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He swallowed, and she could feel his chest move against hers, and her legs smoothed against the sides of his. He sighed into her neck and kissed her there. Brennan felt his tender affection all the way to her toes.

"Bones?" he rasped against the skin of her neck.

"Yes, Booth?" she asked, sliding her hands over his slick skin,

He pushed up to his elbows, and looked at her. "Bones…" his neck tilted to the side and his eyes closed tight for just a moment, "Bones, do you think maybe…" he swallowed and looked into her eyes, "Maybe you might be falling in love with me…a little?"

Brennan let her hands fall to her sides, and then she reached up to press a kiss on his lips before settling back down to the pillow. "I think I might be" she answered honestly. "I don't know."

He pulled her into a hug and rolled to her side, pulling her tight against him.


Sunday 3:16 AM

Brennan awoke to the feel of something tickling her nose. Opening up her eyes, she realized her face was pressed up against the back of Booth's head. Closer inspection of her person caused her to become aware that her whole body was in fact pressed up against the back of his. Her elbow was near his ribs, and her arm lay parallel to his, her hand cupping his shoulder. Sometime during the past few hours, she'd practically wrapped his body with hers from behind. Unsure of how she felt about that, she closed her eyes and tried to remember the night before.

It all came rushing back with a force usually reserved for locked away memories of her mother. It was probably because she'd allowed herself to be vulnerable to Booth, telling him things she'd never told anyone else. Especially telling him she might be falling in love with him.

Gingerly attempting to extract herself from him, she slid her arm away from him. But his sleepy body just moved in the same direction. His eyes opened, and Brennan found herself staring down into them, the darkness of the room not hiding their brown depths. He looked at once confused, but pleasantly surprised, as if he knew she'd be there, but wasn't quite able to believe it was actually true. She'd seen that look on his face many times, but it seemed more intimate at the moment.

"Everything okay?" he rumbled, and Brennan swallowed. His voice was as raspy as the now two day old stubble against his cheeks.

"Yes" she whispered, resisting the urge to run her palm against his cheek and chin. She already knew what would happen if she did; she'd shiver and lick her lips and be unable to do anything else before she pressed her lips against his, just to feel the scrape of his skin against hers.

Then all at once, she was on her back, and he was staring down into her eyes. His hand cupped her hip and she realized there was another place to feel rough against smooth.

As his thumb caressed the spot where her thigh met her torso, Brennan closed her eyes.

Booth stared down at her, this woman he loved. There was a lot he wanted to say to her, a lot he needed to tell her. But for now, he just pressed his lips to hers, feeling the bite of her nails against his shoulders, knowing his beard was maybe too rough for her face. But she didn't complain, and he felt a surge of male instinct when she cupped the back of his head and pressed her lips tighter against his. Her lips parted, and her tongue slipped between them to nudge at his lips. He gave no resistance, and neither did she below, as his body slipped just as easily inside her.

And just like that, they were together, as if their bodies knew just how it worked. They both stilled for a moment, just feeling.

And Booth was reminded again, of all the things he thought he'd have to forget. Her touch. Her hair fanned out against his pillow, the clutch of her arms around him, the welcome of her body to his. All of it.

And as he rolled them over to let her set a morning rhythm, a soft smile crossed her lips. Booth knew he wouldn't have to forget this; he wouldn't have to forget anything. Not the way she looked in his kitchen, the way she understood him, not any of it.

Their movements quickened as if fighting off the dawn, and Booth let his hands caress her hips and bottom, before sliding inward to caress her more intimately, her smooth skin a balm to his still tender heart. She ran her hands up and down his chest, her smooth palms a cool weight against his tense body. And then her fingers clutched at his shoulders, her mouth falling open in a wordless gasp, her chest expanding as she tried to inhale while her entire body was releasing so much pleasure, and he couldn't help but follow her.

And he knew, as he cradled her body to his, their legs tangling with each other and the sheets that he'd now fight whatever obstacle he could ever face to make sure he didn't need to forget the way she felt like this.

As her breath began to ease, he smoothed her hair over her shoulder and kissed it.

There was a lot he wanted to say to her, a lot he needed to tell her. But he just pressed his chin against her neck and kissed her shoulder again. "I love that you have perfume because it reminds you of your mother" he whispered as his limbs grew heavy with impending sleep.

She tensed a bit, but then relaxed in his arms, her breathing easing back into sleep as well.


8:40 AM

Brennan awoke again to the same sensation of something tickling her nose. Bringing her hand up to brush it away, she wiped her hair from her face. Cracking open one eye, she closed it again quickly against the bright light of the room.

