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Gaining Peace

"Yuri, I don't know about this…"

Kiryuu Yuri let out an exasperated sigh at her husband. "Riku, I know how…difficult it is to trust them as hunters, but you have to admit, there's nothing better as a peace offering. And it's not just us. This must be hard on them too."

"Yuri, our sons are human, and six years old," Kiryuu Riku said slowly, hoping his wife understood what he was trying to say. Human children were completely different from vampire children. Who knew what the latter were capable of if provoked? Children fought frequently, over the smallest of things, and he was deathly afraid for his sons' safety, especially his youngest.

But his wife merely smiled. "I think I know how old my boys are, Riku."

"Yuri," he started, before stopping as she raised a hand. "Riku," her voice was firmer now, "we've talked about this. The Association has talked about this, and the Council has talked about this as well. They all know what's to transpire this afternoon. Our kids will be safe." She suddenly grinned. "Not to mention, Kaien and Touga will be there to 'watch over them' no doubt, so everything should be fine."

Riku blinked, a bit amazed at how she could switch topics so easily. Her little pet project had been making steady progress, and she viewed this as another chance to take it up another notch towards her personal goal. Looking up towards the ceiling, he sent a silent prayer up for his fellow hunters, also apologizing for his wife's mischievous, meddlesome plans. But, he couldn't help a tiny smile, at least Yuri was having fun, even if it was at the expense of his two friends.

Seeing his expression, Yuri looped her arm through her husband's, tugging him up the stairs to their sons' room. "I knew you'd see things my way eventually. Those two are meant to be!"

Hearing her loud exclamation, her oldest son poked his head out of his room, her youngest following suit. Two pairs of lilac eyes blinked in her direction. "Mom, did something happen?"

"Nothing but good things, sweetie. Are you and Ichiru ready to go?"

Exchanging a look that said they probably didn't want to know what had put that smile on their mother's face, the boys shrugged and nodded, each stepping out of their room one after the other.

"Mom, why do we need to wear these?" Ichiru frowned, tugging at the tailored shirt he was made to wear along with his brother. Zero didn't look all that comfortable either, his face pensive.

"It's a special occasion, and you need to dress appropriately. Your regular clothes won't work for what we're attending today." Yuri answered apologetically, knowing they were less than pleased with their chosen outfit for different reasons. Ichiru spent most of his days inside with hardly a need to dress up, and Zero, already starting his hunter training, had never any need to wear such form fitting clothes.

Lips tugging in a pout, Ichiru grumbled. He still didn't like it, and if he had to wear these, then he just knew he wouldn't like whatever they were going to either. Anyone who liked dressing like this was just dumb.

Looking on at his brother's expression with worry, Zero slipped his hand into his brother's, sending him a slight smile as identical lilac eyes looked up into his own.

Ichiru's frown softened and smoothed out as his attention went back down to his socked feet, his cheeks tinting. He felt a bit silly for being so unreasonable. If Zero could do this, then he could too, he supposed. Giving his brother's hand a light squeeze in thanks, he tugged on it, leading them downstairs after their parents.

"I almost can't believe something like this is happening." Centuries, upon centuries of work…

"Neither can I, but it is." Peace was finally at their doorstep, and they couldn't ask for anything more.

Well, Kuran Haruka amended, as he caught sight of his children, maybe a few things more. "They'll be fine, won't they?" It was hard to imagine all of this would fall upon their tiny shoulders one day. What a legacy to pass onto one's children. And both his son and daughter already had to deal with being a figurehead as a pureblood vampire.

Kuran Juri giggled, a delicate hand coming to meet her lips. "I hope you're not giving doubt to Kaname or Yuuki's charm!" Granted, both of her children's circle of friends were more limited than most, but she'd yet to see anyone dislike them. Besides, the two boys she heard about sounded like absolute darlings they just had to get along!

