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Beside You. キミのトナリ。

「零」 The Weakling and Words. ヨワムシとコトバ


There are words that I want to say it to him
but these are words that I'm very afraid of.

I've said it a lot of times.

Sometimes I really want to know.
who is the real weakling among us?

The cloudy skies loomed as Megumi headed out to the porch at her house, waiting for her chauffeur to take her to the concert hall. The dark grays that covered the entire piece of the sky only meant that rain was approaching.

"It was pouring and I don't feel like turning up."

"I did not promise that I would turn up right?"
These are words that he would say if the promise was broken.

Megumi had given him a front row seat for today's performance. She may not be the star today, but she had wanted him to beside her, like how they had once watched a recital before. The weather might be a determining factor for his possible absence later. As she observed how the black birds were flapping their wings twice as fast to get home quickly, Megumi let out a sigh.

Jun walked beside the lilac-colored songbird and peeked his head over her shoulder.

"Megumi, are you okay?" He asked concernedly.

"Ah, I'm fine. Let's go!" Megumi waved her horizontal notepad in front of Jun and walked briskly to the now-stationary black car.

"Wha...What are you doing, Megumi! " Jun appeared shocked when Megumi tugged his left arm, for it had momentarily reminded himself of Sakura.

"Nothing. I just felt like doing it all of a sudden, " Megumi stuck out her tongue and placed the notepad above her head.

"You are acting weird today, Megumi, " Jun remarked as the twins stepped into the car.

I am trying very hard every day.
I used to think that it is because of the friends around me, that I am trying so hard.
Things are a little different now.

I have changed a little, because of you.

Megumi had always loved car rides where the sceneries switch quickly every time the vehicle accelerates. The passerbys on the streets would appear to look as if they were moving in slow motion. Yet, she was not even placing her head by the window today. Megumi was recalling how she had invited him to the concert.

"Ah, I saw that," His eyes would shift lazily to the piece of paper sticking out of Megumi's front pocket.

"It... It's nothing actually! " Megumi shook her head and attempted to run off. It had been a mistake to extend the invitation to him in the first place. He may have been the first one on her list, but she had immediately thought of inviting Ryuu. If it was not due to the fact that he was away with Finn on a summer vacation, Megumi knew Ryuu would definitely accept the offer.

Megumi turned her back towards that guy and ran as fast as she could. She was fully aware of the fact that she was not good with sports, that her running speed was ranked the last amongst every one in the S.A.; but she wanted to test out something she had once seen in a drama serial.

Will he chase after me and grab my hand and scream a chunk of incoherent things?


That guy was too quick in his reflexes.
All he did was to take a step forward and reached out for her collar.

"If it's nothing, then why are you running away?"

"I...!" Megumi protested.

"And...How many times must I remind you not to speak? Where is that board I gave you?!" Megumi had made him angry again, for the umpteenth time.

The erasable magnetic board was lying on the floor with her school bag. He gave a frustrated loud sigh and walked back to pick up the board before passing it to Megumi.

"Write," He ordered, like a very bad-tempered haughty prince.

Megumi's fingers trembled as she wrote out the first word "Will..."

I did not want things to happen like this.
I wanted to ask you with a keen look on my face, and I wanted to see you smile when you accept the ticket.
I...did not want to make you angry.

"Will...you..." Megumi's tears were falling on the white-colored board as her pen began to doodle the second word.

The guy gave out a soft gasp upon the sight of her tears and coughed loudly.

"I will. Just hand it over quickly!"

Megumi took a peek upwards and caught sight of him covering a part of his face with his right hand; his left hand was outstretched, signaling for her to hand over the ticket. Megumi brightened up a little and pulled out for the pink ticket. As he ran his eyes over the lines of words printed on the ticket, he took a glance at Megumi.

"I might not be able to make it actually," He just had to announce something drastic after performing something nice on her.

"I'll wait for you before we enter the venue." Megumi gathered all her courage to draw the full stop of the sentence before she showed him.

"You don't have to. I might not turn up, so you head in first," He opened up his branded wallet and slotted the ticket behind the notes.

The previous time I did a similar thing, he made a promise.
That he will attend it with me, that's why we ended up watching the recital together.
This time... he did not say anything and shattered the massive amounts of hope I held it with me.

Naturally, I would assume he would not attend at all.

After all, I had initially known him as a very bad person.

Sometimes, when I lose too much hope, I stop yearning for more.
These are the times
he would step in and do something very insignificant,
I will feel hopeful all over again, for no specific sane reason.

"I'll send you home," He bent down and picked up the bag lying on floor.

Megumi scribbled "It's okay." hurriedly on the board and flashed it to him.

" You could have just smiled politely back. No matter what you say, I would take it as a yes anyway," He chuckled as he placed my stuff in the back seat.

I looked away and pouted my lips in annoyance.
Why should I smile to a irritating fellow like you?

All the times I spent with you, I had experienced negative emotions.
Anger, Sorrow and now...disappointment.
That's right, if I had not felt this way about you,

I would have been a little happier than the way I am right now.

A loud buzz could be heard throughout the car – it was Megumi's mobile phone. Megumi unbuckled her bag and flipped the phone open, only to see the flashing words on the display screen – Hanazono Hikari.

"Hai," Megumi spoke softly to acknowledge the caller that she was talking to the right person. More often than not, telephone conversations with Megumi required quite a lot of challenge for she hardly replied back.

"It's Hikari! Takishima and I have reached! We'll be waiting in the lobby because it's cooler in there! Akira and Tadashi said that they would be arriving in 15 minutes!"


