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Ch. 12

Enemies of the Earth

The gang made up of the Doctor, Clark, Lois, Sam, and Dean were all standing around the TARDIS in absolute silence. The Doctor was currently trying to make this situation make sense in his head. Every time someone tried to say something the Doctor would give them a look that very clearly told them to be quiet while he was thinking.

"Aha!" The Doctor suddenly exclaimed which surprised everyone else in the consol room. "I think I might have figured out what is going on here. I can't be in a parallel world. The TARDIS would have reacted to entering a different universe unless the Phantom Zone being opened acted as a rip in time and space and displaced my ship along with my old enemies. Anyways, if this isn't a parallel world, than it is possible that someone has meddled with the past. I would have heard of Clark unless he doesn't go on to do anything special and that seems unlikely. "

Everyone in the room was staring at the crazed, pinstripe wearing alien. The Doctor kept mussing up his hair until it stood out at impossible angles. The Doctor was speaking so quickly and kept changing his mind and made it difficult for anyone to try to follow his train of thought. It was Dean who raised his hand and waved it in front of the Doctor's face to try to draw his attention.

"What the hell are you even talking about? Dean asked the Doctor who just seemed to notice that there were still people in the TARDIS.

"Right," began the Doctor. "Now that I think about it, it all seems pretty obvious. One of my enemies could have messed around with the time line so much that it created this outcome that I am only now realizing. All of you seem to be important people with big destinies. They must want to correct a mistake they made in the past by messing around with timelines," said the Doctor pausing for a breath and making sure everyone was keeping up. "What if Clark was supposed to die on Krypton? What if Dean and Sam were supposed to have died at some point or were never meant to become hunters. One small change in the past could have resulted in Clark coming to Earth or Dean and Sam becoming hunters. Even if that is the case, there is nothing that can be done about that now. The best we can do is move on; solve this problem, and everyone go back to their daily routine."

"I think I understood that," said Lois who received an incredulous look from Clark. "What? I have to deal with crazy ramblings when I interview people occasionally. "

"So these beings could be responsible for my whole planet being gone?" Clark questioned the Doctor.

"Yes, well no, well maybe," said the Doctor running a hand through his tousled hair once more. "It is a bit more complicated than that. Any of them could have gone back in time to your planet and made one small change that made the whole world take a different path. They could be indirectly responsible, but it seems unlikely they did everything themselves. The same goes for Sam and Dean. One small change can branch out into different possibilities which can create parallel universes. Every choice we make can create a parallel world. It is still possible I am in a parallel world, but I will worry about that later on. The point is that those who have developed time travel and do not follow the rules can damage or alter someone's timeline. "

"Right," said Dean. "So is this important? I know they could bring about the end of the world or whatever, but the reason doesn't really seem that important. We should be coming up with a plan to gank these evil sons of bitches."

"We can't just gank them, whatever that means," said the Doctor sternly. "These are the worst of the worst in the universe, but even though that is the case, we still have to try to reason with them first."

"You have got to be kidding me," said Dean turning away from the Doctor to look at his brother to see if he was having the same reaction.

"Does reasoning ever work with these aliens?" Sam asked the Doctor while giving Dean a look that said to not rush into shooting something that was so outside their comfort level.

"Well…no. Actually reasoning has never worked with this lot," said the Doctor truthfully. "That doesn't mean that we don't try."

"If it is not going to work, than why try?" Dean asked the Doctor.

"If we just go around killing beings without trying to reason with them first, than what makes us any better than them?" The Doctor asked, getting right up in Dean's face. "I could wipe out every single one of my enemies or go back in time and make sure they were never born, but I can't do that. Long ago I had the chance to stop the Daleks from ever being created, but I couldn't go through with it. I didn't have the right. As the years go by I find it harder and harder to show mercy, but I can't let myself become what I hate. If I stopped showing mercy or giving everyone a chance, than I would no longer be the Doctor. Everyone deserves a chance no matter who they are. So we talk to them first and if that doesn't work, than we come up with a new plan."

