Hello! This is my newest fic "I Am The Ocean" and it's the sequel to the story called "At The Edge Of The Ocean" though I think it makes sense as an independent story without reading the first part.

As I've already written back in "AEO", it's set two years into the future and centered on Meredith and Derek. About the plot, I won't say too much now. The main plot line will be revealed in a couple of updates and it can be described as bittersweet, I guess. But enough of my talking. I really hope you'll enjoy. The first chapter is mainly fluff and something I promised back in the first part :)



A portly courier clad in a black uniform wiped his sweaty brow and seeing a long line of cars in front of him, decided to park at a distance and walk up to the house on foot. He rolled his eyes. First, he had to drive out here for more than an hour and now he was forced to trek. Was it some new freaking fashion to live in the wilderness where devil said goodnight?

He approached the gate, pressed the button on the entry phone and waited. Nothing. He pushed once again, longer and more insistently. Nothing. What the hell? The house was surely full of people, the cars stationed by the side of the road clearly indicated that. He eyed the fence cautiously. No way he was going to get inside other way than through the gate. It was high and solid, protected with a state-of-the-art alarm system.

He was already resolved to stick an arrival note with his phone number in the mailbox and let the addressee worry about receiving the letter when an elderly couple carrying a package approached the gate.

"I can't believe we're that late! You and your work!" a plump black woman berated a man that was probably her husband.

"Sweetheart, you now it's not much longer-"

"Not now, Richard!" she cut him short noticing a newcomer, "Sir, do you need help?"

"I have a letter for Dr. Shepherd but no one's answering."

"There's a birthday party going on," explained the woman dialing the code on the gate. Apparently, they were frequent guests. "If you can follow me, sir."

The woman and her husband quickly hurried into the house but the messenger slowed down his pace studying the garden with curiosity. Hell, he wouldn't have time to deliver any more dispatches today anyway. He glanced around; it was one beautiful place. He whistled admiringly, the owners must have loaded a lot of cash in that house. He leisurely climbed the three steps leading to the porch. He tripped over an abandoned inflatable ball and he would have fallen, hadn't he grasped the frame of the widely opened door. His line of vision leveled directly with a wooden board carrying the words "Welcome to the Herd."

He shrugged, eccentrics was the mildest epithet that could describe his thoughts. The messenger slowly walked into the house that seemed deserted except the distant sounds of music and laughter. He went on through the hall and took a door leading more into the confines of the house. Wrong turn. It seemed like a study with a messy desk and lots of books on the shelves. Every space on the walls was covered with letters and drawings or framed diplomas. One looked particularly impressive amongst others and was probably the most treasured, the one that bore the name "Harper-Avery Award." It didn't ring any bells to the messenger though and he backed out scraping his head, just when he heard quickened footsteps.

"I'm sorry!" he said and a pretty woman in a white sundress showing off nice legs turned to him, balancing a large birthday cake with two candles.

"Who are you?" she asked with a slight frown. "And how did you get in?"

"One of your guest let me in," answered hurriedly the man, sweating suddenly. You never knew what those rich guys could do to you on their land. Shoot first, ask questions later. "I have a letter for Dr. Shepherd."

"Which Doctor Shepherd?" asked the blond with a grin putting the cake on the coffee table gingerly and wiping her hands on her dress, or maybe straightening it out. She didn't seem too comfortable in this type of clothing.

"Uhm," the messenger checked the name. "Meredith, Meredith Shepherd."

"That's me," she smiled widely. "Where should I sign? I'm kinda in a hurry."

"Here," he pointed at the form. She leaned in inhaling an enticing delicate scent and was able to take a peek down her deep cleavage; there were certainly perks to this job. She wrote her name messily. Two rings on her finger, married. The hubby was one lucky guy. The messenger wondered how old she was. She certainly possessed that kind of teenage beauty that didn't betray her age.

"Thank you, Ma'am," he nodded and gave her the envelope.

"Cake, cake, cake!" dozens of voices coming from outside shouted their demand.

