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Naruto just stood outside the door for a moment with Tayuya on his back, silence reigning. It stayed like that for almost a entire minute before he took a few steps and sat down on a bench with enough room so Tayuya would be comfy. 'I..have to interrogate my previous teammate..?' he thought while feeling lost. Thats all the thought his mind allowed before it went blank in shock, he sighed deeply before looking down at the ground in sadness. 'I hoped this would never happen but it seems my hopes don't always come true eh?' he stated to no one in particular. He stayed like that for a few more seconds before he felt a hand curl around his and pull it against his chest.

'Tayuya..' he thought before he felt her face snuggle into his back, it felt comforting. "Tayuya.." he said, there wasn't much else he could say. She just tightened her grip and smiled lightly.

"Shh shithead...we're a team, no burden is just for you!" she said with confidence, squeezing his hand. "Now lets go torment the pink headed wrench that attacked you!"

Naruto smiled for a few seconds before taking a deep breath and opened the door wide enough to walk in. However, just as he took one step in, a ANBU bust through the hallway door and yelled at him to stop.

"You come with me!" he yelled, growling at having to deal with this kid again. Naruto just turned around and looked at him, Sakura also yelling behind him and throwing a fit, that is, if she wasn't tied up. But her voice could still be heard. "You are to meet with the Hokage immediately, if you resist my escort then I have orders to kill you myself," he said, in the most nonchalant way possible.

"What?" Naruto said, feeling a scowl grow onto his face. A few seconds later he heard a Katana being drawn, a sound he was to familiar with. "I just left the Hokage's Officer a few hours ago!" he growled, feeling his body tense at all stress building up.

"Don't make me say it again, come with me or be arrested," he whispered, hoping the Blond wouldn't hear. Naruto just sighed and nodded, taking one step forward. "Ibiki, please get this lady a wheelchair," he ordered, looking at the scarred man.

"Why should I get one? You get one you runt," he said, sitting back down at a interrogation coffee table. If the ANBU could fume, then he was doing it right now.

"No, direct orders from the Hokage is to put her," he pointed at Tayuya before continueing, "into a wheelchair and comprehend Naruto Uzumaki." He then walked out to go get a wheelchair, seeing the old war veteran would be uncooperative.

"So, what's that about kid?" he asked once the ANBU was gone. Naruto just sighed and shook his head before walking over to the table he was sitting at and setting Tayuya onto the table.

"Naruto, if you are to be comprehended, you must have done something wrong," Ibiki said right before the ANBU returned with a wheelchair.

"You, wheelchair, now," the ANBU said before trying to do it himself. When he got close enough to touch her, a well placed punch made him fly back. "You Demon! Don't you ever dare hit me again!" he screamed before pulling his Katana back out. Naruto just shuffled in front of Tayuya, but she was just totally confused.

"Stop this instant," Ibiki said, standing up and pulling out a Kunai. "If you harm them, then you have me to deal with!" he announced before shuffling in front of the wheelchair and the two teens. The ANBU just stared at him for a minute before sheathing his Katana and walking to the door.

"You have 30 seconds," he said, sighing as the stress levels of the situation went up. Ibiki just nodded before turning to Tayuya and Naruto. Naruto had already gotten Tayuya into the chair and was about to wheel her out before Ibiki stopped him.

"I have a bad feeling about this kid, don't let your guard down," he whispered into his ear before sitting back down at the Interrogation coffee Table. "Good luck!" he said before giving a scar crow smile and looking back at the still yelling Pink Banshee.

(At the Office)

Naruto just walked behind and pushed Tayuya through the Office door. From what she could see, Tsunade was leaning against the wall right beside the door and there were two elder men at her Desk, apparently going through all of her stuff.

"Tsunade-sama, what's going on?" Naruto said, wheeling Tayuya right in front of the Desk. The said blond woman didn't say a word, but she felt a tear slide down her face.

"Naruto Uzumaki," a old baritone voice said at her desk. He then heard the man scuffle around, his thick robes dragging along with him. Once he was fully turned around, he looked Naruto dead in the eyes and said, "You are hereby being punished by the Harm of a Kohona Ninja and the Personal Banishment of a member of your own team. You have exactly 1 day to prepare your things to face trail against the Concil, until then you are banished from the Village Hidden in the Leaves and are to never return."

