A Tales of Vesperia and Blazblue crossover. These are events that could happen due to shifts that appeared in both worlds. (Actually just an excuse to crossover the two fandoms.) Most of the main characters and some minor characters should be able to make an appearance. After all, they are up against another threat to the world.


Yuri/Estelle, Flynn/Sodia, Jin/Estelle, Jin/Sodia, Carl/Rita, Carl/Patty, Carl/Gauche, Carl/Droite, Raven/Judith, Hakumen/Nirvana

Important Notes:

See those pairings listed above, I haven't really decided who goes with who...but the general main heroic characters in this fanfic are going to be Jin Kisaragi and Flynn Scifo. Though you wouldn't know that from initial glances. Warning, this fic is going to be very long.


I don't own Tales of Vesperia, nor Blazblue. (I don't even think this is necessary. It's redundant, and there are already well-written legal disclaimers on the main 'rules' section right?)

A piercing white light that appeared in the sky, following something dark in front of it. Was it a sign of ill omen, or perhaps something more? Regardless, days after, the event was forgotten and faded into obscurity...


"That took forever!" the young lady told herself, desperately trying to keep a low profile even as she headed out of Zaphias. It was a much needed she told herself after all the work she had to do. It's only a few weeks before Estelle is coronated and there was no way she was just going to stay in the castle for the last few days.

"Maybe Flynn would get worried and go get help from Yuri. Yeah, that would be nice." Estelle smiled, though it's not like she'd be gone for too long.

It wasn't long before she reached a large open field. The night sky above her and the moon looking down. An almost ethereal presence, considering the fact that a few weeks ago, she and the others defeated the Adephagos.


When he came to, he realized he was laying down on the ground...somewhere. He couldn't feel anything anymore. He could move his right hand...but just barely.

"The stars...are lovely." The young man said quietly, looking up at the night sky. The night sky is so beautiful, he couldn't help but think about it. But the moon...the moon is too bright for his eyes. He tried to block out the light with his right hand, before remembering what happened. Tears then began rolling down his cheek.

"Brother..." he whispered. He knew he had to kill him, he must know why.

Just then, he heard the sounds of footsteps close by.

"Who's there?" he asked, turning his head painfully. The image of a young girl was there, seemingly surprised to see him, battered and wounded on the ground.

This wasn't the girl he saw last. Not the girl who watched him fall into the Cauldron with a dull expression on her face. In fact, she didn't even look like anyone 'normal' he knew.


"Huh?" Estelle turned, gasping as she saw a heavily injured young man on the ground. "Ah...hold on. Let me help you." She said quietly, kneeling down besides him. "Don't talk. Not yet until you regain your strength." She continued, placing a hand on him. "First Aid." She whispered, using the power of the aer around her to at least do something to help.

"Don't touch me..." he said quietly, though powerless to resist. Whoever it was, she was healing him...although it was unwanted.

"Come on, don't act so...umm...unfriendly." Estelle said nervously, continuing her healing arte. This can't take too long right? Somehow it was though. His constitution was slightly different from other people, and that part was constantly bugging her. "Come on, you can get up now right?" she asked, holding out her hand.

The young man did indeed get up, though he didn't even bother to take her hand for support. " I?" he asked groggily, his left hand on his forehead.

"Ah, you're kind of right outside the city of Zaphias." Estelle answered, stepping back a little. Just who was this guy anyway?

The name was unfamiliar. And right now, something else was amiss. It felt as if they were on the ground, where the unnatural concentration of seithr would have killed them already but..."Where is the closest hierarchical city?" he asked again, still a bit disoriented.

"A hierarchical city? What is that supposed to mean? The closest city is at Zaphias...which isn't really far away." Estelle replied. Was he lost? Did he lose his memory or something?

"What the hell is going on...?" Jin whispered quietly, still noticeably weakened before he heard the sounds of other people approaching.

"A lady and a young man walking alone together at night. This is too good of an opportunity to pass up." A voice said.

Immediately Estelle turned, seeing a group of strangers approaching her. Thieves and bandit, here? "Don't come any closer!" she ordered, drawing her sword.

"Don't worry, it's not like we're going to harm you that much." Said a particularly large one holding an axe. "If you can just come with me..."

"Arctic Dagger!" the young man shouted, drawing his own sword and letting a wave of ice wash over the approaching intruders.

"Ice?!" Some of them cried out, finding themselves immobilized for a while.

"Leave..." the young man said, looking at their leader with a cold and deathly gaze. "I don't care who you think you are, but all of you are just annoying me now." He continued, Estelle hiding behind him.

"Thanks." She whispered, though the young man didn't even look at her or acknowledge her presence behind him.

Already, the bandits were at a loss at what to say. With blastia being rendered ineffective for the time being...after all of it was used against the Adephagos, they really had no answer towards the young man's freezing capabilities. It wasn't long before they turned and left.

The young man was breathing heavily. "Why?" he said quietly, kneeling down on the ground. One attack drained him so much. Yukianesa never drained him that much whenever he used its powers. So why did he feel so much more drained than ever. Even when tired, he should at least be able to consistently use it without too many problems.

"Umm...hello?" Estelle asked. "You don't look so good again. Maybe I should – eep!" she gasped, seeing the young man suddenly collapse again. "Hey, don't do that. What if those creepy people come back?! Hey! Come on, wake up!" she called out, trying to shake him awake.