"Oh, crap," she bit her lip waving her hands nervously.

"I'll see myself out," assured hurriedly the messenger.

"Thanks," she muttered absent-mindedly and threw the letter on the coffee table next to the tray without even checking the sender. She picked the cake and maneuvered herself between the small table and the couch while unknowingly to her, the hem of her dress swept over the envelope and pushed it onto the carpet and under the sofa. But she had more important things on her mind, things like delivering a huge cake impeccably to the back garden where her son's birthday party was in the full swing.

"We want cake! We want cake!"

Instead of quickening her pace, she slowed down, a mask of concentration on her face. Why did Derek always send her with the mission of bringing cakes? Oh, yeah, because her husband enjoyed making fun of her afterwards. Luckily though, her biggest fear never yet came true; she never tripped or dived straight into the sweet icing with her face.

Wait! Meredith stopped abruptly in her tracks. Crap, the candles! She knew she had forgotten about something important. She once again made a stop to put the cake down and ran to the kitchen for the lighter. Once the two candles were burning, she resumed her walk, slipped through the sliding doors to the universal applause and started to sing, "Happy Birthday to You…"

Everyone took up and the booming song carried across the uninhabited area around.

"Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday Dear Michael, Happy Birthday To You!"

Meredith placed the cake on the table before her widely smiling son who was standing on a chair, held by his father, flanked by his sister, all of them surrounded by their family and friends.

"Do you have a wish, Muffin?" Meredith crouched beside him and rubbed his tiny arm. "Close your eyes, and think about your wish."

She watched with reverence how his eyes protected with thick eyelashes closed tightly and he scrunched his face in concentration. He looked so much like Derek. The older he got, the similarities became more and more pronounced. His black hair was wild and increasingly difficult to control. Derek took extra care to keep it in order, saying that bad hair could ruin one's childhood. About the nose, well, it was clearly all Derek though it still looked innocently in a two-year-old.

"You've got your wish, Mike?" asked Derek

"Yes!" The little boy nodded eagerly.

"Blow the candles!" shouted excitedly Bessie. "You want me help you, Mikey? On three!"

Mike took an impossibly deep breath making the others chuckle while Bessie counted, "One… Two…"

Michael blew strongly extinguishing the candles.

"Mikey, I said on three!"

Everyone laughed and clapped their hands.

"Happy birthday, Sweetie," Meredith hugged his squirming form and was joined by Derek who ruffled his raven locks. "You're a big boy now," he said proudly.

"A small big boy," insisted Meredith. The children were growing so fast, too fast in Meredith's mind. Bessie was a little beauty, with her rosy cheeks and a blond wavy mane of hair, oh, and her mischievous character. Well, that particular trait she shared with her brother.

She and Mike were surprisingly in accordance, especially when playing tricks on their parents and having a good laugh. The rifts were scarce, although a couple of days ago, the Shepherd's household was torn by a violent row.

While wandering close to the main road during a walk, Derek and Bessie found a discarded basket that, to the little girl's utmost delight, contained a famished kitten. Apparently, for their daughter is was a love at first sight. Meredith couldn't refuse the distressed blue pair of pleading eyes and then another one, that of the grayish kitten, now christened Lucinda after Bessie's best friend from daycare.

Michael severely experienced that his sister's attention was now directed at the little mewling creature and teary-eyed, stamping his foot down, demanded categorically that he wanted one as well. As a consequence, Derek and Meredith rethought their birthday present.

"Time for presents!" said excitedly Derek.

"Wait a minute!" Meredith hopped around the table her eyes searching and grabbed the camera. For at least five minutes before some pager went off, everyone was here. "We need a picture! Everyone, picture time, come on!"

She built a little tower from Mike's presents and placed the camera on top.

"Squeeze in a little," she ordered with a wave of her hand. "Geez, I know Derek's hair takes half of the space but try to squeeze in!"

She set the timer and ran back to her family.

"You're gonna pay for that," whispered Derek with a teeth showing grin waiting for the camera to set off.