Naruto just froze, until he turned his head towards Tayuya and just began a dead stare at her. It took a full minute for it to settle in, and right when that minute was over all hell broke loose. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN I'M BANISHED?" he screamed, slamming his hand on the Table. "And who the fuck are you!?" he kept his hand on the table, squeezing the side of the table until you could physically see it bending under his will.

"I am the Daimyo of the Fire Country, the Boss of your Boss, and if you keep talking to me like that then your punishment will be death, rather than banishment with a chance of preventing it," the elder announced proudly. Naruto just kept gripping the Wood even harder. He knew who the Daimyo was, and what he was capable was. If he wanted, he could reassign the Hokage, make everyone stop taking missions for a certain amount of time. He was the head of the Council because this was the strongest Hidden Village in Fire Country. There was a war going on inside Naruto's head, and he couldn't control it any longer.

"Remove him from my sight before he does anything else drastic," he said, turning back around and looking out the window again. Right then he felt familiar hands wrap around him and gently pull him out of the Office. He began to resist the pull and wanted to kill the Daimyo, but the arms holding him back were to strong. All he could feel were giant mounds on his back before he felt a chop to his neck, knocking him unconscious before he could do anything else.

Tayuya was wheeled out by Shizune after Naruto was knocked out, and they followed Tsunade. "Tsunade-sama, whats going to happen?" she asked, looking down at her retreating feet.

"You two are going back to your dwelling for the last time, and in the morning you two will leave," she said emotionlessly.

"But, what about my surgery!?" she said, panicking. Her heart froze in terror for a few seconds, waiting for the blond's reply.

"We can't help you now…we can only speculate. In fact, this is just about the only thing we can do for you right now. If we done anything else, we would be banished as well," she said before feeling the red head begin to cry. This and the fact that her surrogated brother was being banished broke down her heart to a simple bloody puddle. "I'm sorry.." she said, continuing her walk like nothing ever happened. It was the only way she could keep going, without turning around and killing every council member there was in town.

(At the House)

Naruto woke up about 20 minutes later, on his Couch at his home. He didn't move though, there was just simply to much going on in his mind. 'I'm banished? Why..' he thought, before feeling a familiar voice whisper in the back of his head.

'Naruto, don't'll be fine,' she assured him, softly sighing afterwards.

'But, it's not that I'm being banished that is worrying me…I've always waited for them to either Kill me or kick me out of THEIR village,' he said, almost screaming. It was then when his hand twitched and Tayuya's head turned towards his hand. She knew he was awake now, just not moving. 'What if they take their anger out on Tayuya? I can't hold off a entire squad of ANBU..' he asked, feeling his body begin to move on emotion. He sat up slowly and put his hands on his head and his elbows on his knees. He sighed deeply, now he just wanted to pummel something into the ground.

Neither one of them spoke until Naruto raised his head, he felt he had no reason to even speak now. He was being banished from his Village for someone that was out of his Control, for something he couldn't complete. 'Damn this Village!' he thought before leaning back and scowling at the air.

"Shithead?" Tayuya asked, poking his shoulder since she was on the same couch as him. The couch was a big family couch, which was really unused up till now. She waited a few seconds, still no reply from him. She was just as upset as he was, she knew he didn't deserve this treatment but she couldn't imagine or think of why he was being treated this way.

Naruto still didn't speak, 'Why can't I think of what to do next?!?' Naruto was in fact stumped at what to do next. 'Everything was going fine, and now its all falling apart..' he thought before shutting his blind eyes and laying back down, attempting to settle back down into a place where he controlled almost everything.

Tayuya just looked at him laying back down then sighed, 'I don't know how he deals with this normal?' Her question was answered by herself getting sleepy the now meditating blond. "We should get packing.." she mumbled, pulling herself onto her wheelchair and wheeling away to her room to pack a small pack. Naruto just sighed after she left the room and felt a tremor of anger surge through him.

'Damn it! This ruins so much!' he thought before growling in his throat. He then took a deep breath and forced himself inside his head. He appeared right before Kyuubi's cage and looked inside it, to see her in her Human Form and asleep on a bed that she made in her landscape. He knew she cat napped a majority of the day away, or even days away. He just sat down and stared at her sleeping form, seeing her chest rise and fall. In here, his eyes were very much alive. He could currently see 3 Colors, Red, Gray, and Black. He always wondered why he saw Red and Gray, everything was black to him outside.