Groaning slightly, she rolled over to her right, expecting to feel Booth's warm body there. But she only felt cooler sheets. And as she opened her eyes, she realized she was alone in the bed. Lying quietly for a moment, she stretched her arms and legs, waking up fully before sliding from the bed. She felt a moment of hesitation before she walked over to Booth's dresser and pulled out a pair of his boxers and an undershirt. He hadn't minded the week before when she'd used his clothes, and she could admit to herself that she enjoyed the feel of them against her skin. It was almost as good as having his skin against hers.

Brennan looked back to the bed, to the rumpled sheets and trail of clothes between the bed and the door.



Booth stirred his spoon in his coffee, alternately staring into his mug, and then over to the empty mug he'd set on the table across from him. It was daylight, and it was time for him to man up. To admit that he'd been wrong, and that he wasn't going to run again.

Damn it.

In hindsight, he realized it was the worst thing he could have done. He knew better, too. People get too close to her, and they run, and he'd always told her it wouldn't always be like that. But he'd done the exact same thing.

But she'd knocked on his door. And…

"Good morning"

She spoke up from behind him, and he turned around, swallowing back a smile at the sight of her in his clothes.

"Coffee?" he asked, and she nodded. That was a good start. Coffee.

He got up, poured some coffee into the mug he'd set out for her and watched as she sat down in the chair. She cupped the mug in her hands and brought it up to her lips. Her moan of pleasure caused him to chuckle, and she opened her eyes.

"Forget I was here?" he asked, leaning back in his chair.

"No offense" she shrugged a shoulder.

"None taken"

Booth's fingers tapped against the table as he tried to think of what to say next. He wasn't the king of morning afters, but jeez, it wasn't like he was usually so speechless either. But he had to admit that he found it a lot easier to communicate with her when the boundaries were clearer. Work, bed, hell…the diner, all of those places had…well, their place. But Sunday morning coffee was new. Not a bad new, just…awkward. And Booth was quickly realizing that he hated awkward.

"I have to go to the lab today." She mentioned, and he didn't miss the way her fingers tightened a bit over her mug, almost daring him to challenge her.

Gritting his teeth against doing that very thing, he stood and walked over to the sink, pressing his hands against it. "Got a lot of work to do?"

"Yes. I left yesterday in the middle of a project" Brennan stood and joined him near the sink, "And I left work early on Friday."

At the mention of that, Booth's jaw tensed, and he looked down before twisting his neck to look at her.

She looked back, and he knew it was coming, but still…

"Why'd you run, Booth?"

His stomach muscles tensed with the breath he exhaled. "Look, Bones…"

Any other woman might rub his back in comfort and say it didn't matter, or yell, or say something catty, but when he looked over to her, he saw nothing but genuine curiosity. She just…wanted to know. And that made him want to tell her.

"Well, I…" he turned and rested his back against the counter, reaching with one arm to wrap around her waist. If he was going to talk about this, he at least wanted the benefit of holding her close. "Bones, all my life, I've always had this feeling like I was just not quite good enough." He paused, and checked for her reaction. But there was none, besides the continual quest for his answer. "And so…I don't know, I guess I tend to concentrate on the things that I haven't been good enough in, you know? I wasn't good enough for Rebecca, I wasn't good enough for my own dad, I…I'm not a good enough brother, or whatever."

He sighed and pulled his arm back to his side, pleased when she didn't step back. "And then I met you…and it was a whole new ballgame, Bones. I wasn't smart enough or rich enough, or anything like that."

"Booth…" she stopped him then, her brow furrowing. "I've never once thought that."

"I know, I know" he waved her off and rolled his eyes, "and that's the ironic thing, I guess. The person who really IS way, way, way too good for me doesn't even know it."

Brennan set her mug in the sink, "I don't know what that means."

"It means…" he paused and rubbed his face. "It means that you…your world, Bones, of schmancy art and wine and cuisine and all of that…I'm not good enough for that."

"I've never asked you to be, Booth."

"I know, I know…" Booth sighed and looked at her. She appeared to be thinking about something, but she didn't elaborate. He was ready to be done with this conversation, so he just smiled and tapped her nose with his finger. "Let's not worry about it, okay? It's the weekend, and we can just relax."

She frowned, but didn't comment.

"Is that what you're going to wear to the lab?" he teased, motioning toward her bare legs.

Brennan chuckled, "No…I'm going home first to shower and change."

"Don't change, Bones. I like you just the way you are."

She opened her mouth to refute him, but then caught his smile. "I get it." Her eyes widened and she nodded, "I understand your double meaning."

He laughed then, and walked over to his fridge, pulling out a bagel. "Want one?"

