Bored bored bored bored BORED.

Flora heaved a sigh and collapsed onto the haystack. Again.

Where were they?

Well, of course they must have important things to do, puzzles to solve, but surely they must've noticed something by now! The train couldn't have left so soon! The man is taller than me, for heaven's sake! He doesn't even have the figure for my dress…

Of course, as the adopted daughter of Professor Layton, she should be glad she even got to leave St. Mystere. Playing 'damsel in distress' is a small price to pay.


Just because she was soft-spoken and polite didn't mean she was useless! Hell, the only reason I acted this way was because of how the Professor seemed to prize the traditional roles of Men and Women! I don't even like cooking! I know how horrible I am at it. But I kind of do want to be good at it. It seems I can't do anything lady-like at all. Not knitting, not sewing, not cooking… I'm better at sneaking around. Then again, the townsfolk saw through my disguise. It was pretty pathetic. But if it was so pathetic, why didn't Layton and Luke see through it immediately? I mean, it was only a pair of sunglasses and a bandanna! A five year old could see though that! Besides that, they already saw me in it! Layton was the one who revealed it! And yet when we bumped into each other on the train, Luke was just as oblivious as ever, and Professor didn't say a word.


At least in St. Mystere I didn't have to act.

Well, screw it! If my real personality is so abominable, then so be it. I'm sick of all this pretending! If I keep faking like this, I'll be doomed to spend the rest of my life being the 'damsel in distress'! If they don't like what they see, they can send me back to St. Mystere for all I care!

I hope they like the real me…


"Yes Luke?"

"Flora's been acting really strange…"

Hershel smiled.

"I suppose she's trying to show her true colors."


Luke inched away from the kitchen while trying to ignore the commotion behind him as Flora cursed at the oven, then broke down sobbing 'Why can't I do anything right!?'

I really hate the fanfictions where people take Flora and make her into a brat. She's not a brat! Heck, even in this she's not a brat! She's just trying to 'fit in' I guess! I don't really know! But still! Her characterization is SO OBVIOUS. She DEFINITELY would NOT start arguing with Luke about, oh I dunno, socks. Or whatever. However, if she was only acting shy, and that's how she is in your story, TELL THE DAMN READERS. WE NEED TO KNOW STUFF.

This takes place during Diabolical Pandora's box, when she gets left behind as they SOMEHOW don't notice Don Paolo taking her place.
He's TALLER then her. What the hell!?

Bear in mind that I'm finishing this in an hour pretending to do homework because I can't stand this unfinished fic, so as you can probably tell, THIS IS TERRIBLY RUSHED. I already know it sucks.