He felt himself zone out even further, until he was staring but nothing was registering in his eyes. It kept narrowing down till all he heard was himself breathing. Suddenly he felt a surge of Chakra, and next thing he noticed was a Spiky blond haired ninja standing in front of him, looking into him with his previous sky blue eyes. All Naruto saw was a Gray Figure with Red letters on his clothing, it reminded him a lot of a picture he saw in the Hokage's office.

Even though a Replica of himself was standing in front him, he still didn't move, he was barely registering it was there at all. "Naruto..Naruto Uzumaki," the Replica said, staring down at the real deal. Naruto heard him, but he still wasn't registering normal things. It wasn't until a few minutes later when he looked up and stared into the black and gray eyes he saw on the man's head.

"What?" he asked, not even interested or concerned that this man was in front of him INSIDE his own mind.

"The Shinigami sent me to give you a gift," he announced. "But first, you must regain your will," he said before offering Naruto a hand up. Naruto just looked at his hand like it was a Snake, before looking back down at the ground and returned to zoning out. "Naruto, Namikaze, Uzumaki," he said before pulling his hand back and looking at the sealed fox sleeping form. He looked at his almost emotionally before zoning out in memories, when he returned he looked at Naruto to see him standing, but a large scowl and anger on his face. "You can see red now, can't you?" he asked, moving in front of him. Naruto just nodded before looking at him, looking even more pissed off.

"Do you want to make it that way out there?" he said, jabbing his finger behind him. Naruto's eyes went from chest up to his eyes, his teeth now baring.

"What do you mean? I'm blind out there," he said, clenching his fists.

"Well, the Death God offers you his condolences by offering you one color of your vision back, and that is the color of red," he said, before turning around and looking back into the cage to see the Foxy Human form of Kyuubi now standing at the bars in front of him. "And I see you are just as vicious as before," he said, yawning afterwards. Kyuubi just smirked before looking at Naruto, who looked like he was fixing to murder this person. It was then that she saw his eyes, they were white with red pupils.

She couldn't look away before the Blond Replica turned around and smiled. "It is yours to use," he said before walking through Naruto and disappearing again. Naruto just stared at her, not moving and not replying to any word she said.

"Naruto?" she asked, reading through the bars and gently sliding her hand down his chest. It was then that she noticed his eyes held something new. His eyes know held despair and anger beyond his years. She had went to sleep after he got knocked unconcious, but even then she didn't know what was going on. When she felt his emotions spike, she comforted him without knowing what was going on. 'Dang it, I should have been paying attention!' she thought before sighing lightly and making a chair appear behind her. She sat down and cross her legs, not feeling one bit intimidating at his staring. That was when she put her arm on the side rest, put her chin on her hand and began staring back.

(With Tayuya)

Tayuya was now almost done packing her travel pack. She put in the Travel pack, soap, shampoo, medical bandages, rations, some extra money she got from Naruto, and a few extra clothes with a Map. That is all she could really pack, this was actually more than she was allowed to pack when she was with Orochimaru. She then put her pack on her lap and began wheeling herself back to Naruto, when she got there she noticed that he had laid back down and was now in fact, sleeping again.

She sighed again before putting her back onto the wheelchair's arms. After making sure it would stay, she put the brakes on and got herself back on the couch by using her one arm. She then looked at Naruto then looked at the Window, staring at the winds whipping for a oncoming storm. Storms were now her worst enemy, she despised them due to her experiences with the winds from Temari. She shook her head quickly to dispel any thoughts before looking at Naruto again, lightly sighing before blushing at the thought of cuddling up to him. She stared at him for a few minutes before making up her mind and using her arm to pull herself onto his legs. From there she shimmied up his waist and laid her head on his belly, feeling comforted at the of his stomach rising and falling in perfecty Rhythem.

With that, she fell into deep sleep that so many Shinobi wish they could achieve.

(Naruto's mind)

It may have took 3 hours, but Naruto finally looked up from Kyuubi's waist and to her eyes. His eyes were void of life and the only emotion apparent was frustration. It took Kyuubi a few seconds to realize his posture has changed, but when she looked up she saw Naruto's eyes and froze. Those eyes were NOT her Naruto-kun, they were eyes of someone who just lost everything.

