Mama, just killed a man, Put a gun against his head, Pulled my trigger, now he's dead - Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen


'Welcome to Charming'

That's what the sign she had passed into this little town had said. Welcome to Charming, California. It seemed like such a nice town. Peaceful, even. The kind of place her mother, Galatea Lovett Hawkins, should be buried at. The kind of peaceful place she shouldn't have died at. A place she shouldn't have been gunned down at.

But she had. And that was why she, Galatea's twenty-two year old daughter, was sitting down in the grass infront of her mother's grave, picking the grass that covered up the bottom of the grave away.

She sat with her legs crossed indian style. Her small, tanned, hands picking away at the grass, as she stared blankly at the marble stone, seeing a thin outline of herself in its surface, by the picture of her mother that her father had placed on the head stone to make finding her grave easier.

It was a good thing he did. She would have never found the grave without it. Having not seen the grave in twelve years.

She had only been nine when her mother had died. A small child who had cried out for her father to stop burrying mommy because she wouldnt be able to get out when she woke up. A little girl who wailed and threw rocks at the men that buried her mother, as her father picked her up and carried her to the old jeep they'd owned at the time. A sad memory. A sad time.

She picked the last bit of grass away as she continued to stare blankly at her mothers grave, tracing her name with her left index finger, as she groped around with her right hand, for her large, old, Alice in Wonderland, Cheshire cat grinning, back pack, snapping her eyes away from the grave as her fingers brushed against her bag and pulled it to her right hip. Opening the bag, she reached in, and felt her fingers wrap around something slim and smooth.

Pulling her hand out, she smiled as a robin's egg blue, waxed with light sparkels, rose was removed. Her mothers favorite flower and color. She traced her fingers against the cool, smooth, wax coating the Rose petals, before placing it into the flower vase attached to her mothers grave, removing a recently dead, red, rose from the base to make room.

Smiling softly as the rose shifted once out of her grasp and leaned against the opened marble after her mothers name, she placed her index and middle finger of her left hand to her lips, before placing them to her mothers picture, before slowly rising.

She dusted off her ripped, acid washed, shorts and her black tank-top, before pulling a stray leaf from her low pony-tailed, mid-back, raven black, hair. She flung her bag on her shoulder, as she smiled down sadly at her mothers grave, wiping away a tear that threatened to fall from her ice blue eyes.

"Goodbye, mom. I'll be back to visit sooner next time, ok? I promise." She whispered, the wind picking up and playing with her hair as if to answer for her mother. Stepping into her knee-high black boots she had removed, she slowly made her way towards her fathers, black and silver, 1991 Harley Low Rider, shifting her back-pack on. It had been her fathers idea. She herself was not a fan of the bike, considering her Uncle Ray had almost run her over with it when she was four.

She knew how to ride the old bike only because her father had thought it would be wonderful if she could drive the same bike he had taught her mother to ride when they were twenty-three. She had been born when her parents had been fifteen. Both far too young to be parents. But both to caring to giver her up for adoption. She'd been blessed to grow up with both of them for nine years of her life.

In 1996, she had lost her mother to a shoot-out. A shoot-out here in the little town of Charming. Her mother had been a kind women. She had been a traveling nurse, who had been on her way out of the small town, after stopping to help a woman out of her van that had been run off the road, rescuing the woman and her injured eighteen-year-old son, when she had come across a motorcyclist who had been thrown from his bike that was smoldering about three to five feet from him.

Her mother had stopped the car and ran to the man, almost being hit with flying metal from the man's bike, which explodes. Patching the man up as he come back to consciousness, having been knocked out by the force of his fall, she had been able to prop him up against a telephone poll nearby, and get his name, before she went to go to her car and wire for help from her vehicles radio, when the bullets started flying. Her mother had only taken two steps from the man, before the men who had run him off the road had come back and shot at her, thinking she was the man, not being able to tell in the dark.

Two bullets to the stomach, one to her right leg and arm, and one to her shoulder, her mother had died just five minutes after hitting the ground, having kept herself alive just long enough for the man to limp over to her, and thank her and accept a promise to tell her husband what happened, and that she loved him and her, before dieing in the mans arms.

The news had ripped a hole in the families heart. The fact that she had made her father promise her to bury her wherever she died, had been a big pain to her family as well, considering they would have preferred she'd been buried in Texas were she was born. Her memories of that day where still fuzzy, but she could remember that she never wanted to see her father or family that broken again. Never.

Making it to the old bike, she made sure her bag was secure, before slipping on her black helmet with silver skulls and hearts, before throwing her left leg over the bike and plopping down. Starting the bike, she looked up at the sky and frowned slightly. The clouds where darkening and the skys where graying. It was going to rain.

