Author's Note

Hello, everyone!

I have started editing the content in this story published prior to 2012, and have even added in a few new chapters. Writing this has been a learning experience for me - I almost feel as if I am growing along with these characters.

At present there are approximately 40 chapters up - but don't feel daunted - most of this story is in the form of vignettes, and chapters are therefore not very long. I felt that it was better to structure this story by viewpoint rather than by event because it gives more insight into the characters.

This story is as much about Nadeshiko and Sonomi as it is about Nadeshiko and Fujitaka. It is for this reason that I am moving the plot along fairly slowly - because although Hollywood would have us believe otherwise, one does not simply elope with their teacher. It's a difficult thing that affects a lot of people, and I wanted to show how close bonds can disintegrate under pressure.

I also admit that it is not exactly canon - I have taken a few creative liberties - but that being said,I hope that you will enjoy reading this melodramatic sobfest as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

Thank you!