"Naru-to!" she yelled as he dashed through the bars and tackled her in her Chair. The chair done the only natural things for chairs to do, fall onto its back, and from there Kyuubi and Naruto rolled on the ground until Naruto's back a wall. Kyuubi was now keeping Naruto at bay and his eyes were wide open. His face was right in front of the crook of her neck, and from what she was telling he was sniffing her. She gave him a weird look before she felt him press against her almost sexually just to get his face onto the side of her head. Then she began letting him sniff her more, thinking it wouldn't be a crime. Oh boy was she wrong.

Just as Naruto took a second whiff he put more pressure upon her with his body, making sure their bodies were touching in almost everyway possible. This caused Kyuubi to moan and growl at the same time, she was NOT feeling this way right now. In fact, she was extremely worried about the boy. She was about to push him off but he got up and bolted out the bars to just distance himself farther from them, emotions flashing wildly in his eyes before he sat down on his butt, trying to return to the Emotionless state he was in.

"Whats wrong babe?" Kyuubi asked, walking to the bars but stopping just out of reach of them. She knew this was fruitless because he could just come right through them if he wanted. Just as she expected, she got no reply but Naruto began growling and scratching the crook of his neck like it was bugging the fuck out of him. She began to look at what he was doing specifically, but she still couldn't quite figure it out. What was bugging him?

"I'm banished from my own Village, they are all fucking assholes anyways," he announced angrily, gripping down on the crook of his neck even harder. Kyuubi stared, not very shocked at the fact that they are banishing him, 'But then again, why would they..? He was bound to become very strong and..WAIT! They adored the Uchiha clan! The Uzumaki clan was never popular in leaf!' she thought before growling at the fact of the corruption in Kohona was beyond repair.

"Naruto, they're banishing you because.."

"I tried to bring their precious Uchiha back," he finished, growling deeply afterwards. It was then that she saw his teeth, they were much larger and sharper than normal. She saw his fingernails growling larger, and it wasn't seconds after this realization that he got up and smashed his hand into the wall. He was enraged beyond coming back right now, and there was nothing he could do to stop it. He just beat the wall over and over, growling even deeper. Then he stopped and yelled out a roar instead of a scream, before returning to growling even louder than before. He turned around and sat back down and put his forehead into his hands, taking deep breaths to try and calm himself down.

Kyuubi was almost afraid to say anything else, it might further induce this madness that was taking control of her jailer. She just gently sat down and sighed before running her hands through her hair.

"I can't hold this in anymore...It's coming to a boiling point and I don't want to kill anyone," he announced, biting his lip to the point where it was bleeding in a few spots.

"You don't have to hold it in, let it out," she said, her tail lightly wrapping around herself like she was in deep emotional thought. Naruto just stared at the ground before zoning out again, just announcing his current feelings.

"I'm..Horny, Angry, Stressed, Pissed Off, Lost, and I feel the end coming fast," he said before something shook him. "I have to go.." he said before disappearing like the Blond Replica did, leaving Kyuubi to her thoughts.

"Babe, I hope you get stuff under control.." she said before going back to her bed and snuggling up to it, feeling her hand dip down to her lower regions. If one thing was true, whenever her Jailer got Horned..which wasn't very often, she was even more horned just by that fact.

(At the House)

Naruto woke up to a sweet moment turned sour, Tayuya was clenching his waist like she was about to die again but then he saw it and heard the noises. "Die Demon!" he heard from the outside, his front door falling inwards from a blast of fire. As if that one blast wasn't enough, 3 more people began to use Katon Jutsus to set the place on fire. Naruto jumped up immediately and looked around, grabbing a Kunai from his hidden weapon pouch.

In all this mess, Tayuya was lifted up onto her butt and was looking around frantically. "What's going on?" she asked, seeing Naruto's eyes glisten in the dark as she looked for him. It looked like he was avoiding something, but that's when she finally heard it. The whizzing of a Kunai, and right at the last moment she moved her head so it avoided her.

"Demon, your days end tonight!" the voice yelled, sending a giant fireball towards him. They didn't care if the house came down on top of them, their only goal was to bring the house down and kill the demon.

