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Ch.11 All aboard the TARDIS

Sam and Dean had just arrived back at the farm and were proceeding to head up the driveway to the house. They gave each other a look before knocking on the door they had walked out of not too long ago.

"Well you guys sure didn't stay away long," remarked Lois upon seeing the Winchesters at the door. "Come on in and tell me what is happening."

"Hey Lois," the two brothers responded as they entered the house.

"So come on. What's going on?" Lois asked.

"It is kind of hard to explain," Sam began. "We were on our way out of town when this blue police box thing just kind of appeared out of nowhere. The strangest guy who seemed a bit eccentric came out of it and did a bit of rambling. Clark talked to this guy for a bit before me left. From what we could hear it seems like this guy is an alien."

"Why is it that there is another alien in Smallville?" Lois asked the question that had been on Sam and Dean's minds as well. The brothers merely shrugged at the question as they did not have any guesses. This prompted Lois to keep digging for info. "Did he say anything about why he was here or what he wanted? Anything at all?"

"Wasn't he looking for a portal or something?" Dean asked his brother.

"Yeah he did say that," responded Sam. "Do you think he was looking for that portal Clark opened up to the Phantom Zone?"

"What other portals would there be in Smallville?" Lois asked in a slightly sarcastic voice.

Sam was just about to try to respond when the front door opened and in walked Clark followed by the Doctor.

"Lois I would like for you to meet the Doctor. Doctor this is my girlfriend Lois Lane," said Clark introducing the newcomer to his new girlfriend. "Have Sam and Dean filled you in?

"Sort of," responded Lois. "There is still more I would like to know."

"I think there is more we all would like to know," said Clark. "Doctor, can you please tell us more about yourself and why you are here."

"Well…where to begin," began the Doctor. "You've been around as long as I have and it gets harder to condense your life into a quick telling." The Doctor grinned and looked around at the three humans and one alien before him. He had missed just popping into places and people's lives. He loved to see ordinary people going about their lives. This lot didn't seem too ordinary though, thought the Doctor as a small frown appeared on his face. There were two hunters of the supernatural and an alien together in a house with this Lois Lane who was still an unknown to him besides the fact that she was the girlfriend of Clark. His best bet was to just be friendly and forthcoming. "First off I just have to say that this is a lovely house. It looks very normal."

"Doctor, please try to stay focused," said Clark.

"Right. No time for formalities. Straight to business then," responded the Doctor in a slightly less friendly tone before regaining the smile on his face. "So as all of you apart from Clark here have probably not heard, I am a Time Lord from the planet of Gallifrey which no longer exists. That blue box that is currently in the driveway is my spaceship called the TARDIS. I am roughly around a thousand years old. I like to travel for fun but usually end up getting caught in the middle of something huge." The Doctor took a quick breath before continuing on. "I think those are all the important details. I'm curious about Clark here. No one should be able to lift up the TARDIS the way you just did."

Clark hadn't even given a thought to lifting the TARDIS onto the truck once he found out the Doctor was not from Earth. He had just assumed that other aliens would have similar powers. "Apparently being on Earth gives me powers I would not have if I was back on my own planet. I really don't know much more than that."

"Powers? As in more than one power?" The Doctor asked with a hint of worry in his voice. "What kind of powers do you have?"

This was what Clark did not want to answer. Clark felt he had given enough away enough about himself. However, since this guy already knew he was an alien there wasn't any harm in explaining himself a bit further. "I am basically indestructible, super strong, incredibly fast, have x-ray vision, heat vision, super hearing, and super breath. It seems like it is only a matter of time before I start flying."

"No one should have that much power," responded the Doctor in a grave voice with a serious look upon his face. "Well not like there is anything that can be done about that. You seem like a nice enough boy," continued the Doctor but with a complete one eighty in his tone and features.

"Doctor, what kind of abilities do you have? Lois asked. "Clark shared about himself to you. I think you should return the favor."

