Chapter 4

Aleka's POV

I was busily working on my small garden in my yard. I hoped that soon all my hard work would pay off when I finally grow some vegetables. I found that I loved gardening, it was very relaxing and kept my mind focused on the task at hand. I found that my mind seemed to be off in another world as of late. I definitely suspect that it has quite a bit to do with Cell. It's driving me crazy that I'm thinking of him so much. How insane was it that I'm thinking warm thoughts of a murderer, a creature that for no apparent reason wants to destroy the planet?

Really when I thought hard about it, it truly made no sense why he saved me the other night. If he hated humans as much as he professed then why bother with me? To be honest I don't think he even knows that answer himself. He even came back to me yesterday under the guise that he wanted to return a bracelet. Again, it makes no sense. Why would he care if I had lost something or not? For a creature that claims to hate humans and this planet so much he was awful nice to me, a human. I shook my head a took a moment to wipe sweat off my forehead with the back of my wrist. It really was turning out to be a hot and humid day today.

"Mommy! Mommy!" I heard a tiny and very familiar voice calling excitedly. I look up and Mia was running towards me.

"What are you so excited about, sweetie?" I say as I take off my dirty gardening gloves and hug my sweet little daughter.

"Ms. Charlotte said she would take me for some ice cream if you said it was okay. Can I? Please?" of course Mia was referring to her babysitter.

"Of course but why is Charlotte here?" I asked her. Mia simply just shrugged her shoulders. I got up and went inside the house to find Charlotte standing in there. Charlotte was a very good friend of mine and treated Mia like she was a granddaughter. "Charlotte what brings you in these parts?" I greeted her with a small hug.

"Oh I just had some errands to run and just thought I would stop by and see if Mia wants any ice cream. That new ice cream place just opened up today," Charlotte explained.

"Oh Charlotte you spoil that child!" I said playfully to my older friend.

"Well you know my children have yet to produce me grandchildren so I am afraid I have adopted little Mia," Charlotte said warmly. "Do you want to join us, my treat."

"No sorry I've got to get some house work done. Keep her as long as you would like, maybe I can take the opportunity to mop the floors without her messing them up while they are drying," I laughed slightly.

"Alright, well are you ready, Mia?" Charlotte asked the young girl. Mia nodded her head excitedly. I could not help but smile at my little girl's happiness.

"Have fun you two!" I called to them as they exited my home and went to Charlotte's car. After they were gone I sighed deeply. My garden still needed a little work so I guess I should fix that first. I went back outside and put my gloves back on and continued my project.

A little time passed when suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder and it scared the hell out of me! I let out a loud scream and quickly jumped up and turned around to face my intruder. I automatically swung a punch and felt my fist connect with a face. I instantly regretted it, especially when I realized who it was. Cell was the intruder and I actually punched him! I was afraid that he was going to be angry and hurt me in retaliation. Instead he just stood there staring at me curiously.

"My you are jumpy," he said to me after a moment of silence passed.

"I-I am so sorry. I hope that didn't hurt too much!" I started and I could feel myself shaking with anxiety. He laughed in response. This did not comfort me, I still had no idea if he was angry or not. He was so hard to read!

"Silly girl, I barely felt it. If a weak human such as yourself could hurt me then I really shouldn't have set up a tournament for all of the earth's greatest fighters to fight me," he finally said.

"Oh..well this 'weak human' is sorry she did it anyway," I respond. Again he stared at me and said nothing. "What are you doing here anyway?" I heard him let out a sigh and he crossed his arms.

"Well you requested to see me again did you not?" Cell said.

"Oh..yeah.. I guess I did, didn't I" I said suddenly feeling dumb. He had a way of making me feel stupid without really trying. "I guess I just never actually expected you to come back," I added.

"Yes, I find myself wondering that myself," Cell said quietly. If I was not listening carefully I would not have heard that comment.

"Alright, well I'm sorry to take up your time. I didn't force you to come back or anything," I said, annoyed. For some reason his little comment really rubbed me the wrong way.

"Why must you always give me some kind of attitude? It really is wearing on my patience," Cell said.

"Seriously, you have to ask that? Maybe it has something to do with you wanting blow up the world I live in. Or maybe it has to do with you taking my baby girl's innocent life after the nine days are up? Perhaps because you want to kill me as well? My family and friends maybe? Yeah I have no reason to resent you, no reason at all," I told him. "You're just a bully and a jerk and...and..." I felt like my temper had just completely let lose and it was dangerous. I was going to get myself hurt and yet I did not care at that moment.

"And what?" Cell glared at me.

"You are just a scumbag!" I said.

Suddenly I felt his hand wrap around my neck and he lifted me up. He looked at me menacingly and he looked murderous. I think I may have finally exhausted all of his patience. He squeezed my throat and I felt my air supply being cut off. I struggled uselessly, kicking and flailing. My eyes found his pleadingly and suddenly his eyes softened and he let me go. I fell to the ground gasping for air and rubbing my now sore neck.

"Dammit woman! Are you happy now? There you finally pissed me off, you feel better now?" he stared down at me angrily. What he did next surprised me, he bent down and reached out toward me. I flinched at first afraid he had decided to finish the job but gently he lifted my head up. He examined my neck and stood up again. He offered me his hand and I took it. He helped me up and did not let go of my hand. "You should be okay, there might be bruising later though," he said to me gently. "Don't test my patience again. Next time you might not be so fortunate." Finally he dropped my hand.

I stared at him in disbelief. I could not believe what had just happened. Why did he stop though? Why not just kill me and be done with it. When I looked at him in that in that moment, when I was desperate for air as his hand constricted my throat, his eyes looked almost remorseful. Even now he looked like maybe he was sorry for doing it.

"Why did you stop?" I just had to ask.

"I...really don't know," he replied. "I realized what I was doing and just stopped when you looked at me."

"Cell..." I moved closer to him. He watched me carefully and I took his hand in mine. "I think maybe you do have a heart after all."

"Don't get any ideas, you are just a lucky woman," Cell yanked his hand away and turned around.

"Don't be like that please, gee I think at the very least you can look at me," I said and placed a hand on one of his glossy black wings. He turned around to face me and had an unreadable expression.

"You have no idea..." he stopped and turned away from me again. I decided to take a little action and moved around him so that he had to look at me. This time I took both his hands and he did not pull way.

"Let me help you," I said gently.

"Help me with what pray tale?" Cell scoffed at me.

"Help you be a better person. I see it in you, Cell. You refuse to acknowledge the good that you have in you and maybe you don't even realize it's there but I see it. When you were about to kill me a few minutes ago, I saw a gentleness in your eyes when you realized what you were doing," I told him.

"You are being ridiculous now," Cell pulled away from me and backed away. "I am programmed to destroy humanity. I assure you that there is not any kindness in my being at all."

"How can you not see it? You saved my life and you didn't have the heart to kill me just moments ago. There is goodness in you, I wish you could see it," I said. Cell put his hands on either side of his head temples and shook his head.

"You are giving me a headache, woman," Cell said.

"Aleka," I said suddenly. He looked up at me wondering what I meant. "Aleka is my name, so you can stop referring to me as 'woman'," I explained.

"Well, 'Aleka', I'm going now. You are truly aggravating me," he said and before I could argue he took off.