"No" she shook her head and walked to the living room to get her keys. "I'm not that hungry. Are you…um, are you going to watch football today?"

Booth leaned against the doorway between his kitchen and his front door. "I thought about it. I can come to the lab with you, if you want."

"No, no." she shook her head. "You'll only be bored."

His eyes narrowed, but he just chuckled. "I guess so, Bones."

Brennan bit her bottom lip, and then walked to stand in front of him. "So…I guess I'll see you later?"

"Yes, you will see me later." He promised.

There was another awkward moment, as they both kind of stood there. Then Brennan leaned in quickly and brushed her lips against his. "Then I will see you later."

Booth watched as she turned and walked out of his apartment. He rubbed his chest with one hand, and thought about the naturalness of what had just happened. "See you, Bones" he whispered.


2:20 PM

Booth absentmindedly rubbed his chest as he took another drink from his beer. Ugh…warm.

He set it aside and looked at his watch, surprised that it was well after noon. He picked up his remote and settled deeper into his couch, hoping to find another football game that was more interesting.


6:45 PM

Brennan frowned as she twisted her neck a bit, trying to ease the stiffness in that one…spot… "Ah…".

She brought her gloved hand up to massage away the kink, and for a moment, it worked. In her mind flashed a sudden image of Booth standing behind her, his low voice rumbling from his chest to her back, his very capable thumb and trigger finger massaging her neck to nearly perfect comfort. Eyes closed, she allowed the fantasy to take place, knowing no one else was around. He didn't move his fingers from that spot on her neck, and he didn't say anything else, just rubbed gently. But he was breathing in and out, and she could feel the strength from his chest against her back.

Alone, she wasn't adverse to admitting that she admired his strength. It was a key element in their professional partnership, and, yes, she'd been on the receiving end of his strength, in the rare moments in which she was not totally capable of handling a situation herself.

So, yes, she admired his strength. It wasn't such a bad thing to admit. Only an irrational person would not admire it.

Bones, all my life, I've always had this feeling like I was just not quite good enough…

His words from that morning gave her pause, and Brennan opened her eyes, realizing she was once again in her professional surroundings. Her lab, her platform, her labcoat, her gloved hands.

They came down to rest against the lab table, and she pulled in a breath. Yes, Booth's strength was a good quality.

But what of the weakness she'd heard in his voice that morning? And the other night, when he'd left her standing there? Didn't he know how that would make her feel? Shouldn't he of all people know that the one thing she couldn't abide any longer was someone leaving her for her so called 'best interest'? She admired his strength, but what about his weaknesses?

Brennan felt a familiar tightening in her chest, that familiar sensation of abandonment. Would Booth really abandon her?

The signs pointed to…possible.

But she'd never been one to only pay attention to signs. Evidence HAD to be supported by truth and…and facts!

Pulling off her gloves, she walked with direction toward her office. Not stopping until she'd sat down behind her desk, she pulled open a drawer. Digging around to the back, she retrieved a small sturdy box, and after opening it, she pulled out two sheets of her favorite stationery, used only for serious matters.

She pulled a dark blue pen from the cup near her computer and drew a line across the top of the paper.

"Booth" was all she wrote over the line.


8:50 PM

Booth groaned and rubbed his face, swatting away at whatever beeping noise was intruding on his perfectly good Sunday nap. So okay, okay…it was Sunday night, but still…could that noise just "go away!"He growled under his breath and turned over, trying to blot out the noise, but it only grew louder and closer to his ear. "Damn it…"

He realized his phone was ringing, and he fumbled for it, opening it up to his ear without opening his eyes.

"—hello" he mumbled, clearing his throat and sinking deeper into the couch.


He blinked and sat up quickly, groaning again when he felt lightheaded from his sudden movements.

"Booth, are you okay?"

"Bones…yeah" he shook his head a couple of times and opened his eyes, blinking again at the darkness in his living room, a sharp contrast to the garish light from the TV. "I'm awake"

"Were you sleeping?" she asked, and Booth realized he'd answered a question she hadn't even asked.

"Not really, and I'm okay…" he rubbed his face and brought his feet to the floor, "Where are you? Still at the lab? Want to get some dinner or something?"

There was a pause from the other end, and Booth looked at his phone, wondering if they'd been disconnected. "Bones?"

"I'm here. Actually…I've been doing some thinking, and I have come to a couple of conclusions."

Booth stood up for a moment, then sat back down, and then stood up again. "Look, Bones…if this is about--"

"—I think you should stay at my apartment this week" she interrupted, and Booth fell back against his couch.

"It's only rational, really, and that way…we can…know where we'll be each night."

