ANOTHER FRIGGIN STORY!! GAH!! It's just a part of my Mega-Update. Ahem, so yeah, I like to add on to my already huge load and give myself more stress. So, another attempt at a high school fic. The rating is a secure M for language (coughCIDcough) and mature-ness. This time, I'm playing with just the Final Fantasy VII characters that I DO NOT OWN btw, just these mental manifestations.

Cloud: Gaia help us

Zack: *waving cheerily at the authoress* It s been awhile!

Angeal: Don't encourage the fangirl, Puppy.
Vincent: Why are we here?
Me: Cause I love you guys andIneedyoutohidemefromSephiroth.
Cloud: What did you do now?
Me: Eh heh...


Like We Need This Dysfunction Chapter 1 - Late Again, Strife

Cid was irate. His eye twitched as he lit up a smoke and surveyed the people strewn about his living room. A grumpy Angeal Hewley was slouched in the recliner with a less bouncy Zack Fair, perched on the armrest. The ottoman for the recliner was taken by a, surprisingly quiet but fidgeting, Yuffie Kisuragi who was seated cross-legged on top. Next to Cid on the couch was Vincent Valentine, who was kneading his temple in an attempt to keep a headache at bay, and Tifa Lockhart and Aerith Cleary. Both teenage girls sat in nervous stillness. The loveseat held two more teenagers, a visibly uncomfortable Cloud Strife and an extremely bored Reno Saunders.

"Yo, Mr. Highwind? Can I leave?" Cid glared at the redhead who had spoken. Reno's legs were where his back should have been, as he dangled upside down off the seat.

"Reno, shut up." Snapped Cloud, "If I have to stay, so do you. Can we get to it already, Mr. Highwind, I don't think my mom would like me being in your house-"

"Godamnit all!" Cid cut him off. "Gimme a break for fuck's sake, people, lemme get this shit straight: Reno, you're a whore-"

"Yeah yeah, I know, but can I leave-"

"NO! Zack, you moved in with your parents' best friend and you're letting him fuck you-"

"D'ya gotta say it like that?"

"-Angeal, your fucking a former student who lives with you-"

"Cid, Zack's eighteen, a consenting adult-"

"-whatever, Sephiroth likes 'em young and blonde-"

"Hey! That's not fair, he's not here to defend himself-"

"-Shut it Strife, you have an unhealthy obsession with said teacher who is eight years your senior-"


"That's what I thought, Strife, didn't your mamma ever teach you about sleeping with your teachers? For fuck's sake. And Reno, you slept with the kooky librarian-"

"Yo! I ain't complainin about Genesis'-"

"-Tifa, you and Aerith were suspended for inappropriate conduct in the girls locker room... with each other-"


"-Reno, again, you're a fuckin' whore, you slept with your damn Geometry teacher too-"


"-Yuffie, you hotwired the fuckin' principal's car-"

"I had to! The keys weren't in the ignition and-"

"-Vince, you and I got fired for screwing in my classroom-"

"Please don't remind me-"


"You're exaggerating just a bit, Mr. Highwind." Reno replied simply. Vincent wearily rested his forehead in his palm.

"I need a shrink."


Nine months earlier


"It's just a jump to the left-"

"Yeah yeah, shut up." A pale hand extended from beneath the comforter to grope around the bedside table.


"SHUT UP. I know!" The hand finally closed on the desired object and then it, and the cell phone in it's grasp, retreated into the pile of blankets. The person under the covers lethargically shut off the alarm with a muttered, "Fuckin finally", and just laid there until-

"CLOUD! Get your butt down here! I know you're up!" Yelled the female voice from down the stairs.

"Ugh, whyyyyy?!" The teen whined from under the pile of blankets.

"I don't want anymore phone calls from the office about you being tardy!"



"FINE! Cheese and crackers, woman, cheese and friggin crackers." Cloud Patrick Strife frowned the entire morning. He frowned as he untangled himself from the pile of blankets, he frowned as he washed up and dressed in his usual denim jeans and band logo shirt under a hoodie, he frowned as he and his doodled-on messenger bag slumped down the stairs, and he frowned at the scrambled eggs that met him in the kitchen.

"Cloud, honey, your face is gonna freeze like that one of these days." His mom observed as she poked his forehead with the clean end of the serving spoon for the eggs.

"Whatever, Ma." The frown vanished instantly as he saw his mother's beaming face.

"Thanks for the breakfast." He returned her smile before starting on his eggs.


"I'd better not get a phone call!"

"You won't! See you after practice, Ma!" Cloud called out the door as he started for the high school. After about three blocks, an old, purple Toyota Camry with it's windows down, pulled alongside the sidewalk and Cloud rolled his eyes.

" 'Ya know,' I pondered aloud as I pulled in close to the curb, 'I could give this poor soul a ride-' "

"Zack, don't be an ass. Stop the car."

" 'Or I could just keep on drivin', I suggested after the emo kid insulted me." With a broad grin, the Camry's driver, Zack, braked to a stop and Cloud climbed into the passenger seat. Even though the older boy had graduated the year before, Zack had promised to still make time for his younger friends. Driving Cloud to school was one example.

"How many times a day do I have to tell you, I'm not an emo, you idiot."

"Well then, mornin' My Lovely Lil Cloudy Cloud! How do ya do this fine da-"

"DUDE. Cheese 'n crackers, dude, just drive. Please. If I'm late again, Mom'll murder me in my sleep."

"Then I better make this quick." Zack replied as he flipped a U-turn and headed in the direction opposite the school.

"Zack? What the hell are you doing?"

"We gotta pick up Reno."

"Ugh, why?" Zack laughed at Cloud's dislike for the redhead.

"Aw c'mon, he ain't that bad. Besides, I promised his poor mother I would drive him to school to make sure he got there and didn't ditch. She'd take him herself, but her work shift starts too early in the morning."



