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7:30 AM:

Brennan frowned as her alarm went off, and rolled toward the center of the bed. Booth was doing the same, and they bumped into each other and groaned.

"What time is it?" Booth pulled in a breath.

"7:30" Brennan rubbed her eyes and sat up, lifting her arms above her head in a stretch.

"Is this Saturday?" he asked, rising up and kissing her spine, "Cause if it's Saturday, that means I'm taking Parker to his hockey game."

Brennan faced him before letting her leg come over his body to rest on the mattress. "It's Saturday"

Booth smiled and let his fingers tap against her back, "Saturday's are good…"

Brennan just laughed and then lifted her other leg over his waist before sliding off of him and the bed.

"Hey!"he groaned, a confused frown crossing over his forehead. "Where are you going?"

"I have to get to work, Booth. On my book. I'm not even close to where I need to be."

"You need to be close to me, Bones." He grumbled, getting out of the bed and wrapping his arms around her.

Brennan smiled and let him tug her back against him.

"Hey, Bones?" he murmured, letting his nose nuzzle into her hair.


"Well, I've been thinking…now that you love me and all…" he smiled against her hair, "Maybe you want to come back to bed…"

Brennan tensed a bit, but couldn't help but chuckle. "I never said that."

"You didn't have to." Booth's voice was low and cocky, "I knew what you meant. So how about it, hmmm…nice warm bed, over there. Nice warm me…over there with nice warm you…getting all…" his eyebrows waggled, and he pulled her hands into his, trying to pull her over to the bed. "Nice. And Warm."

"I can't" she tilted her head to the side. "Just…later, I promise."

Booth huffed out a breath, muttering as he walked toward the closet, "tie you to the bed next time" he muttered.


Booth turned and groaned. Her one word question and answer was just way, way, way too interested, and he shook his head. "You're gonna kill me, Bones, you really are."

Brennan bit her lip, and then turned on her toes to go take a shower.

A few moments later, she heard a knock on the bathroom door, and then it opened. "Hey, Bones? I'm going for a run. I'll be back in a bit."

"Okay" she called, sliding her washcloth over her skin.

The silence that followed his departure gave her a bit of time to think.

She loved Booth.

Once it had become clear in her mind, there was no second guessing. "Okay then" she nodded to herself, stepping out of her shower before drying off and heading to the kitchen.


9:00 AM

Booth wiped his face with the bottom of his t-shirt as he entered the apartment. He could hear the faint clack of her typing, and he smiled to himself as he saw her perched on her couch in a pair of yoga pants and one of his dress shirts. Even though he'd never say it to her face, Bones could be such a girl sometimes.

"Hey, baby" he leaned over and kissed her, and she swatted him away, but not before kissing him back lightly.

He just laughed and kissed into her neck before walking back for a quick shower.

Once he was done with that, he pulled on a clean pair of jeans and a t-shirt and made his way into the living room. He sat on her couch, pulling her feet into his lap. Reaching over toward the arm of the couch, he grabbed the remote and turned on the TV, flipping through channels until he found what he was looking for.

"Cartoons?" one of her perfect brows arched.

"It's called Saturday morning, Bones" he sighed and leaned back, letting his hands rub her feet lightly, "You should try it sometime."

"I…" she tried to think of a rebuttal, but couldn't. "I'm busy"

Booth just laughed and ran a fingertip along the length of her foot, holding it tight in his hand when she tried to squirm away. "Booth!"

He chuckled and looked at her.

"I'm trying to work" she pleaded.

"Okay, okay…" he nodded and turned his attention back to the TV. "Although…I've been thinking…and now that you love me…" he swung his head around to face her, and she looked at him over her computer, an 'are you serious' look on her face, "Maybe…" he continued, 'You want to go out for breakfast with me."

Brennan chuckled. "I can't. Besides, I already ate. There's food in the kitchen if you want something."