"Eat shit, dogface!" he yelled before charging switching a clone with him and Tayuya, making sure to grab her pack and wheelchair. He was carrying her bridal style through the now enflamed house. All he could see were black, gray, and red. 'It seems the Shinigami kept his word,' he thought before busting through the back down. He then looked around and noticed that was a bad decision, he was surrounded.

"Demon," a calm voice said, looking at him through shaded glasses. Bugs then engulfed the man except his face and you could hear him crackling like a mad man. This person was in fact, one of the minor bug users around, but he was still ANBU-Level in his bug control. "Tonight you meet your fate!" he screamed before a cloud of bugs slammed into the ground right where Naruto was at.

In just a few seconds, Naruto jumped out the way and ran off into the woods, growling out of anger. He could feel himself beginning to lose control of his temper, and everything red was even turning more amber and bloody. He ran, and kept running. It wasn't until about 20 minutes later that he slowed down.

"We're being followed," he announced before setting Tayuya down on a log for a moment. Then he just froze, he didn't move at all. All you could hear was his breathing and him clenching his fists.

"Naruto?" she asked, before she looked up into his eyes. Normally, you wouldn't be able to see a person's eyes in darkness. However, tonight was a full moon and she could see every part of him. The red pupils in his eyes, the gray surrounding his eyes was just now settling in. He stayed like that for a minute until his head slowly raised and looked at her, what she saw was nothing alike Naruto. She saw calmness, anger, sadness, but determination in the pits of blood.

He sighed before he bit his thumb, after a few hand signs he whispered, "Kuchiyose no Jutsu!" Smoke filled the area in front of them and what appeared was a medium sized battle toad, who just looked at Naruto and gave him a Toad's equivalent to a thumbs up.

"What do you need today boss?" he asked, with a serious smile on his face. The toad's outfit was similar to the boss toad's, which represented the heat of battle and the importance to level your head before battle. It was a common fact that toads were very patient, even waiting decades for something.

"Isao," Naruto said before he lifted Tayuya up and put her on his back with her legs folded underneath her. "I need you to take Tayu-chan to a safe place. There should be a shop in the Village of Kohona called Weapons R' Us (Weird right?). This store is a shop-house combination, a friend of mine named Ten-Ten lives here. Ten-Ten will probably revoke to a giant frog, but she won't revoke to Tayuya. I need you to take Tayuya here and guard her until I come get her, okay?" Naruto said this with all serious on his face. He knew for a fact that he wasn't going to escape his mob anytime soon, and that this was one of the worst mobs that there ever has been against him. The only one worst than this one was the one a week after he was born..

(Flash Back)

The moon was beating down on a certain blond's face. This person was in fact a baby, and he was inside his crib and positioned right beside his window because it was a common knowledge after a week that Naruto didn't sleep at night. None of the adults knew why he was like this, but they hoped it would wear off before he turned one. Naruto was also a quiet baby when he was awake, who wouldn't be after they got in front a 100 story fox and saw it scream and disappear?

But of course Naruto didn't remember the moment, he could only remember bits and pieces of it. He was more interested in the Blond's face who was holding him. This blond had a handsome face that all men in the family get at their ripe age. Naruto could feel the man's hand gently caress his cheek before the giant fox screamed again, which made him start crying from the noise.

These images have been playing through his mind every night, because that's when it happened. The sealing happened at night, and all he could remember was the Blond's face, a giant fox, and the moon before he got upset at the fact that the Blond that was holding him went away. It was moments like these when he desperately wished that the blond would come back and hold him, but after that night he felt himself growing.

The growing didn't stop where babies should stop growing, it in fact accelerated. Naruto's brain, a week after birth, was in fact the equal of a 3 year old's. This however, didn't mean that Naruto was going to be a Brainiac child. He still had to learn everything at the pace of every other baby, but he learnt it faster. Where it took some folks years to learn, he would learn it in just a few months.

The adults actually thought that Naruto was becoming the Fox, slowly but surely, and they wanted to end it. How the news of Naruto's condition got out that night, no one knows but at Midnight, a crowd of 500 people strong was beating at the door to the Hokage's Tower.

