Beside You

「五」幸せの存在 The Existence of Happiness

I used to question myself.
What does 'happiness' actually mean?

Yahiro stared blankly at the half-filled glass across the meeting room as the shareholders began to discuss the acquisition of another company. He wasn't too interested in the meeting – he's well aware that the acquisition would be go anyway. The only reason he was sitting in the room was because he promised the board fifteen minutes of attendance. There was only one thing in his agenda now – to get to London as soon as his plane could take him.

I wished I could fly towards the sky you are gazing at right now.

Megumi's tiny little melancholic performance at the rapeseed field went viral last week, after her video was uploaded to social networks. She received countless invitations from all over the world, requesting her to perform in their concerts. Megumi agreed to take on one – an open-field music festival in London. Yahiro was all for it, and promised to attend it even when he had a major shareholders' meeting. He was wondering if he had made a bad decision in letting her fly to London alone.

"Yahiro," Megumi decides to call Yahiro the moment she spoke to the organisers of the music festival.

"Should I go?" She asks softly.

"No," Yahiro replied almost immediately. He hears Megumi gasping – she must have been shocked to hear that reply.

"Megumi, that is not what you should be asking me," Yahiro sighs out. He's silently happy that Megumi is starting to talk to him a little more with her real voice. Yahiro knew that Megumi would only talk if it were something drastically important.


"Ask me, "Can you attend it?" instead," Yahiro breaks out into a meek grin as he was teasing the distressed poor girl.

"Ah! Yahiro!" Megumi's voice brightened up. Yahiro was certain that Megumi had wanted to perform all along. This was her opportunity, and she should take it without hesitating at all. She was probably jittery because it was the first time she decided on something so abruptly.

Megumi giggled a little. "Can you?"

Yahiro teased a little more, "I can't hear you. You are whispering too much,"

Megumi pleaded, "Please~~"

Yahiro peered over at his tablet for next week's schedule, he had a shareholders' meeting on the day before her performance. If he departs Tokyo on time, he should be able to reach the performance venue without qualms. He's definitely going for sure, but he can't promise her that readily.

"I might be late," Yahiro replied.

"But you will be there," Megumi smiled. She is beginning to decipher what Yahiro meant when he responds to her in that manner.

"I'll see you in London. In the meantime, don't miss me too much," Yahiro hangs up the phone and sends a text message.

"Now, stop smiling and start practicing. - Yahiro "

Megumi was rehearsing at the open-air stage, when the stage manager prompts her where she should be standing so that the audience could see her best. She would pull out her phone and read the past messages Yahiro have been sending her. That was the only thing that kept Megumi going ever since she decided on heading for this music festival all by herself. Yahiro was the only person she invited.

"I'll do this right," Megumi is determined and nodded in response to the stage manager's instructions.

Meanwhile at the monotonous meeting, Yahiro looks over at his phone – fifteen minutes were up. He stands up, neglecting the sudden silence and pierces it relentlessly, "If you need my vote in this affair, my answer is 'Affirmative. The acquisition will be a go.' I suppose that is all, I'll take my leave," Yahiro signals to his secretary to take over his place and dashed towards his car.

It takes about 12 hours to get to London, and Yahiro solely wished he could reach there in minutes instead. After all the sleepless nights Yahiro pulled just to be able to fork out three days with Megumi in London, the heir to the Saiga Group blacked out on his seat before realizing it.

The song Megumi decided to choose to perform was a Japanese song by the already-disbanded group Tokyo Incidents. It was a song with a slow melody, but was packed with a desire to change into a better person. She sent Yahiro one message before she waited backstage.

"I will be performing Time Capsule. I'm seventh on the line-up! The concert will begin in two hours! I'm nervous, but I will do my best! – Megumi"

There wasn't a reply. It could only mean that Yahiro hasn't landed in London. She had the concert staff to check if the Tokyo flight to London had arrived.

"The flight landed an hour ago," The staff replied.

Oh. Megumi's heart sank a little. Yahiro couldn't make it after all.
Megumi sat down and got her makeup fixed.
She decides to put her favourite honeysuckle lip color to match with her pink maxi-dress.