Booth's face scrunched up, but he just sighed and nodded, looking back to the TV. "Fine…"

They sat there for a couple of hours. She typed, and he watched cartoons, laughing every once in awhile, and every so often, Brennan would sneak glances between him and the cartoon. She was fascinated by the way his eyes would sparkle and light up. "For someone who hates violence so much, you sure do seem to enjoy that coyote being blown up."

Booth shook his head. "No. Nope. No, no, Bones. You can't have cartoons. You can analyze every thing else your pretty mind wants to, but not cartoons. No way."

Brennan smirked at his defensive tone, but just shrugged a shoulder and got back to work.

"Yep," Booth sighed and stretched his arm along the back of the couch. "I've been thinking, Bones… and now that you love me, maybe--"

"—Are you going to keep saying that all day?" she challenged, her eyes widening.

Booth grinned and winked at her. "Probably"

Brennan rolled her eyes and shook her head. Booth just laughed and tapped her nose with his index finger, "Want to come to Parker's hockey game? He'd love it if you did."

Brennan frowned and looked at her computer, then at Booth. "He would?"

"Yeah, Bones" Booth's eyes crinkled and he tilted his head to the side. "Come on…you're BONES! He thinks you're the best."

"He said that?" she whispered, surprised.

"Bones…" Booth's smile faded, and he blinked, just as surprised as she was. "Of course. It's probably because his old man thinks you're the best. He has a tendency to do that, but still…Parker's got pretty good taste."

Brennan chuckled and considered it. "I don't know. I'm not trying to be rude, but I really, really…"

"—have to work on your book. Yeah, Bones, I get it."

He stood up and walked toward the kitchen. She could hear him rummaging around the fridge.

"What time does the game start?"

Booth popped his head around the corner, a box of leftover Chinese in his hand. "2 o clock. " he muffled through rice and chicken. He swallowed, "But I have to pick him up at 12:30 and take him there. What do you say?"

Brennan swallowed. "What if I just meet you there at two? Would that work?"

Booth leaned against the doorway and thought about it. "Yeah, Bones. That will work. Thanks."

"You're welcome" she nodded, pleased that she'd pleased Booth.


12:45 PM

Brennan's phone rang, and when she picked it up, she saw Angela was calling her. "Angela?"

"Hey Sweetie" Angela's tone made it sound like she was grinning ear to ear. "Want to meet for lunch?"

Brennan tucked her phone to her ear and stretched out her feet, "I wish I could, but I'm working on my book. And at two, I'm going to Parker's hockey game."

"Mmmmm….hockey" Angela approved, "How domestic of you."

"Very funny" Brennan drolled, but couldn't deny it. "Do you…do you want to come too?"

There was a pause on the other side of the line, and then Angela chuckled. "Sure, why not. Maybe there will be some other cute dads there."

"Angela" Brennan shook her head.

"But you've got the cutest one, Bren, don't worry about that."

"I'm not worried" Brennan answered seriously, and Angela laughed.

"Okay…that was just an expression, but it's nice to know you're not worried. I'll see you there. It's at the local rink, right?"

"Right" Brennan answered and closed her phone.

Angela was right. It was nice to not be worried.


2:30 PM

"Wow!" Angela laughed and clapped, "This is kind of fun. I mean, the kids are terrible and know almost nothing about hockey, but…still, it's so exciting" she smiled widely and her eyes grew big, "Isn't this so fun?"

Brennan chuckled and leaned toward Angela when she grabbed her arm in excitement, "I'll admit that it's very humorous." And it was too. Each child seemed more interested in being as close to the puck as possible, not really staying in any form of position or formation. They all just huddled around the puck.

"Booth's trying his best, though" Angela nodded. "Gotta give him that."

Brennan looked to where Booth was standing near the bench. He was smiling and clapping and shouting out encouragements. "He's a really good father."

Angela paused and looked at Brennan from the corner of her eyes. "Yes, he is."