Her voice had grown quieter, and Booth bit the inside of his cheek, "You want me to…pack a bag or something?"

"That sounds very practical" she answered.

There was something else, something she wasn't saying, he could tell. But she HAD invited him to stay with her for the week. As in…with her, at her apartment. Planned. His clothes in her closet, his toothbrush next to hers, his…

"Sure, sounds like a plan, Bones. Are you um…are you on your way home? I mean…to your apartment?" Damn that 'home' had come up and out so quickly!

"I'll be there around 10 PM, if you wish to join me then, Booth. I have a few other things to say to you, but they will be better served when we are face to face."

Booth considered her words, "I see…" His chest expanded as he pulled in a deep breath, "These other things, Bones…are they…good things?"

There was another silence from her end, and Booth felt confused. Surely she wasn't inviting him to stay with her for the week only to break up with him the moment he got there.

"They are good things, I think, Booth." She was saying, "Although, good is so relative. So it's hard to say. They are true things, I can say that with certainty."

Booth chuckled and tapped his fingers against his knee. Good and True. Okay, he could deal with that. "I'll see you at 9:59, Bones."

He could just imagine the surprised smile and then eye roll from her. She didn't say goodbye, but just closed her phone. He did the same and then pushed himself up from the couch.

It was time to get a move on.

Time to pack a bag.


9:59 PM

Brennan turned the corner of her apartment hallway and smiled. "Hello Booth."

He just stood up from where he'd been sitting at the door, his gym bag now at his feet. "Heya, Bones…"

He stood behind her as she opened her door, and then bent down to grab his bag and follow her inside.

"Is that all you brought?" she asked, turning toward him as she pulled off her jacket.

He helped her with her coat. "No, I have my suits in the car. I didn't really want to lay them in the hallway. I'll get them in a minute."

They were almost in a mirrored position from that morning at Booth's apartment, and one look into each other's eyes showed that they both recognized it. Feeling almost as awkward, they both leaned in and kissed one another before pulling back.

"So…I'll just go get them, then?" Booth asked, motioning toward the door with his thumb.

Brennan nodded and stepped toward her living room, "That sounds like a good plan. I will see you when you get back here."

"For the good and true things" Booth reminded her, and she chuckled.

"Yes, Booth…for those things."

Brennan walked into her kitchen and poured herself a glass of water. She stood at the sink and pulled out the list she'd prepared in her office that afternoon. Skimming its contents quickly, she almost didn't hear her front door open and close, but Booth's slight whistling caught her attention, and she turned around.

"Ey yo, Bones…what um…should I, uh…" he stood in the doorway, his hand holding up a few hangers with shirts and jackets while the other hand held a few ties.

"You may hang those in my closet, if you wish" she leaned against the sink, "There should be some room there. I can do it, if you need me to."

"Nope…I've got it Bones" he clicked his tongue against his teeth and flashed her a charm smile. "Been hanging up my own clothes for years."

Brennan just chuckled and turned to place her glass in the sink. She followed Booth back to her bedroom and watched as he opened her closet door. When she'd left for work that morning, she honestly hadn't planned for this scenario, so it wasn't as if there really was a designated space for his things. But he didn't seem to mind, and if anything, his whistling increased. She could hear the slight scrape of hangars against the metal rod in her closet, and then slight clicks as he rested his hangers on it.

Then he was backing out, and he closed her closet door, turning toward her with a smile. "So…how was your day?"

Brennan tilted her head to the side. "I got much accomplished, so very satisfactory, I must say. Yours?"

He looked to the ceiling for a moment, "Meh, didn't do much, but it was still fine. So…"

Brennan knew he was ready for her to expound on what she'd said earlier, but suddenly she didn't wish to say what she wanted here, in the bedroom.

"Go on out to the living room, Booth, and wait for me. I'm going to change into something more comfortable, and I'll meet you out there."

Booth's eyes raked over her body, just once, and then met hers. "Something more comfortable…like…an old t-shirt? Or …something more…comfortable?"

Brennan rolled her eyes at his innuendo, and just turned her back to him. Booth just laughed and left her room for the living room.

Brennan waited the sufficient time needed for him to be back to the living room before she walked to her closet. Opening the door and stepping inside, she examined the way his suits now hung next to her things. This was most definitely new. But 95 % of the space was still dominated by her things, and so for now, it felt right, and as it should be.

She couldn't resist letting her fingers run over the sleeve of one of his jackets. It was hanging right next to one of her dresses, and she let her fingers rub between the two, feeling the cool cotton of her shirtdress contrasting with the sharper fabric of his crisp jacket. She didn't quite have the words to describe how it felt, and she almost felt like she was intruding on an intimate moment. This is how it would feel to have a hand stuck between them when they were sitting near one another. Her cooler fabric against his rougher fabric. And something, some friction or tension, caught in between.

