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Story Name: A Fox's Luck

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Pairing: Naruto x Tayuya

Genre: Angst, Humor, Romance, Hurt/Comfort.

Ages: 14-15 for these Chapters


Who knows what twirls in the Dark when you can't even see? How can a Fiery Red-Head and a Sun-kissed Blond manage? Blind Naruto, Crippled Tayuya.


It was raining yet again, the sky crying, giving condolence to those who are suffering due to other's actions. Everything smelled of Rain, stale blood, and sweat. It was the only thing keeping both of them in coherent though, pain and emotions throbbing through their veins.

"Tsunade-Sama! Will he ever start moving again?!?" a pinkette woman yelled, tears streaming down her face. One would think her tears were of Sadness, but with closer observation...she was crushing the handle of the door! Her eyes glared bullets into the blond who was wrapped from head to toe on the bed.

"Yes, someti-," the blond was cut off by a quickly placed juke, the pinkette's arm slammed down into the stomach of the injured blond. A Shrieking scream burst out of his mouth while his eyes flew open, tears flowing down his face as if a dam broke and all the water suddenly decided to flood his crops. The elder Blond grabbed the pinkette, slamming her into the ground before dragging her towards the door. Flinging her hard enough to where her head hit the wall, knocking her out successfully and throwing her out of the room.

It hurt, horribly bad, the punch on top of his wounds from Sasuke sent him over the Edge! Quickly he kicked off his bandages and hopped up while the elder blond protected him. His eyes danced with pain as he looked towards the window, his decision becoming more of a resolve by the second. He quickly jumped into the Window, bouncing off it the first time before grunting loudly. 'I can't stay here!! They'll kill me!' he thought before crashing himself against the window again. The window gave away and he fell into the heavy downpour, hitting the ground with a roll before eating down his scream. He took off running before anyone could notice, blood seeping down his chest at the re-opened wounds.

'Kit! Calm down!' a booming voice echoed, only in his head though. 'She was a bitch! Get over it!!' the fox tried to plead with him, knowing the elder blond would care for him.

'Shut it fox!,' he screamed in his head, still at full force until he saw the gates of the village coming into view. The guards looked at him, seeing his wounds. They started to stand up, 'shit! They're going to..' suddenly a foxy grin slide onto his face while running up to them. He saw them motion to stop him but he kept running. "Howdy Guys! I'm going to check the areas where my team fought!" he yelled, grinning like a maniac.

The guards were use to this already, being stuck on guard duty daily they saw this idiot go in and out repetitively. "Okay," they both mumbled in allusion, sitting back down.

The smile hurt so much, 'Kami, I hate forcing smiles!,' his chest was beginning to heal, just slightly, the tinge and burning feeling flowing through his body. It was aching from the stress, but he kept running. 'I'm tired of being hurt fox..even my own team betrayed me! The only one left that hasn't is Baa-Chan, Ero-Sennin, and Kakashi-Sensei!' he yelled in his head before tripping over a fallen tree, looking out to see all the other trees cut down as well.

'Kit...I'm sorry, please calm down..,' the fox whispered in his mind, the voice was rich and feminine. Who would've thought that the Kyuubi was a female? 'Sigh..I wish I could comfort you..' she suddenly mumbled, sinking low into her cage within him.

A cry shot out from his left, more like a scream, but very hoarsely. His eyes shot to the sound, moving towards it instinctively. 'Kit...I have to tell you something important,' the fox mumbled but Naruto ignored him, stumbling into a scene that looked much out of a horror movie. All the trees were knocked over, or cut up into very large pieces. They were all over the place! A soft patch of Red hair caught his eye, it was a lady, and she was trapped under a stack of trees!

