by Gunman

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Summary: When Shinji becomes a temple devotee at Seito Shrine, he becomes close friends with Ryubi Gentoku but also her lover as well.

Shinji/Ryubi, Koukin/Choun


Chapter 8

The Book Lover

It had been six months since Shinji had left Tokyo-3, following his painful series of battle against the Angels for the NERV agency.

After the battle against the 13th Angel, Shinji had just got so fed up with everything that he left and didn't return. He was unconcerned with the events that followed his departure, caring only that he didn't want anything more to do with it. Of course the 14th Angel had picked that time to attack and decimate NERV looking for both Lilith and Adam.

Not that Shinji cared anymore.

It was in this time that Shinji had come to work and stay at the Seito Shrine, finding himself lost both physically and emotionally.

The boy was welcomed by the group of unusual individuals at the shrine, many of whom were beautiful young woman.

Especially the sweet, kind, and bookish Ryubi Gentoku.

Of all the girls, she and Shinji seemed to bond quicker. Especially since Shinji liked most of the books that Ryubi seemed to read on and off. Despite his usual tasks of cooking and cleaning, Shinji found time to read along with Ryubi.

Six months since he had left NERV, and four months since he had come to stay at Seito Shrine with the gaggle of gorgeous women, found Shinji and Ryubi once again sitting on the roundish cushion in Ryubi's private room as they continued reading their book. Ryubi was once again sitting in Shinji's lap as he looked over her shoulder and smiled/blushed. The reason he blushed was simple: every time he tried to move his arms around her in order to turn the page (as she sometimes fell asleep) he rubbed up against her breasts.

He sometimes wondered if God enjoyed watching him blush and get flustered when he accidentally rubbed up against that particular part of the female anatomy.

However, the reason he smiled was even simpler: he was in love with the buxom bookworm in his lap.

For the last few months since they had become friends and companions, the former Eva pilot had found himself slowly becoming attracted to the young Seito leader. She was kind, sweet, honest, a little shy at times, and rather clumsy. All rolled together made Shinji adore the glasses-wearing girl.

However, what Shinji was unaware of at the time, was that Ryubi was taking an interest in more than just the books they had been reading.

While Shinji loved a good book as much as the next person, that person being Ryubi herself, even he had to admit that books were rather limited in terms of companionship.

When they had first met they had been only sitting next to each other. Eventually Ryubi got up enough nerve to sit in front of Shinji, and then in his lap.

Every day that they had spent together found themselves growing closer and closer to each other, though both of them being the people they were, were naturally shy and hesitant about going ahead with any kind of a relationship.

That was, however, until one day.

Shinji and Ryubi were sitting in Ryubi's room at the Seito shrine, once again reading the Lord of the Rings book, this one being The Two Towers, when Ryubi sensed that Shinji was not reading along with her.

Looking back, Ryubi found Shinji staring intently at her rather than the book.

"Shinji?" Ryubi asked as she found the young man less than an inch from her face.

"Ryubi, I...." Shinji blushed as his breath washed over Ryubi's lips.

Both teens were frozen in time as they stared into each others eyes. It was only due to their beating hearts that they eventually moved and closed the space between themselves.

Ryubi glowed brightly as if a fire had been lit underneath her for the first time in her life. The book fell from her hands, ironically at the place where Aragorn and Arwen are discussing Frodo's fate and the state of their relationship, as she turned to place them upon Shinji's chest.

My first kiss. Ryubi thought as their arms wrapped around each other, holding tight as they fell back to the floor, with Shinji atop of her. Their tongues slid against each other as wave upon wave of new sensations surged through their previously shy bodies.

The pair stopped kissing, staring into each others eyes as if trying to figure out what had happened. What was happening. Shinji ran a hand through her reddish hair as her legs arched up and rubbed against his sides. Her hands gripped behind his neck, his hands on her waist as he pulled her up from the floor, and carried her to the bed. A feat in of itself as the girl was heavier that she looked.

Being somewhat top heavy was often the cause of her clumsiness, but at times it had proven to be a useful tool in getting Shinji's attention. The young man easily bore the weight as he carried her towards the bed and carefully placed her on it. Removing her glasses and placing them on the stand next to the bed, Ryubi pulled Shinji to her as they kissed again, this time with more passion.