Almost as if he knew they were talking about him, Booth looked up and met Brennan's eyes. He waved his hand once, and then shoved his hands into his pockets, smiling and shrugging, a bit of a flush rising up his cheeks.

Brennan bit her bottom lip, and then waved back before letting her hands settle into her lap. Booth looked down then, but his smile got wider, and his claps got louder as he began encouraging the team even more.

"Whoa, Bren…" Angela laughed. "What did you do to him?"

"What?" Brennan turned, confused. "What do you mean?"

Angela grinned. "Booth is just so…relaxed, I guess. I mean, he's always been kind of easy going, but…I've never seen him that at ease. What'd you do, wear him out in bed all night long?"

"Angela!" Brennan hissed on a laugh, looking around to make sure they weren't being listened to.

Angela just laughed. "Seriously, though…he looks really happy."

Brennan looked down, and he was looking at her again. This time she blushed a bit, and he smiled widely before turning to take a seat on the bench, motioning the players over to him for guidance.

Because I love him…Brennan realized. Booth was more relaxed, now that it was settled.

Brennan felt a satisfaction at that, knowing that her admission made Booth happy. She wanted to make him happy.


3:15 PM…

Booth hugged Parker close to his side before he watched his son walk away with Rebecca after the game.


He turned quickly to see Bones standing there. "Hey…"

For a few moments, they just stood there, staring and smiling like goofs.

Angela finally groaned and rolled her eyes, "Okay, you two. We get it. You're soulmates, etc. Can we get something to eat or something?"

Booth chuckled and nodded, "Sure. Where to? Ladies choice."

Brennan looked at Angela, and she shrugged. "The diner?"

"Sounds good. What do you think Booth?'

Booth nodded. "The diner is always good."

Booth followed them through town, wondering how in the world this all felt so easy. He wasn't sure if it was easy because they'd spent the past few years dealing with all of the hard stuff, or if it would have been easy, if they'd just admitted to each other there was something more a long time ago.

He honestly wasn't sure. And he didn't want to analyze it to death. He'd leave that to Sweets for his next book or something.

All he knew was that he was happy.

And if she wanted to work on her book for the rest of the day, that was fine with him. Because at the end of the day, he'd still be there. And she'd be there. They'd be there, together.


After they ate, they said goodbye to Angela and took a walk through the city. Brennan kept catching Booth looking at her with a smug and satisfied look on his face. And she knew what he was thinking.

"You know" she began, "I still contend that falling in love is foolish, and irrational."

"Aw, Bones" Booth grinned, "You're spoiling all of the fun! That gooey feeling when you look at someone…that's the fun part" he grinned and kissed her cheek, "Besides, you know that's how you feel about me.".

Brennan rolled her eyes, but didn't deny it. "I'm just saying that that feeling ONLY sets people up for disappointment."

"You're right, Bones" Booth pulled her hand into his, "But…every once in awhile, you find the right person and you don't have to worry about that kind of disappointment anymore."

"Okay…" she countered, "But is all of that worth it?"

"You tell me"

They paused outside the diner, standing near their vehicles. Brennan looked around her, and she saw this street from an entirely new perspective. She'd stood in this exact spot, probably dozens of times, with Booth even, but…it just felt knew, "I don't know. But, I'm willing to have a monogamous life, if it means making you happy."

Booth's eyes widened and he searched her eyes with his.

"Bones…" he knew what it had cost her to say that, and to know that she was giving up what she considered a basic human need made him feel… "I…I'm willing to give up the idea of being married or having another baby if it means making you happy."

For long moments, they stood there and looked at one another, committing it all to memory and to one another.

A horn in the distance broke their reverie, and then Booth leaned over and kissed her. "Let's go home, okay, Bones?"

She nodded and smiled. "Okay."

10:30 PM

"Heya, Bones…" Booth entered the bedroom, carrying a small bowl under his arm, a spoon dangling from his lips. "Still working?"