"Why not," responded the Doctor. "Obviously you have all caught on that my kind has long lives. It is possible that we can live for quite a long time. Not really sure how long though. Who really keeps track of their age once they past five hundred? When a Time Lord is about to die we have this little trick that cheats death. We are able to regenerate. I can literally change every cell in my body to heal myself. The catch to this is that I can only do it a certain number of times and each time my body completely changes as does my personality." The Doctor stopped to let this much sink in before continuing on. "I am on my tenth body right now. I was a bit disappointed at first that I wasn't ginger but maybe next time. I discovered early on in this regeneration that I am rude. Anyways, my looks do not reflect my age. Back when I was young and only a few hundred years old or so I looked like an old grumpy man.

"Wait, wait, wait," Dean cut in. "Are you trying to tell us you are just some old dude who uses some kind of alien thing to make himself look young?

"Exactly! Only not really. No, not at all," replied the Doctor. "I have no control over what I am going to look like. Shall I continue?" When the Doctor saw nods from everyone in the room he decided to keep on talking. It was kind of fun to explain this stuff to some fresh minds. "I don't like to regenerate and I would like to keep this body for a couple hundred years at least but apparently I am going to die soon. Don't know if I will regenerate. Will just have to wait and find out." The Doctor did not want to dwell on his impending death or regeneration. That was not why he was here. "So I would like to know more about this portal that you opened up around here. The signal from it was strong enough to reach my ship. I wouldn't open to often if I were you. Who knows what else you could bring here. Not all aliens are like me."

"We know not all aliens are kind," said Lois slightly offended that this stranger would think they were so naïve.

"I never said I was kind. I've done unspeakable things and caused the genocide of my own people. Never mistake me for being kind," responded the Doctor with a dark look on his face before going back to his act of being silly.

Panic was suddenly flowing through the minds of everyone in the room. They were pretty much all thinking you should not let your guard down just because someone seems friendly. Since Clark was obviously the strongest, he gestured for everyone to get behind him. He was ready in case the Doctor tried anything.

"Clark, it is nice to see you ready to defend your human friends and girlfriend. That is a very good sign. You don't need to bother though. I have no intention of harming anyone in this room. I was merely pointing out that I am not kind. I am friendly, and I am a protector of this planet among many. Everyone gets one chance and if they blow that chance than they are responsible for their fate." The Doctor was thinking maybe he had gone a bit far. He needed to not get his Time Lord victorious attitude. That was a mistake he could never make again. "So what this portal you opened up for?"

Clark had not moved away from in front of his friends and girlfriend. If this Doctor turned violent he would do anything possible to save them. "There was a paramedic who turned out to be an evil creation of the worst enemy of my planet. I opened up the portal to the Phantom Zone and imprisoned him there. The Phantom Zone was created by my father so only a blood relative of his can let anyone out. I wanted to save him but didn't know how. I will never take someone's life no matter what they have done."

"You're young and full of ideals that are noble. You think I like killing? I only do it if there is no other option. I am against violence and don't even carry a weapon. I don't have powers like you do," replied the Doctor."

"Death is never the only option," responded Clark.

"Dude, let's just go. Clark has this under control. I don't want to ask about the spaceship." Dean suddenly realized that his whispering was not quite as quiet as his brother's. "Sorry."

"Could you have been any louder?" Sam asked.

"What about my spaceship?" The Doctor asked having only heard the end of Dean's sentence.

"Nothing," mumbled Dean.

"I just had a quick question about your spaceship," said Sam as he elbowed his brother in the ribs. "Sorry for interrupting this ethical debate. For the record Doctor, I agree with you. Sometimes there is no other alternative. My question is about the size of your ship. How can you stand to travel in that thing? Isn't it super cramped?"

"Oh it is a little roomier that it looks from the outside. Want to see?" Asked the Doctor. He really did love the reactions people gave upon seeing the inside of the TARDIS for the first time.

"I am not going to check out this dude's spaceship. I don't want to end up in outer space getting probed by ET here," complained Dean.

At this remark the Doctor let out a laugh. Humans really were his favorite species. They were so wonderfully amusing sometimes and their movies while completely inaccurate did make him giggle at its ridiculousness. "No worries, Dean. I am not like my good friend Jack and there will be no probing on the TARDIS." The Doctor was still laughing as he walked out the door with Clark and Sam hurrying out the door after him, followed by Lois, and then a very reluctant Dean.

"So we can only take a peek in there one at a time?" Lois asked for the back of the group.