"Oh my..." he whispered, running to the figure to see her crying out of strain and stress. 'Kit!' the fox suddenly screamed. 'YAP IT FOX!' he ordered as he reached her, her eyes screaming out at him in fear before shutting them, clenching to wait for death. He moved forward but his body gave out on him and his vision turned blood red. He fell forward, onto her chest before gripping the mud, attempting to get up but failed horribly. What kind of Ninja gets knocked down by himself and can't get back up! His eyes were burning so badly that he began to try to claw at them, screaming in silent agony. 'GAHHHHH WHAT THE FUCKK!!?' he screamed in his head, his grip turning white.

The red head felt the impact, suddenly shocked out of her fear. "Get the fuck off me Needle Dick!!" She screamed, feeling her body repulse at the Contact. Shes never been touched outside of battle and her Master, why did it feel so awkward? Especially when he was suppose to kill her! His weight had her pinned to the muddy ground, but it felt so good to feel his warmth, she unconsciously began to spoon against the spasming body.

'Kit! I tried to warn you!' he lectured, a deep frown on his mouth. 'The teme's chakra got into your system, I didn't know what it would do but I tried to ward wormed its way through my defenses..' the fox was actually looking worried!

A deep growl exploded from his throat at the sound of the fox before he screamed out in agony before he passed out from overload of pain, his form slumped onto the red head and kept the elements off of the little read head.

The growl successfully scared her, "Oi Shithead! Get up!!" She didn't get a reply, just deeper breathes as he softly moved against her in pain. "Sigh..." some of the fear of dieing left her right then, leaving her to the exhausted feeling and the unavoidable sleep coming at her from this sun kissed blond. 'What the fuck!' she thought before sliding more against him, sleep finally taking its stake in her mind before her body relaxed, her legs and 1 arm still trapped underneath the tree.


'Kit! Kit! Wake up!!'

'Gah...why does my head hurt so badly?' he asked, trying to look around. 'I can't see anything..' he mumbled aloud as in his mind, feeling himself panic and instinctively feel around. His hands touched something soft and delicate.

"Ah! Stop touching me you perv!" he heard before feeling a large pain on his head. His face lit up in recognition before he felt his head rear up in pain. 'What the heck!?' he thought before hearing a slight rumble, suddenly remembering it was still raining.

"Off, of, Me-," suddenly she started squirming in desperation.

'Kit! Up and Stay, Hurry!' before he could even get a good baring in the mud a 1 ton tree smacked into his back, he almost doubled down on top of her but held his form in pain.

The red head's face lit up in shock, why was he risking his life!?!? 'Must be spur of the Moment..' she thought before trying to pull herself out of the trees again with her one hand. She failed horribly, it hurt even more! "Sigh...we're going to die out here.." she mumbled while staring at the blond struggling to hold the tree up. Another tree began to slide down and impacted with the other one, doubling the weight. He creased this time! Now he was on his knees, face to face with the red head while he strained to keep the trees off of them. His eyes were wide open, looking straight into her green eyes. 'Oh my....' she thought while looking into his milky blue eyes.

"No we're not! Just hold on!" he grunted in frustration, feeling a bit of the demon's Chakra fill him before throwing the first log out of the way, the second log immediately taking its place. Before any of them could blink the second tree was flung across the meadow, panting roughly before pushing the other trees off of her before feeling his strength leave him. He collapsed beside her, blood seeping out of his eyes and chest. "Ugh..."

She looked at him in shock before scowling, 'Who the fuck can throw Trees!?!?' she screamed in her mind, suddenly away of the drenched bloody blond beside her. "Oi shit head..what are you planning? I'm not going back to your village Dick head!" she announced, she would scream but her voice was to hoarse. She saw his body twitch slightly before he opened his eyes again, not even seeing her but bloody tears ran down his face.

"Shh calm down!" he whispered, as if nothing was happening to him. Gently his head ground desperately, a frown appearing on his face. "I...I...I can't see...anything.." he stuttered, more bloody tears flowing. He felt around till he found her, gently crawling his weakened body to hers before wrapping his body back around her. He found her hand and clenched it, feeling her hand attempt to crush his before she eased up, hearing her breathing slow as a thunder bolt clapped right beside them. "Sleep For now....I promise I won't let anything harm or touch you without your permission.." he whispered before gently pulling her on top of him. He pulled his jacket off and wrapped it around the both of them. Blood, Warmth, and tears mixing together as the Sky cried even harder.


