by Gunman

Disclaimer: I do not own Eva or Ikki Tosen/Battle Vixens or their characters.

Summary: Shinji is teleported to the Ikki Tosen universe where he is attacked by the fierce toushi Ryomou Shimei who mistakes him for an attacker of an ally.

Shinji/Ryomou, Koukin/Ryofu.


Chapter 1

Eyepatch Princess

(Apartment 509)

The girl slowly awoke to the strange and rather disturbing smell of her room. Looking around she noticed, out of her good eye, what a pigsty the place was. She looked up and groaned.

"Noon. Way to piss away the morning." she said to herself. "Hngh... still sore too." the short-blue haired girl hissed as she slowly made her way out of bed. "Geez, what a pigsty. You're slipping girl. No doubt about it." she huffed as she noticed the mess of food and beer cans lying around in various heaps of her apartment.

As she started to clean up her mess, she noticed a picture fall from the magnetic on the fridge. A picture of her with two boys, once her closest friends, now little more than strangers. One a pain the ass to her.

She thought nothing of it as she left the picture on the ground, finished dressing in a pair of jeans and a tight white shirt with a red star on the chest, and then went out to get something to eat.

But the meal was as tasteless as it was interesting. It gave her no comfort as it slid down her throat. She vaguely wondered what was so disturbing to her, the melancholy that loomed over her was causing her even more distress, sapping her strength as it were. And as she walked the crowded streets of the city, the various conversations of the people numbed her ears.

"...hit a karaoke joint? Y'know, rack up some tunes?"

"Again? What is it with you and..."

"...heard right! The house is ours! Bring your..."

"...such a loser, but Noriko says he's hung like a donkey, so I figure I'll.."

"...airfare to Hawaii hasn't been this low since the pineapple blight of..."

"...sez to him, I sez, 'Dude!' and he's like, 'Dude?' and I'm like..."

"...told them to be spending the night with Satomi, Y'know? So now we can..."

"...Tits to die for!"

"...not really insider trading if we do it outside. What?!"

Ryomou just stared out at the sea of people, all talking and socializing, and none of them to her. She felt like a human island that no one ever bothered to visit, or even look upon.

And for some reason.... it made a tear fall from her open right eye.


She turned around and gasped as she saw the image of Shinji Ikari standing before her. He was dressed rather simply: white button-up shirt, brown pants, shoes, watch, brown hair and blue eyes. She gasped at how handsome he looked.

"S-Shinji!" she gasped.

"Are you alright?" he asked.

"I.... I am.... I...."

"Did you want to be alone?" he asked, starting to walk away.

NO! She mentally screamed. "Wait." she said softly.

"Yes?" he asked, turning back to her.

"I... I wanted to say..... I'm sorry." she said.

"Sorry? For what?" he asked.

"For.... hurting you."

"Oh. That."


Shinji's memory recalled his first arrival in this world. An arrival that was the result of his battle with the 12th Angel. But it was hardly a welcome one, as he obviously didn't know this world. Nor had he any idea that a sneak attack by one of Kyosho's assassins had stabbed Saji Genpou in the gut with a knife.

Ryomou had arrived, saw what had happened, and went after the attacker.

However, the attacker ran into Shinji and tossed the knife to him as he ran by.

When Ryomou caught up to him, she saw the bloody knife in Shinji's hand, not noticing that the boy had a stunned and shocked expression on his face.

In a fury, she attacked, using her newly perfected joint-ligament technique to nearly cripple the boy, she beat him to a bloody pulp and brought him to the bleed Genpou.

"What the..." the handsome young man gasped when he saw Ryomou drag back Shinji's body.

"I got him." Ryomou said proudly.

"I can see that. Who is he?" Saji asked.

"The guy who stabbed you." Ryomou said, dropping the knife at his feet.

"He what?" he asked as Ryomou dropped Shinji to the ground fully.

"I found this knife in his hand. It had blood on it." she said, pointing to the knife with her gloved hand.

"That's the knife.... but not the guy." Saji explained.

"What?" she gasped.

"Ryomou... sweetie.... this guy isn't the one who stabbed me. I saw him, got a good look. This... isn't him. He's not even a toushi."

Ryomou looked at the injured young man, his lack of magatama, and whimpered.

I... I attacked an innocent person? she thought.


