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Summary: Sam and Dean hear about some mysterious deaths in Metropolis and go and investigate. After making a stop in Smallville of course. Set in season 4 of Supernatural and Season 8 of Smallville.

"So Sam, tell me again about this case." Dean was currently driving the Impala as he and his brother Sam were on their way to Metropolis.

"Well it is nothing like our usual cases. I'm thinking that it could have something to do with one of the seals. The victims have been torn apart and the few remaining survivors claimed they saw a terrifying monster. This monster was large, covered in spikes, and had red eyes."

"This doesn't sound like anything we have ever encountered or anything in dad's journal." Dean said in disbelief. "How are we supposed to hunt something we have never even heard of?" Metropolis was still a couple of hours away, but it was getting late and Dean was exhausted. It looked like there was a small town up ahead called Smallville. "Hey Sam what do you say to us stopping here for the night? Get a fresh start in the morning."

"Sure." Sam replied. He was a bit disappointed as they got out of the car and approached the motel. He wondered if they would even have wifi. Right now they were going into this hunt completely blind. This new creature wasn't a demon so Sam's new powers wouldn't help them at all in this fight.

Dean had fallen asleep almost a minute after they entered the room. Sam however took in their surroundings. This motel was a lot nicer than most of the places they stayed at. The outside of the place had looked run down, but the inside was actually alright. It actually looked like a cheaper version of a nice hotel. Not like their usual spots that looked like it was frequented by cheap hookers.

Sam set up his laptop and discovered that there was a decent wifi connection at this place. He started his research by looking up the few witnesses who had survived the attacks. After reading through the names a few times, Sam came across something odd in the reports. The same name had shown up as a witness in a few of the reports. A reporter by the name of Clark Kent had been present and not in order to cover the story.

Next Sam tried tying the name Clark Kent into a search engine. Quite a few results came up. Sam then learned that him and Dean were staying in the hometown of Clark Kent. Furthermore, Sam came across a number of odd events that had happened right here in Smallville in which Clark Kent had been present as a witness. This could either mean that Clark Kent had horrible luck or he was a part of all of this evil. Once Sam thought he had learned all he could from the internet he decided to go to sleep. This would be a busy hunt and Sam figured he probably wouldn't get another decent night sleep until this whole thing was over.

"Rise and shine Sammy." Dean yelled at Sam to get him to wakeup. Of course Dean had not realized that Sam had been up half the night researching while he had slept.

"Come on man let me sleep." Sam whined

"No can do. We need to get to Metropolis." Dean said in a false cheery mood.

"Wait. I think we should stay in Smallville for the day. I did some research last night and found out that a Clark Kent was a witness at a few of the massacres and he is from Smallville where there has been numerous unexplained events. I think we should stay and see what we can find out about him before we go to Metropolis."

"Fine we can stay and look around but first let's go get some breakfast. I think I saw a coffee shop called the Talon on our way here. Maybe we can ask around a little as we get breakfast."

"Sure. Whatever. So who should we be posing as? FBI, reporters, what?" asked Sam.

"We haven't been FBI agents in awhile and that is my favorite." Replied Dean.

Dean and Sam walked from their motel to the Talon. Smallville was such a small town that there was no need for them to take the Impala that short distance. As they walked in they saw a pretty blonde descend the steps. Assuming that she is the owner or at least the manager they approach her and flash their badges.

Dean decides to speak for the both of them. Good morning. I am Agent Morrison and this is my partner Agent Smith. Would you be the owner or manager of this establishment?"

"No. I just live upstairs. I'm Chloe Sullivan. Can I ask what you are doing here in Smallville?"

"Have you seen anything bizarre around here? Seen anything that you can't explain? Have you seen or heard of some mysterious disappearances, weird accidents, or maybe something supernatural?" Dean asked.

Sam jumped in before Chloe had a chance to respond. "My partner has a weird sense of humor. You can just ignore that last part." Sam said while giving his brother a very annoyed look. "We were wondering if you happened to know a Clark Kent?"