Dropping her hand quickly, she exited the closet, moving toward her dresser to change her clothes.


Booth noticed a slight chill in her living room, and he opened up the blanket he found along the back of her couch. He laid one half on the couch and let the other half remain over the back before he sat down. He heard her coming back to the living room, and he smiled at her appearance. "Ah, I see. So, comfortable it is."

Brennan looked down to the clothes he'd loaned her on Thursday and shrugged.

"What's in your hand?" he asked, motioning toward the paper clutched in her fingers.

"As I said before" she began, making her way fully into the room to stand in front of him, "I did some thinking today, and I came to a couple of conclusions. And I would like to share them with you."

Booth nodded and patted the couch beside him. "Okay, I'm listening. Have a seat."

"No" Brennan shook her head. "I would prefer to stand." Pulling up the paper in front of her, she looked at it, and then him. "Booth, it has come to my attention that perhaps you could use a few compliments."

Booth chuckled. 'Um…what?"

"I said, it has come to my attention that you could use a few compliments--"

"I heard what you said, Bones" he held up a hand. "Where's this coming from?"

"From you, Booth" she clarified. "From this morning. You said you don't feel like you are good enough, and so, I have compiled a list of things I feel will raise your self esteem."

"My… Bones!" he stood up and tilted his head to the side. "Self esteem, Bones? You don't even believe in that crap!"

"Agreed" she nodded and stepped back an inch or two. "However, there have been times in which I was feeling less than completely competent, but you managed to compliment me, and I would just like to…return the favor."

Everything in Booth's nature wanted to ignore her, kiss her, do anything else but have her list off his good qualities. Seriously…was she serious? "Are you serious, Bones?"


Booth sighed and rubbed a palm against the back of his neck. "Okay, okay…fine" he moved back to the couch, and laid down on it, crossing his ankles at one end. "Go ahead, Dr. Sweets, let's have a feel goodery."

She raised one eyebrow at him. "Very funny"

Booth chuckled and looked at her. "Okay, okay…go ahead" he motioned to her with a sincere smile, "But can't you at least be sitting near me when you do this?"

"No, Booth, like I said, I would--"

"—Prefer to stand. I get it."

Their eyes met and held, and they both felt a bit nervous. "Go ahead, Bones" he whispered, closing his eyes to listen.

Brennan cleared her throat and looked at her list. "You said this morning that you feel that you aren't good enough, and I have compiled a list of ways in which you are quite above average."

Booth felt his lips tip up in a slight smile in spite of himself, imagining her sitting at her desk, thinking of him like that.

"The first category is 'professional', Booth." Brennan licked her lips and wished she'd brought a glass of water, "You are more than competent as an FBI Agent, a Special Agent, actually. That is quite rare, and therefore proves you are not average in your place of employment. Also, I should admit that if you weren't the best in your field, I would never have wanted to work with you, so…there is also that."

Booth cracked open one eye and smirked. Leave it to her to compliment herself while complimenting him, and thinking it was a compliment to him to include him in the way she was complimenting herself. Man, he really, really loved her.

"Personal Hygiene" she continued, and he snorted.

Brennan looked up from her paper and blinked, and he realized she was totally serious.

"Sorry" he lied. "I sneezed"

Her eyes narrowed, but she didn't comment, and instead looked down to her paper. "Quite well dressed, very good taste in clothing and hairstyles. Almost always clean shaven, which is very desirable. Always smells considerably above average, even after exercising"

Booth watched as she blushed a bit at that. He also noticed that during the course of her speech, she'd walked over toward him. He could now hook his hand around the back of her knee. He did so, and she toppled forward a bit.


"Sorry" he lied again "I sneezed"

She huffed, but smiled. "You aren't taking this seriously."

"Oh yes, I am, Bones. I really am."

And he was too…because damned if compliments from Bones didn't make him feel about 100 feet tall and just about indestructible. "I just wish you weren't so far away." He tugged again on both her knees this time and brought her down to lie on top of him.

"I'm not done with my list yet" she asserted, pulling it up between them.

Booth settled onto his back and let one hand rest behind his head while the other one settled onto her back. She pressed the paper against his chest and leaned up slightly onto her elbows, enough to bring a little pressure over his ribs, but not enough for pain. "Go ahead, finish your list, Bones."

"Okay, next category…sexual organ."

"What?" Booth's breath whooshed from his body and he tried to sit up only to lose his balance and fall back against the couch.