"Seventeen broken bones... both shoulders dislocated... head has suffered a concussion.... internal bleeding of the organs... broken nose... two black eyes... cut lip... and a broken hip." the doctor, Kada Genka, said.

"Wow. You must really love me." Saji smirked to the upset Ryomou.

"I have to say, for a gang-beating I'm surprised that this young man isn't dead." Genka said.

"Gang-beating?" Saji asked.

"Yes. He's got too many injuries for one person to have inflicted them." Genka said.

Ryomou kept herself quiet


It had been two years since then, and Shinji had stayed away from Ryomou the entire time, through his recovery and such.

Saji quickly learned that Shinji wasn't from their world, and put him up at his place, even enrolling him at Nanyo and training him. He had actually proven to be a strong fighter, an asset to them.

Since that day Shinji had gotten stronger and more skilled, but he still avoided Ryomou whenever she was around. Not that she could blame him.

But now... here he was... talking to her. Not afraid, not looking away, not avoiding her.

"Are you... alright?" Shinji asked.

"I don't think so." Ryomou said, staring at the handsome 17-year old boy.

"Why? What's wrong?" he asked.

Why is this so hard? She thought. "I-I-I want to make up for what I did!" she said.

"You don't owe me an apology, Ryomou."

"You're right. I owe you much more than that." she said, staring down at the ground.

"But Ryomou..."

"I nearly killed you, Shinji! For something that wasn't your fault! You were an innocent in all this."

He kept silent, letting her vent as much as she needed.

"Anything I can do to make up for what I did... just tell me and I'll do it." she said, near desperation in her voice.

Shinji thought about that, rather intently, before smiling slightly. Here was the perfect opportunity to not only make amends for past wrongs, but maybe to open the pathways of friendship that he had involuntarily closed years ago. Though it had not been intentional, he had still closed them. Now was his chance to reopen them.

"Have dinner with me tonight." he said with a soft smile.


Shyuyu Koukin was walking down to the docks, on a hunch from Saji that Sousou and his gang were there. He wondered why he should have even trusted Saji, considering the man's guileful nature and numerous attempts at trying to get into Hakufu's panties.

He could be doing that right now! Koukin thought to himself as he continued walking towards the docks.

It was when he arrived at the docks, he heard a loud explosion and a slight tremble in the earth. As well as the curing of several people.

"BITCH! No Account Bushwackin Bi-" one of the thugs shouted.


Koukin turned the corner and stared at a lone, busty female figure in a short plaid skirt, a blue school blazer with no undershirt or bra, a pair of thick shoes and knee-high socks, knock around more than a couple dozen people onto their backs. But it was her greenish hair that caught his attention.

RYOFU HOUSEN? Koukin gasped.

"Son of a....not good! Not good at all!" one of the thugs gasped.

"You think?! Someone get Sousou! NOW!!" another thug shouted.

Huh! Thirty down and already out of breath... not a good sign. She huffed as she looked around. In the distance a pair of knuckles cracked as Ryofu turned around to face the person. Who.. ? Ki's like fire!

Koukin followed her gave towards an attractive woman in a single long white dress that hugged her rather curvy figure. She had long black hair, fingerless gloves, and white boots that looked like socks.

"I was wondering how long it would take you to notice me. You're slipping... Ryofu, is it?" the woman said. "Myousai. That's me. Kakouen Myousai. Resist and it goes down messy. Not that I mind. Wet or Dry - dead is dead."

Koukin just watched at Myousai leapt at Ryofu with amazing speed and uncanny grace. She leapt down from her perch atop a high warehouse, landed and kicked Ryofu in one deft move.

DAMN! TOO FAST! CAN'T... Ryofu gasped as Myousai continued to advance.

Koukin watched in mild fascination.

She's good! But who is.... wait. Myousai? I know that name. Koukin thought.

Okay... if I never see another chicks panties again, it'll be too soon! Ryofu thought as she struggled to get up. Fighting style's like nothing I've ever seen... some southeast Asia discipline? Burmese? Pencak Silat? DA-AMN! Hurts Like Hell... Not Southeast... not quite...

Myousai leapt at her again, causing Ryofu to duck and notice something she didn't want to.

Eew! Gross! She's got a Pee-Stain!!