Chloe at this time was now feeling very suspicious. Could they possibly know all that had been happening in Smallville since the meteor showers? Well she wasn't about to give them any information if they didn't already know. What could they possibly want with Clark? "I'm sorry but I can't help you. If you'll excuse me I have to get to work." Chloe cast one last worried glance at them before she hurried out the door. Once in her car she decided to call up Clark and give him a heads up about these guys. There was no answer so she decided to leave a voicemail and hoped he would get it soon.

"Clark don't be alarmed by what I am going to say but I need you to be extra careful. There are two FBI agents here in Smallville. It seems they are looking for weird stuff and you. Please be careful."

Back inside the Talon Dean and Sam had already ordered and were now at a table that was far away from the rest of the customers. They didn't want to risk being overheard by anyone. They sat in silence for a few minutes as they ate their bagels and cream cheese and drank their coffee. It was Sam who broke the silence.

"She was definitely hiding something. I don't know what, but that look on her face said that she knows more than she is letting on."

"Maybe but she sure was cute." Dean said with a perverted smile plastered on his face.

"Anyways." Sam continued after ignoring his brother's remark. "I have an address for Clark Kent. I don't think we should actually go and confront him just yet. I was thinking maybe we could find a way to implant some hidden cameras in his house and see what we can find out. We can wait for him to leave and then sneak in."

"Okay but where do you suppose we are going to find this spy equipment?"

"Even in a town as small as this one there should be an electronics store. Let's go find one right now."

Sam and Dean walked back to the motel to get directions and thankfully were able to find a store that was not too far away. They probably could have walked, but took the Impala instead. It would look a little odd to be carrying that kind of equipment around town. Sam wouldn't even let Dean touch the cameras. He looked at the directions himself while Dean blared his classic rock in the car.

Once Sam had everything figured out they started to plan. "So I say we stake out the house at a safe distance until we see this guy leave. Then I will go in and implant the cameras. Dean I want you to stay out here and guard the place. If you see him come back then give me a call and I will get out as fast as possible. If I am not out within five minutes of you calling then I am probably in trouble. Sound like a good plan?"

"Sure I have the easy part of this spy mission. Hey instead of spies let's be ninjas. Ninjas are sneaky and so freaking cool."

"Dean shut up."



An hour after Sam and Dean had parked in front of the Kent farm they saw a guy who looked to be about Sam's age get into a red truck and drive away. Sam took that as his cue to get started. He grabbed the equipment and went into the barn first. He noticed a loft that looked like a study area. There was a desk, couch, telescope, and bookcase. This looked like the best place to put the first camera. Once the camera was implanted he did a little snooping. He found a lead box that contained a green rock. It was odd looking and like nothing he had ever seen in a geology class. So of course he pocketed it so that he could examine it later.

He then entered the house after picking the lock on the front door. The place looked like an average home. There was nothing strange about it at all. It didn't take Sam long at all to find what had to be the guy's bedroom. He implanted a camera in there as well as in the living room and kitchen. Since he didn't have any more cameras he left to go back to the car. He did look around first to make sure there was no sign of the truck. He got back in the Impala and slammed the door.

Dean immediately had to know what Sam found inside. "So was there anything weird or supernatural inside? Don't spare any details."

"Actually the place was pretty normal. It looked just like an average home. However, I did find a weird green rock that was in a lead box. I took it to examine when we get back to the motel. Other than that everything seemed normal. Maybe this guy did just happen to be unlucky enough to be at these different scenes. Well he would have to be very lucky to survive."

"Well we will know as soon as we can get some live footage of him."

Back at the motel Dean and Sam were taking turns watching the television screen. Sam had set it up so that all of the four camera's footage would show up in a small box on the motel television. During the times that it was Deans turn to watch the screen, Sam examined the green rock. After staring at it for awhile and looking for something similar on the internet he had nothing. There was no such rock that looked like this one. It was hours before anything even happened and both of them were quite bored. Sam having finally given up on the green rock. When something finally did happen they were both stunned and their jaws were literally hanging open.

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