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"Wait so… you obviously know the basics" Claudia said in a questioning voice.

Myka grinned, "You learn a lot cloistered away reading books" she said matter of fact.

Claudia turned back to the computer grinning "I bow to the book master hacker."

Myka laughed and lightly smacked Claudia.

"Well now that I know you know the basics, we can get to the really exciting stuff" Claudia said rubbing her hands together and grinning wildly.

"Uh oh" Pete said entering the office, "That's Claudia's trouble look. What are you getting into now, little midget?"

"Oh just the government database, Fatso"

Myka chocked and sputtered "I asked you to teach me how to hack not invade confidential files. That's illegal!"

"Don't get your panties in a twist; we won't look at anything… except for some camera feeds" Claudia smirked.

"We could get caught" Myka said meekly

"The little weasel get caught? Not likely" Pete interjected

"Such a beautiful compliment booger face" Claudia said sarcastically

Pete grinned widely and Myka gave a small smile

"Hey you wanted to learn and the best way to learn is hack one of the hardest systems in the world. You know they gather hackers, such as myself, to produce these codes on a daily basis. They're trying to create an un-hackable system. Doesn't work so well when they collect hackers that are given the ultimatum to help or rot in jail for ten years."

"Why?" asked Pete

"I'm guessing the pissed off hackers leave loopholes for their friends to get thru" Myka said dryly.

Claudia nodded "You guessed it, but on to other topics such as watching security footage of Pete getting beat severly beat up."

"What!" Pete asked in disbelief.

"Yep, they tape the practice boxing sessions. They tape and keep record of pretty much everything you guys do. I searched the database a few months back and found this." Claudia clicked the mouse and a video popped up on the screen "And the best thing about it is your getting your ass kicked by a girl" she said drawing out the last word.

The video began to play and Myka sat up in her chair and laughed hysterically as she watched Pete get knocked out by a female agent…a very short female agent.

"You-you got knocked out by…by Ag-Agent Fuller" Myka gasped out trying desperately to catch her breath.

"Hey she maybe small but she's damn quick" Pete protested

"Doesn't matter how you spin it, slow poke, you got beat up by a girl" teased Claudia

Pete scowled and turned to Myka, "I bet if you took her on you would have lost too" he pouted.

"I'm not the big huge man with giant muscles that got knocked out by a gnome" Myka snickered.

"I wouldn't let Fuller hear you call her that" warned Pete

"That's why you ended up in the ring with her isn' it" Myka realized "You commented on her height. And I'm allowed to call her that along with a slew of other things." She said smugly

"I still bet she'd kick your butt in the ring"

Myka just shrugged

"I beg to differ" Claudia butted in

"Claudia, no!" Myka said forcefully

"Oh no, I wanna see this" Pete mocked

Poor Pete was sorely disappointed to see the Myka kicked some serious ass.

"Oh I liked that move…and that one…you so have to teach me that one!" Claudia said excitedly

"I've still got to teach you the first move you asked about" chided Myka "Then we can move on to others" she grinned wickedly "Ya know, you are going to need someone to practice on…" she said eyeing Pete.

"Oh no! Uh un!" Pete said backing away

"Get him!" Claudia shouted launching herself from her chair and was quickly followed by Myka who was all too delighted to accept the invitation.


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