"Alright," said Dean who clearly did not want to infuriate the Time Lord further.

"Wow," said Sam who was impressed with the Doctor."

"Let's go talk to them," said Clark who agreed with the Doctor about giving everyone a chance.

"We are going to be smart about this," said the Doctor. "We will not go rushing out to meet them. I can project our voices through the TARDIS and that will let us communicate them while we are still safely inside the TARDIS. I doubt they could harm Clark, but the rest of you would be extremely vulnerable."

The Doctor went to the controls and punched in the coordinates to bring them back to their previous location on Earth. Immediately the enemies of the Doctor surrounded the TARDIS with their weapons ready to kill anyone foolish enough to leave the safety of the TARDIS.

"We have you surrounded, Doctor," said one of the many Daleks. "You shall all be exterminated."

"I don't think so," replied the Doctor. "How did you all get here?"

"The last son of Krypton brought us here," said one of the Cybermen.

"We found ourselves pulled through a doorway into this world," said a Sontaran. "We shall bring glory to the Sontaran race by eliminating all those who reside on this planet. Sontar ha!"

"Is that really what all of you want?" The Doctor asked while he viewed in enemies on a screen in the TARDIS. "If this isn't even the right world, than why not combine your efforts to getting back home?"

"Why should we allow this inferior species to live?" A Sontaran asked with real confusion in his voice.

It was at this point that the Doctor ceased communications with those outside the TARDIS. He turned away from his current companions and began running a scan. He was looking to see how many he would have to face to save the Earth this time. The Doctor estimated that there were at least 50,000 ships surrounding the Earth. There were more than just Daleks, Sontarans, and Cybermen. Those he was talking to at the moment were just the envoy sent to confront the Doctor.

"Doctor, what are we facing?" Lois asked as she tried to understand what she was seeing on the screen.

"We are currently surrounded by 50,000 enemy ships, all of which are heavily armed," said the Doctor who once more ran his hand through his already messy hair.

"How can we possibly fight 50,000 ships?" Dean asked, voicing the question that was on everyone's minds.

The Doctor stayed silent for a couple of minutes. There was only one way he could think of to save the Earth, but it was not something that Clark was going to like. It seemed to be the only way. He didn't think he would have any trouble convincing Dean and Sam. He even thought that Lois might go for the idea, but it was Clark who was going to immediately reject the idea.

The Doctor was about to explain his idea when Sam suddenly asked a very important question. "How do they know who we are? If they were brought here by Clark through some kind of doorway, than that means they should have arrived here roughly around the same time that you did, Doctor."

"Well that is where it gets complicated," said the Doctor. "I wasn't exactly pulled through like they were, I'm guessing. I followed a signal that the TARDIS had picked up and ended up here. It is always possible they were pulled through and ended up in the past. The Daleks would definitely be smart enough to find a way to locate who their enemies would be on this planet. They would want to get rid of any opposition they had. Me turning up just made them show up sooner."

"I guess that makes sense," replied Sam.

"Now I have an idea on how we can stop them and make it so that they never showed up in the first place," said the Doctor after seeing how defeated everyone looked at the prospect of fighting so many alien threats.

"Really?" Clark asked with a hopeful gleam in his eyes.

"You are not going to like my plan, Clark," the Doctor responded with a hint of sadness in his voice. "My plan is for us to time travel slightly into the past and stop past Clark from opening up the Phantom Zone."

"That means that I would have to kill Doomsday to stop him," said Clark with an air of defiance in his voice. "I can't do that."

"Wouldn't that create a paradox?" Sam asked cutting into the conversation. "The only reason you are here is because of the portal that opened.

"Excellent point, Sam," said the Doctor who was honestly impressed with the youngest Winchester. "I can find a way around that little technicality. I came here because of a signal. So if I send a signal to my past self, than everything should work out fine. It is difficult to get into a parallel world, but getting back home should not be a problem since it is just getting back to where I belong."