It was then that both Myousai and Koukin noticed something.

Ryofu was coughing up blood!

"What drives you girl? Your body kills you by degrees. You're as good as dead. What do you possibly hope to gain?"

Koukin gasped as he suddenly remembered.

Myousai! I remember! She's Sousou's assassin! Perfected some kind of assassination discipline that crawled out of the dirty side of the Vietnam War. Then again... not much about that war was clean. She mastered that, too. Rumor still... she grew to like it. She's a killer who's totally devoted to Sousou. He thought as he saw something fall from her fingers. It was a small metal object, like a lead fishing weight, attached to a long metal wire. The weight had a dragon carved into it, like it was wrapped around the weight itself.

"I fight for the master. For Sousou. Ryofu girl... what do you fight for?" Myousai said.

"It's all I've ever known since the Magatama took me." Ryofu answered.

"I fight for the one who saved me. The one who showed me the way. He is... all things to me." she said as she hurled the wire-weight at Ryofu. It wrapped around her right ankle and pulled the busty and sickly fighter towards the assassin.

DAMN IT! YOU BITCH! Alright, come on, Pee-Stain! Let's Do This!! She thought fiercely. Gotta make this count! I will not wait for my body's betrayal to claim me! She thought as Myousai slammed her fingers into the hard concrete, shattering it like an earthquake normally would, but missing Ryofu in the process.

She's finished... unless.... Koukin thought as his body moved.

"YOU GOTTA COME HARDER THAN THAT, PEE-STAIN!!" Ryofu shouted as she lunged at Myousai, missing her over the right side of her shoulder as Myousai jabbed at her chest.


"Gotcha, bitch!" Ryofu giggled as she tightly held Myousai's arm at the wrist. "Figured you.. Better than... this... Thought Sousou's whores... could fight!"

She said nothing, didn't even appear to be pissed off, amused, or even concerned.

Nothing? What's it take to get a rise out of this tramp?!! she thought as she twisted her body and backhanded Myousai through several concrete pillars.

Ryofu gasped at her moments worth of victory, as her body started to betray her once again, and she fell to the ground, as if defeated.

Myousai got out of the rubble and stood up, snapping her left arm back into place and walking over to the prone and motionless girl.

Just a love-tap, pee-stain. Come on, I'm waitin'...

Myousai attacked with both pointer and middle finger of her right hand, trying to bring it down hard into Ryofu's head... and had it deflected by a strong left hand attached to a young man named Shyuyu Koukin.

"What?" Myousai gasped, more in shock that someone actually came to help.

"Sorry... but no one's dying today!" Koukin said as he knocked Myousai away.

"Who are you?" the assassin gasped.

"Shyuyu Koukin, of Nanyo Academy." the young man stated.

"Why are you here? This is not your fight."

"Yeah, I know. Guess I'm a big idiot." he said as he moved back and blocked her path to Ryofu.

Off to the side, a girl with short reddish-brown hair just gasped at the handsome young man who had come to Ryofu's aid, and before her.

Nanyo Academy? What is he doing here? Chinkyu Koudai thought as Koukin quickly turned around and picked up Ryofu before taking off in a dead run away from the docks.

Myousai just stared as the young man ran off, barely noticing a third figure chase after them.


(Shinji's Apartment)

Shinji had cooked a delicious dinner of spaghetti, garlic bread, salad and red wine for the beautiful and deadly toushi, who had shown up in a blue summer dress that she had bought specifically for this 'date' as it were.

After dinner found both Shinji and Ryomou dancing gently in the living room of his apartment, the boy holding the still somber-looking girl firmly but gently in his arms.

But as they danced, Ryomou was confused.

He didn't drug the food or poison the drinks. He's not really trying to take advantage of me. Why is he doing this? Ryomou thought as she continued to sway gently to the song.

"Is something wrong, Ryo-chan?" Shinji asked the quiet girl.

"Why are you doing this?" she asked him, still unable to look at him.

"Doing what?" he asked.

"This." she said.

"You mean... dancing with a beautiful young woman?" he asked, causing her to blush.

"Why aren't you taking advantage of me?" she asked, still blushing.

"Because a gentleman should never force himself upon a lady."

He thinks I'm a lady? She thought.

"Especially one he likes." he said.