Heirs to the oldest line of vampire hunters, and one already making small but steady strides towards his destined profession, the rumor had it, the Kiryuu twins would soon be representatives of a new age of hunters and for the Association. It was the main reason why their family was chosen for this small, but significant meeting. Not to mention, the Kiryuus were one of the very few who were willing to risk their children by trusting another vampire family to look after them.

"You saw the pictures Yuri-san showed us," Juri reminded. "They were as cute as Kaname when he was that young." Having only seen baby pictures, she'd yet to see what they currently looked like, but she didn't doubt they looked adorable. Yuri had unfortunately never really had time for the last few years in continuing her scrapbook. Juggling between being a mother and a well-known hunter, along with having hand in the peace campaign, it was no small wonder.

Highly skeptical about looks having anything to do with one's character (he was a vampire after all), but not wanting to spoil his wife's cheery mood, Haruka wisely kept his mouth shut. Kaname had been and still was irresistibly cute, but even he had had his trying moments as a tot. And though he couldn't say he knew everything there was to human children, boys were boys, no matter what they looked like.

Let us put faith in Juri's enthusiasm, he smiled.

"Father, when are they coming?" Haruka chuckled lightly as his tiny daughter tugged at his pants, her large brown eyes shining with excitement at getting the chance to make new friends, vampire or not.

"Soon, Yuuki, very soon." He bent down on his knees to gather her into his arms, smoothing down her hair Juri had so carefully tried to arrange (neither Kaname nor Haruka had seen much change in it, however).

"I want to see them already," Yuuki chirped, "don't you, Nii-sama?"

"Yes of course, Yuuki." Lips lifting in a soft smile, Kaname tipped his head in their direction with warm eyes.

Not buying any of it for a second, Haruka raised a brow over his daughter's head at his son. He'd been suspecting Kaname wasn't all too keen on the idea of meeting these boys, and couldn't help but be a tad concerned. He wondered what his son was thinking about behind the kind smiles and not so convincing words. Young as he was, Haruka knew better than to underestimate his son's quick mind.

Having caught the expression on his father's face, Kaname ducked his head, pursing his lips. So his father had noticed. But he hadn't seemed angry, for which the young pureblood was immensely glad. He just…hadn't given himself the chance to get used to having two human boys around. And if his mother had anything to say about it, they'd be around quite often.

Kiryuu Zero and his younger twin, Ichiru both seemed like nice enough boys, but for Kaname, who'd only grown up in the safe confines of his small family, these two young humans were bringers of major changes in his current life that he didn't know if he'd be able to accept so easily.

He also wasn't blind to the fact that the boys were from a family of hunters, humans who worked to kill those of his own kind. They may be nice, but that courtesy might only extend to other humans. What if they both hated he and Yuuki on sight just because of their background? He supposed he could deal with it should it come to pass, but Yuuki would be terribly hurt; devastated even. His garnet eyes lowered at the unwitting image of his little sister in tears.

He'd make sure to not let such a thing become reality.

Grimacing through his cigarette, Yagari Touga tsked in irritation, wondering when the hell his fellow hunter would make himself known. He was sure they were late by now, and something as significant as this wasn't anything to arrive late for. It would just give more reasons for those damn vampires to strike complaint against them, even if it was something as petty as tardiness.

Old geezers really didn't know when to shut up…



Kaien was still tying up his hair, a sheepish smile on his face. "Yes, yes, and I'm so dearly sorry. Shall we get going?"

Yagari let out a grunt before sticking one of his hands in his pocket and taking off in quick strides to his bike. The man behind him followed with the air of an excited child, a bounce in every step.

Having already gotten used to the sudden change in the other hunter (from solemn and desperate to a near frightening cheery lightheartedness), Yagari was far from bothered, merely tossing the extra helmet he always kept with him before putting on his own. About to mount his bike, he saw Kaien fumbling with the helmet and sighed, reaching out to shove the thing on, swiftly securing the clasp. Ignoring his colleague's whine of complaint ('You could be a bit gentler!'), he barked out,

"Hurry up and get on."