"I'm counting on it," she quipped smirking at him.

He chuckled and caught her lips in a sweet kiss in the exact moment the picture was taken.

"Could you not do that in front of my face?" grumbled Cristina behind them.

"My present!"shouted Mike impatiently tugging at their sleeves. "Please, Mommy, Daddy!"

"Coming right there," smiled Derek and disappeared into the house, coming out seconds later with a basket which was emitting loud noises.

"Open up, Mikey," Meredith kneeled behind him. "It's from me and Daddy."

He reached his little hand towards the basket but backed it quickly with a giggle when the lid jumped up.

"Go on," encouraged Meredith.

Mike bit his lip and resolutely peeked into the basket when he was welcomed by a snowy and brown Australian Shepherd puppy licking his cheek. Meredith shared a look of relief with her husband as their son's green eyes shone with happiness and his arms hugged the puppy that was excitedly wagging his short tail.

For Meredith and Derek, buying a dog proved harder than for most people. They still remembered Doc, their dog that symbolized their relationship at one point, and the apparent demise of it. They always thought about him when they strolled over the lake where he was buried. Deciding to get a puppy for Mike felt like a huge resolve somehow and it brought a lot of memories, some of them painful. But it was that or having a second cat in the house.

"He's so cute!" Bessie kneeled to pat the fair head of the dog. "You have to name him, Mikey!"

Meredith got to her feet and recuperated the camera checking out the group picture. She smiled warmly, it was a great day, almost all their friends were able to come. Cristina and Owen were standing right behind her and Derek. Her person was carrying her eternal scowl on her face. Well, the scowl wasn't so frequent now but she and Derek kissed directly into her face so that had to bring a strong reaction.

Other than that, Cristina was quite happy with her life. Since last year all the friends from the fab five were now attendings. She specialized in cardio as she had always wanted. Since last year also, she was the wife of Owen Hunt. Apparently, Meredith's marriage seemed like a good example to follow. When Owen started to mention exchanging wedding bands Cristina assumed it was time to take matters in her own hands before they span out of control. After a freak out conversation with her best friend, she dragged him to city hall and yeah, they got hitched. Since then, they had their ups and down but they were going strong.

Meredith's eyes glided over the picture to Izzie and Alex. They too got to together a couple of months ago. They were still on a bumpy road, continuously on and off but now it seemed like a real deal for both of them.

On the other side of the image, just next to the frame stood George with a stoic expression on his face. Of all her friends, he was the most lonely and lost one or had been at least. Under the mentorship of Owen he seemed to find his call in trauma surgery. In secret, he got enlisted into the army and set off for Iraq, making his friends sleep fretfully for many nights. He got back three months ago, safe and sound, but still not completely whole.

Beside him were Tuck, Miranda and Tucker Sr. Their rocky marriage still thrived even though Bailey was like on hot coals, always busy in the OR, in the clinic and now intent on doing a second specialty, pediatric surgery.

Then there were Richard and Adele, who, as Meredith liked to say, were Bessie and Mike's fake grandparents and fulfilled that title with highest delight. The hospital rumor had it that Chief was about to step down but no one really believed it any more. The gossip had been reheated too many times before.

Susan and Thatcher competed actively with the Webbers for being favorite grandparents. Gradually, their relationship with Meredith became more warm and open even if awkward moments happened occasionally.

As for Meredith's sisters, it was unthinkable for them to be absent on such an important day. Lexie was halfway through her internship and still, surprisingly to many at Seattle Grace, in relationship with Mark Sloan. Indeed, the manwhore was gone. Right now, he was the runner-up in the race of the most whipped men at the hospital, just after Derek. Astonishingly, if someone could be accused of getting cold feet it would be Lexie. For the reasons undisclosed to anyone, she adamantly refused to move in with Mark.

