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Fiction Rated: M for the later chapters. English Romace/Fantasy Harry Potter

Harry sat on the edge of his red and gold satin covered bed, rubbing his protruding stomach thinking. The moonlight slipped through the closed curtains casting a worried look onto the young mans face. He stood using his hands to push him up and waddled to the bathroom.

"Are you okay?" a quiet voice asked startling Harry out of his daze.

"Neville, you scared me! Yes I'm fine I just had to use the bathroom. You should get back to sleep."

"What about you? I'm pretty sure that your nightly walks are making both you and the baby tired."

"But didn't you go through the same thing with Kari?"

"Yeah, so I know how tired it gets you."

Harry sighed. "I'll go to sleep after I use the bathroom…okay?"

Neville assed Harry, he wasn't sure he was telling the truth. "Okay. But if your not back in the bed in the next fifteen minutes, I'm coming for you and you wont like it one bit mate." He whispered half serious and half joking. He then turned and scuttled away, in the direction of his one year daughter Kari.

"Crazy Mate…" Harry mumbled shaking his head and scooting quickly to the bathroom. After he relieved himself he decided to take a shower. He shed his green night gown and turned the water warm and occasionally stuck his hand in every few seconds to check if it was the right temperature. All the while, he looked at himself in the mirror. His creamy white skin made his scars of abuse stand out. His body was riddled with them. Living with the Dudley's was the worst thing he was ever condemned to do. No one knew but everyday was hell for him. Harry the freak, Harry the Monster, Harry the unloved. No one loved him, and no one knew what abuse he went through and no one would ever find out. Only one person had seen his body, only one person who wasn't disgusted by him. But it to be (I know it sounds corny but I like it) and harry was lucky to keep even a small part of him. He trailed his arms down his chest and onto his pregnant belly. 'You are the only part of him that I could keep.' He brought his hands back up and hovered over his breast. He wasn't used to having breast. It was weird to him. He stopped with one last look before he stepped under the rush of warm water cascading out of the silver shower head. He allowed the water to roll over his head and down his body, washing away all the grim and dirt both physically and mentally. When he was finished he slipped back into the gown and noticed that his still had around five minutes before Neville would 'force him back to bed'. He waddled through the hallways and made his way to the bedroom. He walked into the room to find that Neville was asleep with his child in his arms, while Ron was sitting up watching for him.

"What took you so long mate?"

"I decided to take a shower."

"Harry do you ever think about going back?" Ron asked earnestly

"Well sometimes I wish I could… but me and Neville both have children and …well I don't really look like the old Harry anymore, if I really wanted to, you think that people wouldn't notice that the famous Harry Potter now looks like a girl?"

"Well... I just... I don't know…"

"Ron... You know we cant, your lucky you can go to the school and live out a regular wizardly life but me and Neville here cant so take advantage of it mate."

Ron nodded his head and laid down on the bed. Was he really the lucky one, or was he the condemned?

Ron sat in the back of the class room hoping to avoid any commotion that was certain to happen today. He set his backpack on the ground hoping that no one would notice that it was a muggle item. Snape started lecturing and Ron started to zone out, that's what Snape's voice did to him. It made him sleepy; maybe it had some spell on it? He set his head down and sighed, he wished that Harry or Neville were here it keep him occupied.

"Just what do you think your doing Mr. Weasly?" a soft voice asked. Ron turned to see Professor Snape looking worried down at him… wait worried?! Snape never showed any emotion other than distaste and hatred for Ron.

"I'm fine professor, just a little tired, sorry for distracting the class." Ron said hoping that his words would unconsciously send the professor on his way.

"We're all worried about them, Weasly, were all waiting for them to come back." Ron looked away confused why would Snape be worried, let alone about Gryffindor. Maybe he had a loose bolt in his brain or something. Ron quietly go up out of his seat, grabbed his backpack and left, uncaring of the three pair of eyes that followed his every step.

"So what do you think the Weasel's up to?" Draco whispered to the transfer student that sat next to him.

"I don't now but I want to find out." The boy replied his voice thick with a heavy accent.

"Well don't you think it weird that Potter and Longbottom disappear but the Weasel doesn't? I bet you he knows exactly where they are!"

"Well Draco why do you really want to know where they are, you hate potter right? You should be happy that he's gone."

Draco looked at Krum as if he had slapped him,

"Shut you hole you git! Any person in there right mind would want a missing person to be found, and anyway I have no one to argue with, it's irritating not having someone to tell how inferior they are than me."

"Whatever you say Draco, but let me tell you one thing, Weasely is mine." Krum looked at Draco with the most serious face he had ever seen and suddenly a malicious smile dawned his face and Draco shuddered, he almost felt bad for the weasel…Almost.

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