She bit her lower lip. Dribing in the rain was dangerous on a bike. She could crash if the rain started coming down hard. Shaking her head, she revved the engine of her bike once more. She'd just have to find a motel or hotel to crash at til tomorrow. She sighed, hating the idea. It was only 2:30 in the afternoon, and she'd be stuck her til the rain quit and the roads dried up enough for her to feel safe driving on, which would mean she would waster her money on the room!

Sighing in frustration, she made a quick decision to just stay in Charming for the rest of the day and leave tomorrow. Lurching her bike forward, she slowly made her way away from the cemetery of her mothers burial, before hitting what she pegged to be Charming main road.

As she shot down the road, doing her best to stay in the speed limit, she groaned as she felt a few stray drops of water fall on her arms. Grumbling loudly to herself as she stopped at a stop light, she surprisingly didn't hear the roar of engines coming up behind her, until she the roar was right on each side of her and behind her, filling in the space made for four-wheeled vehicles.

Stiffening, she glared forward, ignoring the looks she was getting from the, She guessed they were trying to figure out why a 5'8" girl on a bike, that she was just barely the right size for, was playing at by actually being on a bike. She had been getting that her whole, long, ride, to Charming from Texas. Bikers all over would just stare. She would ignore them. She didn't want trouble. She just wanted to get to her destination so she could get back to Texas and sleep in her own bed once again.

"Hey sweet cheeks, you wanna ride something real tonight?!" She inwardly gagged at the cat call that was yelled out behind her, followed by a few snickers. It took all her strength to not turn around and slap they all! Huffing, she gripped the handlebars and shot forward as soon as the light turned green, leaving the bikers behind her, as she turned sharply down a side road to where she spotted a small motel to stay in. By now the rain was slowly starting to pick up, and she just wanted to get in her assigned room and lye down.

Parking her bike under an extra spot under a parking shed for three, she stepped off her bike, taking her keys, back-pack, and helmet with her as she walked to the registration office. Shaking herself of the bit of water off her, she sighed as she stepped into the office, and spotted a young woman with brown hair with blond streaks, a pink shirt, and a pair of tight, black, hip huggers, her high heeled sandals bouncing up and down, as she chewed absently on a small straw, shaking hands with her as she approached the desk.

"Hello! Welcome to Charming Little Motel Stop, where we hope your stay with us is oh so charming to your taste! My name is Ella Grey, and I hope you have a Charming time with us!" Ella gave her a cheesy, fake, smile, as she tried to hold back her laughter, fail;ing miserably. "I-I'm sorry! This is rude of me!" she chuckled, as Ella gave her a dismissing wave. "I know! The lines corny! But, unfortunately, I'm required to say it. ! I'm pretty mush use to being looked at weirdly and getting laughed at." She fought down her giggle fit, as Ella pushed a sign in pad to her, as she handed her the three-hundred-dollars to stay, before signing.

"Just sign here, here, and here! And you'll be set!" Ella said, pointing to where she needed to sign, cocking her head as she read her name aloud. "Kia Galatea Hawkins. Wow! Cute name! Mines just Ella Glinda Grey." Kia wrinkled her nose, as she realized Ella's initials spelled EGG. Deciding to not be rude and point it out, Kia simply shrugged, as she was handed her room key.

"Breakfast is at 7:30! And there will be Bingo in the mess hall tonight at 6:30!" Kia raised a brow. "Bingo? Seriously?" She chuckled, earning a grin from Ella. "Well! If you're not a Bingo person, then how about joining me and some of the other, younger, travelers for a Karaoke night at a local bar near by?" A smile appeared on Kia's face, as she adjusted her back-pack on her shoulders.

"Alright. Why not?" A gleeful grin appeared across Ella's face. "Excellent! Be sure to dress sexy! Cause not only are we gonna sing and shake our asses off on stage, we're also gonna go Sam Crow watching!" Ella's face was gleeful and sneaky, as a confused look appeared on Kia's face. "Sam Crow watching? Is this a bar you're taking me to, or a bird watchers club?" She joked, causing Ella's grin to widen. "Oh! You'll see!"

And with that, Ella waved bye, saying she'd be by her room at 7:15 to pick her up, so she could follow her to the bar, as Kia stepped out of the office, and ran to door three, which was close to her bike. Using her key, Kia pushed her way into her room, before shutting the door and throwing her stuff, then herself, onto the bed, letting out a sigh. She stared up at the whitewashed ceiling of her room, before taking in dark blue, with light green palm tree leafs painted on the wall.

Glancing at her clock, she was surprised to find it was already 3:45! Deciding that a nap would do her good before going out tonight, she set her alarm for 6:15, before plopping down on the bed and its pillows, falling asleep instantly.


There really is no purpose for the song qoute up top, just to clarify any confussion for all of ya about that. I just felt like have a favorite song qoute in this.

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