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"Does My know you're down here?" Pretty Girl asks as she enters the dining room.

He'd been searching for cookies.

He ducks his head innocently.

Pretty Girl snorts and shakes her head, "Of course not. Well come on. You can help me with the cookies."

His tiny ears perk in excitement and his nose trembles in anticipation as Pretty Girl scoops him up and puts him on her shoulder.

She reaches into the cupboards and pulls out a shiny container.

He squeaks and wiggles his behind.

He jumps from her shoulder to the counter attacking the lid. Pretty Girl laughs then yelps as the lid goes crashing to the floor.



Pretty Girl jumps and he chitters angrily. No one is allowed to scare his Pretty Girl, she gives him cookies.

He sneezes. Though she must have made a mistake this white stuff is definitely not his cookies.

"What's Myka's ferret doing down here?"

"We were gonna make cookies wanna help, snot face?"

Pete-man groans, "Can't. Have to finish this report for Artie."

"Bad luck. Should of done yours on the plane ride back."

"You're starting to sound like Myka."

"Hey! Keep talking like that and you won't get any cookies, Buster."

Pete-man sticks out his tongue, "I think I'm just gonna start calling you Minni Myks"

Pretty Girl picks up a spoon and throws it at Pete-man who dodges it and skips away laughing.

He scratches at her sleeve to refocus her attention on him. He really wants his cookie.

She laughs and puts him back on her shoulder.

"You know we have to make them first right? Other Pete ate all the cookies last night. And by the sounds of Leena's grumblings this morning you helped him." She said scratching him under his chin.

He chirps.

Pretty Girl pulls out lots of interesting things from the cupboards but none of them are cookies.

He scampers down her arm for a better look.

By the time they're done he's almost sure she's tricked him.

But then she puts the tray of sticky goo into the magic cookie maker and he thinks maybe she hasn't. She gives him a gooey spoon and he sniffs it. It smells good.

He takes to the task of licking it clean. It's almost as good as cookies.

He props himself on his hind legs and tries to see if the cookies have appeared yet but he's not tall enough.

He scrabbles up on to a chair. But he's too high.

He sighs and curls up next to Pretty Girl who is playing with one of those computer things.

He huffs and stares at the magic cookie maker with longing.

Pretty Girl chuckles and pats him on the head, "Just a few more minutes, Bud."

Cookie making was fun but Cookie eating is so much better.


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