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The blood rushed around inside Pete's head as he and Myka stormed up the stairs to the top floor. Each landing they arrived at was more unsteady than the last. Pete's heart pounded in rhythm with his feet hitting the floor. Let Jessie be okay, was his mantra of the day. Deep cracks ran in the walls that weren't supposed to be in a building so new as the one that had been built just a mere year before. The stairs were crumbling due to the massive shocks they had received earlier. Pete nearly tripped on a gap in the floor as they raced upward. Finally, they reached the top floor of the building.

"Jessie?" Pete called, voice tinged with panic.

"Pete?" returned a voice across the room. A moment later, Pete was smacked into by a ball of black and brown. He wrapped his arms around his sister and held her tightly against his chest. Into her rose-scented hair, he whispered, "I was worried about you."

Jessie Lattimer released her brother and gazed up at him with deep metallic blue eyes, "I know. I was worried you wouldn't come."

"I'll always come," Pete answered firmly.

Jessie nodded and glanced over at Myka, "This is your partner?" she directed the question to Pete before directing her dialogue to Myka with an offered hand, "I'm Jessie Lattimer, Pete's sister and the administrator of this building."

"Myka Bering," Myka answered, shaking Jessie's hand, "Pete's partner."

"Nice to meet you," Jessie nodded, then she regarded both newcomers at once, "Y'all came just in time. The charge seems to be building up in that damn box."

"You mean the one that is causing the building to collapse?" asked Pete as Jessie gestured for them to follow her.

"Yeah, that thing," Jessie pointed over to a black box in the center of the floor, "Somebody left it in here I guess and then when somebody touched it, it started to release seismic energy."

Pete and Myka knelt in front of the box and pulled on the purple gloves.

"So, ideas?" asked Pete to Myka.

"Pour the neutralizer on it?"

"That could work."

Myka brought out a vial of neutralizer and poured a tiny bit of neutralizer on it first. The box sparked violently, causing the agents to jerk back.

"It'll cause a significant explosion," Pete observed. He looked up at his sister, "You need to get everybody out of the building."

"We've tried," Jessie answered, "There's an energy field running through the concrete that is allowing things to come through, but nothing go out."

"That could pose a problem," Pete muttered, "Have you tried taking out the box?"

"Nothing will cut through the box or floor because of the force field."

Pete was silent for a long time, "Any ideas?" he repeated to Myka.

Myka shook her head and Pete stood again, "Okay then, time for dumping the neutralizer on the box."

Jessie stood back as Myka got to her feet and Pete undid the canister. He raised it into position and then with confirmation began to pour. The floor began to shake first as the purple liquid hit the box. Then the walls began to tremor. Jessie glanced around worriedly at her office all around her. Myka stayed close to Pete as her partner kept up his pouring. Jessie gasped as the floor began to crack. Then suddenly the floor gave way beneath her.

"Jessie!" Pete shouted as he saw his sister fall through the floor. Then the electricity in the floor began to randomly spike. Myka yelped as small volts went through her boots, shocking her feet. Then the floor under her was losing structural integrity. Pete grabbed her around the waist as the last of the liquid was expelled from the container. Then with one last blast, the building began to come apart. Pete lost his footing and when both he and Myka hit the floor, the concrete began to give way.

"Hold onto me!" Pete yelled in Myka's ear as the floor bucked and swayed. The building felt as if it was swaying back and forth. With the tears in the walls, the office began to become exposed to the outside. The ceiling tiles crashed down around them and on top of them. Light blazed in and dust was picked up. Holding onto each other tightly, Pete and Myka felt themselves falling farther and faster.

Then there was only the darkness of oblivion.