"So let's do this then and stop these evil sons of bitches," said a newly determined Dean.

"We are not killing anyone!" Clark yelled at the group.

"Would you rather kill one monster and save this whole planet or let everyone die?" The Doctor asked Clark after getting right up in his face and staring him in the eyes. "These are the options since we have no other way of defeating so many. Let me rephrase the question. Would you rather kill one monstrous enemy or 50,000 ships filled with your worst nightmares?"

"Clark, please listen to the Doctor," said Lois pleading with Clark as she clutched at his arm. "What he is saying makes sense."

"It seems I am outnumbered," said Clark with a heavy sigh. "I want no part of this."

"You are the only one who would stand any chance of defeating Doomsday," said Dean. "You can't back out on us now."

"Fine! Clark shouted. "Should I just become a murderer like the Doctor because we are out of options? Would that make you two hunters happy? You relish in killing anything that isn't quite human. What is one more? Why not kill me while you're at it."

"You went too far," said an angry Sam. "We are your friends even though we haven't known you very long. We are asking that you help us save this planet. None of us know how to go up against Daleks and everything else out there. We are not all indestructible like you are."

"Sorry," said Clark who had calmed down during Sam's rebuttal. "What will I become if I take a life?"

"You will be different, but that is not necessarily a bad thing," said the Doctor. "You just need to think about what is more important. Do you want to save countless innocent lives? Isn't it better to defeat one monster to save everyone? Does saving the planet conflict with your morals?"

"Is this what you do to people, Doctor?" Clark asked, just now understanding the Doctor. Clark knew that the Doctor never carried weapons, but did he make other people into his weapons?

"I'm trying to help," said the Doctor knowing just what Clark was thinking. Clark was not the first person to ask the Doctor a question like that.

"I will do what you ask, but after that I want you to leave and never return," said a resigned Clark.

"As you wish," said the Doctor. "Now we are going to have to time this perfectly. We need to get present Clark to the past when past Clark was just facing Doomsday, but without the two seeing each other. One of the rules is to never cross your own timeline. We need to be very careful."

All of the worst enemies of the Universe were still surrounding the TARDIS. No one paid any attention to them since right now they were not focus. If everything went according to plan, than their arrival and anything they had did since then would get reversed. The Doctor assured the group that the only ones who would remember would be themselves.

The group left immediately to take care of the problem. The Daleks, Sontarans, and Cybermen were surprised when the TARDIS suddenly vanished after being idle for awhile. They knew the Doctor was up to something and wouldn't just run away. They had all faced the Doctor too many times to believe he would give up. Unfortunately for them, they had no way of following the Doctor.

Once they were in the past, the Doctor analyzed Doomsday from afar before setting to work on a device. He would not explain the device to any of the current inhabitants of the TARDIS. That was mainly because all of them would not understand what he was making out of spare parts and weird gizmos.

Sam could have sworn he even saw a tea kettle and some string in the device the Doctor was creating, but that seemed ridiculous. He let the Doctor get on with his work since he doubted he would even understand what the Doctor was making.

"It's finished," said the Doctor pulling off his glasses and holding the device out for everyone to see.

"What does it do?" Clark asked the obvious question.

"I had a chance to run a scan on Doomsday and this device will cancel out some of his powers. I understand how strong he is, but if you can get close enough to put this device on him and activate it, then we will be able to take him down. As I was making this I had time to think about you, Clark. I should not question your morals and they are probably what will make you a great hero someday. All I am asking of you is to be fast enough to get this on Doomsday and activate it. The rest of us can handle the rest."

"Thank you, Doctor," said Clark who truly was thankful that he would not have to do any killing. He still didn't feel right about playing a part in the death of another, but he supposed this would be for the best.

"Tell me what happens tonight," the Doctor lightly commanded of the group.

"I was up on the roof while Chloe and Davis were inside her apartment having dinner," said Clark. "Sam and Dean were outside of the Talon waiting. Lois was at the Daily Planet." Clark then went on to explain the whole evening in great detail.