Neither of them were complaining, or even arguing why this was happening. They had been together for months just sitting with each other and reading, only now realizing that they had both harbored secret feelings for one another, and now that those emotions had been released thanks to simple brief kissing, they were both intent on seeing just how far this relationship was going to go.

Wanting more of her, Shinji inserted his tongue into his mouth, an action that surprised and delighted the girl. She moaned intently as he ran his hand threw her hair, cupping the back of her head to as to keep her right where he wanted her. Namely, right below his mouth.

They clutched at each other in a frenzy, yet almost comically, seeing as they had very little previous experience at this, rolling around on the bed and kissing each other. When Ryubi was on top, Shinji found his way to her neck, making her gasp out loud. When Ryubi was on the bottom, she found Shinji's tongue in her mouth, making her moan passionately.

Eventually, somehow, the pairs clothes had become somewhat of a hindrance, and they had pulled their shirts off first. Ryubi's usual shyness returned, mimicked by Shinji's own self-consciousness.

"Shinji-kun, are you... sure we should be doing this?" Ryubi asked as she covered her bra-clad chest with her arms.

"I don't know, Ryubi-chan." Shinji said, still clutching his shirt as they sat only a foot from each other on the bed. "But.. if you still want to... I promise I'll be as gentle as I can."

I want to do this, I want to do this, I want to do this. She thought, followed by, I'm not a lesbian, I'm not a lesbian, I'm not a lesbian.

I mustn't run away, I mustn't run away, I mustn't run away. He thought, followed by, I do like girls, I do like girls, I do like girls.

Ryubi made the first move, unclasping her bra and pulling the soft fabric from her chest and letting her breasts jiggle a bit as she turned to face Shinji. The boy in question was transfixed at the buxom beauty before him. Glasses off, hair ponytail-free, and topless before him.

Overcome with desire, Shinji practically lunged at Ryubi, his lips colliding with her own as she wrapped her arms around his neck, his arms around her torso, the attractive young woman squirming beneath the handsome young man as their mouths tried to inhale the other. (a feat that was slightly difficult due to her rather large breasts being in the way)

The rest of their clothes were either ripped or forcefully pulled from their bodies, Shinji burying his mouth into Ryubi's neck to suckle her skin.

"Oh! Shinji-kun!" she gasped rather loudly.

Outside, a certain white-haired girl was fervently struggling to get in the room and kick Shinji's ass. The only thing stopping her, was a certain blue-haired, lance-wielding toushi.

Shinji hugged the girl to him, their skin rubbing fiercely against each other as Shinji broke the kiss and started moving down her curvy body. He kissed her neck, her shoulders, down the sides of her right breast, and gently kissed her smooth belly. His nose dipped past her belly button and he soon came to the junction between her legs. He felt her hands ruffle his hair while feeling his own heart beat faster and faster with each second. There was a nervousness to him that Ryubi seemed to sense, as her eyes suddenly glowed a fearful red before she quickly moved, knocking Shinji back as she quicky mounted the boy with her moist womanhood hovering over his face. He grunted and gasped as he felt a soft but firm hand grip his manhood.

"Take me, as I take you!" Ryubi said in a voice that Shinji didn't discern as her own, at least not right away.

Shinji suddenly felt a warm wetness surround him, pressure and suction starting straight away as he let out a strained and startled gasp. He barely had time to comprehend what had just happened as his face was filled with Ryubi's own dripping wetness as she came to a full rest upon his body. Steeling himself, he thrust his tongue up into her body as his hands gripped her hips. Ryubi sucked him fully as she bobbed up and down upon his shaft trying to get all of him into her mouth. Shinji in turn was trying to push as much of his tongue into her body so as to give her the maximum amount of pleasure that was possible from his modest red tongue.

Ryubi moaned louder as she felt something, which she guessed was his finger, snake around her leg and assist his rather talented tongue in pleasuring her womanhood. Her hand was still around the base of his shaft, pumping him up and down in time with her mouth, trying to give him as much pleasure as his cunnilingus was to her.

The stroking and blowjob was making him moan louder, which was reverberating into Ryubi's love canal, causing her to wrap her legs tighter around his body. He added a second finger to his actions, catching the girl by surprise as he made one final thrust, inadvertently stabbing at her clitoris and sending her into a quicker than expected orgasm.