"They're here, they're here, they're here!"

"Yuuki, watch your step or I'll have to carry you," Haruka warned. His daughter came to an abrupt stop right before the stairs before crouching a bit and taking a ginger step forward, her tiny hand clutching onto the railing. She wanted to show her new friends she was a big girl, and could go down the stairs on her own now.

I can do it, she chanted softly, going down one step at a time. Both of her parents, as well her older brother watched on with fond smiles, making sure to go down at the same pace as their youngest.

Just when she had a few more steps left, the Kuran family heard a chorus of soft voices growing closer. Deciding she wanted to meet them more than wanting to finish going down the stairs properly, Yuuki jumped the rest of the way down, landing neatly on her feet before taking off, a bright smile lighting her face.

They're close! She cheered. Rushing through the front door, she let out a gasp as a pair of strong hands quickly lifted her up, resting her against a hip. Looking up, a pair of soft lilac eyes smiled down at her, amused.

"That was a close one." She would have rammed into his legs, and at the speed she was going, it would have hurt, vampire or not. "Are you Yuuki-chan?"

Suddenly a bit shy, she nodded, her cheeks tinting. "Um, yeah. Sorry sir."

"It's alright, and it's Riku. Nice to meet you, Yuuki-chan."

"Nice to meet you too, Riku-san."

"Oh Riku, stop hogging her," a pale woman came up, her lips in a teasing smile. Holding out a slender hand, she tilted her head, "Hello, Yuuki-chan, I'm Yuri. I think you might have heard of me from your mother."

Recognition lighting her eyes at the name, Yuuki nodded, reaching out to give the longhaired woman a handshake. "Mother likes you a lot," she chirped.

Yuri laughed lightly. "I like her as well." Turning to look down the hall, she gestured for someone to come closer. "Come on you two, come and meet Yuuki-chan."

Curious, Yuuki leaned over in Riku's arms to see who Yuri was talking to. Her eyes went wide with wonder as she caught sight of two boys, both identical in every way but their clothes. She'd never seen twins before, and as a vampire, they were practically unheard of.

"Wow…" She whispered, much to Riku's amusement. He let her down gently, and as soon as her feet touched the ground, Yuuki wasted no time in approaching his sons.

Cautious, but excited, the youngest Kuran held out a hand. "Hi, I'm Yuuki."

Lilac eyes darted to Yuri and Riku before coming to rest on her again. As the silence continued, Yuuki nibbled on her lip, her hand starting to come back down. Maybe she said something wrong?

She blinked when her hand was suddenly tugged forward. "Zero." She looked up at the sound of his voice, quiet and sweet. "I'm Ichiru." The other boy took her other hand, lightly holding it in his own.

Smile brightening, a happy flush dusting her cheeks, she each gave them a vigorous handshake, her lingering nervousness making her movements a bit jerky. "I'm really glad you're here!"

The twins tilted their head, much like their mother, and nodded.

"And so are we!" Juri rushed in, eyes shining, and headed straight for Yuri, clasping her hands. "I'm so, so immensely happy you're here, that we've made this possible, at long last."

Her smile turning softer, but no less genuine, Yuri squeezed back. "I can't imagine what it must have been like for you and Haruka-san. To have lived so long with only peace in mind, trying to change everyone else's biased, bigoted idiocy the whole way." She was speaking of both vampires and humans. Ah, the number of times she herself had wanted to set a whole gathering of people on fire just to be rid the problem…

Well, there'd been many.

Leaving their wives to their own excited chattering, Riku shook hands with Haruka, sharing a smile. At seeing the Kuran couple once again, he gradually felt his previous initial bouts of anxiety calming. Not to mention, little Yuuki seemed like such a bright girl, and what with getting a reaction out of Zero so swiftly…

He sent the kids another glance, unknowingly doing the same as Haruka, and had to stifle a laugh as he saw the contrast between the amount of energy Yuuki had to his calm, quiet sons, who just watched her with an air of bemused curiosity.

