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clumsyasbellaliterally(this is 100% true)


Me: I own all of twilight! Inckuding SETH!

Seth: No you don't SM does!

Me: If I say it will you kiss me?


Me: Ok I don't own Twilight SM does! Can I have my kiss now?


Me: A girl can wish!!!!!!!!!!!!

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summary: Bella ends up with the flu. She is sick as a dog. Takes place between New Moon and Eclipse.

I had spent a wonerful night at the Cullens only to wake up feeling horrible. When I woke up i turned to find that Edward was not in the bed. I shot up and looked around the room to find a note from Edward taped to his door. I got up feeling very shaky and walked over to read the note.


I am very sorry love but Emmett, Rose, and Alice pulled me on a hunting trip. Jasper and Esme are home and Carlisle is at the hospital. I'll be home this evening. I love you. Take care love.

Love Always,

Your Sparkly Vampire Fiance,


p.s. Bella please dont complain I promise we'll have Edward home by this evening. I saw you calling and complaining. Emmett says that you are his favorite little sister and not to worry, we won't harm Edward much.We'll see you tonight.

your sister,


I pulled the comforter off the bed and decided to head downstairs to see Esme and Jasper. Hopefully Carlisle is still here so he can give me something to feel better.

I arrived downstairs to find Carlisle, Esme, and Jasper talking. They stopped talking and turned to face me as I entered. When they saw my condition they all raced to my side.

"Bella you don't look good. How are you feeling?" Carlisled asked.

"Horrible." I replied.

"Go lay down on the couch and I'll be back in a minute." I did as he said. I had jaust layed down when he came back in in his black bag. He took my temp.(102), checked my ears, breathing, throat, ect. When he was done he spoke soothingly to me."Bella you have the flu. I want you to stay here where I can keep an eye on you. I'll call charlie and let him know the situation. Bella I need to give you a shot..."

"No shots please!!!!!!!!!!"

"Bella its medication to make you feel better. If you refuse I'll have Jazz put you umder while I give it to you," he waited and I shook my head no,"Jazz please?"I felt myself become drowsy and the quick pinch of the needle, before I drifted off to sleep.

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