Brennan sighed, reaching over to turn on the lamp beside her bed. "Yes. Is football over?"

He shrugged, "Nah, but it's not even a close game. Besides…" he grinned and sat against the bed, his hips perpendicular to hers, "There's something much more interesting in here." He leaned close to her and kissed her.

Brennan pulled back and licked her lips, "What is that?"

Booth grinned and held up the bowl, "My pudding."

"Your pudding?" Brennan's eyebrow arched. "Just yours, hmmm?"

Booth showed her the bowl, "Do you see any gone from here?"

Brennan peered inside, "So you didn't share, I see."

Booth was instantly over her, his body pressing hers to the mattress. "Nope. Not my pudding, not…anything."

Brennan's lips curled up in a wry smile at his possessive tone and words. "And just what are you going to do with your…pudding?"

Booth's smile became deadly as he pulled back from her slowly, his eyes never leaving hers. He reached for the spoon and then swirled it around the top of the pudding, picking some up against the smooth edge of the utensil.

He set the spoon against her lips, and she opened her mouth, pulling in the decadent bit. "Mmmm…that is good."

Their eyes met and held. Booth blushed a bit, and she chuckled.

"I kind of have an idea, Bones."

"Oh yeah?" she saved her work and closed her computer, resting it on the nightstand beside her, "And what might that be?"

Booth recovered from his temporary embarrassment and began unbuttoning her blouse. "Well, I've been thinking…" she groaned, and he chuckled, "I've been thinking that…maybe I should take off all of your clothes and smooth chocolate pudding against your skin and then…" instead of finishing his sentence, he just leaned forward and licked away the bit of pudding still against her lips.

Brennan smiled and moved her own hands to his shirt, lifting it over his ribs and chest. "Sounds like a rational plan."

"Rational?" Booth snorted, "What's rational about that?"

Coyly, Brennan leaned up and used the tip of her tongue to lick right under Booth's ear, "Well, it's got to be eaten somehow, right?"

Booth chuckled. "I'm so glad you're so smart, Bones."

Quickly they undressed the rest of the way, and Booth pressed her back against the bed, spreading the pudding along her breasts and belly.

Brennan smiled and placed her hands on either side of his face when he bent over and slid his tongue through his mess. She laughed at the ticklish sensation, and he smiled against her belly, continuing to lap up his pudding.

Brennan relaxed against her pillow and closed her eyes, savoring the erotic bliss that was a man who knew what to do in the bedroom.

Booth felt the shivering in her body, and it drew his attention to her long neck and flushed chest. Sliding up toward her upper half, he used his fingers to spread the pudding around, careful to lick off every drop. When she moaned particularly loud at the way he sucked from the underside of her breasts, he scooped some of the pudding onto his finger and brought it up to her mouth. She grabbed ahold of his wrist and sucked his finger up into her warm mouth, her own moans almost as loud as his.

Her hips began shifting restlessly once again, and once her upper half was clean, Booth slid back down her body, placing the bowl of pudding between her spread knees. He swirled the chocolate up and down her legs, slowly licking closer and closer to her heat, to where she was practically arching off the bed with every stroke of his eager tongue. Booth smiled against the inside of her thigh, and she growled, pulling his hair in her fingers.

But he escaped her grasp, set aside the bowl of pudding and settled between her thighs, cupping her rear end with one hand as he guided the head of his length to her opening.

"What are you doing?" Brennan hissed, moving her hand between them.

"Um…" Booth tilted his head to the side and gave a nervous laugh, "I'm…you know…"

A sweet crease of confusion formed between her eyes, and she bit her bottom lip, "You're not going to perform oral sex on me?"

Booth's nostrils flared and he couldn't believe it. "Ah, so now you WANT me do that!" he teased.

"Yes" Brennan pulled back a bit, her eyes frantic with unfulfilled need. "It was very enjoyable. I think you should do it. It would enhance my sexual experience."