At his house, said teen currently had other things on mind rather than school. At the moment, he was backed into a corner of his room upstairs breathing heavily as hands touched him in all the right places. As soon as his mother had left that morning, Reno had opened his bedroom window to admit today's partner. He let out a hiss as the other male bit down on the juncture between his neck and shoulder and a hand made its way down his pants. His partner grinned as Reno followed with a moan as the other hand pulled out his hair tie and knotted itself in the red strands. The redhead smirked when the other body ground into him and the hand in his pants gave a squeeze. Fuck going to school today, this was so much better...


"Goddamn that kid." Zack cursed under his breath as he tried Reno's cell phone for the third time.

"Hey Cloud, lay on the doorbell and wake his ass up."

"With pleasure." Cloud pressed his thumb to the doorbell repeatedly and smiled with grim satisfaction as a loud, "WHAT THE FUCK?!" resonated from an open window. He and Zack waved with mock cheerfulness at the vexed individual that appeared at a window on the second story, angrily running a hand through shaggy red tresses.

"Fucking bastards. The both of you." Was this morning's choice of greeting.

"Good morning to you too, Beautiful!" Zack called back with a grin, "I'm here to do your mother a favor and drag your ass to school, let's go! Chop chop!" A few minutes later, a still obviously wound up Reno, walked out the front door with his backpack thrown over one shoulder. Cloud eyed the redhead's attire with a raised eyebrow, at least he looked somewhat presentable. Jeans and a white tank under a black button-up that was, of course, not buttoned up. Reno adjusted the goggles amidst the unruly red hair and smirked at the two in front of him.

"Hold on a sec, guys." He then turned to address someone in the house.

"Yo, help yourself to whatever's in the kitchen but wash any dishes you use. I'll be back at three", he gave a sly grin, "And I guarantee no interruptions this time, Baby." With a quick wink, he closed the door behind him and laughed at the disapproving glares that met him.

"That's how it is, yo."


"Alright kiddies, get outta my car." Cloud and Reno had exited the vehicle and were almost at the gate when Zack yelled out to them.

"Be good and I'll see you guys at lunch!"

"Yes Mom!" Reno called back and flipped off the older guy.

"Thanks for killin' my morning." He directed at Cloud.

"All in a day's work." The blonde countered with a slight smirk.

"Well, let's do this. I gotta get home, yo." Cloud just rolled his eyes.


Cloud's first period was not for the faint of heart for one reason, the teacher. A Mr. Cid Highwind who ruled his Computer Drafting class with an iron fist. Cloud had just sat down at his computer as the bell rang.

"Late again, Strife."

"What?! C'mon, Highwind!" The teacher had come up from behind Cloud's chair to stare down at his favorite student to pick on, an evil smirk on his face.

"The damn syllabus says you gotta be in your seat and ready to start class when the bell rings. Are you ready to start class, Strife? I don't see your computer on, I don't see any programs running, I don't see-"

"I got it! Cheese and crackers."

"Just turn your damn computer on, Strife, and pipe down."

"Yes, Sir." Cloud replied through gritted teeth. The rest of the class time passed by agonizingly slow. Mr. Highwind, as was the norm, lurked behind Cloud and pointed out all the things the student was doing wrong, but not offering any help on how to fix them. About half way through class, a distraction from Cid's Cloud Criticizing came in the form of the long haired and slightly effeminate looking Assistant Librarian, Vincent Valentine.

"Mr. Highwind, he began as he walked into the computer lab, I need the list of students who will be checking out the new program manuals again. Mr. Rhapsodos deleted the last two you e-mailed him."

"Alright, hold on a sec." Cid walked to his desk computer and quickly printed out the list but when he held it out to Vincent, he snatched it back before the Assistant Librarian could grasp it.

"Walk with me Vinnie." He threw an arm around the other man's shoulders and all but dragged him out the door.

"I'm gonna step out for a bit, Brats. There had better be some progress when I get back or I'm gonna send all your asses to In-School Suspension so fast, your heads'll spin." Closing the door behind him, Cid moved him and Vincent further down the empty hall and away from the little rectangular window in the door.

"Cid, I have to get back to the libr-" Cid cut him off by pushing Vincent against the wall and mashing their mouths together. Vincent opened for him instantly and gave a soft moan as Cid's tongue met his own. His breath hitched when the blonde bit his lip hard and ground against him simultaneously. A hand Vincent hadn't noticed before, roughly cupped him between his legs and Cid s tongue helped itself to Vincent's open and panting mouth. The Assistant Librarian shuddered as the Drafting teacher reached into his pants.

"I should probably let you get back to the library now, Vince." The blonde smirked as he pulled away. Vincent was disoriented but still cognate enough to frown at the loss of contact as he straightened up and readjusted his clothing. As he fixed his pants he felt something crinkle against his skin. Reaching into his pants, he pulled out the folded list of names.

"You put the list down my pants." It was more a statement than a question. Cid chuckled and reached around to grab Vincent's ass. The Assistant Librarian swatted away the hand and did something he only ever did around Cid. He pouted. Again Cid chuckled.

"Yep. But really, we got get back to work, Babe."

"Alright then, Babe. I'm going back to the library." Cid's grin widened and as Vincent turned to walk away, he closed the space between them and smacked Vincent's ass. The Assistant Librarian turned to glare back at his assaulter but Cid had already walked back to his classroom and opened the door to get back inside. With a huff, Vincent turned on his heel and made his way to the library.


Vincent: Did that honestly just happen?
Cloud: Yes, it did.
*snickering at Vincent* Sucks to be you.
Angeal: Don't get too comfortable, Zack, it's all going down the proverbial hill now.

Well, be honest, folks. ^__^