"Yuuki, they're not going to disappear if you stop talking," Kaname spoke up, going up to his sister to pat her head. Giving an acknowledging nod to the twins, he murmured, "Kuran Kaname."

"Ah, it seems Kaname-kun will get along with them if just based on the level of noise he makes," a male voice chirped.

"Kaien!" Yuri smiled, "Glad you made it, Touga too," she nodded, looking over the younger hunter's shoulder. Juri and Haruka, as well as Riku gave their own delighted sentiments to the newcomers.

"Hunter Cross," Kaname said softly, while Yuuki shyly stuck to his side, giving the two male hunters a small smile.

"Good evening, Sensei," the twins chorused.

Kaien clapped his hands, "Touga, did you hear? They greeted us together! I just knew Yuri and Juri's kids would get along perfectly," he beamed.

As if to emphasize his delighted declaration, the four newly introduced children all shared the same exasperated expression at the infamous hunter's antics. They even relaxed somewhat at discovering their opinions (or rather doubts to the man's level of sanity) were running along the same lines. At least they had one thing in common. They could thank Cross for that if nothing else.

Touga seemed the only one who noticed on their reactions, and refrained from letting out a derisive snort.

A Year Later…

"Zero, over here!" A tiny ball flew through the air, a mere red streak, until it was caught securely in small, pale hands.

Landing squarely on her booted feet, Yuuki headed straight for the goal – a small basket – and once again, leaped into the air, successfully landing another score for her and Zero.

"Yes!" She squealed, throwing her hands up, giving a bright smile to her partner as he gave her a congratulatory high five. "We're the best team!" She beamed.

Ichiru crossed his arms. "No fair. You guys always pair up together." Ever since the first time Yuuki and Zero had discovered how well they naturally clicked in a game, they'd been inseparable every time any mention of playing sports was brought up.

Zero smiled, "Maybe next time, Ichiru."

His younger twin shrugged. "Well, it's not as if it was my fault this time," he was feeling quite good today in terms of health, "it was all because of that idiot." He nodded towards a disgruntled blond.

Blue eyes flashed. "It was not!" He pouted.

Ichiru raised a brow, mimicking one of his father's expressions, and drawled, "You weren't even looking at the ball." Here, he gave Kaname, who was now talking quietly with his sister and Zero, a pointed glance.

Cheeks flushing, Hanabusa parted his mouth for a retort that never came, as his cousin placed a hand over his lips. "Come on, you know what Kaname-sama will say if you get into a fight with them. Did you forget what happened last time?"

Paling, the younger blond backed off, his eyes narrowing in even more dislike as he turned away. Stupid Ichiru, stupid twins, stupid treaties, stupid—

"Zero, great work," Kaname smiled, fixing a few of the younger boy's pale ruffled locks with the gentle combing of his fingers.

"Thanks Kaname," Zero grinned at the praise, closing his eyes momentarily at the pureblood's soft touch.

Watching the short interaction with what could only be the beginnings of masochism, Hanabusa rushed off in near frustrated, angry tears, leaving his cousin to sigh tiredly and Ichiru to smirk triumphantly at another personal victory against the blond noble. So Kaname and Yuuki liked he and his brother better than any of their other vampire friends. That wasn't his fault, was it?

Though Ichiru was more of the opinion that Kaname liked his brother as much as he did due to his similarities with Yuuki. Not that Zero was bouncy and talked a mile a minute when he was happy or excited, but…well, it was just the way they were. It was the only way Ichiru could explain it in his young mind. They couldn't look any more different on the outside, but the way they tended to think was rather close.