Ever since I realised my feelings for him, I would be extremely concerned whenever the two of them were placed in the same situation. It's funny that I begin to mention her name in the same manner he would whenever Hikari invites him over for a S.A event. Even when things have patched up for the both of them, Akira still keeps a distance because she has Tadashi with her now.

If he appears today, I do not want him to feel troubled by it too.

I passed the phone over to Jun.

"Ah~ okay! I think we are reaching after this set of traffic lights. Really? Un, okay. Count me in. See ya guys after the bend," Jun replied with a smile and returned the phone.

Feeling nervous about his still-possible arrival, Megumi clutched her drawing block as she walked out of the car. The first thing she heard was Hikari's energetic greeting.

"Megumi!! You know... something has happened!" Hikari's raven long hair swung hardly as she clutched Megumi's arms nervously.

"Where are the rest?" Megumi asked with her board held up.

"You see, the thing is, our seats have been shifted to the box seats by the side. Only two people are allowed in each room. Jun is seating with Sakura, Akira with Tadashi and I'm seating with Takishima, due to the seat number allocations. So...your pair ticket seat is with...?"

"I lost it," Megumi lied with the words she scribbled rapidly.

He's not coming anyway.

"You can seat with me yo, Megumi, " Hikari gave the petite girl a wink.

"What about Kei?" Megumi asked with her large round faint purplish irises.

"Ah~ he can sit alone. I'm sure he's fine with that, if it's Megumi, " Hikari gave Megumi a resounding pat on her back.

"I can't do that, Hikari. You should spend the evening with Kei because he really wants you to. I'm okay being alone in the room. It's the performance that I should be focusing on right," Megumi smiled forcefully and pushed Hikari into the room where Kei was smirking by the glass screen.

I'm not a weak person.
These are times I should prove to myself that I can be strong too.

Megumi sat down on her seat and sighed. She began to study the musical pamphlet that she was given at the entrance. The musical that the S.A was invited to was a renowned local rendition of Gabrielle Chanel. It described Chanel's life from birth; how she got her nickname Coco; how she fell in and out of love and the inner struggles she had held before she emerged as one of the world's most famous brand label.

Like her, I can be strong too.

The lights were completely out after 15 minutes of waiting. Megumi did not like the feeling of being left all alone in the quiet room, with an empty seat beside her. That seat was supposed to be filled up by someone who had broken her promise.

Why am I mentioning your name all of a sudden?

As Megumi leaned forward to get a better sight of the stage, she felt that there were common traits between Chanel and her. Both of them were stubborn when it came to love issues, in a good way. The actress was a professional; she could pass off Chanel at different stages of her life via her movements and voice tones. Megumi would smile when Arthur, the love of Chanel's life, appeared and encouraged her to continue with her hat business.

I had a similar experience too, Chanel-san.

Megumi leaned back to her seat as the entire stage went pitch black in order to change the backdrop and settings. She felt something hard pressing the surface of her right shoulder. Megumi froze in horror. There was nothing she could do because she could not see a thing. She was not even able to see the floor in order to make her escape. Megumi gasped softly and stood up, only to realize that something was alive and it had a hand which pulled her back to her seat.

"It's me," A familiar nonchalant voice rang into Megumi's ears.

Simple words like this could garner enough light to brighten the entire world.

"I thought you weren't coming," Megumi reached out blindly, only to poke the forehead of the man. It was dripping wet.

"I did not say I was not coming at all," Somehow that voice sounded a little breathless.

"Yahiro?" Megumi called out as the lights began to come back onto the stage. The young man seated beside Megumi was completely soaked and he was panting away.

"Ah, I'm just feeling a little wet that's all," Yahiro gazed out into the stage and fanned himself dry with the pamphlet.

It rained, didn't it.

You ran all the way here, didn't you.

Megumi broke out into a soft laughter.
"What are you laughing at? It's not even a funny scene, " Yahiro tried to catch up with whatever he had missed in the beginning.

There are words that I always feared to tell him.
The replies that he gives can be rather depressing at times.
I refuse to accept; I began to escape from it.

And because of that, I have become a weakling.

Not today.

"You are not being honest, Yahiro," Megumi wiped away the raindrops with her handkerchief.

"About?" The haughty prince looked up and approached closer to Megumi.

"Yourself," Megumi fixed her eyes onto him.

I'm definitely strong enough to handle the impact that comes along with it.
I'm quite sure about that.

"Whatever," Yahiro looked away this time.

Replies like this can be quite depressing at times.

All of a sudden, Yahiro turned towards Megumi once more and grabbed her right wrist.
"If I get honest like this, will you be able to handle it?" He looked at the frail girl with a serious expression on his face.

"...Maybe," Megumi waved the page on her drawing block she had written a few days back.

It was Yahiro's turn this time to laugh. He always enjoyed teasing the girl sitting beside him right now. She would always surprise him from time to time with a reply he would never expect.

I'm not afraid of his replies anymore, because...

"I'll wait," Megumi breathed out the words meekly.

I really want you to know how I feel.
Even if I am unable to express it perfectly with words.
I'll try.

"I'll try, okay?" Yahiro focused on the stage once more.
Megumi nodded her head and smiled for him once more.

We are both trying very hard.

At the end of the day, we won't feel tired about it at all.
I just find myself liking this guy beside me even more.

And when I realize I do, I just get stronger every day.


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Translation Notes.
Hai - the way Japanese usually answer the phone with XDD
Un - Japanese for a tone of agreement; something like "Yep~" or "Okay"
Yo - A more casual tone to affirm the previous mentioned sentence; if you watch S.A.'s anime, Hikari says it sometimes.
Chanel-san - San is like "Miss" , "Mr."; used when addressing a person they are not very familiar with/ or hold them with high respect.

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