Ruth was in the kitchen doing her homework studiously. She loved the quiet of the house, and she was able to experience that often. Ruth was an only child. Her father was a successful business man who worked in Seattle and her mother was his secretary. Their relationship was the usual boss/secretary story. By the age of 16 her parents trusted Ruth to leave her alone at home while they took care of their business. Ruth worked as a babysitter, as she was good with kids, but wanted to be a writer. she was. Studying history and eating up the rest of their Chinese takeout. She was doing an Essay on the Civil War.

'That sealed it'. Ruth thought to herself.

As she closed her book the telephone rang piercing through the silence.

"Damn it!" she cursed under her breath.

"Hello, Brooke's residence"

"Hey Ruth its Kim!"

Her best friends voice rang trough the receiver. Kim Connweller, her best friend since they were out of their mothers' wombs. Kim hadn't been around much
because she has finally gotten with her long time crush. Ever since they discovered that boys were kind of cute, Jared Sanders. Ruth was really happy about their relationship as she knew that Jared would take good care of her friend. The fact that Kim hasn't been around was also partial Ruth's fault. She was scared of Jared's friends and terrified about the prospect of meeting new people.

"Hey Kimmy. Remembered me at last?" Ruth teased her.

"Ruth! It's not my fault you don't want to hang around with us!" Kim said, a bit sad.

"Oh sod off Kim, I'm messing with you sweetheart. And you know that I don't hang around giants."

"Heard that Ruth!" Jared voice said from the background.

"What do you need Kim?" Ruth asked laughing.

"Well you see Ruth, we are going to a club, me and the giants, and I know that you wouldn't want to come so I was wandering if you could, maybe, if you can, take care of a three year old? Cause Emily hasn't been to a club in ages and so I was wondering if you could....." Kim began rambling.

"Kim, relax darling. Of course I'll take care of her. Today?"

"Yes, yes. In two hours. You sure?"

"Yes Kim. Look how about you leave her for the night? You know that it's no problem for me." Ruth told her.

"OK, so what does she need?"

"Well... just some changes of clothes and pajamas. We'll bake cookies."

"Well you won Claire over just by that. OK so Paul will drop her in 2 hours." Kim said

"WOAH! PAUL? AS IF IN PAUL WALKER? AS IF IN THE SEVEN FOOT GIANT? Kimmy please no... you know how I get!" Ruth begged her friend.

"Come on Ruth he won't eat you."

"Duh! He eats people like me for breakfast!" Ruth grumbled.

Over the phone she heard a bunch of people burst into laughing. Kim and Ruth said their goodbyes, after Kim promised that they'll have a girls night in soon to make up for abandoning her and sending Paul to her house.

2 hours later

Ruth had tidied up the spare bedroom, took a shower and was waiting patiently for Paul to arrive. Her heart was in her mouth, because she got nervous around new people but Paul Walker was different... bad different. He looked so dangerous. Him and his friends. Not to mention that he towered over her, Paul was known for loosing his temper quickly. He also looked as if he had been in prison (he wasn't – Ruth would have known... small town and all), he was what every father locked his front door to keep him from his daughter. Paul Walker was simply put a man-whore and an asshole. A very hot asshole. Ruth had a crush on him but it was a secret that she will take to the grave. Not even her diary knew about it! She also knew that if she ever told Kim about it she wouldn't let it rest until she saw them get married. But Ruth knew that Paul Walker would never spare a glance at her. She was in four of his classes!

The doorbell rang, bringing Ruth out of her daydream and she walked to the door gulping loudly. But nothing could prepare her for what was waiting for her outside the door.