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CHAPTER 14 {at last XD}

The sun shone brightly upon the two cuddled up lovers. Paul groaned at the unwelcome visitor and pulled Ruth tighter into him. He woke up several times during the night to check whether he had been dreaming or not. But no matter how many times he woke up he was always greeted with the same gift, the love of his life wrapped around him. Their skin touching made Paul feel as if he was going to explode. His heart beat faster and faster, he was finally reunited with the woman he loved and nothing, no one, could ever tear them apart. The wolf inside him howled in glee.

Ruth opened one eye, afraid of what she might find in front of it. She saw a pair of grey eyes staring deeply at her. The small smile that she had widen. He was there. She didn't dream him up, like she had done during those three weeks of pure unimaginable hell she'd gone through.

"Good morning" she said, her voice a bit hoarse from sleep.

"Good morning beautiful" her wolf replied, kissing her gently on her lips.

"I missed you so much baby"

"Me too Ruth. Me too. But I'm here now. And I'm not going away"

"I won't let you" Ruth said as she rolled on top of him.

She groaned as she moved her legs.

"Are you okay?" Paul asked tensed up at the thought that he might have hurt his delicate love.

"I'm good sweetheart. It's just... I'm a bit sore that's all. First time remember" Ruth assured him placing soft small kisses on his broad chest. "You lost weight" she frowned.

"Well I haven't eaten much these past three weeks..." Paul admitted.

Tears prickled her eyes. What a bitch she was, to make him go through that pain.

"I'm really sorry" she whimpered softly, caressing his face.

"Hey, hey don't cry baby. It's not your fault" Paul sat up, holding her onto his lap and kissed her deeply.

"Yes it is. If I just talked to you instead of running off….."

"Then we both wouldn't have gone through this. Yes maybe. But you needed your time. And I respect that. But we're here now. Together. For good" Paul told her as he kissed the tears that fell.

"Come on" Ruth said as she moved from his lap, thinking she might cook them some food.

"NOOOOOOOO" Paul protested grabbing her and pulling her back into him.

Ruth giggled as he laid on top of her. "Get offffff"

"Never" Paul said as he muzzled her neck.

"Hahaha. Paauuulll." He looked in her eyes and kissed her passionately. Ruth's eyes shut as she moaned at the sensation.

The two reunited lovers spent half the morning in bed, ignoring their phones ringing and their stomachs' protests. They kissed, over and over and over again and just stared at each other, drinking in the features of their other half, making sure to imprint them in their mind. What they couldn't ignore however, much later that day, was the knocking and shouting that woke them up from their daze.

"RUTH!" someone yelled so loudly that they properly woke up the dead. "OPEN UP! WE NEED TO TALK!"

"Who do you think it is?" Ruth asked her boyfriend, with her eyes wide open.

"It's Jake…. And Jared… and Sam." Paul told her

"How did … oh… wolf thingy?" she asked as she stood up wrapping a sheet around her.

"Yeah" Paul took in his girlfriend's body, "we have enhanced hearing."

"Ah I see… I wonder what they want. I'll be right back baby."

Ruth made her way down the stairs and opened the door to find three large men, like Paul said: Jake, Jared and Sam, crowded in her doorway.

"What's the matter guys?" Ruth asked, a bit shyly since she hadn't talked to any of them in three weeks.

"Paul's gone missing!" Jake and Jared yelled simultaneously.

Sam sniffed into the air and said, "I think we found him boys.."

Jared turned to their leader and said, "of course his scent is all over the place and all over her. He never really left her alone now did he? He can be lying in a ditch something all cause she left him!"

Ruth's heart clutched in pain as Jared said those words. Her eyes filled with tears as she imagined all the pain Paul went through. "I- I never meant to-"

"It doesn't matter what you meant and not meant. We need to find him" Jared cut her off with a growl.

"He's –he's" Ruth couldn't get the words out as she started trembling in fear and tears fell freely from her eyes.

Jared took a step towards her to try and snap her out of it, ignoring Sam's sharp yell "Jared" but before he could put his hands on her bare shoulders they hear a large growl coming from inside the house.

"Make my imprint cry again and it will be the last thing you'll ever do!" Paul yelled coming into view.

"Paul!" Jared and Jake looked at their brother, who was standing in front of his imprint naked.

They looked at the sheet covered Ruth, who was crying in Paul's back, and back to Paul, when it clicked.

"Ooohhhh…. You two made up" Jake said

"And you made her cry!" Paul growled again as he started to tremble a bit.

"Excuse me for being worried about my brother!" Jared snapped at him

"I understand but you still had no right to scare her and make her cry" Paul bit back

"Okay that's enough you two" Sam stepped in between the wolves. "How are you Paul?"

"I'm okay Sam. Seriously. I cannot be better." He smiled down at Ruth who was hiding in his chest.

"I'm glad. Ruth I am terribly sorry that we scared you… but we were worried about Paul when he didn't show up and when we couldn't see him in his wolf form." Sam apologised.

"I understand Sam." Ruth replied softly

"We'll leave you two alone. You need it." Sam said with a smile, as he and Jake grabbed Jared and dragged him away.

Ruth wiped her eyes as Paul closed the door. "I'm really sorry Paul." She apologised again.

"Ruth. Please stop. It's over now. Al of it is in the past. Now we just move on." Paul assured her.

"I love you." She stated as she kissed him.

Paul grinned widely and replied, "I love you too sweetie."

"Now let's cook some food." Ruth said after their stomachs grumbled loudly.

"YEAH!" Paul yelled as he picked her up and raced into the kitchen.

Ruth laughed loudly at her boyfriend's antics. She knew exactly that that was where she belonged. In his arms, in his life.

'Thank you Jasper' she thought as her and Paul started searching for food.

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