"Booth…don't be surprised. It's a logical area for comparison. You will be glad to know that you rank high, very high and above average in both size and…durability."

"Durability?" he croaked, trying to grab for her paper. "Let me see that thing."

"No" she wiggled over him, keeping her paper back, causing him to become quite…durable.

"It says durable on your list?" he challenged, and she flushed.

"Well, I might be improvising a bit, but…the general idea is there."

Booth groaned and leaned up to capture her lips with his. He pulled back and then kissed her again. "Put away the list, Bones…come on, now."

"What? No…" she tried to lean back, but his hands came around her back, and he just kissed her again. "I'm trying to improve your self esteem to the point that you feel you are worthy of my time."

He paused and looked at her.

"Okay" she tilted her head to the side. "I didn't mean worthy of my time, I just meant…good enough. My equal." A frown crossed her lips, "Although, not academically, of course, but…" she scoffed. "There are so few…" she was cut off by his lips again.

"I get it, Bones" his lips were almost harsh against hers, but then softened. "Thank you…"

He let his head rest back down on the couch and he slid her hair behind her ears, really taking in what she'd done for him. "Thank you, Bones."

And suddenly, it did feel like enough. He was good enough for her; she was good enough for him. Or maybe neither of them were, but…they were in it together, which was the point. He kissed her again, pleased when she let her hands fall to his chest, the paper falling to the floor near him.

"I'm a good kisser, Bones" he whispered against her lips, "Is that on the list?"

"No, it wasn't" she admitted honestly, "I didn't think of it."

"Tsk tsk" he shook his head, "I'll just have to make sure you don't forget that."

She smiled against his lips and tried to move her hands down to his shirt to pull it up. But he just stopped her again. "No, no, Bones. I'm just going to kiss you for awhile. Really make sure you know."

"Booth" she whined slightly, and he just laughed.

"Patience, Bones…" he crooned before capturing her mouth with his.

They kissed lightly for a few moments and Brennan let herself enter the moment with him. It was slower than her normal taste, but she couldn't deny there was some appeal to this whole thing. "Patient was on my list" she told him, "Under 'interpersonal skills', Booth".

He laughed against her mouth and then let his lips caress her throat lightly before returning to nip at the side of her mouth.

"Are we done kissing now?" she asked, trying to coax him into further action.

"Oh, no, Bones" he chuckled, and she felt it rumble from his chest to hers. "We're just getting started. We're going to kiss until we feel like our heads are going to explode."

"What's the point?" she asked.

"The point, Bones…is the anticipation…"

He didn't wait for her response, but just kissed her again.

This went on for long, long moments as their kissing increased and subsequently decreased in pressure and speed and friction. Brennan managed to wiggle enough to let the hem of the shirt she was wearing ride up against her stomach, and when Booth's hands made a pass along her waist, they encountered bare skin.

They both groaned at that, and Brennan pulled back. "While scientifically impossible, I believe we have reached the metaphoric 'exploding head' moment."

She snugged her hips against his and Booth groaned. He cupped her hips and held them still, "Only one head explosion, please"

Brennan laughed at his innuendo and then kissed his throat. He groaned again and let his hands slide over her waist to the hem of his shirt, pulling it up toward her shoulders.

Brennan did her part and sat up on Booth's waist, lifting her arms to help him lift the shirt over her head. When it was tossed completely off, she shook her hair loose and went to settle back down on his body, but Booth held her off with two hands on her ribs. "Hold on, Bones…let me look at you."

"Booth…" she complained. "More patience?"

He laughed and let his palms only slide to cup the undersides of her breasts. "Come on, Bones…for me? Please?"

Her eyes narrowed, but she relented, shrugging a shoulder. "Okay."

He grinned. "I promise it will be worth it."

Brennan shivered as his slightly calloused hands rubbed over her ribs. Her nipples tightened in the slightly cooler air and caught Booth's attention. They tightened even further in disappointment when he didn't take them between his fingers but instead kept up his light touches just below.

"You're so beautiful, Bones. I know I've said this before, but you're so perfect for me. I just…"

He tilted his head back against the arm of the couch and looked at it for a moment, before looking back at her body. One more look at the couch, and then her again, and he pressed his hands to her waist. "Scoot up, Bones."

She did as she was told, but not without some resistance. "What is this, Booth?"

He stayed where he was, on his back, but situated her chest over his face, encouraging her to clasp her hands over the side of the couch, her knees even with his waist. She shivered once again, and he knew she was excited.

But still he didn't touch her breasts, just looked at them and admired her beauty.