"AAAHHHHH!!!!!!!" Ryubi shouted as her womanhood exploded, flushing her juices over his face as her eyes stopped glowing red.

Ryubi moved off of him and laid on her side as Shinji wiped his face clean with his shirt. He tossed the shirt back down to the floor and laid down next to the girl, rubbing her shoulder and arm as both of them just basked in the feeling they had just experienced.

"Oh, Shinji-kun!" Ryubi sighed staring at the boy next to her.

"Ryubi-chan." Shinji smiled as he leaned in a gently kissed her nose, then nuzzled it with his own. "I love you."

"I... love you too." she said, tears streaming down her face.

Shinji pulled her close, hugging her warmly as she leaned in and whispered into his ear.

"Shinji..." she started to say. "Take me. Make me a woman." she half whispered, half pleaded.

Shinji smiled as he kissed her lips tenderly before rolling her over onto her back. He saw the nervous look in her eyes and reached up to caress her cheek softly, assuring her that he would be gentle and she would be alright. She smiled warmly back at him and nodded again as he placed his head at her entrance. He kept his eyes locked onto her own as he slowly moved into her body. She shuddered as she felt him enter her, then stop at her hymen. His breathing became as deep as her own as he made one quick forward thrust, piercing her young body and causing a sharp pain to reverberate through her like nothing she had ever known.

She shrieked out madly, arching her back and spasming as Shinji wrapped his arms around her in a tight, firm embrace.

He held her tightly, gently stroking her hair as she held onto him, nails digging into his back, their heads pressed against each other, cheek-to-cheek.

"I know, sweetie. It hurt. I'm so sorry." he whispered to her.

"I knew it would. I just didn't... expect..." she whispered back as she clung to him tightly.

The pair held each other for several minutes, Shinji gently cooing into her ear to reassure her. It was when Ryubi softly kissed his cheek that Shinji knew she was ready.

Shinji kissed her mouth gently as he moved back and forth, slowly at first, grinding against her inner walls with incredible friction that made the girl moisten quicker than before. Well lubricated, the pair of teens moved against each others body, Ryubi's legs wrapped around his waist, Shinji reaching up to carefully massage her more-then-generous breasts as he moved back and forth into her body.

Ryubi gasped as three sensations hit her at the same times. Shinji's member pounding into her womanhood, his left hand caressing her right breast, and his lips suckling on her neck. His right hand reaching up under her body to push on her back, keeping her as close to him, while he tried to keep his focus on the multiple tasks at hand. The only thought he had: pleasure Ryubi.

Kneading and caressing her breast was quickly tiring out his hand, and he was forced to bring his right hand into play to manage the other breast, switching his lip position from her neck to her mouth and literally resting upon her body like it was a bed. Her body was warm and clenched onto him so tightly that he put forth an incredible effort into every thrust, the resistance making him want it more as he pounded into her with an almost inhuman fierceness and speed as his orgasm continued to build.

Ryubi returned the kiss as best she could, her hands gripping his shoulder and the back of his head. Her body felt like it was on fire as she quickly felt her own orgasm building to a great explosion. An explosion that she was not afraid of.

Deciding she wanted to end it on her terms, she managed to flip both of them over with herself on top. Hugging his thighs tightly she thrust her hips back and forth, practically pounding him as her moans became louder and her body thrashed and flexed in an almost uncontrollable fashion. It was enough to almost cause Shinji to swallow his tongue as Ryubi Gentoku's hot, naked and sweaty body writhed and bounced up and down before him. Her ginormous breasts bounced wildly, filling his vision as his hands reached up to grab hold of her hips to keep her bucking back and forth like she was possessed.

However, it didn't last long as Shinji could no longer hold back.

"Ryubi! I'm... going to... come!" he shouted.

"Me... Too... Shinji.... Come... With Me!" she shouted.

Shinji struggled to force himself into a sitting position and hugged Ryubi around the waist as they came with a force that Ryubi had never consciously experienced.

Ryubi crushed Shinji's face to her breasts as his seed pumped into her body as she cried out in an overwhelming release she had never before known. A scream that rattled the doors of her room to the point they almost fell off the railing.

The pair breathed heavily as they came down from their intense high. She pulled back to look at him, the young man staring into her eyes as he reached up to gently kiss her lips.