"This is going to be more difficult than I thought," said the Doctor. "The Clark on the roof is going to need to be distracted while present Clark attaches the device to Doomsday."

"I can go up and distract him," Lois offered. "I wasn't actually here so there would be no chance of running into myself."

"Perfect," said the Doctor. "Clark, attach and activate the device. I then want you to return to the TARDIS. Sam and Dean, I want you inside ready to strike the moment that Clark leaves. You will need to be hiding there early so you do not run into your past selves. You will then need to hide."

"What about you, Doctor?" Clark asked, annoyed that the Doctor had not included himself in this plan.

"I will be hiding nearby," said the Doctor. "I plan to use my sonic screwdriver to bring the device up to full capacity, just before the point of short circuiting. If all goes according to plan that should take place within the few seconds from you activating the device to Sam and Dean striking out. By the way, what are you going to use?"

"We have the colt and Ruby's knife," said Dean.

The Doctor was unsure about the methods of the Winchesters, but he decided to trust their judgment. The Doctor then told them it was time to go since it was already getting late. Doomsday would be there not long from now and then all the action would begin.

The group arrived well before the appointed time of the original meeting and took their places. First the Doctor ensured that he would not create a paradox by fiddling with the TARDIS and sending the signal to his past self to follow. He then went and hid. There were not many places to hide inside the Talon. Lois was currently on the rooftop distracting past Clark and the Winchesters were hiding inside as opposed to their past selves who were outside. Present Clark was hiding with the Doctor behind the counter where the coffee was served.

When eight o'clock rolled around, Davis entered the coffee shop and was on his way to knock on Chloe's door. Everyone was ready to act. "Now," mouthed the Doctor to Clark who took off at super speed and attached the device to Davis' back before speeding off to wait at the TARDIS. The Doctor then popped out from behind the counter with his sonic screwdriver already on and pointed at his created device. Before Sam and Dean even had a chance to act, Davis began to change before their eyes and turned into the horrible creature, Doomsday.

"What are you waiting for?" The Doctor quickly asked while his sonic screwdriver was still pointed at Doomsday.

Sam and Dean needed no further prompting before they sprung into action. Doomsday was disoriented by the sudden change and didn't notice in time the two hunters racing towards him. Dean dropped to the ground and fired off a shot from the colt, hitting Doomsday in the chest while Sam ducked down behind Doomsday and drove Ruby's knife deep into Doomsday's side.

Sam and Dean seeing the effects begin to take effect quickly hid themselves before their past selves rushed into the room after hearing the commotion. The Doctor hid as well so as to not draw the hunter's attention to himself. The Clark from the past sped into the room just moments after and saw that Doomsday was now suffering. The monstrous part of himself exploded away leaving only an unharmed Davis behind.

"Dude, what the hell just happened?" Dean asked Sam and Clark who had just witnessed the same thing they had.

Since the present Clark was already back at the TARDIS, all the Doctor had to worry about was the two sets of Winchesters meeting. He spoke in a voice low enough that only the past Clark could hear. "I need you to trust me and not ask why right now," said the Doctor. "I'm a time traveler and future versions of the Winchesters are here and cannot by any means meet their past selves. Please get them out of here and I will tell you anything you want to know."

Clark had picked up the voice speaking quietly to him right away. He had already noticed that there were three extra people in the room despite the fact that there were four additional heartbeats.

"Guys, thanks for your help, but something weird has happened here that was not expected," said Clark turning to the two hunters. "Can you please head back to the farm? I can handle this from here."

Once the past Winchesters were gone, the Doctor and the two Winchesters from the future stepped out into the open giving Clark quite a shock.

"What is happening?" A thoroughly confused Clark asked.