"Give us the demon child!" some of them yelled, but they more frequently heard crying and screaming. The Kyuubi did in fact kill a lot of people, and not just Shinobi. Some of her attacks created creators, which was where some major homes were in Kohona prior to the assult. "It's a abomination!" "It deserves to die!" "It killed my BROTHER! MY MOTHER! AND MY NEPHEW!"

The yells never ended until the door was broke down by a few ANBU. The Hokage stared at all of them in disgust before moving in front of the door where Naruto was in. He listened into the door and blocked it along with 2 Teams of ANBU. However, no matter what they couldn't hurt the civilians other than spraying them with water. This lasted for 3 hours until half the ANBU that were protecting Naruto turned to the other side, and began to attack their own teammates. It was ended in a instant, and the Hokage turned around and burst through the door. The traitorous ANBU were hot on his tails, but the Hokage beat him to Naruto's Crib and plucked him from it. The Hokage then done the only rational thing to do, he jumped out the Window that Naruto was previously looking out and ran with child.

You would think a leader of a village would command and beat down anyone who opposed him, but this matter was different. If it was just him, then he would turn around and show everyone that old geezers can kill any younger geezer. He ran, and everywhere he went he found angry villagers. He found angry ninja, and he ran for at least a hour until he came upon a group who were stopping the Hokage in his tracks. This group shocked him the most. In this group was Itachi Uchiha, Tsunade, Jiraiya, Kurenia, and Kakashi. It was unknown at this time that Kakashi and Kurenia were in fact trying each other out in the relationship terms.

"Hokage-sama, we're here to help," they said before Jiraiya took a step forward and smiled.

"How do I know that?" he asked, looking at each one of their eyes. He could spare a moment of rest, he has been running for a hour and every time he almost lost the mob they would find him again. "I trust my students, but the rest of you.." he said with more distrust than he intentionally said.

Itachi, Kakashi, and Kurenia bowed down in front of him and kept their head down. One by one they pleaded their allegiance. Itachi began, "Hokage-sama, I swear by my heart that I will protect the boy and you until I'm further discharged. The boy doesn't deserve this type of treatment, he is in fact just a baby!" Kakashi and Kurenia nodded their heads at this and spoke out similar tales. After they were finished, Itachi continued. "If anything were to happen to him, then I'm afraid my baby brother wouldn't have the playmate that was set up for him," he said, standing up and smirking at the Hokage.

"Ah, I see. So the Uchiha and Uzumaki alliance is still a go?" he said, sighing afterwards at the amount of stress coming.

"Between me, and him, yes. The rest of the clan thinks he should be burned to death," the Uchiha said without any emotion. He then sighed before everyone drew their weapons and jumped in a circle around the Hokage.

"So, you five are demon lovers?" a voice said in one of the many trees around them. Then another voice came up and screamed at them to leave the baby and run while they could.

"You people have NO right to do this!" Tsunade yelled, suddenly punching the ground and knocking every tree around them down. "Come out and fight us like men, and not mice!" she yelled, feeling more pissed off than normal. Yep, it was official. Tsunade was murderous. She hasn't been back to the Village since Dan died here, and now she finally comes back on request of her sensei and teammate, and this is what they get?

It was then when all the trees feel down that they saw just how many people that were gathering around them. If the Hokage had to estimate how many people were around them, he would say at least 20% of the village….a village of 8,000 people.

(End of Flashback)

"Naruto?" the red head called out on top of the toad. It was then when she sighed and head butted the toad in frusteration. "Don't get yourself killed fuckhead," she said before laying her head on the toad and resorting to resting some more instead. She knew it was useless to fret because she couldn't fight back enough, however, she could at least throw a few kunai at the attackers. She decided that whenever that time comes, she'll begin to defend herself.

"Yeah, yeah," he mumbled, barely able to hear her over his own raging voice. "Don't treat Ten-Ten like shit or else she'll be a bitch," he warned, absently looking at the toad's hide. Tayuya didn't reply to that, because any more words and it would just make the situation worse. She leaned up one last time and looked at Naruto.

Then just as fast as she leaned up she went down, which was relatively slow. "Go wart," she said, shutting her eyes. Then the toad ran off with the red head on his back.