"I love you, Ryubi-chan." he said.

"I love you, my Shinji-kun." she replied.

Now equally tired, the pair lay in each others arms in the bed the rest of the afternoon and well into the night as sleep had taken them over right as their heads hit the pillows.


Choun Shiryu walked into the bedroom where Shyuyu Koukin was still recovering.

It had been a rather harrowing experience for him to escape from Kyosho, and he had arrived at the Seito shrine to get some recovery before heading back to Nanyo Academy.

However, he was fairly injured, and to the silver-haired, close-eyed Choun Shiryu, his ki seemed a little 'out-of-whack'.

It was at this time that Choun had decided to help him and herself as well.

She walked into his room, and seeing him up, she smiled and walked over to him. Koukin looked up and gasped as he saw the beautiful toushi, but froze when he saw the knot on her robe unfasten, the folds part and the robe itself fall from her body. She heard him suck in his breath rather quickly at the sight of her naked body.

"Wha... Choun-san! What are you doing?" Koukin babbled.

"I'm helping you, and myself." Choun said honestly as she grabbed his hand and pulled him to his feet.

"Helping... me?" he asked, confused.

"When you arrived here I couldn't help but notice that your Ki was in terrible shape." she said.

"Oh. Well... I used a lot of energy trying to get away from those Kyosho agents. I... guess I overdid some of it." he said.

Taking him into the bathroom that conjoined both of their rooms, Choun kept a firm grip on him with her right hand, while her left hand turned on the shower water, letting the cascading water start to fill the bathroom with steam. She turned towards him and slowly helped him get undressed.

Normally, Koukin would have run. Except for the fact that he was a C-rank, and she was an A-rank. There was no way he'd make out of here without a fight. And that was the last thing he wanted.

Choun pulled Koukin into the shower and just let the warm water wash over his slightly grimy skin and hair. He sighed as he felt the water soothe both his muscles and his nerves. But his nervousness spiked as he felt a pair of strong hands glide across his back and looked back to see that Choun was simply lathering soap upon him. But what got him rather excited was when he felt her soft breasts press up against his back, her hands reaching around to lather his chest with soap. She moved lower down his stomach until she came to his hardening member. He tried to block her advance, but she darted past his hands and got a quick grab of him.

"Excited already? Why don't you wash me now?" Choun whispered into his ear.

Koukin didn't know what the hell happened after that. He remembered his own hands lathering up her sexy body with soap, his erection fully presented to her, his hands moved across her full breasts, kneading them with his hands and playing with her pert nipples, drawing moans from her. Koukin suddenly snapped back to reality, noticing he was behind her, his erection pressed up against her shapely rear end as he continued massaging her breasts. She reached back and ran her own hand through his brown locks, pulling his face to her to as to plant a soft kiss upon his lips.

She had stolen his first kiss, but he couldn't have cared less as the intense feeling of arousal continued to fill his mind. He moved in to cover her mouth with his own, returning the kiss with such fervor that she moaned in response.

Koukin spun her around and pulled her hot body against his own, deepening the kiss as their tongues fought for control for several minutes. They pulled apart, getting their much needed air.

"I can help you, Kou-kun. But I need your help too." she whispered in his ear.

The teen nodded his understanding.

Though slightly inexperienced, he had an idea of what they could do in this enclosed space. He put his hands on her trim waist and turned her around so that she was facing the shower wall. Choun smiled as she realized what he was hinting at. She opened her stance for him, presenting her shapely rear end for him. Koukin's excitement level practically went through the roof at seeing her wet sex offered to him. He realized, with some shame, that he wanted her, and he wanted her bad.

His legs felt numb as he bent down and drew his fingers against her open slit, eliciting a soft moan from the woman.

"Oh yes. That's good." she said.

I barely touched her and she's.... enjoying it that much? Koukin thought.

Carefully, he moved towards her and inserted two fingers into her wet slit, sliding it in and out at a slow pace. Choun gasped and purred sensually, telling Koukin that he was definitely doing it right. Though honestly he couldn't have known HOW to do any of this, he was mostly experimenting.

Still, if she liked that...

He bent down on his knees and lashed out his tongue, licking her exposed flesh once, twice,

"Ohhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!" she moaned.

