Me: I'm starting another story when I don't even have chapter 2 started on "The Legend of Light and Dark! Waaaaaa!

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Zack: ?

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Cloud: While they do that, the author owns nothing. It belongs to Square Enix.

Me: -Runs by- Otherwise Zack wouldn't have died, Seph wouldn't have gone crazy, and all the girls had gone to live somewhere else. ^-^


SOLDIERS at Hogwarts

It was a normal day at Shinra. The sun was shining, slightly covered by the clouds, the disgusting smell of the smog in the air, and the sounds of cadets training. At least it was until a tawny owl flew into the window of the 45th floor (1)of the building. President Shinra was working A/N: No Way o.O on some "important" document.

The rather large man jumped to his feet when the bird flew into his office. The Turks guarding him pointed their weapons at it. The owl just stuck out its leg and the group of men saw a weird looking envelope on it. The president scowled and practically tore it from the poor things leg. He immediately shoved it into the hands of a Turk with medium-length, pitch black hair pulled back into a pony-tail.

"I don't want to read it. Take it to Lazard. I'm sure that if anything, it has to do with his SOLDIERS," he commanded.

The Turk nodded and silently left the room, the bird followed him. He headed down the hall to a door with a silver plaque with Lazard's name on it. He knocked sharply twice and waited until he heard a muffled voice say he could come in.

He opened the door and proceeded to the mahogany desk by the window. A blonde man with glasses sat at the desk. He looked up from some forms and greeted him.

"Good afternoon Tsung. What brings you here?"

Tsung placed the envelope on the desk. "Same to you Director Lazard. The President does not feel the need to read this. He says that he assumes that it has to do with your SOLDIERS."

Lazard picked it up. As he looked at the front it said in neat blue (2) cursive,

President Shinra

Far East Office

Shinra Compound, First Door to the Right


Then before his eyes, Lazard saw the words change and rearrange themselves with a blur of ink and letters. Now they said,

Director Lazard

East Side Office, Seven Doors to the Left

Shinra Compound


Shaking his head, the blonde opened the envelope and pulled out several sheets of….parchment? Wondering what it was he set to reading it, never noticing Tsung slipping back out the door.

When he finished reading he pushed his chair back away from the desk and leaned back. Lazard shook his head in astonishment. There was a magical community in England. And he thought the idea of SOLDIERS was weird at first. But magic? Man did that take the cake. How did no one know of this? If there was magic, then why weren't there things flying around on their own? But as soon as he thought that he shook his head again for the millionth time that day. It was becoming a habit.

These wizards wanted protection from some guy named Lord Voldemort. It was odd that this, Lazard glanced back down at the paper, before he continued his thoughts. This Albus Dumbledore knew about SOLDIER, but the SOLDIER Program didn't know about them. Especially with some dark lord running around murdering people.

But as he gazed at the parchment, he couldn't help but sigh. He didn't trust them, but they were willing to pay a large amount just for a couple of their top SOLDIERS. And even if he didn't like the idea of working with the wizards, he knew he had to. He wouldn't just let innocent people die. So as he thought of who to send, a few names popped up immediately and he knew who he was sending.

He pressed a button on his desk. "Catherine, could you send up 1st Class General Sephiroth, General Genesis Rhapsodos, Lieutenant General Zackary Fair, and (3) Brigadier General Cloud Strife?

The machine buzzed with static for a moment before he heard her reply, "Yes sir!"

"Thank you," he said deciding to finish a bit more of his paperwork before they got up to his office


(1)Okay, I don't know the layout of the Shinra Compound or anything. So I have no idea about how big, or how many floors it has, or even where everything is. But this is why I'm the author I guess.

(2) I also don't really know what color President Shinra's eyes are. I'm sort of a bad author, I really don't know some of the smaller details.

(3) I know Cloud isn't a 1st Class, or that high up, but in this story, I want him to be. Because Dumbledore wants Shinra's top SOLDIERS, Cloud wouldn't be able to get in unless he was high up. That and I just like Cloud that much.

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