Jiraiya frowned slightly, here was the famous Naruto Uzamaki, covered in Blood and a Woman. "Wow Kid! I knew you got around but not this fast!" he mumbled before dodging a tree branch that flew at him, a soft smirk formed on his lips.

"Perverted Sannin!" he yelled before his eyes flew open. Blue was mixed in with Gray, eyes of Pain and Wisdom now danced upon the Elder man. Suddenly his eyes drooped before grasping the small redhead, gently combing her hair down her back. "She needs help.." he whispered, feeling like he was betraying her.

"No! I'm not going to your Village! You guys will torture and Kill me!" she screamed, trying to squirm out of the blond's Grasp. "LET GO YOU LITTLE SHIT!" she hoarsely yelled, her voice breaking down into sobs before anyone could catch it. His grip turned more supportive and protective, it turned into a hug!

"Shh...I won't let them hurt you, I promise!" he whispered into her ear. Gah, It hurt so badly! 'Why did my heart clinch when he said that..' she thought while digging her face into his T-shirt. 'Orochi-Sama never done this to me....I was always..' she diverted the thought, softly sighing into the shirt before feeling another sob then a hiccup make its way up. He gently wrapped his Jacket further around her before sighing lightly himself. He never had someone this close to him...he didn't know what to do...all this was instinct to him.

"I promise I'll take any pain away from you!" he whispered more confident. "Dattebayo," he chanted once more before smiling happily. She looked up slightly, seeing that smile suddenly made her want to just cry more. Why was he so open? She couldn't understand it at all! She looked down before tackling her face into his chest again, crying even harder. "C..Cock aren't suppose to cry..." she finally mumbled out, giving up on her cursing. She was trained, Trained by Orochimaru! How can she just break like this?

"Kid, we have to get you and her back soon, or else you will both die from your injuries!" he smiled happily. Not once has he ever seen his student so happy. 'This is just like how Kushina and Minato met..' he thought absently. "But your carrying her," He mumbled before helping the boy to his feet. The Sun kissed blond shifted her around so that he was carrying her bridal style. She gently snuggled her face into his chest before drifting off into more sleep. "Alright Kiddo, lets go!" he said while walking off.

"Jiraiya..." he whispered, taking a step or two toward his position before stopping. "I..I can't see.." he stuttered out, a single blood tear sliding down his cheek. Why didn't he notice that before? The blond's Cheeks were colored in red! Crusted by the Tears he cried all night!

"WHAT!?" he screamed, running up to him and looking into his eyes. They were Blood Red....Blue....Milked. A deep frown danced onto his face, looking at his student with great worry.

"The Fox said the Teme's Chakra was tainted..." he mumbled, looking sadder when he had to mention His betrayal. "So when he impaled me with his Chidori, it acted like Lightning and shocked my system. We couldn't get rid of it all and before we knew it...I was blind..." the look on his face just cried in desperation. "Please guide me..." he whispered, feeling a hand suddenly reached his Shoulder.

Jiraiya's face was now creased in Sorrow, gently yet firmly he pushed the blond in the way he'd have to travel. His hand never left the Blond's Shoulder while they traveled. "I'm sorry Kid..." he whispered before beginning to stare at the rain puddles on the way.

"Its not your Fault Ero-Sennin," he mumbled, before smiling. For once, he felt supported, He felt...cared for. Why did this feel so different when he couldn't see!?


'Gah, where am I fox?' he said while feeling around, suddenly panicking at the lack of warmth thats been around him for a few days. This fucking hospital was freezing cold! 'What are they trying to do here!?!? Make Ice Cubes!' he absently wondered.

He sighed and began to relax. Deciding to call out in the room since that baka fox decided to take a nap. "Hello...Anybody here?" he mumbled before waiting for a reply. None Came, where was he!? Suddenly the sound of breathing came to his senses, fear and relief flooded his system at the same time. Was he captured!?