"Oh really?" Booth mocked in a low voice, moving backward a bit. "Well, maybe I'm kind of tired." He smoothed his tongue around her belly button, "My tongue has been working pretty hard the past few minutes. It's hard work licking over every inch of your body…"

"Almost every inch" she corrected, closing her eyes and tilting her hips in invitation.

Booth chuckled at her words, and his lips almost vibrated against her lower belly.

"Mmmm…." Brennan smiled wickedly, keeping her eyes shut in anticipation of what she was soon going to get, "Maybe you should stop talking. Give your tongue a rest so it can…" her hips swiveled even higher in the air.

Booth laughed again, and then again. He pressed his cheek to her belly, and Brennan felt his laughing against and through her skin.

"Stop laughing, Booth, and get to it."

He grinned, "Okay…okay…" but his words ended in another laugh. "I just can't help it, Bones. You're so funny…"

"Booth!" she whined, "come ON!"

Her impatience made his eyes almost water, and he felt his chest and stomach muscles tense in his attempt to hold back his laughter. But it was no use, and soon the sound erupted in the room.

"Stop it, Booth. I'm serious."

But her eyes were wary, and kind of smiling. "Booth…come on…"

He inhaled a deep breath through his nose. His lips still quivered as he nodded slowly, trying to get back to his serious task.

Wanting to tease her some more, he kissed all around her sex, his lips still curving up every once in awhile. She tossed and moaned and cursed him, but he just kept his touches light and away from where she wanted him.

"BOOTH!" she huffed. "stop torturing me!"

He chuckled. "Maybe I'll just do this for another four years, then. That seems fair…"

"I didn't torture you for four years" she rebutted, and when he didn't respond, she opened her eyes, meeting his.

He smiled. "You can see it that way, if you want Bones." He kept his gaze locked with hers, and lowered his face. The tip of his tongue swept across his lips, and Brennan felt her core retract with the knowledge that he was going to kiss her soon. Mmmmm….yes, yes, yes…no, wait…

"No…BOOTH!" she hissed when he bypassed her sex and moved forward. Instead of taking her body into his mouth, he let his thumb settle right on her clit and his lips wrap around the tiny black pearl at the end of her necklace.

Brennan watched, entranced and frustrated as he licked, sucked, tongued and treasured the pearl, the object so close to her skin, but so far from what she needed. His thumb still pressed against her own pearl, but it wasn't enough. "I hate you" she moaned, and he paused and then laughed.


"Booth" she hissed, but he was too far gone.

He knew she didn't hate him. He knew she loved him. And he just couldn't stop laughing. He was so happy.

"Shut up, Booth" she growled and grabbed at his shoulders, and he let her pull him up to meet her face. "Stop laughing you… you…you…".

Booth felt her wrap her legs around him, and soon he was on his back, looking up into her flushed and passionate face.

"You…you COP!" she huffed, and it was all over.

Pressing his arm over his eyes, his whole body shook with laughter.

He wasn't watching her, but he sensed the moment she stopped being annoyed and finally relaxed.

He stilled and opened his eyes, noticing the way she was studying him. "I just can't help it, Bones' he sighed, reaching up with his hands to brush her hair behind her ears, "You're just so awesome."

She flushed, and he smiled. "I'm just so happy."

"You are" Brennan asked on a whisper, and Booth nodded.

"Yeah, Bones…I am…"

She bit her lip and then smiled so sweetly that he couldn't help himself. He leaned up and kissed her, and then laid back down against the pillow. She was straddling him, her arms and legs on either side of his body. Using his hands, he pressed up against her stomach, lifting her off of him. "Stay just like that, Bones."

Carefully, he reached for the pudding bowl as he slid beneath her until his face was level with her sweet little quim.

Brennan gasped and looked straight ahead to the headboard when his fingertips slid back and forth between her nether lips, parting her labia for him. She felt the tip of his tongue snake between her folds, and then he pulled back, "Mmmm…delicious."

