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Dear David Bowie,

Quick recap of the past few months: I move from Cincinnati to Lodi, New Jersey, I meet Sa5m, meet Charlotte, become manager of "I Can't Go On, I'll Go On," kiss Sa5m, leave her hanging at the movies, get told I was Charlotte's experiment, then do BandSlam. Now you're sending me comments over Myspace to ask if we'd join your Indie label. The fact is, we'd love to join. There's just one slight problem.


"I want my spot back Will." Charlotte exclaimed as we drove down my road. See, Charlotte just graduated from Martin Van Buren High, leaving me, Sa5m, and the rest of our band there. Sam and I are just sophomores. The rest are juniors and seniors assorted.

"Even if I could give you your spot back, we couldn't do BandSlam Charlotte." I told her. Bandslam was just a couple months away. We had planned to do "Everything I Own" again and I couldn't imagine anyone but Sa5m singing it.

Ever since BandSlam, Sa5m and I have been pretty inseparable. We are dating, yes, but we're still the best of friends. Even Sa5m and Charlotte are getting along great.

"Will, it originally was my band to start with, I quit because of a lot of pressure from outside forces, and anyways, the band is signing a contract with David Bowie right? So, why not let me take back over?" She asked as she pulled up to my house.

"I can't do that to Sa5m. You know that." I said opening the car door.

"Can't? Or won't?" She asked driving away before I could completely shut the door.

I groaned to myself as I walked into the house. My phone had died earlier. I seriously need to get that battery checked out. It sucks apparently. I glanced at the clock. It was 10:40pm. I sighed. Sa5m would probably already be asleep, so I figured I wouldn't bother calling her tonight. I'd see her in school tomorrow right? Plus, it had been a long day in practice. Sunday practices kill everyone for some reason. No one seems energetic enough. It's like they want to get out and actually go watch the Jets or Giants play football or something. I don't have a clue. The only one that seemed focused was me. Sa5m seemed to be off in another planet somewhere. I logged on the bands Myspace to reply to David Bowie. Before I had the energy to do anything, I fell asleep at the keyboard.

So, as you see Mr. Bowie. I'd love to accept your offer, but I don't have the wildest clue on our lead singer right now. I want to say yes to Sa5m, and I want to say yes to Charlotte. So, what should I do?

Your Biggest Fan,

Will Burton.

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