"You... like me?" she gasped, clearly confused as if she had not heard him right.

"Of course. I wouldn't have asked you to have dinner with me if I didn't."

"It's just... well.... Genpou would have..."

"I'm not him, Ryomou-chan." he said softly.

"And I appreciate that. But... Shinji-kun... I'm not a lady. I mean... a real lady wouldn't have beaten you to a bloody pulp like I did." she explained.

"Unless they were worried and concerned about someone they cared for." he said.

"I.... don't care for Genpou.... not like that."

"Then why did you beat me up?"

"Because I.... I thought that....I foolishly thought that.... he was the one for me."

"But he isn't."

"No. He isn't."

"You thought he was a gentleman, but he wasn't, though his intentions are somewhat honorable, his manners and attitude annoy the hell out of you."

Ryomou just nodded in silent agreement.

"A real gentleman wouldn't take advantage of a lady..... unless they wanted to be taken advantage of." he said with a kind smile.

Ryomou caved and threw her arms around Shinji's neck, bringing her lips flush against his and hungrily kissing him. An action she had no experience with, yet found it was not without it's effect.

"What do you want from me, Shinji-kun?" she asked him her mouth an inch from his own.

"I want you to be my girlfriend, Ryo-chan.... so I can make love to you." he whispered back.

"I.... I don't know how, Shinji-kun." she said nervously.

"Neither do I. I guess we'll have to learn together."

"But why do you want this from me?"

"Because I love you."

Tears fell from her eyes as the words lanced her heart. "How could you love someone.... who hurt you so much?"

"Because after two years.... I came to realize that if you did all that for someone you didn't care for... what would you do for someone you did care about? And... who wanted to care for you?" he asked.


(SHU Dojo)

Chinkyu followed Koukin at a safe distance, just enough to keep an eye on things but far back so that Koukin didn't suspect he was being followed.

What is he doing? Chinkyu wondered.

What am I doing? Koukin thought as he carried the wheezing and bleeding Ryofu in his arms.

The answer, of course, became obvious as he arrived at a large house/dojo and went inside.

"I hope you know what you're doing!" Goei said as Koukin wiped the blood from Ryofu's mouth.

"I'm only thinking about helping Nanyo." Koukin said as he knelt next to Ryofu's body, his hands together as he focused his ki.

"Sure you don't want to cop a little feel before you start?"

Koukin blushed as she said that. "Unfortunately.... I'm gonna have to."

Goei's expression turned serious. "Excuse me? Did you say that?"

Koukin's blush only increased as he suddenly straddled Ryofu's thin waist and gently pulled off her blazer, revealing her full and ample bosom.

"I took the liberty of looking up her symptoms. She's got Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis." he said.

"Animal-what?" Goei asked.

"It's a degenerative condition that contracts the muscles and eventually kills the heart. I called Doctor Genka to ask about this... and he says it's terminal."

"Then what do you plan to..."

"He said there was one thing I could do." he said as his hands started to glow. "But it's a bit of a long-shot."


"A life for a life."

"Excuse me?"

"Extra ki-force energy from another person might send her condition into remission. Like I said, it's a long-shot, so..." he said.

"So why are you sitting on her stomach and opening her blazer?"

"ALS attacks the chest and heart, where it does the most damage. In order to stop it, I have to start with the chest."

"Riiiiight. Sure." she said playfully.

Koukin just glared at his aunt and turned to focus on the girl. Groaning at the total lack of support he had for this.

"Alright.... but why are you doing this? I mean you barely know this girl." Goei asked.

"I know.... but destiny claims that Ryofu was going to die at the hands of Sousou's agents... and she would have tonight... if I hadn't saved her."

"Are you trying to change history?" the woman asked.

"..................yes." he said as he closed his hands and placed his glowing hands on Ryofu's breasts.

"So.... you're giving her your life force?"

"It's the only thing I can do." he said while blushing fiercely.

"The only thing you can..? And what do you hope to gain from this?" she asked.

"Hopefully.... an extra set of fighting hands." he replied.

"Considering your hands are groping a pair of melons other than Hakufu's." she said.

"Don't.... Distract Me!" he hissed through his teeth. "I have to do this slowly, little by little. If I send too much into her body at one time... it could blow her body open like..."

"Like her clothes in a fight?" she asked.

