki forced her attention back onto her contact.

"Here are your tickets Tendo-san; I trust you understand how hard these were to obtain…" The speaker was a short man in a dark suit, his blond hair peeking out from under his hat.

"Thank you Takagushi-san, consider your debts to me paid, I really appreciate the how promptly you were able to get these for me." Nabiki tiredly replied. "If anyone asks, you never saw me, understand?"

"My eyesight has been bothering me lately." Takagushi smirked. "I wish you a pleasant journey, now I must be going before I am missed."

He hurried off before she could reply. Slowly nodding her head, Nabiki turned and walked over to a small restaurant advertising fresh tuna. Entering it, she sat at a booth occupied by a young man with a pigtail. He looked almost as worn down as she did.

"Did ya get what you wanted?" Ranma asked. "Although I still don't know if I like your idea. We've been using the Saotome Secret Technique too much lately, and I definitely do not like running from a fight."

Nabiki over at him, at the rips and tears in his shirt, and sighed. "Do you really want to fight dozens of women bent on killing you? Could you even bring yourself to hit them enough to keep them down?"

With a sigh, she added in a lower voice. "I know what you mean, but as long as they are out for your blood, we have to keep moving. Even without Kho Lon to lead them, the Joketsuzoku are a dangerous enemy."

Nabiki looked out the window. "Besides, even if we end up being hunted for the rest of our lives, it was worth it." She didn't see the street outside; instead all she saw was the image of the scene that she had come home to nearly a month ago.

Her father and Ranma's had taken him out in order to talk to him about how happy they were about how well him and Akane had been getting along lately. Kasumi was shopping, and she had been at a meeting with some of her associates, regarding what seemed now to be a completely inconsequential subject. That had left Akane alone.

Nabiki felt the tears start to roll down her face once again, and she quickly brushed them away. Pushing aside her emotions, struggling to keep from curling up into a huddle lump and crying for someone to come and take the pain away. She was Nabiki. She was in control. She was ice. There was no way she would break down again, especially not now, not here.

What nobody had realized was that Kho Lon and Xian Pu had been getting extremely impatient with Ranma's disregard for their laws. The elder had finally decided to take matters into her own hands and cut her losses, the boy was growing too close to Akane to suit her.

Nabiki had run into Kasumi on the way home and they arrived at the gate just in time to witness the two Chinese leaving the property via the rooftops. The sisters had continued inside until they noticed their youngest sister lying on the floor face down. Kasumi had rushed over to her while Nabiki hurried to the phone to call Dr. Tofu. Nabiki heard a shriek and turned in time to see Kasumi fall backwards in a faint. Telling the doctor to hurry, Nabiki remembered going over to where her sisters lay and seeing the way Akane's head angled away from her body. She recalled reaching down to touch Akane's cheek, feeling a dizzying sensation and then blackness.

Nabiki blinked away another batch of tears and looked across the booth, her 'partner' in revenge had his head resting on the table, but his bloodshot eyes still roved over the area. His posture appeared to be relaxed, however, after what she had seen recently, Nabiki knew that for the lie it was. She had seen several times, how he could move with explosive power to dodge a descending sword, or carry her away from the path of a fight of arrows. Glancing down at her watch, she stared in shock, she had been sitting there for over an hour!

"Ranma!" His eyes locked onto hers. "We have to move quickly, the ship leaves in just under an hour." He nodded and stood. Nabiki handed him a ticket. "Here, this one is yours." Ranma finished tucking it away as they stepped outside.


She felt herself propelled through the air, courtesy of Ranma's hand, and barely managed to retain enough wits to roll with her landing. Picking herself up off of the ground she looked back to see a group of blade-wielding women surrounding Ranma. She didn't know what to do, she was no match for even the smallest of their attackers, and the only reason that she wasn't already cut in half was because their enemies had learned not to divide their attention from Ranma.

Glancing over to where she was at, Ranma yelled. "Run! Don't stop until you get to the ship, I'll meet you there!"