Zero hadn't a clue, but it was exactly that part of him that had Hanabusa's slight bouts of jealousy towards him wilting unwittingly. Much to Ichiru's amusement, the blond couldn't hold onto his animosity if he tried. Both Yuuki and Zero had that affect on people. And although that made it all the more easier for Hanabusa to shift his negativity towards Ichiru, the younger twin didn't mind. It wasn't as if he cared about what the B class noble thought of him. He only stopped to think about the opinions of two people.

"Ichiru, cookies? I know you like the caramel ones." Zero called softly, waving one of them in the air from his seat. He and the pureblood siblings had gone on to lay out the snacks their mothers had prepared on the glass table. It was quickly getting dark outside, but Ichiru could still make out the plates of sweets spread about like a mini picnic.

Trotting over, he smiled in thanks, directly taking a bite out of the cookie from his brother's hand. Zero, returning the smile, just waited until he finished chewing before feeding him the rest of the baked treat.

"Zero, Zero, I want you to have some too," Yuuki said earnestly, tugging on his shirt while holding a sugar cookie to his lips with her free hand. When he moved to take it out of her grasp, she pulled the cookie away, "No, no, I want to give it to you like you gave yours to Ichiru."

While Zero blinked confusedly, Ichiru narrowed his eyes playfully and reached around his brother to swiftly tug the cookie out of her hand. "Sorry, only I get to feed Zero," he grinned, placing the treat up to his brother's lips.

Zero leaned back to send Yuuki a concerned glance as she pouted in distress and another to his brother, wondering what he should be doing. If he chose to eat from Ichiru, that would hurt Yuuki's feelings, and if he defended her against his brother, Ichiru would be upset instead, and Zero wanted neither outcome.

Logically deciding to just get another cookie from the plate to avoid having to make that choice at all, he was smoothly interrupted with Ichiru's sharp but surprised, "Hey!" Turning to see what'd happened, he blinked as he saw Kaname had taken a bite out of the cookie his younger twin had been offering him.

"Thank you Ichiru, that was delicious," the older pureblood said calmly, his smile only working to further lower the brows on his brother's face.

"Kaname, that wasn't supposed to be yours!" Ichiru protested just for the sake of protesting, as his aim had only been to tease Yuuki a little.

"Nii-sama, that was Zero's!"

"It's alright," Zero smiled, sending Kaname a relieved, thankful glance. "There's more," he gestured to the plate. "Ichiru, Juri-san made your favorite brownies too, and Yuuki, our Mom wanted to tell you to have as many of the cupcakes as you like."

Seeing their eyes brighten, Kaname nodded, "They're in the other basket." He kept in a laugh as he saw them scramble for their favorite snacks. What better way to divert their attention away from an impending scuffle than with food?

Both he and Zero shared an amused glance, silently thanking each other for their smooth follow-ups, Kaname shifting to take Ichiru's previous seat beside the young hunter. About to ask whether the younger boy could pass the jug of iced tea over, he blinked.

Zero laughed quietly, pushing the cookie more insistently against the pureblood's lips. "Come on, it's good," he coaxed playfully.

Raising a brow, Kaname parted his mouth to respond only to have his voice muffled by the cookie that'd been abruptly shoved into it. "Mmph…!" He covered the lower part of his face out of courtesy and quickly tried to chew and swallow as fast as he could manage as to not give Zero any more extra time to run.

Soundlessly getting up from his seat with a speed that had the rest of the other outraged young nobles blinking, Kaname sprinted after the laughing boy responsible for his short bout of embarrassment. (Takuma, he knew, would never let him live it down…)

Too dignified to resort to raising his voice and knowing any demands for the boy to stop would end in vain, Kaname just smirked and sped up his pace. Running around the garden like a pair of monkeys wasn't all that dignified either, and he was intent on finishing this quickly.

Leaping into the air, it was easy for him to sail over Zero's head, coming to land in front of the younger boy to take a gentle, but firm hold of his arm. He didn't think his grip had been tight at all (it'd been a while since he'd met and played with the twins, after all, he'd plenty of time to learn how to exert his strength) but Zero's wide gaze told differently.