"Oi..Shit head..." this new voice whispered, it sounded so beautiful but hurt. As if everything slammed into place, he sat up before turning to the voice. All he could hear were machines running, the rain outside, and the voice he saved from certain death. It made him happy to know she was still alive. "Are you going to sit there gawking or begin wandering aimlessly for me?" She proclaimed, she hasn't slept in 3 Days since hes been out! She couldn't tell time anymore, Orochimaru never let her sleep, NEVER, unless it was before a mission..and that felt like years ago when really it was 2 weeks prior.

It turns out the Blond lady and the perv both took care of her and Naruto, even went as far as bunking them in the same room. The walk back was the only sleep she gotten during the entire month, besides the sleep she got with the sun-kissed blond on top of her or her on top of him. It was hard to understand the only sleep she got was when she was pinned by the Blond or against him! She just couldn't understand that! Was she so weak now she had to depend on this blond just to sleep? Her eyes danced with fear and wonder as she thought about it.

"But wouldn't that offend you?" he asked, a few bad memories running through his head. He was never requested by a Lady, it missed his wits by a far grasp. His body was still aching from the beating he had his Team-mates. 'They aren't your teammates anymore kit...' the fox whispered, softly sighing.

Silence. The only thing heard was breathing and the machines running. "....I don't care....," how could she not care!? He was a Demon! The Kyuubi! The Abomination of Evil! Wait...those were just nicknames they had given him. Didn't she know what he was? He let out a deep sigh before dragging his IV cable and pole around his bed, softly following the breathing and hum of machines before he ran into the side of the bed. 'I hate being blind...' he thought before a hand latched onto his, gently pulling him down to the side of the bed.

Soft, Delicate fingers wrapped around his waist. Why was she crying? Why!? Why did she have to be the one so pathetically hurt?

'Why..Why is she being so clingy?' he thought before he felt out, his fingers gently touching her face while his other hand gently ran on her stomach. Her Cheeks were so wet, so gentle, he sat down closer to her to try and comfort her. Her head darted against his stomach lightly, as if a dam broke a small sob escaped her. She weakly bulled him down further, now fully laying on the bed with her mewing into his chest.

Gah, she just NEEDED him. Everything was a whirlpool of pain (Uzumaki Note!) before it all calm to a halt. Her face was dug into his bare chest and suddenly she felt a blush dance across her cheek, tears still rolling down them. She felt him move closer, more onto the bed before her lights went out. Her eyes dropped into dreamless sleep, but wait! Not just yet!

"Whats your name..." she whispered against his chest, a very small smile on her face.

"Naruto Uzumaki," he whispered, softly caressing her head against his chest. How he knew how to do that escaped him, he just knew how. "And yours beautiful?" he whispered against her head.

Gah! She couldn't take it anymore! "T..Tayuya..." she mumbled hoarsely before snuggling into him. Feeling the absolute bliss of drifting into sleep take her for a ride on the magic carpet.

"Good night Tayuya-Chan...Sleep well..." he whispered against her ear, feeling his body relax as hers did, his own body calling out to him for sleep, but just as lucky as he didn't come as a smell of sake filled the room mixed in with the smell of Watermelon.

"Oh my what did I walk into," the voice announced before walking over to the bed, gently stroking the blond's hair. He felt this touch before, it was Baa-Chan! "You two look so cute, I guess what Jiraiya said was true," she whispered, gently smiling at the two knowingly. Suddenly she gasped as a eye opened, it was milked blue, Just what happened to him!?!? She already knew, Jiraiya told her the first thing and she still couldn't do anything about it! 'I feel like killing that fucking cock sucking son of a gun!' she cursed openly in her mind. That bastard Sasuke took away her nephew's Sight! She wanted blood, badly! As if Heaven's light came to her, she sighed, feeling her resolve of that matter neutralize. It was good enough he was just alive...she was that glad.