Molly was also present at the party along with her husband, Eric, and their lovely three-year-old Laura. After her return to Seattle, Meredith quickly found common language with Lexie with whom she shared many traits, apart from professional interests. However, given the opportunity, her youngest sister proved an equally enjoyable companion. The Thompsons were this friendly family with whom you could put up a barbecue together, exchange remarks about kids, send your children for a sleepover… Laura was Bessie and Mike's regular playmate and the three of them together wreaked havoc all around. The gang was soon to be expanded as Molly was four-months-pregnant expecting her second child and Meredith's godson.

The position of the hospital manwhore vacated by Mark was now occupied by no other than Ned for whom Seattle became his true home. He was also at the party chatting up one of the single moms as Meredith banned him from brining some bimbo he was in the habit of picking up.

As Meredith looked up from the photo she couldn't shake the feeling that there were people she sorely missed. Carolyn was in New York. If she wanted to attend each and every of her grandchildren's birthdays she would have to live on a plane. Also the Warrens couldn't be in Seattle, their business holding them back in Switzerland. They were in constant contact but the last occasion they saw each other was Christmas. Time flew.

"You look pensive," remarked Molly walking up with a massive piece of cake.

"And you look glowing," smiled Meredith, her eyes sweeping over her sister's rounded belly.

"You want one of yours too," Molly wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.

"Derek's saving me one before you hungry wolves eat everything to the ground," quipped Meredith.

Molly giggled madly covering her mouth with her hand. "I meant a baby bump," she said through laughter, "but I guess you should turn to Derek for that too."

"I guess," nodded Meredith joining her sister in laughter.

"So?" asked Molly leaning curiously.

"So I might have thought about it," replied Meredith noncommittally cocking her head from side to side, "once or twice…"

Molly smiled wildly, "Are you trying guys?"

"No," Meredith shook her head. "I haven't even mentioned it to Derek… I mean, it just popped in my head a few days ago. It feels like a right time."

"Yeah, I know the feeling," agreed Molly. After complications with Laura, she was slightly apprehensive over what another pregnancy might bring but she wanted to create another tiny baby and that craving turned out stronger.

"I finished the trial, I might take a breather… Michael is already two, Bessie, God, Bessie's so grown up," Meredith bit her lip fishing her daughter's head in the crowd of laughing kids.

"Yeah," nodded Molly. "I remember when you first brought her to dinner at Mom and Dad's."

"Derek nearly flipped last week when she said she wanted to make a cake for her husband from daycare," Meredith went on with a grin.

Molly shook in a fit of giggles, "I can imagine how he took it. What was next?"

"Next was that poor little guy didn't get invited for today," snorted Meredith.

"She doesn't seems to be much heartbroken," grinned Molly as Bessie chased with other kids.

"Apparently it wasn't her McDreamy," joked Meredith.

They fell into silence watching their children play, it was a sight to admire. That was, until Tuck pulled firmly one of Bessie's two long braids with a smirk. She turned quickly glaring at him and ready to seek vengeance.

"Now, watch this," muttered Meredith to Molly with a knowing smirk.

"Uhm, isn't he like three years older?" asked Molly with a frown.

But before Bessie could impose any physical damage to Tucker, Michael appeared like a little spitfire and kicked him decidedly on the shin, making the much older boy wince in pain that brought tears to his eyes.

"Yup, my children clearly inherited my suicidal tendencies," mumbled Meredith.

"That's my boy!" Meredith and Molly rolled their eyes hearing Derek's proud hiss from the end of the table.

"What did you say?" asked Bailey with a scowl, coming up behind him.

"It was defense," Derek folded his arms on his chest, looking smugly down at Miranda.

She quirked her eyebrows, Shepherd stood up to her? "Oh, now you grew some balls, because your little clone kicked my son?"

"That's what is for those who take too much interest in my daughter," he smirked.

Miranda raised his eyebrows pityingly. "And you're for a long and painful future, Shepherd," she muttered walking away snatching her piece of cake.

Derek muttered something incomprehensible under his breath that sounded suspiciously like "wimp".

"I thought everyone was deadly scared of Dr. Bailey?" giggled Molly.