The Doctor had just unlocked the door to his TARDIS and was waiting at the entrance for everyone else. "I think we all will be just able to squeeze in there, responded the Doctor still smiling. "Welcome to the TARDIS which stands for Time And Relative Dimension In Space. She can take you to anywhere and any when. Step on in and take a look around."

Sam and Dean being the first in after the Doctor were quite shocked at what they saw. Clark continued further into the ship looking at the console while Sam went back outside to circle the blue box before going back inside. Lois and Dean followed Sam back in this time and were tempted to repeat what Sam had just done.

The Doctor was now sitting in one of the yellow seats by the console with his feet propped up. "So any passing remarks on my TARDIS?" The Doctor asked the group.

"It's bigger on the inside," said Dean completely awestruck.

"Really? You don't say?" Said a smiling Doctor. "It is basically a whole other dimension stuck inside of this little blue box. In reality it isn't even a blue box. The chameleon circuit which allows the TARDIS to blend in with its surroundings broke back in my first body and the police box has grown on me." The Doctor did love it when people remarked on the size of the interior of his ship. "So anywhere you all would like to go? I've been on my own for a bit now and it gets a little lonely travelling around the universe alone. I'm not looking for new travelling companions, but one trip wouldn't hurt. Clark, before you ask, I will not take you to Krypton. I can't prevent the destruction of your planet. There is nothing I can do for you or your people so I don't want you to get your hopes up. As a Time Lord I have to follow certain rules. When I break the rules something bad happens."

Clark wondered how the Doctor knew exactly what he was going to ask. He felt disappointed and sad that he could have seen his mother and his planet and now he couldn't because of some stupid rule. "I don't care," Clark said before averting his gaze to check out more of the main room of the TARDIS.

"How about we check out…" The Doctor stopped mid-sentence when he heard something that made his two hearts skip a beat coming from the outside of the TARDIS. Clearly Clark heard it to as he was heading towards the door. "Clark, stop. You really don't want to see what is on the other side of that door. The Doctor looked at the outside of the TARDIS through a viewing screen on the console and saw representatives from some of his worst enemies. He saw Daleks, Cybermen, and Sontarans to name a few. The Doctor turned on a device that allowed him to speak to those surrounding his TARDIS. "So what brings all of you to Smallville? Isn't it a bit cliché for so many aliens to land in a cornfield?"

"The Doctor has been joined by the last son of Krypton, the future leader of a demon army, and the angel's favorite. We were told this time would come. Your enemies have banded against you to bring down this threat," said a random Dalek. "You will all be exterminated."

"Not today we won't be," yelled the Doctor. The Doctor turned off the device he had used to speak to those on the outside and set the coordinates on the TARDIS so that they would materialize out in space away from their enemies. Only trouble was there were multiple ships surrounding the Earth. The Doctor moved the TARDIS until they were out of view of the multiple alien ships.

"Did you just run away and leave the Earth in the hands of those monsters?" Dean asked, clearly furious.

"Did you have a better idea?" The Doctor asked with a hint of panic in his voice. "We run for now and make a plan. They are after us so I think the rest of Earth will be safe. What did they mean about the angel's favorite and the leader of a demon army? That was the only part I didn't understand."

"They meant us," said Sam. "It is apparently my destiny to lead an army of demons. I have demon blood inside of me and I have demonic powers. Dean was raised from hell by this angel Castiel and they are pretty good friends now. "

"That's not possible," sputtered the Doctor, frustrated by the fact that he did not understand what was happening. "There's no such thing as demons. The only angels I have ever heard of are the weeping angels and I don't think that is who you meant. This is all wrong. Clark, why have I never heard of you? You're good and powerful. You should be famous in the future but I've never heard of you. I would say I am in a parallel world but that can't be. How would my enemies get here as well?"

"Calm down Doctor." Clark was getting worried at the increasing rate in which the Doctor was freaking out. He couldn't deny that a time traveler would most definitely know who he was. The justice league had definitely known about him. He had to admit the Doctor most likely was in a parallel world. "Maybe whatever brought you here also brought your enemies? Someone could be trying to get you out of your comfort zone."

"It is very difficult to travel between parallel worlds. Before I would have said it was impossible but that was back before it happened to me before, a few times. Well I can worry about that later. Right now let's focus on these others who came across with me."

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