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All it Takes is a Midnight Smile

James' POV

I knew it was him despite the difference in look. Although he was thin to the bone, scarred by something I didn't know of, it really was him. For whatever reason, before the spell hit his chest, I knew he was going to die.

Sirius gracefully arched backwards, his eyes wide with shock as he slowly fell through the silvery veil. And I, a mere onlooker, incapable of even moving, was unable to do anything. For a moment, I thought his eyes met mine, yet I felt too invisible and realized it wasn't possible – they were to something to my right. My gaze refused to avert for several moments after he had disappeared, and my eyes traced the flowing, silver cloth as if he might appear at any moment. Yet he didn't. The veil continued to undulate, as if untouched by what had just happened.

My head slowly managed to turn, like a rusted screw, and my chest constricted, wondering how it could have happened. I felt so hopeless, lost in a world like a pensive. There was no one who knew of my existence. Still, I somehow managed to force my weakened mind to concentrate on what Sirius had focused upon less than seconds ago.

It was me. But it couldn't be! Sirius was years older and this boy seemed to be a perfect image of my current self. True, I only saw his back, but he – or I – had my hair, my height. This person – if it wasn't really me – was still staring at the veil, willing Padfoot to jump out laughing. The same, sharp shock engulfed him? Yet he somehow managed to peel his eyes from that torturous arch, and my breath caught in my throat.

I knew the color of his eyes, and they weren't mine. The boy had Lily Evan's distinct shade. For a moment, I couldn't understand if it was a trick of the light, but then somehow it all connected and made sense. This child was Lily and my son. Could that even be possible?

I jolted up in my bed, my heart racing and the dream slipping stealthily away. Something told me that my irrational panic had something to do with it, and I strained to relax and steady my drum-like heartbeat. Yet, the harder I tried and the more I willed my self to remember, the less there was. Until, in the end, nothing of it remained.

The Gryffindor Boy's Dormitory was silent except for snores, and my gaze – although I don't know why – found its way to Padfoot. Somehow seeing him still and seemingly asleep, made me reassured, and I felt my lips tug into a grin as I laughed silently. The other two Marauders were sound asleep in the beds beside his. I felt peaceful, but knew, without even shutting my eyes, that sleep was currently beyond my reach.

Pulling myself slowly out of the bed, I made my way downstairs to the Common Room. My hand played with the Snitch I had nicked and constantly messed with. Everyone thought it was so amazing, but really, once you got the hang of it, catching it wasn't as hard as people thought.

Upon entering the Common Room, I jumped up the other set of steps – the ones to the Girl's Dorm. As always, they melted into a slide. Rather than allowing myself to land in a heap at the bottom, I stretched out sideways, my hands pressing against one wall, and my feet against the other. And that was how I found myself stuck.