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SOLDIERS at Hogwarts

Last Time

Finally Dumbledore said, "Why don't we head inside. I think we all need some explanations."

"Yes, we are in need of some more facts before we officially start this mission."

Everyone stared at the general. He had just spoken for the first time that night and every single person was enchanted by his deep, commanding voice.


Present Time

Cloud's POV

Dumbledore lead everyone into a tall house that tilted precariously to the side. Zack and I shared troubled looks. Was it really safe in there? Not that we couldn't handle it. Nooooo, it could collapse right on top of us, and we would be a-okay. But still, did we really have to go in there?

Sephiroth must have noticed my nervousness because he laid one of his large, leather-clad hands on my shoulder. I couldn't help but have a mini chick-flick moment in my head. He really was the best brother anyone could wish for. Who cares if he doesn't really understand the whole social bit of life? No one's perfect. Besides, he's really protective of his loved ones. So that makes up for it in my opinion. It's not even his fault either. Stupid Hojo.

Shaking my head I walked warily in to the "house". IF it could be called that.

The man, professor Dumbledore I reminded myself, had everyone sit down. When it was obvious that there weren't enough chairs, he and Molly conjured some more. Zack, being the goof he was, openly gaped at them. Sure it was really kind of creepy, doing the impossible, but we of the SOLDIER Program grew used to seeing bizarre things everyday.

Even though we didn't want to sit down, we did anyway. We didn't need to seem rude. Me or Seph anyway. And let me tell you, the chair was the squishiest thing I've ever sat in. We all were used to sitting at the edge of chairs stiffly, except Zack, and to look formal. Us First Classes need to keep up our reputation after all. But as soon as we sat down, the cushions ate our asses alive. Well, maybe that didn't really happen, but I tell you, those cushions….

It was when we were all finally seated, that Dumbledore spoke.

"You said you needed more information. What exactly do you know, first of all?"

We, Seph, Zack, Genesis, and I, all looked at each other.

"Who would explain best this time?" Zack asked.

"Well, not you," Genesis teased. "You only remember the big picture."

"Hey! I resemble that!"

"Don't you mean resent?" Hermione inquired.

"I know what I said," the First Class grinned. "And Sephy's out 'cause he would just confuse people with his vast knowledge and over-sized vocabulary. I would know, he confuzzles me daily."

"So that leaves Cloud," Genesis declared. "Because I don't feel like it."

That made me uncomfortable. I bet they all did that just to get everyone staring at me! Evil meanies. Especially Genesis.

"Okay...Well, we know that there's a wizarding world, that Harry Potter is this supposed "savior", that he's but a teenage boy, that our mission is to protect him and the rest of the students at the wizarding school Hogwarts, and that this mission lasts a year," I summed up, ignoring Harry's irritated expression. He probably didn't like being called a kid. Too bad I didn't say he was one. I implied it. Sucks to be him.

But then we have me. At least Zack's still called pup. Makes me feel so much better about myself.

"Wow! That wasreally easy to comprehend. Way to go spike!" The "puppy" glomped way too tightly to be legal. They should write laws about how tightly people are allowed to hug. If they don't, Zack would most likely be called a murderer sometime in the future.

"Yes, that is roughly what you need to know. But you should know about Voldemort," Dumbledore replied, obviously paying little to no attention to the shuddering of the people around him. He then went on to explain everything from Voldemort's history, to how the school worked, and then to magic in general. (A/N: Sorry, but I really didn't want to go into detail on them all. I think that would bore you all to death, if I'm not already.)

"Yeesh, that's one messed up dude," Zack exclaimed.

"No dur," I retorted. Messed up? Change that to should-be mental asylum escapee. But maybe I'm being overdramatic. Nah, he probably is a mental asylum escapee.

"Now, it would be your turn to explain SOLDIER," the professor said.

"Pardon me, but it was to our understanding that you already knew about the SOLDIER Program. You proved that true in your letter," Sephiroth questioned. His eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

"You are correct. I do know. However, they," he gestured at everyone else. "They do not."

Ah, that made more sense. But I really didn't like the thought of more people knowing of us. That could just get us in some big doo-doo later, should they decide to turn on us or something. Like we could piss them off, and then they'd send more wand waving people at us. That'd be scary.

"I think we should all explain this one guys," Zack stated. "I mean, Seph and Gen would know most about all that technical stuff, and then I could explain more of the social jazz, and spike here can explain whatever is left."

"Don't call me Gen," the LOVELESS addict glared.

"Must you call us all those ridiculous nicknames?" Sephiroth muttered.

Zack just grinned. "As a matter of fact, yes, I do."

I groaned. They had to act like a bunch of children nowof all times! I understand Zack and Genesis going at it, but Seph too? This is just not cool. Especially in front of the wizard people.

"-but I do because-"……I must have drifted off because I only caught a bit of Zack's sentence. Nevertheless, I didn't like him whining. Or pouting. Those things were a deadly mixture if you put them on Zackary Fair's face.

"ZACKARY!" I screeched. I admit it, I screeched like a banshee. But really, he needed to be quiet so we could get moving.

Silence ruled the house. It was creepy. Everyone was staring at me. Did they have to do that? Didn't they know staring was rude? Maybe wizards brought their young up thinking different things that we did. That would suck. Maybe that's why they're in a war!

I then realized that it was still silent. Oops. Maybe I was showing emotions again. I heard from Genesis that I do that when I'm lost in thought. Hmmm. Which emotion could I possibly shown for them to be so blatantly staring at me?

I turned to Seph and said, "Maybe you should start." And he did.

He explained how SOLDIER came to be, all about mako, the scientists and the Wutai war.

Genesis continued on about the different ranks in the army, the different departments that Shinra had, some of the different weaponry we had. Thank god he only mentioned some, because we have a ton.

Zack had fun talking about all the training the different ranks we went through. He explained the classes that were held, the social events you had to be at if you were important and how bogus some of them were.

I was left with geography. It was interesting to try and draw Gaia. Zack likes to brag to people about my supposed artistic skills. I don't like it when he does that. Can't he figure out in that pea-sized brain of his that army men aren't meant to draw and paint. But I guess that's why he left geography for me. So I'd have to draw maps and some of the local monsters. The manipulating jerk.

When I finished, we all just sat in silence. Both of us, the wizards and the SOLDIERS, had a lot to take in. Two different worlds, two different types of people, neither exactly human.


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