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Journey to the Moon

You sit up and ready yourself for your long journey to space. Cold, tired and alone, you stare at the stars—wondering how you ended up on the adventure. You hold the thought and laugh to yourself, thinking of how you're exaggerating; it's only a trip to the East and you aren't exactly alone.


Chapter Zero: Prologue

"Ara, are you ready? We need to get going—the sun is already setting."

"Ah, um, almost… just let me gather the rest of my things." The blunette female replied whilst hastily grabbing her small bundle of possessions. "All right, let's go, bodyguard-san." The blunette gave a sheepish smile as she put her small bag on her back.

"Right; now remember, stay close." The bodyguard-for-hire looked at the shorter female and began to walk into the thick woods.

The pair travelled in darkness through the dense nature. All was quiet besides the sounds of footsteps and the soft crunching of grass and branches. For one of the women, the silence was relaxing, for the other, it was dreadful.

The blunette couldn't stand not being able to hear the other female—even if the distance between them was meager and that the other woman didn't talk much to begin with—she felt as if she would get swallowed up into the darkness, never to see the light of day again. She opened up her mouth to say something but nothing came out. What would she say? She sighed and shook her head.

"Girl," the fair-haired bodyguard waited for the other female to look at her. "You must stay close," When her charge nodded and caught up, she finished her statement, "I may know the military's ways, but there are still other things you must worry about at night. People and animals alike." The brunette noticed the blunette's unease, and turned her calculating gaze away from the forest to gaze determinately at the woman beside her.

"But do not worry; I am here to protect you."

That was all the reassurance that the blunette needed and they travelled in silence once more.


After what seemed like forever of travelling through tough underbrush, over fallen trees, and down dirt paths, the pair came across a clearing with a small cottage in it.

The bodyguard led the younger woman to the front of the cottage before telling her to crouch down near the small wooden door.

"Please stay here and do not move." The brunette said then swiftly moved away from her charge before the younger girl could utter a word. She then proceeded to examine the perimeter, setting small traps and other devices that could be used to notify the two of an intruder.

After an hour and a half of waiting for the taller woman to return, the blunette stood up to stretch her legs; but just as she was about to reach her full height, a soft whizzing noise was heard and an arrow met the wood on the side of the blunette's head. She collapsed onto the ground, scared, and looked up at the sharpened metal rod that had caught a few strands of her dark hair.

"Ara, I seem to remember telling you not to move."

The blunette nearly screamed at the voice that had seemingly appeared out of nowhere, but when she recognized it to be her protector, she managed to calm it down to a surprised "eep!" She waited until the figure of the bodyguard began to appear under the moonlight before deciding to stand up again.

"Bodygua…" she began, her voice caught in her throat. The blunette couldn't finish her statement; only watch as the female continued to walk towards her, her green eyes completely focused on the woman a few paces away.

Somewhere in the hour and a half, the bodyguard had gotten rid of her belongings, save for a large wooden bow that had pieces of metal on the upper and lower ends, a tanto that was in a sheath on the woman's left thigh, and a gun that was in a holster on her left hip. She had also taken off the large cloak she was wearing to reveal a black form-fitting tank top that showed off her toned abs through the thin material; and deep red, spandex-like shorts that were attached with buttons on both hips and in front to connect with a longer, thicker, material that turned the shorts into loose pants of a rich violet color.

There was also a large tattoo of a shield with a sword behind it that took up the side of her arm from her shoulder down to her elbow; it was the very symbol of a mercenary—although each shield was designed differently. The toned woman's shield was individualized by the angel in a soft periwinkle toga that wielded a crimson naginata.

The angel's face glinted in the moonlight. It appeared to be a sort of mark--

'—No, a jewel. There's a jewel embedded in her arm!'

The small female gasped; her breath coming out in small white clouds in the coolness of the night. 'An amethyst…'

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