WELL HELLO READERS. It's me, Hidden Village Shinobi, Mist Village Babe, etc. I got tired of having so many different internet aliases that I changed this one to my main name, ElvenArcher309. TECHNICALLY it's ElvenArcher, but that was already taken ;^;

ANYWAYS, LONG TIME NO SEE. I AM NOT DEAD, well I kinda was, BUT NOT ANYMORE. I'm writing again :D Expect new chapters for this story and a few others sometime this month. I AM ALSO WRITING NEW STUFF! WITH NEW AND OLD FANDOMS!I will warn you now, I am deleting a story or two. They are old, badly written, and I have just lost interest. ALTHOUGH, I will be deleting others for a different reason, I am doing MASSIVE re-writes and I cannot allow the old plot to still be visible XD

I'm sure you're wondering, "OMG WHICH ONES? D:" Well do not fret! I made a list :D Here it is:


12 Angry Nobodies

Bleed 'Em All

Crazy Together

Like We Need This Dysfunction


The Time To Bloom

We Found Ourselves Here


Based On Real Events (lost interest)

Betrayal Of That Sacred Trust (lost interest)


The Earth and Sky (MAJOR PLOT CHANGES)

Between Two Kunoichi (Deleting the OC and putting in... a secret)