He skitters across the floor searching.

He straightens and looks about him sniffing the air, hunting.

Ah! There it was! The beautiful sweet smell of cookies!

He scampers faster, not wanting to miss out on the wonderful treat.

Ah ha!

The plate of cookies sits on the end table and she sits beside them.

He is torn between the treats and his love. He pauses swaying. He makes a decision and heads towards her shiny curls. He taps her leg and sits back waiting; she turns another page in her book. He nudges her harder in irritation. She glances at him and laughs in delight.

"Come out to say hi?" her voice rolls softly.

He pulls himself up on to the couch and climbs into her lap. She lowers the book and continues to watch him with a genuine smile on her face. He sticks his nose into her book and pushes it hard.

"Hey!" she says lightly swatting him "What did we say about books?"

He turns his head back to look at her in a petulant manner and she rolls her eyes.

He climbs onto her shoulder and burrows himself in her curls then sneaks onto the back of the couch and runs to the cookies.

"Pete! You naughty boy!" she says trying her hardest to sound serious but he can still hear the smile in her voice. He swipes a cookie from the plate.

"What is it with the two of you and your obsession with cookies? They're not even that good compared to some desserts."

He looks at her indignantly and affronted as if she had just insulted his mother but the look doesn't last long as he turns back to his cookie.

"You only get one" she warns, "I'm serious this time" she said firmly.

He finishes his cookie, looks at her to make sure she's absorbed in her book, and turns slowly back to the cookies. Just as he's about to snatch one up and run her voice freezes his movement, "Pete…" she says admonishing him as she continues to look at her book. He shifts contemplating if he'll have enough time and distance to snatch one and run.

"Don't even think about it" she advises.

He decides against his plan of action and scampers to her side.

"Good choice" she says dryly.

In revenge he climbs on her shoulder and rubs himself around her neck, where he knows she's extremely ticklish.


He burrows himself in her curls once again.

"Pete!" she exclaims exasperated.

"What?!" a voice rumbles.

He feels her tense.

"I…I forgot" she mumbles to the voice.

He peeks his head out from beneath her curls and peers at the new comer.

"Nice hair, Myka" the voice says and he burrows hurriedly back in her curls.

She snorts and opens her mouth to reply but is interrupted

"Ooo, Cookies!" the voice says excitedly

He shifts at the word and comes out from his hiding place.

She chuckles dryly "What is it about cookies…" she ponders amused.



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