Brennan flushed, her entire body warming at his words. "The pudding, you mean."

Booth chuckled and she felt it against her body. "I haven't used the pudding yet,"

"Oh" Brennan inhaled deeply, "In that case, thank you for the compliment" she exhaled sharply.

Booth's tongue was working its way into her folds, and when he laughed at her politeness, it vibrated against her, causing a shaft of incredible pleasure.

"Sorry" he murmured, trying to take this seriously.

"It's okay" Brennan admitted. Her hands and knees were beginning to burn a bit, but she wasn't going to complain, not when Booth's fingers were joined with… "Ooh…that's cold!"she whimpered as he inserted two fingers deep inside of her, both of them covered with the chocolate.

"Is it?" he teased on a growl, quickly letting his tongue fill her, lapping up the sweetness of the pudding and her desire for him. "Are you sure it's cold, or are you just so fucking hot?"

His words caused her to call out his name and rotate her hips, pressing to his face. She gasped and pulled back, but he growled and cupped her ass, pulling her back down, reaching with his fingers for more pudding before smoothing it between her legs and then licking her clean.

"Enough" she whimpered, trying to reach down and pull him up. But her balance was off, and he was voracious. "Booth, please…"

He paused, and then slid up to meet her eyes. "How can I help you, Bones?"

She was too aroused to answer, and her hands and knees were trembling. Rolling over to her back, she opened wide, and begged with her eyes, her quivering lips, for him to follow her. He didn't disappoint and filled her vision as completely as he filled her body.

His lips still curved upward and he leaned down to kiss her, the combination of his natural taste combined with hers and the pudding enough to set her off, and she bit his bottom lip, arching beneath him in complete surrender.

Booth laughed and plunged deeper, their bellies joined as their skin stuck together. He was so happy, and he smiled and gazed into her eyes as he reached his own plateau and then crossed it, rolling them back over so she was stretched out on top of him. But they didn't consider the edge of the bed, and they toppled over the side, landing in a heap.

Both of them stared at one another, shocked, and then began laughing…deep belly laughs only found in true contentment and security.

After a few moments, Booth hauled her up and carried her to the shower to wash off the stickiness from both of their bodies. She dried them both off, and then, together, they walked back to the bed. Booth settled onto his back and then pulled her between his legs, her back to his front as he leaned against the headboard.

"You know, Bones…I've been thinking…"

Brennan groaned but wrapped one arm around his neck, leaning into where his shoulder met his neck. "Are you ever going to stop saying that?"

"Saying what? That I've been thinking?" Booth teased, letting his hands roam over her stomach, "Okay, okay…I've been thinking that maybe I owe you, and maybe it's time that I returned the favor, you know…with fantasies and all of that."

"What?" she asked, turning to peer up into his face.

Despite their recent activities, this conversation was making him blush, and he tilted his head to the side. "You know, Bones, fantasies. I take a week and fulfill a fantasy of yours. One per day. I think you should take the week off from the Jeffersonian to concentrate on your book during the days while I work. We don't have any open cases, and you can give some of the squinterns some extra homework, and then at nights, you and I…" he let his fingertips dance over her stomach to her ribs, "can play."

Brennan's lips curled even as scenarios began to move through her mind. "Because you owe me?" she clarified.

"Well, yes" Booth smiled, and then slid out from under her to lay down over her, parting her thighs again, "…now that you love me."

Brennan smiled in return, letting her hand smooth along his forehead before she cupped the back of his neck, "I do love you, Booth." She whispered before she pulled his lips onto hers.


Come on, now…you didn't honestly think I'd stop before Brennan got HER fantasies, did you? Of course, she's been ready this whole time. We just had to get old Boothy boy to the place where he'd feel comfortable enough suggesting it. Hmmm…now what might she fantasize about? Stay tuned for Fantasy Week: Brennan Edition!