At the Edge of the World

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Chapter One – Sonomi

Author's Note

Hello, everyone!

I have slowly started editing the content in this story published prior to 2012, and have even added in a few new chapters among the older ones. Writing this has been a learning experience for me - I almost feel as if I am growing along with these characters.

When I began this story, I intended that it would be in the form of vignettes, so the initial chapters are not very long. However, this has changed. The chapters are getting longer and broader and more detailed. Sometimes this can feel tedious, but please understand that I am doing by best to give some insight into the characters, and am therefore moving the plot along fairly slowly. Although most anime would have us believe otherwise, one does not simply elope with their teacher. It's a difficult thing that affects a lot of people, and I wanted to show how close bonds can disintegrate under pressure. I'm also trying to consider how Nadeshiko's status as a minor would affect the story. And remember - this story is as much about Nadeshiko and Sonomi as it is about Nadeshiko and Fujitaka.

I also admit that it is not exactly canon - I have taken a few creative liberties - but with that being said, I hope you will enjoy reading this melodramatic sobfest as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

Thank you!

"No," he says, trying his best to be firm. He has his best teacher-glare set straight at me, and I swear my irrational heart skips a beat.

"Why?" I ask, knowing all too well why not.

"Amamiya-san," he says, very polite and business-like, "we are not changing the play's cast. Not with only a month of rehearsals left."


He quirks an eyebrow. He is irritated; I know it. I fight back a blush (I hope. This conversation is so awkward). My mind scrambles to find the right words but instead I am inexplicably overwhelmed by the look in his eye.

"You will be amazing," he suddenly says, interrupting the tense silence that follows. He smiles gently, as if he understands. His eyes are soft behind his too-large glasses, his posture sympathetic. All I can do is sigh. It is doubtful he understands anything - how every rehearsal I am repeatedly cornered by Sagawa Routaro who does everything but rape me.

Okay, perhaps that's an exaggeration. But I swear that yesterday his hand brushed my breasts on purpose. Which is why I punched him.

Kinomoto-Sensei is as calm as ever, the corner of his mouth pulled into a lopsided smile. The late afternoon sun catches the highlights in his honey-brown hair, disheveled by a cross-breeze between two open windows. I notice that he has a dimple in his right cheek. I turn away, praying that he has not noticed the warm flush rising on my face, when he calls my name.


I pause and look at him inquiringly.

"He has a crush on you. Be patient, and pity the boy a little."

"S-sensei!" I exclaim, abashed.

From within the bowels of the third-floor stairwell, I hear my cousin shout my name like a sing-song game.

"Sonoooomiiiiii! SONOMI!"

I cringe despite myself.

Kinomoto-sensei only chuckles, and sends me on my way.