"Booth" she rasped, and he chuckled slightly, rewarding her with just the tip of one finger swirling around one nearly completely puckered areole.

"Patience" he mocked again. "You can do it."

For several moments, he just examined her, this his area of expertise. She could have skeletons all she wanted. He wanted flesh and blood and Bones. His own play on words make him chuckle, and she groaned.

"Get on with it, Booth"

He laughed again and rewarded her by opening his mouth to her skin. Pressing open mouthed kisses along her stomach and chest, carefully avoiding her most sensitive areas, he enjoyed the way she squirmed and clenched the couch with her fingers.

Letting his open mouth skim over her breasts, he didn't use any suction, just warmth. But she still gasped and tried to press down to his mouth, her beautiful weight a gift offered to him. He resisted, for now, and only slid his mouth against her again and again, until she could hardly bear it.

Her knees were beginning to press against his waist, and he recognized the sensation. Usually it was reserved for her most intimate moments, the special moments where she lost control and was about to reach an orgasm. Her legs, thighs, knees, all of it would clamp to him and he'd know she was close.

Did that mean…

"Bones?" he asked, tilting back his neck, his chin inadvertently brushing the underside of one breast.

She groaned at the feel of this rough face against her oh so sensitive skin, "What?"she panted.

"Have you ever…" he looked back down to her breasts, so sweet, so pale, so perfect. "Have you ever come like this?"

He could feel surge of pride and self consciousness in his cheeks, "Just…like this?"

She knew what he meant, "No" she muffled into her arm, clutching the arm the couch even tighter, "But I've always wanted to."

"So…not even…on your own?"

He had to know…he had to know if he could even try this.

"No…" she admitted on a sigh, "I've tried, but, I'm not able to exactly…"

"Not able to what?" he asked, surprised that she'd trailed off.

When she didn't answer, he considered for a moment, and then smiled, enjoying the flush of pink across her chest. "Not able to do this?"

And with a smile on his face, he leaned up just the tiniest bit and wrapped his lips against her nipple for the first time that evening, applying a light suction to her incredibly eager skin.

"Noooooooooooo" she answered, "I mean…yes. Oh, I mean…no I can't do that, but Yes, oh yes, please don't stop."

He chuckled, but didn't break contact or pressure, and the sensation was so intense, that Brennan gasped, her hips freezing in the air. "Oh my" she whimpered. "Please don't stop, Booth…"

He wasn't about to stop. Not now, not ever. "Don't worry, baby" he soothed, even as he let his cheek rub against her on his way to her other breast before capturing its crest, "I won't stop. Not until you've come."

She wanted let her lower body fall against his and instead pushed up with her arms, allowing her to watch what he was doing. The sight was so erotic, and knowing that orgasm was the goal made Brennan want to achieve it even more. Usually that kind of pressure to come made her uneasy. She never liked meeting anyone's expectations but her own, but oh… "Oh, yes…just like that…"

It was almost too much, and she needed just a bit more pressure. "Wait…please stop. Just a minute."

Booth, confused, pulled back and looked at her from below. "Bones? What's the matter?"

She shook her head and leaned back a bit, "Nothing's the matter, I just…" She crushed her lips against his, and pressed her bare breasts against his chest, the friction between her damp skin and his rougher shirt exactly what she needed. She'd fantasized about this, her naked against his clothed skin, but it was nothing compared to the reality of this moment.

He let her writhe above him, enjoying the cup of her hips against his, and the way she was out of control. She moaned and pressed harder, rubbing, grinding her upper body against his.

Then, with a shuddering inhale, she pulled back. Closing her eyes and taking a few deep breaths, she leaned back over him to her original position. "Okay…please continue."

Booth was pulling in deep breaths of his own, trying to concentrate on what she wanted, what she needed. He could easily pull her down to him again, strip off her clothes and make her very, very happy, but…he also wanted to give her this.

"Booth?" she was saying, and he shook his head.

"it's okay" he whispered. "You can do it."

Brennan groaned when she realized he was staring at her, planning to start over. She didn't think she had it in her to let him go back to gentle.

But in the end…his patience was just what she needed, and the slightest brush of his thumbs against her nipples, she trembled. "Oh, Booth."

He smiled and kissed the center of her chest, letting his thumbs brush over again and again, building her back up.

She set a rhythm, grinding her lower body down into air, careful to let him control where he touched her, wanting as much as he did for him to make her come this way. In a way no one ever had. "Please, Booth."

He nodded against her skin, and then cupped her breast, sliding over toward it before gently pulling it into his mouth, as much as he could, and sucking hard.