I hope she doesn't think I'm just teasing or torturing her with all this. He thought as he flicked his tongue up into her, using his fingers to help add as much pleasure as he could to her body.

"OH! YES! MORE! DON'T..... STOP!" she gasped.

"You.... want me to stop?" he asked.

"NO! DON'T YOU DARE!!!" she pleaded.

"Then I'll have to do something else." he said as he stood up, rubbing his knees softly. Must have been sitting on them wrong. He thought as he steadied his feet and moved up behind her. Hakufu... forgive me.

Though he was pretty sure he had been deflowered at that hospital by those three Kyosho students who had triple-teamed him on Kaku's orders, (and yet hadn't kissed him on the lips) he still felt like he owed Hakufu an apology of sorts. Even if he barely remembered it.

Holding her hips he eased his aching erection into her folds, making sure the shaft was lubricated enough for both of them to enjoy this. He pushed himself fully into her body, finding her hot and tight all the way until he was at his limit. Choun felt herself filled completely, and had to bite her tongue to keep from screaming out. If there was one thing she had learned recently, if she made any noise, he would stop. But if he heard nothing, then he would keep going until he heard something. Which he had taken to her being fully satisfied.

He held her hips firmly as he started to pump in and out, the A-rank toushi feeling herself slowly being stretched like she hadn't in a long, long time. She felt his hips against her ass, his manhood fully inside her. Nothing like now had ever felt so good. She wanted to scream with each thrust and retraction. The kiss had been wonderful, and now the sex was proving something greater than she had ever known.

"Good. So... good." her mouth released a soft sound that was drown out by the shower water.

Koukin thrust in and out of his lover, his legs feeling like jelly as he moved closer to her, his chest pressed against her back, her matted hair between their skin as he kept thrusting in and out. Choun felt her head touch the shower wall, grinding her teeth together to keep from screaming.

"Choun." he moaned over and over as they continued on towards orgasm.

"I... I can't believe how good you are. Koukin!" her panting breath voiced as her mind was swarmed with waves of pleasure.

Part of her didn't understand this. She was a toushi A-rank. She was strong, tough, fierce, virtually undefeated, and here she was on the verge of screaming out her pleasure as if it was a surrender. Her body couldn't argue more at the analysis.

"Koukin! Koukin! I can't take it anymore!" she shouted as she pushed herself back against him and exploded.

The second before she did, though, Koukin lunged forward and wrapped his arms around her tightly as he exploded in her as well. A combination that sent the pair into shuddering, panting and dry-mouthed expressions.

As their orgasm fell off, the pair slid down the wall, Koukin still holding her tightly as he tried to make her as comfortable as she sat in his lap.

"K-Koukin? Are... are you alright?" Choun asked.

His forehead rested against her shoulder until he lifted his head up to whisper directly into her ear.

"I'm good." he replied. "Are you alright?"

She smiled as she turned her head around and kissed his lips softly.

"I'm wonderful! You're.... really good at this." she said, seeing him blush at her compliment.

"I... don't have much experience with this." he said honestly.

"You could have fooled me, sweetie." she said kissing his cheek as her hand reached up to caress his other cheek.


Kanu Unchou was guarding the front steps holding Shokatsuryou Koumei by the back of her neck to keep her from rushing in and killing Shinji for taking Ryubi from her.

Snack-happy shrine-maiden Chouhi Ekitoku was fuming.

"Is something wrong Chouhi-san?" Kouchu Kansho asked.

"Yeah! Everybody's getting laid around here but ME!"

The bald-headed, stone-faced monk looked impassive, but blushed anyway.

But he got a fearful look in his eye as he was suddenly grabbed by the shrine-maiden the dragged to the back of the temple so that she could have her way with him.



Following the defeat of Kyosho Academy and its leader Sousou, Shinji and Ryubi eventually got married and had two twin girls, who they named Arwen and Eowyn.

Koukin and Choun eventually began their own relationship, as it quickly became obvious that there was nothing he could do about pursuing a relationship with his cousin, Hakufu. Their 'union' had the result of forming an alliance between Seito and Nanyo, and eventually resulted in a child of their own. A boy that they named Samwise.

This was actually at Ryubi's suggestion.

Shinji and Ryubi opened a bookstore together while Koukin and Choun raised their son at the Shu Temple, training him in swordsmanship.


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