"The action you were going to take was going to open up a portal to a parallel Universe, in which all of the worst aliens you can imagine would have poured through. You are about to meet me soon and we, along with the Winchesters and Lois travel back in time to change the outcome," the Doctor quickly explained. "Now we need to take care of our friend Davis. The part of him that was Doomsday is now gone for good. I just need to erase his memories of his time as Doomsday and he can get back to his normal life."

The Doctor approached Davis who had stayed silent and was watching everyone in the room. "I know you couldn't control what you were doing and that is why you get another chance," said the Doctor explaining himself to the former enemy. "You are lucky that your transformations happened the way they did. This allowed me to create a device that would separate you from your alter ego. When you transformed this last time, the creature you became was killed, leaving you unharmed. I want to take your memories away so that you can go back to your old life before all this started. You will not remember anything having to do with Doomsday."

Davis merely nodded since he was still at a loss for words. The Doctor placed his hands to Davis' temples and closed his eyes. He quickly picked through all the memories of Davis' alter ego and erased all traces of the creature he was. Davis then passed out and the Doctor with the help of Clark placed him on one of the sofas in the room.

" I still don't understand what is happening or why you have two hearts and were able to do what you did to Davis," Clark confessed to the stranger who had managed to help Davis.

"The future has been changed and your future selves are now going to have two sets of memories. You have all been in my time machine which is going to allow you to remember the events that happened tonight two different ways. I need to get the future you, Winchesters, and Lois back to the time they are meant to be in. The past Winchesters didn't meet me so I am relying on you to make sure everything runs smoothly when you meet me for the first time. Do not let on that you met me tonight."

"Of course," said Clark. "I think I am looking forward to meeting you in the future."

"Go see to Chloe while I get everyone back to the future," said the Doctor.

The Doctor beckoned the Winchesters and they got Lois before heading back to the TARDIS where Clark was currently waiting with an uncertain look on his face.

"So I am guessing everything went according to plan and Doomsday is dead," stated Clark who was disappointed they had to kill someone who had once been a good person.

"Doomsday is dead, but Davis is just fine and will not remember his time as Doomsday," said the Doctor who smiled when he saw the look on Clark's face. "Your past self knows what happened so very soon you will know as well just what happened. I need to get you all back now and then I am sorry to say that I must be on my way back to my own Universe."

Everyone was back in the TARDIS and once they were back to the moment they had left, the Doctor left the TARDIS with the others to make sure that everything was back to normal. He was sorry that he would have to leave, but this Universe had its own protectors and he was still needed in his own despite the fact that he felt so totally alone at the moment.

"The world is safe for now and that means I must be on my way," said the Doctor to the group. "I hate long goodbyes. You are all amazing and are just what this planet needs. Stay good and maybe someday I'll end up back here to check how everything is going."

"Thank you, Doctor," said Clark holding out his hand to the fellow alien. The Doctor shook his hand and also with the rest of the group as well.

"Bye," said the Doctor with a wave before heading back into his TARDIS. The TARDIS dematerialized and thankfully the Doctor was able to follow the signal back to his own Universe. Clark was now left with Lois, Dean, and Sam.

"I guess it is time for us to go as well," said Sam. "If you ever need any help with something, feel free to call us."

"I will and you guys call me if you ever need any help," said Clark. "Thanks for all you have done. I hope the two of you work everything out and find some sense of normalcy along the way."

"We'll try," said Dean. "Now enough chick flick moments. We need to get on the road before it gets too late." The two Winchesters packed up their belongings and loaded their bags into the Impala that was currently parked in Clark's driveway. "See ya."

"Bye," said Sam.

Lois and Clark waved as the two before heading inside and trying to figure out where to go from here.

Sam and Dean were once again on their way out of Smallville and made it out without anything else weird happening. They didn't know where to go from here with all that was currently happening in their lives. At this moment they were thankful to be alive and together and the rest of their problems could wait until the following day.

"So look for another case or take a few days off? Dean asked.

"Let's just get out of Kansas and go from there," said Sam who leaned back in the seat and stared out the window. He thought about their time in Smallville and the new friends they had made.

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