Okay this is my newest Fan Fic but I'm still relatively new at this. To those that think I need improvement the way you can do this is by reviewing my work and please don't just tell me you think I suck. I won't listen to complaints without backing. This story will mainly be in third person POV. I may or may not play with other points of views no promises though.

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One Night Stand

The Beginning

Light was pouring into the Rabbit as the sun came up over La Push. Bella and Jacob were both asleep in the backseat. They had spent the night together, it had been five months since Edward had left and Bella wanted to be with another person but not in a romantic way. She hadn't meant to sleep with Jacob it just happened, the line between them had been blurring and Bella had tried a million times to set the boundaries but Jacob always seemed to wiggle his way past the barricade. That's why when Bella woke up she was shocked to find herself under a half naked Jacob.

"Oh my God! What did we do?" Bella thought to herself knowing full well that she would never be able to reciprocate Jacob's feelings. How could she have a relationship with anyone but Edward he was her other half and no one could replace him in her heart. That's when she realized that she had to get home immediately. But how was she going to escape when she was pinned by a 190 pound nearly seven foot Jacob? Then it hit her, the only way she was going to get out was to wake him up and make a run for it. Thought she knew she was foolish to even try to out run a werewolf.

"Jake. Jake wake up! Charlie is going to kill me if I don't get home soon." She pleaded while trying to shake Jacob a wake. "Chill Bells. Charlie knows your with me he won't care how long we take," he said lazily trying to go back to sleep. "Can you at least get off of me? I feel like I'm on fire." "Sorry," he said while he rolled over allowing her to get up. The minuet he was up Bella got out of the car and started to walk home. The sound of the car door opening caused Jacob to sit straight up. "Where the heck are you going?" Jacob asked confused. "I'm going home before Charlie sends me to an abbey and turns you into a wolf skin rug," she quipped. "Fine, Bella at least let me drive you home." "Fine."

The entire way home she didn't know how she was going to set everything straight between her and Jacob but she knew she had to do it before they got back to her house. Then Jacob took her hand. "Jake, what happened last night it…um…" she didn't want to hurt his feelings but if she didn't do it soon he was going to get the wrong idea anyway. "Don't worry Bells I get it," he said with a huge grin on his face. "I'm not sure you do Jake." He was just too happy to truly understand what Bella was trying to tell him. "Sure I do. You think by what we did last night you betraying him and therefore you are trying to find a way to tell me that you think we should take our relationship slowly and not rush into anything." In truth Bella hadn't even thought of it from that angle and now that she did she couldn't handle it. She wrapped her arm around her rib cage in an attempt to hold herself together. Then there was the second half of what Jacob had said. He thought that she wanted a relationship but she wasn't sure he knew what kind of relationship he was thinking but she had a heavy suspicion that it was along romantic line the problem was that she want a relationship that was purely brotherly. "No Jake that's not it. Not exactly anyway. What we did last night should never have happened," she stopped and looked at him his big goofy grin from earlier had turned to a grimace in a matter of seconds, "Jake it's not that I don't care about you and that I don't want to be around you. I just don't want to be with you like that. I'm damaged goods and there's no fixing me." "Bells your wrong. We can work and last night…" "Isabella Marie Swan get curfew breaking butt in the house now!" "I've got to go before Charlie has a brain aneurism. Bye Jake. Don't worry you'll find someone for you."