"Kaname, you're hurting me," he whispered, and Kaname immediately faltered, catching onto Zero's impish grin a second too late as the boy took off again, leaving his hand empty.

This time, he couldn't hold in a sharp, "Zero!" as he watched the young hunter sprint off. Inwardly, a teasing voice that sounded too much like his father sighed out, "He got you with those eyes again," and Kaname could hear the shake of his head in his tone.

He reminds me of Yuuki whenever he does that, Kaname tried to reason, and held in a scowl. The excuse sounded lame even in his own mind.

But those thoughts aside, he needed to get Zero first. This time, instead of running after him, Kaname raised his head to take a delicate sniff, his strides calm and confident as he let his nose lead him to his current target.

…Who'd just rushed behind the thick trunk of an old tree.

Smiling in amusement, he kept his movements silent as he carefully crept around the tree and behind the younger boy who was on his knees peering out over the other side of the tree trunk.

Zero, Zero, Zero… It was a good thing Kaname had learned to conceal his aura as a vampire or this would never have worked. Zero had excellent senses as a hunter and his abilities only increased with every training session. Last Kaname heard, his range extended quite far for one his age.

"Zero," he finally murmured, and the predator in him purred in satisfaction at the gasp of surprise that left the boy's lips. As Zero tried to make another run for it, Kaname wasted no time in grabbing for his wrist, smoothly pulling him back down onto his lap.

Wrapping his other arm around the boy's waist, Kaname shifted to rest his back against the trunk, settling the younger boy comfortably between his legs.

Zero pouted, his hand resting against Kaname's arm. It really wasn't fair. The older boy knew how to keep Zero from sensing him, and thus was able to catch him much too easily.

"I only gave you a cookie," he mumbled.

"Then why did you run?" Kaname tilted his head to get a better view of the younger boy's face. "If you hadn't already foreseen what your actions would do, you wouldn't have made to run off so fast."

Zero's bottom lip stuck out even more as slunk lower in Kaname's arms. He refused to look like an idiot by opening his mouth only to further dig himself a deeper hole. If there was one thing Kaname was good at, it was verbal arguments, and the gods had blessed him with an unfair amount of intelligence to match.

He knew Kaname wouldn't hurt him though. The older boy had never inflicted pain on either Ichiru or Zero deliberately, but always apologized for it anyhow, even for situations that hadn't been his fault. He and Ichiru's first fight with Aidou was a fine example. Despite the twins telling him otherwise, Kaname had still felt guilty about it and creeped Ichiru out with his attempts to make it up to them by trying to tend to their injuries at every opportunity. He finally stopped when Zero threatened he and his brother would stop coming over if all the older boy was going to do every time he saw them was act like a mother hen.

"Mm, what shall I do with you?"

Perking up, Zero cautiously peeked over his shoulder at the pureblood behind him, as though seeing his expression would enlighten him to the older boy's thoughts. It didn't, of course. What was Kaname planning?

"You can let me go," he tried.

"…I don't think so, no, Zero."

The pout was back as the young hunter in training deflated, slouching again. It'd been worth a shot, wasted as it might've been. "Then what are you going to do?" He grumbled.

"How about you giving me a cookie properly this time?" Kaname murmured, amused with Zero's quickly turning moods.

Tilting his head back to squint up at the pureblood in suspicion (still too young to realize he'd just exposed the whole of his throat, which Kaname did his best to ignore for the moment), the younger boy asked, "Now?" He didn't have any cookies.

"Yes, why not?" Kaname smiled down, placing a perfectly made sugar cookie in the palm of Zero's small, pale hand.

Quickly sitting up, making sure not to bump his head into Kaname's chin in the process, Zero looked down at the treat in his hand in confusion. "How did you bring this with you without breaking it?" Last he checked, Kaname hadn't been holding it, and if he'd kept it in his pocket or something, it surely would have chipped off at the edge or crumbled completely.