"You don't know what having a son does to a man's ego," Meredith rolled her eyes.

"Poor Bess," remarked Molly. "Are the two of them always going to keep her like a princess locked in a tower?"

"Trust me, Mikey prevented a tragedy," laughed Meredith. "Derek's teaching Bess to kick every boy who makes her angry between the legs."


Meredith halted in the middle of the living room on her way from the backyard to the kitchen, her hands full with a large stack of dirty plates. She had this nagging little feeling she had forgotten about something. She glanced around the room thinking deeply.

All their guests already drove off, either back to work or home. Thatcher and Susan took the birthday boy for a sleepover, while Bessie was having a girls' night at Molly's. Meredith frowned. She made sure both of their sunshines had their backpacks… That was not it…

"Meredith?" the soft voice of her husband broke her from her reverie.

She whipped her head to see Derek leaning against the doorframe with a bottle of wine, two glasses in his hands and a dreamy smile on his lips. She felt a jolt of excitement in the pit of her stomach and licked her lips unconsciously.

He looked so incredibly delicious with his shirt loosened under his neck and the sleeves rolled up... no one could lean as sexy as him. A fleeting thought crossed her mind that he'd look even better leaning naked. She sometimes questioned if this addiction to him was normal. She knew his body by heart now, every inch, yet she could never drink her fill of him.

"Are you coming?" he asked with a low throaty voice, a telltale sign that he was already in the mood for…her. She felt her muscles clench, followed by wetness flooding her core.

"Shouldn't we clean up?" she smiled at him coyly.

"Leave it," he said firmly pointing at her load. "We'll have time tomorrow before we collect our little devils. Come on."

She deposited the plates on the coffee table and strolled to him slowly. Yeah, right, they surely wouldn't have time for anything tomorrow morning…

"Come… where?" she asked flicking her eyebrows suggestively.

"The balcony, of course," he replied with a smirk. "After you, love."

She walked past him swinging her hips knowing he'd be looking at her ass.

"Ah," she gasped. "You want the entire Seattle watch us while we're…" she trailed off.

"Drinking wine?" he chuckled.

She glanced up at him over her shoulder with a knowing look as they entered their bedroom, walking past the king-sized bed towards the glass door onto the balcony.

"Did you have something else on your mind, Mrs. Shepherd?" he inquired innocently.

"Actually, yes," she grinned deviously leaning back comfortably in the lounge chair, sparing a few seconds for her eyes to glide over the panorama of the city. Their bedroom was directly over the living room, thus sharing the same magnificent view. The balcony was one of their favorite spots for lovemaking, not that they used it very often for that purpose with two small children under the roof. And now the rumors that people from the city wanted to build in the area were quite worrying too.

"Actually what?" he smirked pouring the ruby liquid into the glasses.

"Actually, I'd like to see you dance for me," she smiled smugly.

With extreme self-satisfaction, she watched his grin plummet.

"No way," he snorted.

"Fine," she acquiesced lightly taking her flute from his hands, "I guess then I'll have to put up with wine while you… the coach."

"You can't do that," he exclaimed indignantly. "You can't bring up the coach every time!"

"I think I can," she shrugged. "That's a wife's right."

"And where are husband's rights?" he huffed. "I never threaten you to withhold sex."

"Uhm, that's because the one time you did, you didn't make it even through one night," she giggled.

"That's because I love you unconditionally," he grumbled.

"I love you too," she cooed knocking her glass with his. "To our birthday boy."

He rolled his eyes and took a sip, sitting down near her legs. He put his glass away and caressed her calves skillfully. "We could take advantage of the empty house…" he whispered throatily.

"We could," she smirked, her skin tingling pleasantly under his touch. Encouraged by her words, he traced his fingers higher past her knees to her thighs… However, her hand stopped him just as he reached the hem of her sundress.

"You know what you should do to make me drop it," she battled her eyelashes.

Derek hang his head low, he hoped she'd give it a rest. But when did his vixen of a wife ever give rest to anything that made him squirm?