"Good luck, Tayuya-chan," he said to no one in particular. Then he just summoned 8 Clones and sent them in all different directions, hoping to lead his pursuers off the trail of what's important, Tayuya. After Naruto's clones left, Naruto himself jumped up into a tree and began jumping. 'Well, the best action for me right now would be to leave town,' he thought, voicing his opinion to Kyuubi. Kyuubi didn't reply right away, he was running for a few minutes until she actually did.

'Yes, the best action would be to head east, towards Mizu no Kuni. However, that is not to be expected, it isn't the closest border,' she said, feeling all but serious. Naruto kept jumping and at what seemed to be instantly, 3 masked ninja appeared around him.

"Naruto Uzumaki, Demon," one with a fox mask said. "You can imagine why we are here," he said, jumping down onto the ground floor of the forest. "So let's not make this last to long, or else you might not die as fast. You do want a quick death, don't you?" the masked leader said. Naruto just stared at him, then looked at the few guys around him.

'So, 2 Lackies and a ANBU?' he thought before taking a quick re-assessment of them. 'Think I can handle them?' he asked, knowing he only had 1 Kunai, and a limited amount of techniques. Kyuubi just remained quiet as she thought, then a few seconds later she chipped in. 'No, we are horribly outmatched in Human terms,' she said before grinning sweetly. 'But in Demon Terms, this is the fights we crave,' she said seriously. She knew that Naruto was soon going to become something he often times calls frenzies, but Naruto was always in control of these frenzies. Often times in the Demon World, the younger demons or even part demons lacked the necessary control to be a part of any team.

'Wait, so, I have to go into another frenzy?' he asked, before sighing on the outside.

"What's the matter demon? Feel, perhaps, dead?" one of the lackies said before readying his weapon.

"Yeah, you should cherish the thought that you are going to be dead soon!" the other one said, pulling out a Shoge (Ninja chain with a large knife on the end). Naruto just jumped down and walked until all three of them were behind their leader, but of course they didn't move because they didn't receive any signal to. They understood fully what it would mean to lose a second of their time against a demon. Naruto then just zoned out and stopped moving, like many times before.

'What to do, what to do,' he thought while zoning out. 'How do I go into a frenzy?' he thought before turning to Kyuubi for the answer. Kyuubi was silent, she didn't even let herself be heard breathing. 'You don't,'she said, wishing that she had a answer. Every time he went into one of these half demon surges, she could never figure out how he did it. All he knew that he was drawing on her power and that every time he did it, it shortened his life. 'Every time it happens, your life is shortened by a few years. You don't notice the change because I heal you just as fast as it happens,' she said, sighing deeply. 'It's either die now, or die later!' he yelled out inside of his head as he dodged the Shoge from a Lacky.

They had in fact started fighting while he was zoned out, but he has been in enough fights to do Taijutsu without actively fighting. 'The state only happens when I'm about to die! Why not now!?' he thought angrily before blocking a taijutsu kick by the other lacky. 'I don't k-w' Kyuubi mumbled as Naruto took a punch from the leader. It took him a few seconds to recover, but that was enough time for the Leader to get close enough to land another.

Naruto leaped away just to get hit by one of his lackies a second later. 'Damnit, I can't get away from them!' he thought before seeing the leader charging for him again. Naruto put his hands into a defense stance before he blocked one of his moves, a slugger for his face, but it was just a fluke! His other hand drove into Naruto's stomach. 'Kyu..' he thought before the world of unconsciousness took him.

"Boss, should we take him back to the village?" one of the leader's lackies asked. The leader just stared at the now unconscious blond laying on the ground, before nodding and turning around.

"Its the village's job to do the rest," he said, before running ahead. His lackies quickly picked up the Blond and followed behind hastily.

Naruto woke up 4 hours later at sunrise, surrounded by Villages, Ninjas, and Civilians alike. They were in front of the gate of the village, and he was tied up with a bracer pole under his arms, which were behind his back. Someone pulled him up, but he couldn't see anything. Everything was a mixture of black and gray, until he saw the Hokage's robes. The Hokage was standing on a stage in front of a pit with various weapons thrown in there.

'That's not Baa-chan,' Naruto thought, use to seeing the shapes and curves of his surrogate mother. 'Why is that guy wearing the robes?' he asked, but got no reply from anyone. Naruto was pushed up in front of the pit and he looked down and saw red over some of the weapons.

The Hokage then cleared HIS throat and called everyone to order. He waited a few minutes until it quieted down to a low rumble, and began. "Naruto Uzumaki.."