"Yeah. Like that."


(Shinji's Apartment)

Ryomou undid Shinji's shirt and let it drop to the ground, gently running her hands over his firm and athletic torso. Shinji reached around and undid the straps of her dress, pulling them off and letting the dress fall to the ground. She blushed a little as Shinji took in her slim waist and incredibly perky bosom.

"You're so beautiful, Ryo-chan." he said softly, his breath upon her skin.

"Thank you, Shinji-kun." she replied in a hushed whisper.

"You're nervous."


"I am too."

"You don't act like it."

"Here, let me show you." he said, taking her hand and placing it on his chest.

Ryomou gasped, feeling the rapid beating of his heart.

If his heartbeat was any faster, it would explode. She thought as she looked up into his eyes.

She smiled as she removed her hand and moved in to kiss Shinji gently on the lips.

"It's alright, Shinji-kun. I'll be gentle with you this time." she said softly as she embraced him.

Shinji hugged her back, his hands gently rubbing across her bare skin, from her back to the small white panties she was still wearing. Ryomou lifted her head and pressed her lips to Shinji's, the young man reciprocating her feelings. Her hands were on his chest, his own hands gripping her shoulders as they kissed. They moved away from each other as Ryomou took Shinji by the hand and lead her back to where his bedroom was.

They stopped at the edge of the bed where Ryomou unbuckled Shinji's belt and let his pants drop to the ground. She didn't laugh as she saw his boxers, which had little orange fish on it.

Once his boxers had joined her panties on the floor, the pair enfolded their arms around the other and gently fell back onto the bed. Shinji's arms were around her waist, Ryomou's arms around his neck, Shinji's body lying atop Ryomou's as their lips crushed against the other.

Ryomou's breathy moans washed over Shinji's ears as he teased her neck with lips and teeth.

"Shinji.... please.... make me yours... please." she moaned in a voice that she barely recognized as her own.

Shinji kissed her lips gently as he gripped her hips and pulled her up into a sitting position. His now enlarged member stood out, ready to join with her moistened womanhood in the ultimate act of pleasure. Sitting on his knees, he gently guided the eyepatch-wearing woman directly to him. He felt a small shiver run through her as the head of his member made first contact with her body.

"I promise... I'll go slow." he whispered softly to her.

She nodded as she leaned forward and wrapped her arms around his neck, crushing her chest to his as he used the power of touch to gently guide himself into the panting girl's body.

He started slow, going in and stopping about an inch and a half in, finding her hymen.

"This might hurt a little." he whispered to her.

Ryomou's reply was to kiss Shinji on the cheek.

Gripping her soft derriere with his hands he pulled the two of them together, causing Ryomou to gasp in slight pain, her arms wrapping tighter around her. Shinji's hands wrapped tighter around her waist and back holding her to him as the act was completed.

Ryomou pulled back and looked at Shinji, the young man staring back at the female toushi.

"Shinji." she gasped, this time a happy tear racing down her cheek.

"Ryomou." he said, leaning in to brush his lips against hers.

Ryomou tightened her embrace, crushing her lips against his as she sought to suck the very life from his body through his mouth.

Shinji regained his scattered thoughts and started a steady rhythm, in and out of her body as her legs wrapped around his waist.

His hands felt a thin sheen of sweat cover her naked back, yet he held on tightly as their mouths fought for dominance in their sensual struggle.

His legs finally grew tired to where Shinji was forced to lie down on the bed with Ryomou under his own body. Their tongues had already come into play, wrestling against the other as their bodies rubbed hotly against the other.

Ryomou gripped Shinji tightly and managed to flip them over, putting Shinji on his back and herself on top. She uncoiled herself from around his body and sat up, still joined at the hips, her legs on the sides of his hips, her hands on his chest, her hair and body drenched with sweat that rolled down her chest, and breasts, and dropped on to his own.

"Ryomou?" Shinji asked, slightly out of breath.

The lovely toushi just stared at Shinji, gently trailing her hand over his cheek.

"Promise me... you will never leave me?" she asked.

Shinji just smiled at her. "How could I? You're my girl."

Ryomou smiled and leaned down to kiss him hotly once again.