"I am a pureblood." Kaname said simply, as if that were enough of an answer. Zero half wondered if the older boy intended to use that excuse for every seemingly inexplicable thing he pulled off.

Shrugging (there really was no use in pushing the issue; Kaname was very good at verbal arguments, after all) Zero simply placed the cookie back in Kaname's hand. "There. I gave one to you the right way." He would be free to eat with Ichiru and Yuuki.

"Didn't I say to give it to me properly?"

Zero blinked, then frowned. "I did." He glanced down at the cookie and almost whined in frustration when Kaname placed it back onto his palm. The older boy really was confusing sometimes.

"You know how to give properly to Ichiru but not to me?" Kaname asked innocently.

Lilac eyes widened. Oh… Well, if Kaname wanted it that way, then who was Zero to say anything? Turning completely in the pureblood's arms, he lifted the cookie up to his lips, waiting for them to part before gently pushing it in, as he'd done with Ichiru. So this was what Kaname meant? He could be pretty weird on top of being confusing, Zero decided. But then again, he was a pureblood, he inwardly snickered.

Once he was done eating, they both moved to stand, dusting off their pants. "Yuuki probably ate all the cupcakes," Zero smiled as they headed back.

"If there are any left, would you share them with me as well?" Kaname asked. Zero narrowed his eyes a bit, looking up at the vampire before shrugging. "Okay." Feeding Kaname wasn't such a horrible thing, and he doubted Yuuki would let him get away with hogging all of her precious older brother's attention, so he could just shove the task onto her willing shoulders if he didn't want to do it. And if not her, then Aidou Hanabusa would work just as well.

Unfortunately, Kaname seemed particularly adept at guessing his thoughts, as he lightly commented, "Only you would be so generous as to share such good cupcakes with me, Zero."

The younger boy sighed.


A thirteen year old Zero walked by the living room only to stop at hearing uproarious laughter emanating from it. Curious, he took a glimpse and found his parents as well as the pureblood couple, crowded around a book.

"What are you guys looking at?" And what was so funny?

They all looked up, and once they saw his face, they started laughing all over again.

Lips pursing, Zero crossed his arms. "What is it?" He demanded. He didn't like being laughed at, especially if he didn't even know the reason why.

Yuri let out a delicate snort and slid something out of the book, lifting it in clear view. "This is what," she answered somewhat smugly, her pale eyes shining with mischief. Well, this was just one of the 'what' but Zero didn't need to know that.

Lowering his brows, Zero went up for a closer look at the photograph, and once he caught onto the contents of the picture, flushed in embarrassment and tried to swipe it from his mother's hand.

Of course, as a veteran hunter, her reflexes were top notch, and she easily evaded him, swiftly slipping the picture back into what Zero now realized was a thick album.

"These are precious, Zero, I won't let you burn them just because you're a little shy."

A little shy?! That picture was ridiculous!

But knowing there was no negotiating with his mother on something like this, Zero tried his best to leave the room with as much dignity as was left to him.

Back in the living room, the two couples shared another bout of laughter at his expense, their eyes filled with affection as they looked down at the picture once again.

All four sitting in a row, a young Kaname smiled happily as a younger Zero fed him a piece of frosted cupcake, his head turned away from the pureblood to receive the brownie Ichiru was feeding him, and the younger of the twins also turned away to bite into the cookie Yuuki was offering him. It was a feeding food chain.

"I don't know who took this, but it's brilliant," Juri said with a delighted flush to her cheeks.

"They really were close, even back then," Yuri smiled softly. She rested her hand against another picture that had Kaname trying to lick the frosting off of Zero's fingers.

"And even closer now," Juri whispered conspiratorially. She didn't care if their husbands thought the possibilities ludicrous; women knew better anyway. "They're growing up so fast," she sighed.

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