"Obaa-Chan?" he whispered, his eyes moved around as if looking for her, but he couldn't see her. "Hows being Hokage going for ya?" he mumbled, giving a foxy grin. She couldn't believe it, hes been robbed of his sight, beaten to a pulp, entire team betrayed him, but yet look! Hes still grinning like a idiot. She couldn't take it anymore, she gently sat down on bed and wrapped her arms around the two figures, instinctively hugging the two.

"Brat....." her voice almost failed her, she was resisting to cry. "Its been going alright..really hectic around here," she whispered, running her fingers through his sun kissed locks. "How are you holding up?"

"I'm holding up alright..." he whispered, sighing against her bust. A sigh of Desperation, Sadness, dolefully. How could he still be sane, or even stable? "I'm blind and cried tears of blood all night...but at least I'm alive," she gasped, she just said her exact thoughts...besides the blood tears thing. Instantly she grasped both of them in a slightly tighter hug. "Obaa-Chan...I need a favor," he whispered, looking up towards her head willingly. She nodded before stroking his hair more.

"What is it brat?" she mumbled, letting him yawn.

" you know who she is?" he whispered, not wanting any harm to come her way. It was silent for a few minutes before he felt her nod.

"Yes...shes a Ex-Sound Kunochi," she said before resuming to stroke his hair. Wait, EX-Kunochi? Suddenly something wasn't clicking into place.

"What do you mean by Ex? Tsunade-Sama?" She never heard that tone or name unless he was down right serious, it was like his business voice.

"You found her and she only responds to you..Orochimaru has tried to contact all of the cursed seals to see if they're alive or not..hers won't respond to anyone but you now. We don't know exactly what happened but we think the Kyuubi might of influenced it," she announced, feeling the blond gasp.

"So that means....No! I want that cursed thing removed!" he hissed, feeling his protective nature come into action. If its one thing Fox's do the best, Protect, Protect, and Protect! It was drilled into him and built into him as if he was nothing but a shield, a wall.

"Of course brat! What do you think we were going to let it do? Become Kyuubi-fied?" Suddenly he laughed, kyuubified? Sounds like a old Retro show. "Besides, she won't respond to anyone else, except you...even when we negated the Cursed Seal she'll just stare at you. Due to this...we're going to assign her to you and you to her. I'm making her into a Kunochi of Leaf!" he almost chocked on his spit. Wait, how!?

"But I thought you wouldn't allow ex-enemies into the ranks!" he exclaimed, suddenly feeling the body on top of his move a little, getting more comfy into his chest. A large red blush danced across his face before he looked up at his Baa-Chan.

"I'm making a exception here, I know you won't let her into talk in your sleep and also walk in your sleep!" She mumbled, looking away from him. "Besides, she wouldn't crack for us...we tried to crack the other 3 and there was no success in doing so. Orochimaru's mark completely destroyed their brain before we could do anything," she was looking at him with a smile now, softly rubbing his head. Somehow, he knew she was smiling at him, so he smiled back happily.

"Thank you Obaa-Chan!" he chanted happily, grinning like a fox. This time it didn't hurt at all, genuine smiles never hurt! 'Eh Fox! Hear that?' he asked excited, the fox just grinned at him knowing what was going on and what was going to happen. 'Yep, you get your mate now!' he yipped happily. Those words froze the Kit as if he got shot. 'W..W..What?' he thought before the fox interrupted with his snickering.'Pervy Foxx!! We'll see how this goes down!' he yelled in his head, grinning happily. He always wanted someone that knew him inside and out...someone who could stop him from the outside. The Kyuubi already had a mate..and he was still alive!

"Now get some sleep brat! You will need it!" she yawned herself, ruffling his hair before setting him down on a pillow, tayuya unconsciously snuggling more into his form, a her mouth dug into his chest.

"Alright Obaa-Chan! See you later!" he waved as she left. Almost sensitively, he wrapped his arms around Tayuya, gently sighing before drifting off into sleep. What pleasant dreams were awaiting him came fast and hard.


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