Shinji wrapped his arms around her body, his mood not lost at her small pillow talk, as his hands gripped her shapely rear end and continued to pump into her. Ryomou hugged his head tightly with her arms, practically burying his face in her cleavage as her body betrayed her and came earlier than expected.

"SHINJI!!!!!!!!!" she screamed.

"RYOMOU!!!!!!!!!!!" he shouted.

Their orgasm died down as the blue-haired girl looked down at her lover.

"I.... I don't... I didn't expect that to..." she gasped.

"It's alright, Ryomou-chan. It was our first time." he said, raising up to kiss her tenderly on the mouth. "We'll get better."

Ryomou smiled as she settled down against Shinji, who held her tightly.

Five minutes later, they were back at it.


An hour later found Koukin resting next to Ryofu as Chinkyu Koudai pulled a blanket over the sleeping pair. Koukin had finally stopped sending his ki into Ryofu's body a couple minutes ago. It was a slow process, mostly because sending too much energy into a person would kill them. But slowly sending the ki into a persons body, they would recover quicker than they would normally.

Chinkyu had overheard and witnessed everything that Koukin did for Ryofu, a happy smile spreading across her lips as she gently stroked Koukin's hair.

"Chinkyu?" Ryofu asked weakly.

"Ryofu! You're awake." Chinkyu cried.

"What... happened? I... the last thing I remember.... that woman with the... pee-stain."

"Yeah. Well... it's a long story."

Chinkyu spent the next ten minutes quickly explaining what happened, as she knew it.

"So... he saved me." Ryofu said, feeling her own throat. "I don't feel... I feel... better!" she said.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"I didn't want to worry you."

"That's bullshit and you know it." Chinkyu snapped.

Ryofu sighed. "I know. But it was my problem. And even the magatama couldn't help."

"They never do." Chinkyu sighed.

"So... what are we going to do now?"

"He wanted to offer us a place at Nanyo." Chinkyu explained.

"Sounds like a good offer. We should take it." Ryofu said.

"Should we wake him up and tell him?" Chinkyu asked.

"Not yet." Ryofu said with a wicked smile.


Koukin blinked his eyes open and stared at the ceiling, feeling warm and comfortable. He tried to sit up and suddenly realized that he couldn't move. He looked down and noticed a pair of female figures curled up with him.

On his right, Ryofu Housen. On his left, a young woman with short reddish hair he didn't recognize.

Both had their heads resting on his chest, their arms wrapped tightly around his body, holding him in place. He could feel that they were naked, as he was, just from the fact that their legs were also wrapped around his.

And he remembered wearing pants before he passed out giving Ryofu his ki energy.

Did I.... did we... what the hell happened? The last thing I remember... I was giving Ms Housen my ki-energy in order to stabilize her condition. I... passed out... I guess... and... where did this girl come from? And who is she?

Ryofu stirred as she looked over at Koukin and smiled.

"Good morning." Ryofu said.

"Good morning." Koukin replied. "Uh... what happened? How did we end up like this? And... who is this?" he asked, looking at Chinkyu.

"Chinkyu Koudai, my second in command. Where I go, she goes."

"So I see."

"We talked last night. And if you'll have us... we wish to join Nanyo against Kyosho." Ryofu said.

Koukin smiled at the woman. "Thank you."

"No. Thank you... for what you did for me." Ryofu said as she leaned in to kiss Koukin on the lips, his eyes going wide. "You're going to be fun to play with." she said as her hand slowly started moving down his chest.

"I'm what?" he asked, stunned.

"Much better, I think, than Genpou." she said, reaching into his pants to grip him tightly.

"Uh, really?" he gasped at her hold.

"Yes." she said, rubbing her nose against his cheek. "He always smelled like cigarette smoke."



Shinji and Ryomou eventually married when it was discovered that Ryomou was pregnant with Shinji's child. They named the girl Rei, after one of Shinji's closest friends. Though unlike Rei she actually became a one-time problem child when she took her mothers handcuffs to 'Show and Tell' and Shinji was called in for a conference.

Shinji had to lie and told the teacher she was an undercover cop.


Authors Notes:

This is my first Evangelion/Ikki Tosen story. And yes, it is a lemon and a one-shot. But that was part of my plan. It was also my intention to have Shinji sleep with as many toushi as possible, but also to have Koukin hook up with different women as well.

Next Chapter: Ryofu Housen!