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I stared out the window of the crowded bus at the brooding clouds.

Sai.... the phantom thief.

The one person who eluded me. I could see down all other criminals intentions. They were so easy, so... predictable.

I was jerked out of my thoughts as the run down bus lurched to a stop.

"Last stop, last stop, everyone off."

Only a small scared looking child and two old women got off with me. The empty bus drove away, leaving me at the edge of a small town I knew as Orimako.


I felt a small tug on my blue skirt and looked down, two large brown eyes stared back, the little girl.

"Are you the famous detective, Katsuragi Yako?"

I nodded and smiled pleasantly and the girls features lit up.

"Wow! My bro follows aaaallll of your cases, he says he's gonna be just like you when he grows up!"

I bent down and ruffled her brown hair. "Really? Well, tell him I'm behind him all the way."

The girl nodded as I stood back up. "Will do."

I smiled again. "See ya."

I waved as I walked away from them, away from the road, into the forest.

I breathed in deep as I made my way between the trees.

It smelled like rain, I hadn't thought to bring an umbrella. I groaned as I shoved two bamboo shoots apart so I could walk between them.

Then I reached it, a small clearing.

It had been five years, but I felt like I had been there only yesterday.

I walked over to a lone tree standing in the middle of the clearing.

It had only been a sapling when Godai had helped me plant it, but five years had done a lot to help it, it was now twice as tall as me and thick enough that no matter how hard you kicked at it, it didn't budge.

I pressed my hand to the bark and leaned against the tree.

"Hello, Sai." I whispered. "Did you miss me?"

I just stood there, waiting for an answer that would never come, trying to understand the heart I never would.

It started raining.

I stared at the sky, the rain was calming.

I sighed and turned around.

"I'll come and visit you again." My voice was hoarse from not being used. "I promise."

I waded back through the forest, making my way to the bus, to the office.

Godai would have clients lining up by the minute now.

I started back, never even dreaming that the last person I expected waited there, and that he was going to lead me on the weirdest adventure, and that, on that adventure, I would meet the one person I thought I would never meet again.

Sai, the phantom thief, Neuro, the puzzle eater.... the two who interested me most... the two I never thought I would see again.


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