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Ch5 part 3


I woke up laying on something cold. I open my eyes to see a light blue botton up shirt. everything came flying back to me from last night. I bolted up and felt very naucious. a bucket was placed in front of me and I threw up. I felt hand pushing the hair out of my face ad putting it into a ponytail while other hands were sitting on my kneck and rubbing my back. I finished dry heaving and Carlisle took the bucket. Esme gathered me in a hug.

"oh Bella dear" she say while wipingthe sweat from my face. a cool rag was put on my neck and another on my face and I was laid back on the pillows.

"I'm going to go make you some broth and tea sweetheart" esme said. she kissed my cheek andfloated out of the room.

"here Bella, take these they'll help" Carlisle said as he handed me somme pills and a glass of water. I took them then laid back down. Esme returned moments later with my tea and broth. Carlisle helped me to sit up as emse placed the tray in front of me. i began eating the broth which tasted wonderful, I nibbled on the crackers she brought but they felt too dry and hard to me at the moment, I drank my tea and reveled as it went down my throat it felt and tasted wonderful. I finished and the tray was taken away.

"Bella we need to talk about last night" Carlisle said. I was hoping he wouldnt bring it up but I knew we needed to talk about it. I nodded my head letting him know I agreed. "Bella how often do you have these nightmares?" he asked concerned

"I only have them when edward is away so he doesn't know about them" I said shyly. They both hugged me.

"oh Bella everything Edward told you was a lie. He loves you so much. he only left to protect you. but we shouldnt have let him do it. but we did and for that we are enternaly sorry. we allowed edward to persuade the family including us that it was what was best for you even though we knew it wasn't. we should have let alice look for your future. we almost came back so many times just to check on you but each time edward would say no or we would remember his words. Our family wasa split and hurt. I can promise you bella that will not happen again. you are a daughter to Esme and I just asa rose and Alice are." They both hugged me to them

"Thank you" I said

"are you feeling any better Bella dear?"

"yeah I am"

"hmm what would you say to some games?" Carlisle asked "we can play down in the living room if you would like."

"yes please" He scooped me up and Esme laughed which caused me to giggle and him to chuckle

"you two are too cute" Esme said as she took a picture I bushed.


Alice showed me the vision of Esme Bella and Carlisle. He had just picked her up from the bed and Esme laughed which caused my Bella to giggle and my father to chuckle. Esme took a picture that caused my beautiful bella to blush oh how I loved that blush.

"thank you Alice" I said

"your welcome" she said and we took off running again I heard my siblings ask what she saw and she told them they all thought it was great. I couldn't wait to get home to my Bella


Esme grabbed some games from the game closet and brought them down stairs as I took Bella down. I sat Bella down on the couch and tucked the blanket around her as Esme put pillows behind her back.

"are you comfortable dear?" Esme asked. always the caregiver and worrier.

"yes Esme Thank you" Bella said a blush coloring her cheeks

"which game would you like to play Bella?" I asked Kindly

"um trivial pursuit please" We played the game for hours Bella was rather good at it. Edward and the rest of the children returned later that night Bellas spirits picked up as soon as she saw Edward. he pulled her into his arms. The kids put in a movie we watched until Bella fell asleep. before Edward could disappear up stairs I caught his attention.

'thank you son' I thought to him 'today meant the world to your mother and I'

he gave me a small nod and a smile and took her up and layed her in his bed where he hummed her lullaby. Our family was complete.


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