She gasped, and at the first rasp of his tongue against the peak, she reached her ultimate one, her words a mumbled jarble of praise and curses and "Booth, oh yes, Booth"s.

He let her settle back against him, rubbing his hands up and down her arms, sure they must be tired from holding up her upper body for so long.

She welcomed his care for a moment, enjoying the flat rest of her chest against his, her breathing coming back to normal.

The enormity of what happened caught her off guard, and she froze, suddenly feeling a bit insecure.

Booth noticed and continued his gentle rubbing against her arms and back. "Do that to me, Bones?"

"Hmmm?" she looked up at him, her eyes glazed with pleasure and confusion, and he couldn't help but kiss her, enjoying the way her lips were plump and swollen from his. He could almost taste the sound of his name on her lips, "Make me come, Bones…in a way no one ever has. Do that for me, too."

It was the exact thing to say, and if she'd been thinking, she would have made a mental note to put that on her list too. But instead, she stood up beside him and took off the rest of her clothes, enjoying his sharp gasp of approval.

Looking down at him, eager for her against her couch was something new, and exciting. Emboldened by her recent cause of orgasm, a feat most women only dreamed of, she pulled Booth's clothes off of him too, running her hands up and down his body.

"I don't know how much more of this I can take, baby" he groaned, his hands fisting at his sides.

"Patience" she mocked, and he shook his head.

"That's easy for you to say" he grumbled, but smiled.

She laughed, but then took pity on him, running her hands down his waist to cup his length, the head already slick and ready for her.

"Okay, Bones…seriously?" he gasped, arching into her hand. "You better think of something fast, because I don't…" he paused on a whimper when she straddled him, facing away from him.

"Can you scoot back a bit?" she asked. "So your head and shoulders are elevated against the arm of the couch?"

Booth pressed down with his elbows and shoved back, doing as she asked.

"Very good, Booth" she praised, running her fingers up the underside of his cock, enjoying the way it tightened even further and straighter against the clean lines of his stomach. "I think this position will work."

Brennan held him at the base and then let her legs come out from under her, sliding down his body until she could line him up to her entrance.

It took a little bit of finagling, but she managed to get comfortable while sliding him inside of her. Finding the right position, she let her back fall onto his chest and she squeezed him with her internal muscles.

From this position, Booth could see down the lengths of both of their bodies to where they were joined. It didn't allow for very deep of a penetration, but hell, was the sight the most erotic thing he'd ever seen. There was just one thing he needed to know. "Have you ever done this before?"

She shook her head, her hair slightly rubbing against his chest and shoulders. "No" she answered with another squeeze below. "No I haven't. Just for you…I've always wanted to try it though."

Booth groaned and grew harder, if possible. He cupped her hips and moved her, just an inch or two each way, but with the way she was tightening around him and with the image of her whole body, the way he could see it from an angle he'd never seen before, combined with knowing this was just for them was enough to make him almost crazy with want. He slid the fingers of one hand over her stomach, down to her core, but she pushed his hand away,

"No, Booth…just for you…"

"But…" he disagreed, kissing the side of her neck, "I want…"

"No" she insisted, moving his hand back to her hip and twining her fingers there. She moved her other hand to his and with that shift in her weight, she was able to move a bit more, using his strength as a lift and support. "I want…I already had mine, and that's the one I want for tonight."

She wanted that one to be special, she meant, and he knew what she meant.

So he just clenched his jaw and held on, loving everything about this moment, but oh… sweet Bones… "I don't have any more patience, Bones."

"That's okay" she cried, "Go for it, Booth."

They both froze in order to maintain his penetration inside of her. The sensation of such a shallow release was unlike any she'd ever experienced, and it took her breath away as she let Booth take his orgasm.

Booth, meanwhile, was straining beneath her, his chest and arms tightening with every clasp of her body to his.

Silently they both steadied their breathing. Eventually, Booth slid from her and tucked her to him, turning her body to lie on top of him. They kissed for a few moments, and he pulled the rest of the blanket down over top of them.

"I have a bed, you know" she mumbled against his chest, and he chuckled.

Or tried to at least. It was more like a wheeze, "Yeah, sure…if I could just feel my legs…"

She smiled against his chest, and Booth liked the feel of it.

"Tell you what, Bones. Let's just stay here for awhile, sound good?"

Her arms settled to his side and she snuggled deeper against him, "Sounds good" she yawned, her skin sweet against his.

Booth reached behind him and turned off the lamp on the table, but before he did, his gaze caught on the list, now on the ground. His heart grew as he realized she'd written it. She'd written...for him. It was a lot to think about, and he didn't want to make the moment too heavy. Instead, he just turned off the light, and soon they were both asleep.


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