Not even hesitating, Nabiki put his advice into use. Sprinting down the sidewalk, she ran to the next corner and turned, in order to cut off the sight of her retreat from those who would pursue her. Five blocks later she was stumbling along, unable to maintain more than an uneven shamble in her current condition. Rounding a corner her eyes took in a wonderful sight, a taxi parked at a newsstand. She found enough energy left over to break into an unsteady lope up to the door of the cab. After telling the destination to the driver, Nabiki turned around and looked through the rear window. She gasped as she saw a tornado reaching into the skies. Slumping down into the seat, a relieved smile made its way onto her face.

Fifteen minutes later that smile was nowhere to be seen. The ride had given her a chance to get her breath back, and fix her appearance enough not to raise too many eyebrows as she boarded the ship, but a few discreet inquires shot down any hopes of Ranma being already on board. Going over to the railing, she scanned the docks, watching for any sign of the pigtailed boy. When the ship's whistle blew to announce its imminent departure, she was so startled she nearly jumped. As she watched the gangway retract, she caught sight of a small redhead running towards the ship. Not even bothering to stop, the short figure jumped to the deck, landing a short distance from Nabiki. Hurrying over, she saw numerous cuts and bruises all over the young girl's body, a body that was trembling from exertion. Ranma looked up with a smirk that was a mere reflection of her previous attitude and whispered to Nabiki. "See, told ya I would meet you here."

With that her eyes rolled back, and her body fell like someone had cut the strings holding her up. Nabiki was barely able to catch the younger girl as she collapsed. Easing her to the deck she looked around and got the attention of a crewman to help carry her to their cabin. After the crewmember left, Nabiki crawled into her own bed, feeling the sway of the ship increase as it left Tokyo behind.

She awoke to the sun shining through the porthole across the room.

"Ugh, where am I and what time is it?"

Rolling over, she saw Ranma-chan sleeping in the other bed. "Oh yeah, the ship…" She relaxed slightly. This was the first time in a while that she didn't have some crisis to keep her from dwelling on what had happened.

++++++++ Three weeks ago ++++++++

A nearby noise startled her to awareness.

Opening one eye, she studied the ceiling above her, it was unfamiliar.


There was that noise again, turning her head to the side, she took in an unexpected sight, Ranma tossing and turning on a bed with restraints on his arms and legs. Opening her eyes fully, she took noticed Dr. Tofu sitting nearby.

"Doctor, what happened, is Akane…?" Her voice cracked, failing her.

Her family's doctor turned towards her. "I'm sorry…there was nothing I could do to save her. I…I'm so sorry, Nabiki."

For a moment she couldn't see, but she didn't care, there was nothing to see. Another moan finally caught her attention again. "What happened to Ranma, did they get him too? How bad is he?"

Tofu turned back to Ranma's bed. "No, nobody touched him, I had to sedate him. He was ready to kill somebody, and we don't even know who it was that kil…sorry."

"Kho Lon and Xian Pu." She whispered.

"Huh…what was that?"

"It was those damn Chinese amazons, they did it, they k..killed my little sister…" Nabiki couldn't take it any longer, walls that had been erected years earlier at the death of her mother were finally breached.

++++++++ Present Time ++++++++

She sat up on the bed and look Ranma's still sleeping form. "Well, at least those two will never bother anyone again, not after you got through with them."

To be Continued…


Hello everyone, I know it's been a really long time since I started this story. I reached a point where I couldn't decide how to continue it. I knew I wanted to have a Robotech / Ranma ½ crossover, but I didn't want to have it turn out as a carbon copy of all the other crossovers out there. I didn't want Ranma to start flying a veritech after the space fold and end up being an ace pilot alongside or instead of Rick Hunter. But every time I started to write chapter 3, I couldn't come up with a plot to get where I wanted to go. Probably because I wasn't even sure where that was. Finally after eight years though, the plot to this story is solid in my head. I even have a timeline sketched out with most of the highlights of the first robotech war and Ranma's place in them. Given my past history with completing stories, I'm not going to attempt to set a posting schedule, but I hope that I can do better than in the past. ;)

Oh yeah, I don't have any beta readers for this, so if you are interested and have knowledge of the Robotech Universe, please send me a message. If you want to leave your impressions of the story in reviews, I'd appreciate that as well.

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