"This is not the time to think of that!" Megumi decides to divert her attention to the song lyrics.

"I wonder if I can ever become the new me. The old me is clouding up my vision. "

Yahiro tossed his passport over to the immigration officer as he walked briskly down the stairs of his private jet. The immigration officer nodded and stamped it; Yahiro thanked his promptness and entered the car. Megumi's performance will start in forty minutes. He had intended to stop by the florist to get her flowers, but time was running out – Megumi's live was much more important.

Megumi walked stiffly towards the center of the stage. Her body froze as she saw how clueless and puzzled the audience looked. She was after all, a newbie. Megumi looked around for Yahiro, but she couldn't find him. The stage manager was prompting her to start. Megumi was turning speechless; it was then she recalled what Yahiro used to tell her at the recording studio.

"When you are afraid, close your eyes and feel the music. Let it guide you through the song,"

Megumi closed her eyes.
She could remember the lyrics very well, because it sung out parts of her when she was with Yahiro.

I get engulfed in feelings I can't express in words.
The piercing atmosphere steals my voice away.

Though I fumble my way, and I am alone…
I will continue running and rumble the skies.

Wait a little longer for me to become a brand new person.

The piano stopped. Megumi could hear nothing but total silence. She inhaled deeply and looked up shyly. The applause from the audience was deafening – some of them were crying. She was relieved to see that they were enjoying her performance.

"Megumi! Megumi! Megumi!" The crowd started to cheer and wave. Megumi waved back a little and smiled. It was the first time she didn't feel that she did a horrible job in singing.

She squinted a little more, and she saw him.
Yahiro was standing in the middle of the frenzied audience. He wasn't late at all.
"I waited," He mouths those words and smiled.

Megumi started crying. She had no idea those words could mean so much for her. Yahiro did wait for her all along - he never once told her that her dreams were impossible. He did turn her into a braver person. Falling in love with Yahiro changed Megumi into a better person for good.

Yahiro signaled to the backstage and he waited patiently for Megumi to come out of the staff's exit. He stepped forward and gave her a hug.

"Idiot," He muttered.


"I'm going to be your manager. I don't care what you say. You are going to be stuck with me for a very long time," Yahiro blushed as he said those words like that of a prince's decree.

"Of course," Megumi patted Yahiro's back. For Megumi, that would be equivalent to a love confession. Yahiro has probably mustered a lot of courage to say that to her. She's glad that they are a tad bolder with one another now. The sense of nervousness is fading away like the desert sand in the winds.

"Only Yahiro can manage a person like me," Megumi scribbled these words on her whiteboard and giggled.

"That goes without saying," Yahiro replies haughtily.

"Dinner?" Yahiro walks a few steps forward and extends his hand to Megumi.

Megumi kisses Yahiro's hand and wraps her fingers closely with his.
"I am really glad to like Yahiro."

Yahiro's cheeks were flushed.
"Thank you…for accepting me."

The two of them look up at the night sky together. The stars were very sparse, but they saw a common shining star. It was probably shining just for the two of them. Megumi snuggled a little closer to Yahiro, and Yahiro held her closer to where his heart was. She could hear his heartbeat – this time it was beating loudly but firmly.

"Let's go. I'm really hungry," Megumi grinned as they started to walk back to the car.


Hey, Megumi
What is this thing called "happiness"?


"Happiness" is something
One creates, and gets taken away by someone else.
One crushes it, and gets saved by someone else.
For the ending is usually made up of disappointment and despair,
It's easier without it.

Isn't that so?


Living somehow feels empty.
There is no meaning to live, when my "existence" isn't acknowledged by anyone.
The "heart" also starts to fade away little by little.


However, the time spent with Megumi, fretting, getting angry and worried over her,
Made me realised something. This thing called "existence".
It starts to grow bigger, and starts to get filled up.


Hey, Megumi
What is this thing called "happiness"?
I believe only "existence" knows what that is.



So, what kind of "existence" does Megumi mean to me, I wonder?
You are the "Key".

Ah, it's the only key to that "heart".
You became the existence of my happiness.


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The song is by Tokyo Jihen. It is called Time Capsule.
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