(With Tayuya, hours earlier)

The toad did in fact make it to the low-key weapons shop, however, it didn't get there without a fight. After Naruto separated, a ninja found the loyal battle toad and the red head gripping onto his back for dear life. The fight didn't last long however, all it took was a few swipes from the battle toad and the poor chunnin was out of commission. The trip to the weapon's shop took longer however. They had to avoid every patrol, and every civilian that was out. It was just lucky for them that the shop wasn't actually in the City. The shop was in fact a little ways outside of the Village!

Tayuya's nerves were shot, and there wasn't much she could do about it. Once she reached the shop, her nerves were more than shot. They were obliterated. 'Just what I needed, to be surrounded by weapons,' she thought, seeing a flashback from when she use to live in Orochimaru's Underground hell house. 'I can't believe that pedophile made me stay in a weapon's storage room for 3 months..' she thought, beginning to get lost in just how many times she accidentally cut herself. She came back to life when someone finally came to the door, and screamed at the fact that there was a giant clothed toad actually knocking on the door.

"W..W..Who are you?" the elder woman said, backing up a bit until she was far enough away to warn the others.

"I'm Isao Toadkin, and I have a visitor on my back," he said, turning around and showing them the exhausted red-head. The elder woman immediately changed her posture, she rushed up to the red head and gently took her hand.

"Oh my," she said, checking the younger woman over for any hints of abuse or hurt. It wasn't the first time that they got beat up visitors that came out of no where.

"Mom, what's going on?" she said, walking into the hallway, it was then when she saw the toad. As fast as she could she pulled out 2 Sais and took a fighting stance. "Mom, get away from them!" she yelled, scowling. Her Mom just looked at her then back at the Red Head, then shook her head no. "That's the same red-head who Shikamaru says he fought, she's dangerous!" she yelled out. The only reason why she could recognize Tayuya is because she was still injured, and Shikamaru knew that if she survived that attack, she would be badly injured.

Tayuya just remained quiet and stared at the Gennin. 'I knew this was a bad idea..' she thought, before she felt the toad beginning to turn around to defend her. She pushed his head back the other way with her only hand, "No, let me handle this."

"What do you want?" Ten-ten said with malice in her voice. She would have no enemy of the Village come into her house, 'it's even one that helped take Sasuke away!'

"Naruto sent me.." the red-head said, looking down at the ground before resisting a sigh. She didn't want to show weakness in front of this girl. "He said you would take care of me until he came," she then looked up as she said this, and looked right into the Gennin's eyes.

"Naruto?" she said, perking up and falling out of her stance. "What does that idiot have to do with this?" she asked, twirling her Sai around in her hand.

Tayuya sighed and looked away awkwardly before mumbling, "He sent me here because he was running away from a pack of Shinobi, and he couldn't ensure my protection." Silence reigned for almost a entire minute before Ten-ten burst into action.

"We have to tell the Hokage!" she yelled before trying to dash out of the door, but she was blocked by the toad. "Why are you stopping me!?" she crossed her sais in battle position again.

"You can't do that! It was –"

"YOU GUYS TAKING HIM TO?" she yelled, dashing back before dashing forward with a strike. In almost a half a second the toad spun around and blocked her attack, before pinning her to a wall. Her mom just backed off and made herself small against the other wall.

"No, It was KOHONA NINJA, trying to KILL HIM!" she yelled, pulling herself up on top of the Toad's head. Her temper was flaring now to. "It wasn't just you, he is on trail to be banished. And I have a feeling that isn't the ONLY thing now, because now the entire VILLAGE is trying to kill him! And even YOU call him a idiot, when in fact he's pretty damn smart!" she yelled out, growling inside of throat in anger. Tayuya just turned around and fumed on top of the toad's head while Tenten was in shock.

"?" she asked, leaning against the Toad's arm. The toad then pulled back and stayed standing on his two back legs. Tenten just fell to the ground and stared at it, lost in thought.

"You heard me," she said, sighing afterwards. She then crawled back down to near the bottom of the toad, and looked at both of them. "Are we good now…? If so help me off this guy," she said, thumbing at the Toad. Tenten's mom just nodded before rushing over and picking up the red head's good arm and put it around her neck.

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