"Please," he whined flicking his thumbs over the sensitive skin of her inner thighs trying to redirect her attention.

"Nooo," she half-moaned swatting his hands away. "Come on, Derek, don't be shy," she cooed. "You know you're my star… and I can thank you very nicely for your performance…"

"How nicely are we talking about?" he bargained arching his eyebrows eagerly, his pants tightening over his groin.

"As nicely as you can imagine," she purred, her little tongue swiping her lips.

He chuckled and stood up with a sigh. "Tell me why I let you abuse me like that?"

"Hmm, maybe because you know I reward you tenfold?" she giggled. "Come on, show what you've got, baby?"

He rolled his eyes and asked uncomfortably, "Uhm, here?"

"Right here," she nodded sipping her wine preparing herself for Derek's body to be uncovered before her eyes. "You need music, Der?"

"Nah," he threw self-critically. "The music won't help me, I've got no rhythm anyway."

"That is true," she snickered.

"Then I don't understand why you continuously pester me for dancing," he narrowed his eyes at her, unbuttoning his shirt.

"Because my weird self finds it sexy," she quipped her eyes greedily following his tapered chest being exposed.

He threw the shirt violently off his shoulders, the movement so not in sync with his awkward steps that made her giggle. He was all hers. Her eyes fixedly studied his flexing biceps and taut abs. Her gaze hungrily sank lower over his ass and then at the bulge in his pants when he whirled on the spot.

It always embarrassed him to no end, right from the first night after Meredith's bachelorette party when he was auctioned off and saved by her. But somehow his wife found it turning on. His was now raging in his pants seeing her flushed complexion and heaving chest. His fingers moved to unbuckled his belt and worked on the zipper.

"Oooh! Oh, yeah!" whooped Meredith. "Shake your ass, baby!"

Derek rolled his eyes but obediently swung his hips from side to side shimmying out of his pants and his boxers. He dropped them down and stepped from his clothes get rid of his shoes and socks. He walked up to her barefoot and naked, observing her eyes that were trained hypnotically on his shaft aching with need.

"Now, I believe you said something about thanking nicely…" he breathed out.

"Oh, yes," she uttered through her throat that went completely dry. "I enjoyed the show so much, Mr. Shepherd, you must know I'm the biggest fan of yours."

She sat upon her knees moving her fingers sensuously over his flanks.

"I think you're my only fan," he sucked air as her hand wandered dangerously close his groin. "I give only private performances…"

"I should thinks so," she blew air over his steely manhood that was now at her eye-level. "How do you want me to thank you, hm? I'm told I'm very skilled with my fingers…" She gently poked the opening on his tip already trickling with precum.

"Maybe later," he muttered, taking her hands and leading her to stand near the balustrade. "Now I want something else..."

"Yes," he whispered, kissed her soundly on the lips but before her tongue delved into his mouth, he turned her round to make her face the city sprawled widely far at the feet of their cliff. She bended automatically, grinding her butt against his rock-hard erection. She smirked to herself. She had blackmailed him into doing something he seemingly detested and now wanted to pay her back by having her in the position in which she had little control.

He wasted no time hitching up her dress over her buttocks and hooked his thumbs under her panties dragging them over her round cheeks and letting them pool at the floor. His fingers dived into her slick folds, taking her breath away.

"You're as ready for me as I'm for you," he panted and replaced his hand with his length. Her back arched at being completely filled with him. Her walls clasped momentarily around him adjusting to his size.

They were one seamless body, a well-oiled machine working flawlessly, even the screams and moans being completely in sync. He kept submerging into her warmth in the way he knew would pleasure her the most while she gave herself to him as much as she could. It didn't take long before her tight walls started clenching viciously around his hardness leading him towards his own release. They rode their orgasms, the sky darkening all around them while more and more lights were twinkling in the distance below. They leaned against the balustrade breathing hard in their postorgasmic bliss, shaking with aftershocks.

The day was perfect or as close to perfection as it could be.


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